Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Long Awaited Guest Get Ready! #02

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting, staying healthy, avoiding distractions, and avoiding alcohol. They emphasize the need for everyone to remember the event and do good things, and emphasize the importance of avoiding distractions and not taking advantage of the "word of the night." They also discuss the best actions for achieving health and mental health, emphasizing avoiding distractions and not letting things happen in the middle of the day. The conversation also touches on the importance of avoiding distractions and not letting things happen in the middle of the day, and the upcoming weekend.
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the sounding of Ollie Kirby. I mean, we have how much left from shaba.

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No, today is a Tuesday. So 43 less than three weeks from now. So not next Monday in fall or not the main day after the Monday after alarm. So we have about 20 days left. So today's attempt, probably 10th of Chava. So panela Siobhan is the ninth month

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the ninth month of every year Subhan Allah and I honestly honestly, and I'm speaking about myself, I'm sure all of you will, I I still remember the Hajj I went to, it's like yesterday, I still remember that trip, which I normally don't. And I remember when I landed back in the States, honestly, I normally don't because I you know, I travel a lot, so I don't pay attention. But the reason I'm saying this is Subhanallah how quickly this is coming. Yeah, and it's amazing. And I remember like a few years ago when we had the same thing and I was with one of my teachers and she was saying you know what? Wait a second, next second, we will be saying Ramadan key. And next

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second, we will say 10 days is done. And next second, we will see the 20 and the next day we are celebrating Eid Subhana Allah and how tall is this? And then as I was saying this and remembering this, I remember I forgot to earn more money. We known at the end of Serato, not not las pantalla ask Actually, this question, call a company with TOEFL or the other destiny. Look at the question. He asked how long you stayed on earth.

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And they look at what we will answer called Ola with Nyoman over biome for cellular ad D. And we will say we stay the day or to ask those who are counting. Han Allah how true is this? When you look at how time is going so fast, that we all say this, we there's no Baraka in that time. We all feel we're running. We all feel I wish there's another 24 hour coming. The reason I'm saying this is why because since the time is going very quickly, and now this is Siobhan I think every moment we need to grasp every moment, grab it as much as you can, and do as much good as you can. And this is what I'm going to cover today. And I'm not going to cover the fact of CRM today. I'll cover it next week

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because it will be fresh in your mind before Ramadan comes in. But today what I want to share with you all is basically it's not only the spirituality of fasting it's not only why we fast, what's so special about the month that everyone is talking about Subhan Allah and then what is the special things we're going to do in Ramadan actions that we all do hamdulillah almost all Muslim do, but why? And why specifically in Ramadan. First thing I want to share with you is the following aroma one has many names, has nicknames. So panels are in every nickname off Ramadan has a meaning. So for example, this is what I could collect today. Number one is of course the month of fasting Sha

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Rossia. Number two, come with

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Sha one Sha shuffle and the next one is shadow poor and so these are the three the month of fasting the month of night prayer pm because we stand up and the month of the aura now add to it more and that I want you to if you remember nothing from today, you remember only these names this will tell me what I need to focus and what I should do and what I do. What do I expect inshallah number four is sugar Chateau Vic, it's the month of remembers, meaning Do you remember? You are in Vicar saying a stuffer Allah your Indic you are standing up and crayon wherever you are at home or in the masjid. You are Indic everyone reads Quran Alhamdulillah once and twice and thrice we are in deca, everyone

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or instead of remembering Allah even without the tongue because you are not eating and if someone gives you food What do you say on fasting?

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So you are in a state of remembering of our loss or shareholders the shadow tober look at you and me the month of repentance. You and me specially the last 10 days of Ramadan. What do you feel? What do you ask Allah? Honestly, all of us asked for the dunya and the usual things that are very buddy everyone in one point is going to ask a lot of Forgive me your Allah forgive me a lot I didn't do specially the last 10 days. You say you know what I have so much things planned to do. It didn't happen. Please forgive me. You are the forgiver may accept from you all say this. So shadow tober shadow foreign, that's the smile. It's the month that Allah forgive.

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So not only me asking but I

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Have no doubt Allah who respond and I'll share with you some of these highly and then I love this one this is the first time I came to his show hola Isabel kurama It's a month of dignity

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and I looked at it's like why do they call it a month of dignity? Anybody can think with me especially us living in a non Muslim country everybody around you for the non Muslims around ask us so you know the usual question you're not eating you're not all How do they look at you?

