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“Good and evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend,” (41:34)

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The video discusses the importance of responding to people's evil behavior and avoiding negative behavior. It emphasizes the need for physical and mental preparation, not accepting assumptions about one's success, and not denying one's obligations. The segment also touches on the concept of "has" and how it can be used to define who one is, as well as the use of "has" to define "has" and " obsessed with" individuals.

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In Al Hamdulillah the mother who wanna sign ohana sofiero, when are rubella Himanshu Rudy and fujinami Dr. Marina Maria

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Medina Houma

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Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hula Shadi Kala shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was heavy as mine

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called a lot on evidence Zilla Aziz viadana hula hula in the shape on the regime. Yeah you have Latina multiple la haka Ducati he went to Medina illa Anta Muslim moon rapala Yana Johan Latina amo la Hulu Conan sadita

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Lagoon. Well Phil accumsan obaku mamanuca Allah wa sallahu wa Sophos are all Lima, I'm about the whole zpanel Davi suta foresee that is to foresee that I

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will at the store will have to wait a year in the viability here arson for either Lady binaca. verbena, who I don't know who really, I mean,

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it's mostly that I have number 34 Allah, Allah says

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that the good and bad are not equal,

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good and bad, cannot be equated cannot be made the same. Some scholars like Toby and others have mentioned that this is actually speaking about the prophets of Allah, and his adversaries, the prophets also represents goodness, his adversaries represent evil, they cannot be on the same footing. And this is of course true. And something that is that we test, something that we testify to, and bear witness to. But the principle like the like the like the axiom, the guy that goes and they're able to be removed in lovely lobby, who's a suburb that the understanding is drived by the generality of the wording, not by the specific, specific circumstance of Revelation, the generality

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of the wording of this idea is good and evil are not the same.

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good attitude, good behavior, good manners, good morals are not the same as bad manners, bad attitude, bad morality.

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there they're not equal and they cannot be equated

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in the farm bill it here

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respond with what is better, its viability here acid in fact, acid is not just better, arson is

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a target of Leland, Arabic, they say this is good, better best. So it has the comedy, construction of better but the way it appears in the eye, it actually is intending for it to be the best, respond in the best way

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or repel evil.

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Respond to evil with the best possible response. Don't go tit for tat. don't respond to evil with evil don't respond to inappropriateness, when equivalent inappropriateness respond to it in the best possible way is the viability here.

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For even with the binaca verbena, who cannavale Yun, honey.

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Because quite possibly the person that you have animosity towards someone that you are not able to get along with.

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If this is how you treat them

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in the best possible manner, irrespective of their behavior,

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then perhaps, suddenly, you will see a change of heart.

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And quite possibly that person will become one of your closest friends, one of your biggest supporters.

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And who were the Union have been

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very close someone who is very intent on supporting you, when he is actually someone who is when it comes to the word one yeah, which means to be behind something or to follow something. Right. So when he is someone who is right next to you, or literally right behind you, supporting you. And he I mean from the word, you know, same but as something that's hot. Also, it's used for a close friend. But this comes from the idea that this support is strong, like the heat is strong. So this is a person who's right next to you, and this support is strong for you. This was a person who was your adversary not too long ago, this person was someone you need to get along with

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They weren't saying evil things to you, they were approaching you in an inappropriate manner. Yet now.

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It's completely the opposite behavior. And it all starts with it fidelity here is how we respond.

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How we say things, what we say and how we say it five minutes. This is such a powerful, such a simple advice. But one of the most difficult things to implement.

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This is one of the most difficult things to achieve. This was when Hassan Hassan Ali, the grandson of the Prophet, when he would recite this, if you will say this is actually what it's talking about the prophets of Salaam. Remember I told you Paul to be said it

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will not do what to say. Or what to be said Hassan, it refers to the process of them is because it hasn't been adding the profits grandson would say this is talking about the profits life.

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It was revealed to describe rasulillah he thought

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he was always repelling,

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evil, good, responding to evil with kindness.

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And how many of his enemies, sworn enemies who were out there to kill him, literally, not figuratively, not just character assassination, actual assassination. That was a goal, how many of them turned around to become his closest companions.

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We have many examples. You can think of many yourselves

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who was actually on his way to assassinate the officers on them when he was told about his sister, and then he read, alert the coupon in those circumstances, and then it hit his heart. And it changed his behavior. And he became the second greatest Sahabi of all time.

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You see from being someone who was on his way to actually heal the process of them to becoming the second graders this idea is literally describing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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and he have other countless examples herded them in with the $800 house, a creamer in Abidjan,

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all of them would say things to the, to the

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to the meeting, that the prophets assume was the most hated person in our lives. And then when we accepted Islam, and when we saw his character, he became the most beloved person to us.

