How Food Can be a Curse

Abdullah Hakim Quick


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The speaker discusses the potential danger of lack of food and the importance of food as a source of joy and power. They also mention the use of wealth and how it opened up physical hearts to the idea that people are greedy and undervalued.

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Food, it is necessary for our existence in this world.

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And food, your your risk, your sustenance, can be a great source of joy. But on the other hand, the lack of food

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can be a curse. It can be a terrible pain that the person goes through.

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Food also is a source of power

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and is being used by nations politically.

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It's one of the most powerful weapons in the world today.

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But food can be a source of blessings we can gain our blessings through the food or through the wealth that is given to us. And it is said that many of the great companions of Jeremiah, Adam and alphabets, Mandy, but the fan and many of the companions were wealthy person, they had wealth, but they balanced their wealth. When it was time to give, they would give. So having the wealth did not make them greedy people.

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But it opened up their hearts to the test that they were under