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Exactly you're they are amazed and they look up to you because they cannot do it. This is a is a what is what is dignity dignity is what do you know the value of yourself and you do things good that other people look at so shareholder is and also because of that month in the Islamic history where the best best battle and the biggest battle in the Islamic history happened and that's what battle but what are the believers one although they were minority, they call Chahal Anwar the month of lights so physically the month of lights and spiritually so let's take physically normally you're going to stay up more in the night and you're wake up earlier because of the Soho so there is more

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lights in your house like four o'clock pay attention today four o'clock what is the possibility the Muslims homes four o'clock the light is on that money right? But then Ramadan, everybody is up because even if you're not doing sada you are

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eating so whore and even if you're not fasting, you're doing it for your family Chahal and more external Chahal, Anwar internal And this, again, everyone, specially at the end, and I keep saying at the end, because you prepare to the end, you will start feeling different the last 10 days, your Salah is different, you have more energy, although you should be the other way around, because we are very tired, and we are still working and we're fasting and especially sometimes it's even the 10 days longer fasting, but we have more energy. Some people look at you and says I see lights in your face and you're starving and you're hungry and you're thirsty. It's the light of spirituality and I

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mean this the more I this or the more I obey Allah and here obedience in action is in action. I am doing things normally I don't do normally all of us would if even we do we don't do it in that magnitude. How many of us fast 30 days in a row? Actually, I don't think any right? Number two how many of us regularly your stand up after Salah tonatiuh every day 20 rocard

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very unlikely for 30 days add to it the last time there is not only 20 what you're going to do Allah knows at 10 some people do more some people less how often you do this in your regular year

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very unlikely or earn

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at least once if not more add all these these brings light to your heart and light your face that's why we cry more in our mobile and our draw is more sincere because all these acts of worship bring it so I want you to remember this I mean if almost make me today bring you to another vision of Ramadan This is my goal today is to make you look at Ramadan a different way and increase your expectation not only from yourself, but not only from Allah because he's or Kareem but be more confident that what you are expecting from Allah will happen one and two you can do it you can do it and or let's say Ponce, I'm too tired 804 you know all this know. Now. First thing is how do I now

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I'm waiting so now I'm waiting for the guests coming less than three weeks and I'll share with you honey Saraswati Santos Anna, who used to say it as Ramadan coming or the first day of Ramadan. And he said the following alayhi salatu was Salam. And this is in no hurry, or Swati salatu salam says a blessed month is coming or has just come shahara Mobile rock that's what he says. A blessed month. Allah meets fasting obligation upon you, which we all know.

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Now the spiritual, unseen events in this month, you've touched the Hopi. ababu Jana, the doors of Jana will be opened I need you to feel and think of this, like your door and the house will be opened. But this is not my house and yours is the doors of john and the doors of jehane or Jana will be closed.

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So two things. I want to go to john net and I don't want to go to Johanna

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fact is I have to do and I have to stay away but the fact that they are opening down Emma actually talked about this what does it really mean? But what does it really mean the doors are open

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physically and spiritually they said all the acts of good deeds are easier in normal bond. So you're passing to the janitor is easier, and this will be nice of a lot is harder and that's why it is closed. And the other meaning is the fact you are doing more than the possibility are going to generate is higher. The third reason why the doors are open and this one is a close what to suffer doofy shouting or to * loafie shouting, the

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devil's shavon is our change. So when I disobeyed Allah in Ramadan, I'm going to tell myself Don't tell anybody. You're going to tell yourself it is me. Don't say my shape on is strong. I can't fight him. They are chained fee the ILA in it, there is a night,

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way better than 1000 a month. Man Halima hi Roja. * Helene whomsoever missed the goodness and that night, he will live as the bride.

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So you look at as the guest is coming. Now think of it again in daily life. When someone is coming to you from overseas, right? What do you normally expect whatever overseas is, right? What do you expect this country I'm going to expect this if that country this or they're coming from let's say, California or New York, you're bringing with you something specific, right? And you will be waiting? Here the waiting is a spiritual This is why we need to feel this I need to feel that there is one night in this day. And that month, that if I'm gonna miss it. I have really missed and this is one of the hikma one of the wisdoms that we don't know exactly what is there. Honestly we have no idea

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we know it's in the last 10 days. We know it's probably in the odd nights, but there is nothing certain 100% that is the 27th or it's the 29th or the 23rd or 24th Allah news I cannot either is what I tell myself and I'll share it with everybody I cannot afford missing it so anything we can do to focus on the night of other meaning physically meaning any distraction that are it's optional I can let's work on that and the same thing in the HUD another heavy the the Hello ramadan ramadan comes in there, the doors of heavens are open the doors of Jerusalem is closed and shouting are chained and one of the dua for Swati Sato says we need to memorize it because it is he used to say

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inshallah Allah homeless eliminate the Ramadan or sell them Ramadan.

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Yo Allah make me give to me to Ramadan. This is actually the literal words send me to Ramadan and send Ramadan to me meaning your love make me live your Lamech we live till I see it back and the more you do this, you're more you are sincere, the more Allah subhanho wa Taala will give it to you and then part last part what is a llama hominy mata cabela so you're lugging them along to me? Give me two Ramadan and then the last part what is a llama whom in me and take it from me at the end accepted

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it you see the point so you bring me something and I will go and get it and then I'll use it and then I'll be rewarded for it. along my salumi, Rama Vanya, Allah gifted me to Ramadan lets me lift an icy Ramadan make sure I'm Yvonne don't miss me. Don't pass me comes to St. Louis and gets to everybody and I'm not here then I missed it physically. And then the last one is yes Alhamdulillah I stayed and I lived through Ramadan and I did everything well and you're accepted for me. Do this do up from now. The more you do this door the more you are ready. I think this is what we all need to do especially living again in this day and age where we are so distracted so distracted even when we

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want to focus we are distracted these needs to be reminded even if you know the Hadith you know the I keep saying it so your heart will be ready like your cleaning you know cleaning the house what do you do if the house has not been cleaned for a while how many times you clean you can eat one time once and twice and three times and you go back and look and says you know what? It looks better but there's some missing this is what I need to clean me and of course my heart to make it clean Raji from upon work on it from now on. So you're asking Yeah, yeah.