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For either the bay Nicola Marina,

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who Winnie Yun Hamid,

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this is how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam won people's hearts, this is he This is how he got lasting change.

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That's how he changed us harbor. That's how we change the world with the way he will respond to people's evil

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and responding to it with the best possible response.

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If you look at the zero of the Prophet, and you ever study it, this is going to be the one thing you will find repeated again and again. And again.

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My point of mentioning this to you today is a moment of reflection for us. How do we respond to people's evil? How do we respond to people who we don't get along with?

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We don't have people who are sworn enemies towards us.

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We don't have that, generally speaking.

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We don't have people out there trying to assassinate us. But we have people that are friends, family members, colleagues, community members, and we will have a certain amount of friction with them.

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Just like two physical objects, if they're in close proximity, and they're rubbing against each other, there's going to be friction. This is natural. Same with people, when people are together, and they're in close proximity, they're sharing a space, there's gonna be friction.

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That is the test for us. How do we how do we respond and conduct ourselves in these relationships?

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That for us brothers and sisters, tell us that would tell us about our level of email.

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If you want to hold yourself accountable, if you want to see how much of the Quran and Sunnah Are you living, how close you are to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's the place to look. Not exactly how you create, even though that's important.

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Not exactly how

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You dress even though that's important.

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But actually more important is how you deal with people and conduct yourself with people, particularly those who we don't get along with.

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is where, like they say the proof is in the pudding. That's where it is in farming that he hears. So I'm reminding you of this today for that reason, it's time for us. It's a reminder for all of us that take stock, all of us no one is exempted from this all of us have to take stock of this matter. And I'm not here in even though physically I'm on the member, I'm not lecturing down to you. I'm saying this to myself first and then everybody else after because all of us need this reminder it viability. Here I said respond to when someone says something inappropriate or does something inappropriate in the best possible way.

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The prophet SAW sunset monitor saga for two min charity does not decrease wealth.

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When you give, set charity for the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah will return that in one way, shape or form. That's a promise from a loss pop Allah and His Messenger

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off when it is

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when a person shows

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forgiveness, when they act in a magnanimous way. Letting bygones be bygones.

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That kind of an attitude is not weakness.

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When a person demonstrates that Allah Papa is increasing their honor, and strength.

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That's a sign of them being strong, is a sign of them being honorable. That's not a sign of them being weak. Well, I bought a while ago I had only learned in law and every single person who has humbled themselves for the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah has raised them

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has raised them. This is a hadith this read narrated by Imam, Muslim and recorded by Imam Muslim.

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This is something for us to keep in mind brothers and sisters, particularly as we are about to enter Ramadan.

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As we are about to enter Milan, or Milan is for us, the thing that we build up to, that's the time we hope that Allah, Allah will forgive our sins, and right us from the people of Paradise and elevators.

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And also the sign of that acceptance will be seen in how we act in the world. To attain that goodness, in Ramadan, we have to prepare for it.

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The preparation is obviously there's a physical aspect to it. There is a mental aspect to it maybe even like you take vacations, you organize your your months, so that your time is freed up and all that is good. But there is a spiritual preparation for Ramadan as well is a spiritual preparation. And the reason why I'm mentioning it to you today is because there's a Hadith of the apostle and it's narrated by the Buddha actually a shrine to the Oman who

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was on Emirates when Abby Musashi who I never understood Eliza was gonna call

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in Allah Allah for the roofie Layla did miss Freeman, Siobhan for your foodie jmap Hall TV in the machine again, OSHA

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bburago measure.

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This Hadith also naturally goes as follows. The Prophet Ali sought to sunset, that last part, the island on the 15th of shaba. In the middle of shaba.

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He looks at his creation,

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and he forgives people, all of them, except people who fall under two categories. Category number one mushnik somebody who doesn't consider a loss padala they're only they're only ILA they're only dating someone who worships other than Allah. This includes someone who rejects Allah

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rejects the idea of devotion to Allah pata server to Tula, someone who rejects the concept of salvation in the next life attained through worship of Allah in this life. All of that is included in wishek. And the reason for that is they don't, they rejected, that's why they're not included in this forgiveness. And the second category is Masha.

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Masha had found the word Shannon

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The word Jana has, you know, some meanings in Arabic that are very interesting. It means something that is full, the caustic the speaking when you can when they would say, in old Arabic,

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they would say about

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Yes, sorry, excuse me, they will say

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shahana ynab will be my mother who

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they will say that this person has or he has filled the water in this container has filled up to the brim.