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He he laid it on how you

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and Halima. Hi Rob

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and why do we fast? Which the answer hamdulillah? Most people know it's in the Quran. Allah Allah compact. So you may think the court, the court is a law conscious and this question has been asked many times you why fasting specifically? So why not Salah? Why not?

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Why not? Zika? Why not Google holiday? Why, why song? Why

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this is for you, this is that's the reward. But why this is specifically related to the law law. On the goal of fasting, Allah said this in the ayah that you all know I live in harmony with the radical Messiah, all believers or you attain faith. So fasting is being prescribed upon you, right? So you may attain that goal. So I read really I need to know why this and how this is the two questions why specifically song and how so let's start why. Simple actual

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Psalm as we all know, the only one who knows you are fasting is who is only you and of course almost pantalla I can pretend and I can say I can go to the bathroom lock the door or my room and so toccoa teaches me remind me for 30 days your Allah what a school it's a training school after they call they call they say Ramadan is a training school it's a training camp because 30 days from 16 hours or 14 hours I am repeatedly reminded there is food right? And I Subhanallah as I was preparing this very nice talk they said look at the taco of the woman this really hits me and I was like what are what they said she is for three four hours in the kitchen preparing food for her family and she

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doesn't put a single thing in her mouth True or false? And they said look at the toward the woman This is the time where you're doing something a lot of people are not doing you have absolutely the choice to pretend you are doing it but you're doing it for more so that's number one. Number two, what's the result of taco or what will enter the whole Allah conscious which is related to food and this is some of you may probably have even tested it the more hungry I am to certain extent the more softer is my heart The more full I am the lazier I am and the far away from Allah hi as you all know that right and and take it again in Ramadan when you when you break your fast and the time is very

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short and you barely had things to eat. Maybe it's maybe something and then hopefully you came and you prayed and the other day, right you had for whatsoever or at you as you're driving, you ate something but you ate a meal and how is your taraweeh

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the heavier My stomach is, the less My heart is awake. This is how I see the heavier my my stomach, the heavier my heart, the lighter my stomach, the lighter my heart and I just share a couple of things here. And Sophia thought he was a Tabby and he said if you want your body to be healthy

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and sleep less but you're still healthy, eat less. eating less brings light to your heart

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eating less bring light to your heart what I recommend as we are preparing is cut down

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cut down on the meals if you normally do three or two if you normally do to do two but do less and definitely cut down on the things that you say I cannot do without you know tea coffee chocolate whatever these these other things rely I'm not gonna say don't do it I'm gonna say cut down so what Rama Juan comes in these obstacles that it takes me sometimes takes us a week to go over all these is it's gone. So and Swati Sato Salam said

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mama Agnew I know Adam the human beings are the son of Adam will not fill a container worse than his stomach.

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The human being will not and he exact is specifically said son of Adam she or he will not fill a container where our container worse than his stomach. And how do we fill our stomach with food? And Subhanallah it's becoming the culture of eating all the time.

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Few years ago, you didn't eat unless you're hungry. And if you said I'm not hungry, it's norm. These days is the norm is people are eating and snapping. I grew up I didn't know what snack is. Honestly, it's not because it's not available. So it's not there. What it does mean you eat that kind of cloth. I remember very well when you're growing up. My mom used to tell me so what is this called?

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breakfast or lunch. You know, it's like when we were young. And now it's apart as we grew up, and then we learn this is our Deena

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This is our D and look at this beautiful statement.

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Keep Stay Hungry during the day.

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And stand up during the night, you're going to see wonder from the king of the kings.

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So Panama, stay hungry during the night. During the day. Stand up in prayer during the night, you will see wonder from the kings of the kings, Tara legible or German and molecule Jabbar meaning I start seeing things that I hear it, I start seeing things people talk about, and it's like what they are talking about. I need to do these things. Again, start now before you, you go to Ramadan. So you are ready. There is a I think I have time because I wanted

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to translate this poll, I'm gonna just try this poem. And it's about an hour translated right away. If one day you are alone, don't say I am alone.

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rather say someone is watching me? Don't you ever think Allah is unaware for a second? And don't you ever think what you are hiding? He doesn't see.

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We have played for a long time, till our sins

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till our sins compiled one over the other.

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And every sin followed by another sin. I hope and I wish that Allah will forgive what was before and allowed us to repent. So we will repent.

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This is so this is beautifully said about Ramadan. So if you think this way, right? I am alone, Allah is watching me, I have a lot of sense. Don't say to anyone, nobody needs to know this. This is between you and Allah, Allah knows it. right not to make a public announcement. And even if people think you are the best Allah knows. And if people think you are the worst, Allah knows, just between you and him, especially as we are going to our mobile, you know, and try to remember the sins we have done, small or big, whatever we have done, but this is the beauty that this is the month of October is the month that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive us. So I just turned to a line says you

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know what I did? I have to say it, you will know within certain, forgive me, what do you think Allah will do?

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What do you think Allah will do? Absolutely, Allah will forgive us. So look at Ramadan, exactly like this. The name of Ramadan is related to this. Do you know the name of Ramadan comes from? Rama, Rama, Rama. Rama is actually two meanings of it. Both of it related to sins. One of them is extreme heat, or morticians. The extreme heat when the when the ground becomes so hot. So it's extreme heat. And that's actually why it's called Rama one because it came when the Arab when the when the Arabs were naming the months it came in that time of the year like for us. Right? Exactly. So it came in it's that time of the year and they used to call the month according to the time of the year,

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whatever is related to that time. So extreme heat. And the other meaning of it is actually a romaine which is the light rain that happens at the end of the summer.

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light rain comes in and they say this is related to spirituality. What does sins do?

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Right? What does what does I'm sorry, what does heat does? makes us a sweat right? Even physically they said go out be healthy, sweat, sweat and be healthy. Because the sweating does what? melt your fat.

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Heat spiritually, spiritually, melt the sins. So the longer I am fasting, the longer and struggling in the heat. Add to it The longer I am thirsty, especially if you're someone who drink water we'll learn a lot. Remember that the tougher the motions are being developed. The second meaning when the rain comes in, then the ground or at that time was the desert is so hot. When this light rain comes in the only thing it does, it makes the ground a little bit colder.

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And this is a normal one.

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So Pamela when I was reading this I was like so Pamela Lila you know, and they said the horse takes from the heat of remembrance and reminder to autumn about 30 days of reminders. 30 days of Quran 30 days of Tarawa it's not a day or two. Continuously the hearts has to absorb the hearts has to absorb

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When each one of us, I'm sure you say at the end of Ramadan, how hard it was but you say I wish all the heroes on. How many times you hear this, say I wish all the Arizona law because I'm much stronger. sinning is much more difficult. obeying Allah is much easier. Why can I not fast after Ramadan? Subhan? Allah, this is Ramallah. Now let's talk about what do we do in Ramadan? Because we need to look at actions, what actions we normally do in Ramallah? What is the best deeds we do in our mobile? Let's count them and then we'll get to them. What is the best deeds? We don't remember? Number one, fasting number one, don't forget the basic. Why fasting? Number two,

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Number three,

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before that, before that lay little under because the reason I'm saying this is there is a condition for these three, I'll share it with you. So these are three together, he says a Hadeeth combine them to three, the three of them so fast, and then I go Knights Allah in the masjid. taraweeh at home, and then pm will then Laila to other when you come to Cora, and then you come to charity, and then

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best deeds you do,

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if any?

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What is these deeds? So I said fasting, I said come late, and I said Little other the night of the other. And then I said, Zack, Sadako, charity and Quran

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extra surah. Not only in the night, also during the day. Now the part that we need really to work on because I think a lot of people most of the Muslims do this. Most of the Muslims do this hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, four or eight or 10, or 20 is not the issue. This is not my point. Now, what is most of us don't do.

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We don't change in normal,

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meaning our character, our manners, we don't and that's one of the best things you do. Because in the Hadith, Saraswati salatu salam said, if the meaning of if the fasting is not going to stop you from lying, false witness and acting by lying, Allah does not need longer under under thirst. So remember the best deeds is not only do this is why I'm trying to get you the best deal is don't meaning if I normally and please forgive me, I don't mean anybody. But this is what we see around us. If I normally watch this or that.

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My no drama when it comes I have to remember one of the best deeds is to stay away from sins in normal.

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It's one of the best deeds like you feel sad when you don't pray that all right, and Subhan Allah Allah sometimes just doesn't want you to come to the masjid. He just doesn't allow it. And I say 100 love y'all think of this, that doesn't mean I'm going to let go. Or Milan is all about control, control food control, control drink and more control of my nerves more standing but also more control of the sense so lets me come with it one by one. The best do that when you fast is not only fasting, man sama Ramadan, there's two conditions are Swati Assad was Salam said, when rottman sama Ramadan imana yT seven, all fear Allahumma tada momentum be memorize this one, because everybody has

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to love us. But I need to add this to, you know, like when you wouldn't bake a cake, everybody make a cake. And then when you have a competition, you're going to look at who put the who put what, who put the best, who decorate the cake, the best, the nicest, the same thing. Look at the 1.6 billion Now, let's assume there's 1 billion who are able to fast, everyone is fasting. Everyone will elect him. I say this all the time when I'm in luck, because I see all these millions. And I was like, What is the difference? Everybody did not eat from that time to this time. These two that are so highly sought to salaams teaching you to imagine what do you say?

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You are a believer, faithful believer, not a believer, a faithful believer, and you are in full, full belief and full certainty. Allah will reward me.