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That's what the word means for something to be filled to the brim to be topped up. Its dictionary meaning an application is a heck da da, da da.

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Is, is his hatred,

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hatred and animosity towards others. But if you consider its linguistic origin, and its applied meaning together, it means this is a very intense type of hate, a very intense type of animosity towards another person. Something that's not like a passing moment or a passing thought, you're upset at somebody for a few hours or a day or two, and you move on and then everything is fine. This is almost like it's a permanent state, a permanent state of hatred, and viewing someone with anger and animosity, to the point where the word used is Moshe, from the word thing that fills up it has like filled you up.

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This emotion has filled up yourself as has filled you up and come to define who you are.

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This is a dangerous, dangerous situation to be in.

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There is obviously oppression, if a person has been oppressed, you cannot expect them to love the oppressor that will be impossible. That will be humiliation actually, that will be humiliation for someone to love their oppression that is humiliated person or humiliated community.

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You can either expect the oppressed to forgive their oppressor without some sort of justice being served. If he woman has been oppressed by her husband, or some other person has been oppressed by another, you can't just tell them, I forgive them for the sake of a loss. That's not going to be feasible. In fact, that's not what the politicians are saying.

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What is your HAC? You take it and then after you have, you have gotten what you deserve. Now you let it go.

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Now you let it go.

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And that's fair. But I want you to exclude those two circumstances because perhaps those are very, very particular, I want to think about just the concept of being angry, and having animosity and hatred towards someone so much so that it comes to define who that person is. It fills them up to the brim.

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How counterproductive is that?

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How useless is that? Who is the one getting harmed by it? Who is the one who is getting burned by day in and day out?

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It's the person who's carrying it.

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It's the person who's carrying these emotions. They are the ones who suffering firstly.

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Think about it for a minute. GSM Allah Rahim Allah May Allah to free him from the oppression that he's suffering. He said that something was that really affected me. He said, If you want to forgive someone,

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the first person who benefits from your forgiveness is you.

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The first person who benefits is you. Because now your heart's at ease. Now the fire has been put out.

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Now you can actually return to being rational, you can stop being emotional and irrational.

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That is a kind of person that the Prophet some settings excluded from being forgiven.

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This brothers and sisters is a stark warning for us. We have to be very mindful of the feelings that we carry in our hearts.

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The feelings that we carry in our hearts towards others, because this particular feeling and this is how they

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could become a barrier for persons forgiveness.

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could be the reason why their forgiveness is on hold. They've done everything right.

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But their spirit was not

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prepared, their soul was not ready to be forgiving because it was still holding on to those grudges.

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And that will be the tragedy of all tragedies a good mother's markkula was tough for a lot of people stuck in the hole.

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It's time to relax latos law he was early, he was happy he got

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the profit on his Watson says inauthentic, inauthentic, authentic hadith that is collected by a Muslim.

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He said Allah Salam ladipo.

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Well, that has to do with

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the law he one and

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he says, Oh people, the old people part here is implied that don't

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have animosity towards each other.

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Don't carry those feelings.

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Don't carry the feelings of hazard

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of, of envy, business and jealousy, desiring what someone else has, and hoping that they lose it,

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hoping that they lose that goodness, and you attain it.

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Don't carry these feelings of hazard.

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Be brothers and sisters, we like a family.

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Because that's who we are as believers. This is a difficult thing to do. That's why the Quran and the Quran is advising of this it says latticed I will do what I say here, good and evil not equal. Because this goat is so much better than the evil of carrying these kind of emotions and acting upon them. This person, the person who can truly live its viability here a person truly loved the sooner the profits is on them. That person is not like someone who is just carrying around these emotions, running themselves, burning themselves up all the time, holding up their forgiveness and also compromising their relationships. a life full of regret, regrets. The two are not equal. This

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brothers and sisters is something for us to think about as we prepare for Ramadan. This is our spiritual preparation.

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This is our spiritual preparation. And this is something all of us need to take stock of before it's too late. And we do this by asking Allah for forgive to forgive us and to open up our hearts in the lahoma HCA who you saw Luna had and maybe Yeah, Johan lilina

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Seema masala Adam hamedan filoli sandiaga.

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we did Allah in an Asana to meet Nana melody, Russia, NaVi Zuma he was playing I mean, how would he or a banana mean? Alomar de novo Sonata ha ha. Was akiha antihero. mazurka and when you have a Mullah, probably not enough. atonia Hassan

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Hassan Joaquin Alba now Aloma Habib, Elaine and he man was a few perugina What can we Elaine Elko for our football club alessian