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And then we have to remind this because that's exactly what he said. masama ramadan imana was the sermon I had this discussion this morning with a youth.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:59

And we were talking about salah and swam. And this actually applies to a lot of Muslims. And I was just joking that I I asked the question for a reason. And I said, Are you going too fast on mobile? She looked at me I was like, What? What do you think of me? Of course I know she will fast. But there's a point I was trying to me and she said of course I'm fasting Oh

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hamdulillah you're brilliant, this is beautiful and I said use the prayer regularly

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she didn't answer I didn't want to go for further because I know the answer and I said then why do you fast from

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she's it's from Yvonne we grew up like this How can I not? And I said who said Ramadan is more important than Salah

00:30:24 --> 00:30:31

did Allah says Ramadan is the the act of worship that it is obliged on everybody and Salah is when you can

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share no answer.

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So how long so look at Armand This is why one of the training of hammer one is Salah, so he man and what the sermon don't fast as a habit, that's what I was trying to get to. Don't make it a habit. Because Allah knows from this 1 billion, how many are fasting like a habit, and the first thing they break the fast is on

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a cigarette.

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It's painful, a lot. It's painful. And I make do out for these people. You know why? Because I say you're a lot you give them the ability to stay away from food and drink for that long as you did this gave them the ability to stay away from it forever.

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So imagine what you serve and I'm a believer, and I know Allah will reward me. That's number one. Same thing for LTM don't come because it start out with casual, or I am at home Of course, I'm going to Torah with Ramadan. Everybody does it. Don't imagine what he saw. But what I'm trying to do today is to move you to the deeper meaning of the actions that we all do. I don't think I told you anything you don't do up till now. Alhamdulillah. But I just needed to move from the casual way that we all do to the real way that I'm presenting to Allah so at the end, he will accept it from me accepted. You know, when I deliver Ramadan at the end, give it back to Allah. That's the meaning of

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what I first shared with you. When I give it back to Allah, I give it back to Allah as the best cake I've ever decorated. And this is not external only this is internal. So number two, man karma Ramadan, night sauna. This is special for our mobile, and I'm pm It doesn't mean you have to come for taraweeh everyone according to their ability will in their hand. taraweeh isn't an obligation. It's actually a Sunnah. Meaning I have the choice of that doesn't mean you're not coming for Tarawa. And you're staying home you know what? watching TV or social media or going out with friends that's not then you're wasting it because man Alma whomsoever and this is she and he no difference she and

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he stood up a night prayer for a loss pantalla with the two condition eemaan and what he said when you are fully believing in a law and you are waiting for your reward, waiting for tomorrow my reward because I know I did it. Not I just did it I came and don't focus on numbers as I always say this to myself. Don't focus on numbers. Allah is not going to count Allah What does he want? He wants what's India, you give him one little car of full, full, all your all of you out there, and you're feeling it and you're crying and you're sobbing and you're reading Quran is way better than doing a 20 year old card and your brain is somewhere else. And but that doesn't mean if I cannot do the 20 with with

00:33:29 --> 00:34:18

her shoe, I'm not gonna do it, do it and ask a lot to make it easy. So the second thing on our mobile email min YT sub three, Laila tocado and that's another Hadith mandsaur mamajuana imana What is urban warfare? Allah hamata condemning them, man, all man a little, the same words, he man and what is urban warfare? Allahumma Gumby whomsoever, stay up all night armor, meaning you stayed up night, lay a lot of other the night of the other. Again believing and again waiting for the reward or fear Allahumma taka dynamin dombey all the sins that the piles that we have piled over the years, the one we remember the one we don't remember, a lot, we forget it. So how can I do this? This is

00:34:18 --> 00:35:00

why I always tell people don't focus on the 27 only. I have no idea. Allah knows it's the 10 and I and a lot of the scholars will tell you 10 total. Why is that because every year we go through this different opinion. When is the first day of Ramadan. we all we all go this right? Is today is the first or today is that and of shaba so the last 10 days also could be could be the night I think it's the odd night it's actually the even night. So I cannot I cannot afford and I say this to everybody who is working if you can take time off, if you can. Allah knows that about our ability, but if you can take off them

00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

Last 10 days of Ramadan instead of going for vacation Other times, then definitely take it because it's not easy when you are working full time and you are fasting to come and then you have all the family obligations and then you're going to be up all night. You cannot do it next day. If I can do this if I cannot and some people can't, if you cannot then at least focus on the odd nights and the odd nights that in your place but don't take it lightly waiting for the 2728 Ramadan is done. Have you seen that 28 Ramadan is done and Who said so? Especially 29th What is so special about 29th the last night of our mobile What is so special outside that it may be a little other it could be an

00:35:47 --> 00:35:48

outside that

00:35:50 --> 00:35:54

very little guys or they call it the night that you will get your paycheck.

00:35:55 --> 00:35:56

This is how they say it

00:35:58 --> 00:36:07

absolutely is the night that you will get your paycheck. So when someone is going to tell you I'll pay you the first day of the month will you come to work late?

00:36:08 --> 00:36:19

Don't you come even early and try to show your boss the best Subhanallah This is dunya and this is how it is the last night you want to give Allah The best is the finale as they call it.

00:36:20 --> 00:36:37

The Night of the 29th because the night of the aid there is no note Are we done. Ramadan is done. Ramadan starts the night. So honor Ramadan, inside the TM especially if you're doing in the masjid. Now take the other good deeds don't fight for the place.

00:36:38 --> 00:37:14

It doesn't matter where you're going to pray. It's all the house of Allah. That's what I keep saying, even if you're in the harem, it's all the house of Allah. If he wants me to play He will make the place for me. And if he doesn't, he will allow somewhere else. It doesn't I cannot focus yes ask Allah who will because when you give up specially when you give up. And this is one of the best deeds and Ramadan being a giver. And I'll end up with it, the more you will give for other people even if you don't know them, or you will know them and they never do it for you. Doesn't matter you're not doing it for them. So that piano itself not only you are doing it, but you are

00:37:14 --> 00:37:25

doing it with the sun with perfection. Like you have the best guests coming to your house. Don't do it you come to the masjid after eight, the masjid is empty. Where is everybody outside talking?

00:37:26 --> 00:37:31

And then they tell me it's soon another eight. So the Sunday is when the Quran is being read I talk outside

00:37:32 --> 00:38:14

or this is the sooner I pick and choose. And I'm not talking about anyone because we all can do it. Either I'm tired, then I leave and I leave with With any luck is you know my ability when I have to work tomorrow, when I have the children at home he will reward me because he knows if I didn't have this obstacles I would have stayed then I will just leave and leave quietly and leave but don't sit outside or in the back of the masala of the woman and you're talking and the Quran is being grabbed. And Allah said it and probably the Imam was reading with Al Quran of Estonia hula hula unsettle one Quran is being grown, listen and pay attention. So these are three keep saying imagine what the

00:38:14 --> 00:38:22

Sabbath I am fasting and because I'm a believer, and I am waiting for my rewards for our last Pantheon reading the Quran

00:38:23 --> 00:38:40

in hamdulillah it's the landmark like if you want to look for a picture of Ramadan, what are you gonna see? You're gonna see the picture of the lights picture of the Kaaba, but you probably will also see the picture someone reading Quran Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen reading the Quran, why do what is Khurana Ramadan

00:38:42 --> 00:38:45

because that's how my mom taught me. That's how everybody does.

00:38:47 --> 00:39:25

Number one shadow Madonna lady was revealed Quran, Allah chose the creator of this earth, the creator of this planet, the creator of this universe, the creator of the words chose and the creator from above and all the other months chose that his words are in send during Ramadan. What on earth for that month? What an honor for that, like somebody chose you. And you say, you know what, there is 25 houses in the subdivision, but it's only your home. I'm going to give you the best one and you're going to say what's special about your home.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:43

Right? So this is what it was the reason every focus on Parag because it's Sha one or the man that Allah subhanho wa Taala send not only the Ramadan, and not only Quran By the way, all the books were were sending Ramadan.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

The books that was sent to Sydney, Brahim, the books that were said to save nimasa save now Isa absolutely was sent all in Ramadan. That's how Allah subhanaw taala elevated the status of our mobile or on song and Quran altogether.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

Also that's why we read aura. Why? Because there's a heavy

00:40:05 --> 00:40:57

on the Day of Judgment, everything speaks except us. Except our tongue. You probably all know that. We don't talk, everything else talks, everybody, none living will talk, my skin will, will talk, my hand will talk everything, including my deeds will talk. So two things will talk for me on the Day of Judgment, fasting. And Oren is found in Latvia, when they will intercede for the servant of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Fasting will say to Allah, Ya Allah, because of me, he did not or she did not eat and drink for that long. And the Quran will say to Allah, Ya Allah, because of me, she did not sleep. Because we are standing up in the night. And in between your reading the hora fish fan

00:40:57 --> 00:41:06

either they will intercede for you and for me and for the Muslims, so they get together. So fasting and reading the Quran.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:33

And there is to struggles for the believer movement in our mobile. And we all feel this specially working people meaning working inside the house or outside the house, there's two struggles to jihad, Jihad of the day and Jihad of the night. Right. So normally when you're fasting Monday or Thursday, or the extra other days, once once you break your fast you can take a break right in the Ramadan is actually just started.

00:41:34 --> 00:41:53

Right? So the struggle of the morning of the hunger of the thirst of being tired, then once you break your fast another one starts jihad. And this is why Ramadan is special because all the night I will be reading the Quran or standing up. As you read the Quran, I'm gonna remind you couple couple of things.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:33

As you read the Quran, you may want to put this in a note and put it inside your Koran, remind yourself because unfortunately beautiful people are reading the Quran, but also we lost the spirit of it. spirit of it. Number one, remember, it's the words of Allah, you're not reading a bedtime story. I am not reading a book of medicine. I am reading the words of Allah one. Number two, it's an act of worship. So I'm not only reading and learning, but it's an act of worship. And that's why the majority of the Muslims who don't understand a single word, but you still read it.

00:42:34 --> 00:43:21

This is to me is overwhelming. Honesty, I am very jealous. Like You are jealous from me. Because I understand I am jealous from the people who don't understand the Quran. What a lucky them have the resolve to read it and stand up in taraweeh for two hours, and they have no idea what the Imam is saying, you know what I'm saying? Like if you are listening to a lecture in any language that you don't know, French, Spanish, whatever, how long you can stand? Five minutes, unless I have no idea what they're saying. And you go, what do you move, you stop. So look at it is an act of worship just by looking and actually looking at those for those who memorize the Quran or memorizing looking is

00:43:21 --> 00:44:06

more virtuous than reading from memory to make sure you have during Ramadan, a time for reading. Another Quran a bother looking at the Quran is very bad. Not only reading just looking like looking at the Kaaba, if any one of you wearing formula number one, looking at the cover is an act of worship. You didn't do anything just looking. It's an act of worship. Try your best to as much as you can to be in a state of Whoa, sure. Remind yourself I actually really recommend you write these. Make sure you say how do we love Shakeology, make sure you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, repeat the ayat. And the best way also if you're if you come every day to them as do read that chapter, read

00:44:06 --> 00:44:51

that juice during the day more than once, more than once. So when you are listening, your ears are more ready and more acceptable. And then as you are reading and especially if you read with the translation, you're understanding what you are saying. So read Quran, look at it not as as the usual reading or Alhamdulillah a lot of Muslims read Quran everyday or listen, and the mom is sorry. There was so many stories about the people before us. I said if I'm going to share it with you, you're all going to get depressed. So I picked up just the real possible so any mom his daughter, he says either the Hello ramadan ramadan comes in. He used to say it's two things only two things only. It's

00:44:51 --> 00:44:54

reading Quran and feeding the needy.

00:44:55 --> 00:45:00

Imam is always a scholar. So no more teaching no more studying normal reading.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:16

See I'm going to read Quran and I'm going to feed the needy as as the other good thing and Sophia Anna Saudi, the other one I just shared with you once Ramadan comes in, he stay away from every other actor for ship. Of course other than the obligation and the fear and reading the Quran

00:45:18 --> 00:45:31

three plenty of solar. Don't only do night solder because especially when you're fasting in the day, and I will advise everyone myself number one, look at the sooner in Ramadan as an obligation.

00:45:33 --> 00:46:18

Like the sooner of solder, look at it as an obligation. So don't let it loose. It's it's a blessed time. It's a pleasant day and you are in a blessed state because you're fasting, you're due out my daughter is granted and I shared this with you last week, the three who Allah always respond to their daughter, one of them is saw the person was in a state of fasting. So look at your Salawat you cannot do extra to stay with the obligation and the sunon that they're stressed upon sooner the voluntary ones keep these specially of law because they are the longest and if you are working then in the breaks do the vote at the time that your next break due to you know what I'm saying gets

00:46:18 --> 00:47:02

connected because the more you are connected with the solder the more you're connected with the Orion also and the more you're the last pantile and salah and the Siam will protect you next thing which is hamdulillah we all do what is that I think most Muslim they will score 100 in this next one is charity people give most people give their as occur in in Ramadan although actually I was last year actually I learned this and one of the scholars says it is very good to be generous in Ramadan absolutely and there is a reason I'll share it with you but he said maybe people should not everyone pay there's a current Ramadan because then the 10th month will be drought

00:47:04 --> 00:47:06

so panel license I learned this I changed

00:47:08 --> 00:47:52

yes yeah because he said that 10 months he that what the way he was explaining is this that there is a lot of need in the Muslim oma which is true you you name it right? And he said when it comes in people because it does occur, people will feel very uncomfortable keeping it they want to right away give it so you will get to get after for five or six months you may win maybe drought there is no more money and then we start calling so it may be a good idea for the Muslims to not everyone give their resaca but I want to be charitable in Ramadan. Why is that? Satan Abdullah have not been described Rasul Allah salatu salam in Ramadan, and he said Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was always

00:47:52 --> 00:48:41

generous. Can you imagine brought the seal, right? But I have never seen him more generous than in Ramadan, and especially after gibreel comes and review the Orion with him. Because that's how he did. He reviewed the Quran every year in Ramadan once except the last year before he died, he did it twice. So all of us as we Allah knows when are we dying? minimum let's do two out of following the sun. So he said I used to see him very generous all the time. Much more generous during Ramadan, specially after debri comes and review the Koran with him. And then he put his famous statement. He said he was more generous than a blowing going. What does the blowing going do?

00:48:43 --> 00:48:50

Three hole more sorry. What does the does? For registrations. Remember you're

00:48:51 --> 00:48:53

exactly pollination

00:48:54 --> 00:49:39

is of how long Allah? How did they know this before? This is how start you start having all the fruits that having the flowers, you start having all these things, because the wind moves it and he was more generous than the blowing going. Coming to velocity and I'm going to little bit add here. generosity is not only money, there's a lot of people don't have money, as people really have enough for their family. So this is gone. I have cannot do that. generosity is in many other things. Money is one be a giver. Meaning what is a giver? I had one person worked with me. And our chairman used to say in Ramadan, ask her any anything. She will never say no.

00:49:41 --> 00:49:59

Take your advantage. I remember in the meeting, they always used to say this. Take advantage. She will not say you know it's our mobile generosity. Your driving the person, you know you're stopping the stop sign, and it's your right and the person to cure right. I'm Ramadan. Take it. Take it. So give me egg

00:50:00 --> 00:50:11

Never be a giver, you have something to eat and someone is looking at you, you know, maybe maybe they're not hungry, but they're just like it. Give it right, let alone your place.

00:50:12 --> 00:51:01

Be a giver, cook, cook for people, not the people, you know, and you make parties for everybody do food. And I literally I mean, I've seen some how long and I was studying overseas. I've seen woman does things in Ramadan, I've seen. This is very common in Makkah, and engender just 10 minutes before Ramadan before the start. And it happened to me many times when I was going to the hospital for a delivery. If you stop at a stop sign, or a traffic light, you will find all these young young young men Beautiful Youth having ready made bag with cork fall. So they will have dates they will have a bottle of water, usually yogurt and maybe something to eat. And this is actually paid by

00:51:01 --> 00:51:49

someone else. But they did it they don't have the money, but they did it. This is generosity. Giving your time is generosity. Giving your your effort is a generosity. Helping someone is a generosity so don't think only about money. Because when it hamdulillah but anything else you can give let alone forgiven for and pardon people. Pardon people whatever they did, whatever they said. Doesn't matter. Do pardon is a generosity because forgiving is not easy. forgiving a lot of people cannot do it's very hard you don't know what you did to me you don't know what he did to me forgive for a law shadow hierarchy they call it the month of good deeds and multiplied goodies. So the court and the

00:51:49 --> 00:52:01

last thing which I'm going to have the last pantalla give me gave us the time is your kinship your relationship with your family let alone if you have if you have cut it for whatever the reason

00:52:03 --> 00:52:31

I say this to myself and I say this to everybody around I say relationships are two kinds there is optional. And there is not optional you know what that mean? optional a friends I can choose and pick my friends I don't have to cut them but I don't have to be with them all day and ask them you know, they have a right upon me which is when they are sick when they have a good something good to happen to them but I don't have to call them everyday and be with them. My * relationship I have no

00:52:32 --> 00:52:36

choice. If I cut them forgetten

00:52:37 --> 00:53:19

A Lockwood it sort of put it put it especially parents, he preached with him. So reach out to your relatives reach out, especially the ones that you don't like because that generosity especially the one that you know, they will not answer you. Absolutely they will not. You know and if you text message you know they read it but they will not you leave a voice they don't and say this to yourself. I am going to be as I as I say this to myself look at Ramadan as a basket. And the basket is you're filling it up with good deeds and the day 29 or 30 the heavier they are basket, you are the winner.

00:53:21 --> 00:53:25

So if they did not answer you, their basket is lighter. That's their choice.

00:53:26 --> 00:53:50

So don't look at me Don't do it because of people do it because you wanted with almost pantalla reach out to the people who have boycott you reach out to the people who have hurt did you reach out to the people who have transgressed against you? We all have that and ask forgiveness from people who you did this to them because we're not perfect. Allah knows what we did we don't remember we only remember what they did to us.

00:53:51 --> 00:54:33

A lot of liquor in Ramadan day and night a lot of stick for a lot of us we have anything you remember. Keep this moist with the remembrance of a wasp hunter and I will end up here hamdulillah the burqa and the time may Allah Subhana Allah make us loon till we get to Ramadan your ob I mean I say it fully because we are seeing so much death around us this panel lights it's amazing no weak comes in without at least one or two in there if you are which I'm sure a lot of you are in the funeral group at least once or twice in the week and the age is not an issue anymore. So Pamela Young and old so let me ask a lot of time to Europe we please make me believe me Ramadan, make me

00:54:33 --> 00:54:59

lifter ice Ramadan. Your luck with Barack and the next three weeks that's left that I will get number one spiritually and mentally ready for the month know its value and I will try to get to work a little bit more. From now one to four to get ready if you have not fasted yet. There isn't much time left. At least try to fast this week, a day or two because after the 15 of shabaan. If you have not faster

00:55:00 --> 00:55:31

It's not recommended to start fasting because you will get very tired if you have never fasted the whole year and go and start fasting after the 15th unless there is a dire need because you will get very tired by the time but I'm upon comes so May Allah subhanaw taala make us all from those who will lift the serum alarm the alarm is fantana makers of those who will know the value of Milan who will give a jury their last pantalla makers of those who will be forgiven or the who will be all good these will be made easy for them your ebme subhanak Alomar behind the shadow

00:55:32 --> 00:55:41

stuff we will call it two weeks a lot. I see them hammered by the early horse habitus, the market hero next week in sha Allah, Allah give us life, we'll cover the

00:55:42 --> 00:56:10

filk of Siam. And I asked everyone if you have any questions, send us send send the questions to us. So we'll have time not necessarily I can cover it next week. But we will put on our website. All these questions about the period or menstruation or sporting all this and any other thing if I cannot which I am not a hockey, I know a couple of my specialty. At least we can look up and ask other people and we'll compile it for you as I come along.

00:56:13 --> 00:56:24

Same for the relatives and greeting mom for to be quoted in one of the Hadees I only know the thing that one of the Savi said that I reach out to my relatives and they don't respond. He said this one

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