Jewish Dr. Norman Finkelstein DISMANTLES Argument Palestinians Have A Great Life in Israel

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US, Israel has carried out the human shielding. And when you go to Israel 21% of the population is Arab. And out of that Arab, I think 12% are Muslim, they have political parties, they vote, they have freedom of speech. They're prosperous. I've been to many of their villages in northern Israel and compare it to anywhere else in Jordan or Egypt, Syria or Iraq. There's nothing like it. No Arab citizen anywhere in the Middle East has the freedom to express himself and to vote and to worship as he feels as they do in Israel, your response?

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Well, in the past few years, there have been several Human Rights Organization reports on the

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situation, the legal status of Arabs, Palestinians, in the area from the Mediterranean Sea, to the Jordan River. There was one put out by

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that Selim, the main Israeli human rights organization, monitoring the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, there was a report put out by Amnesty International

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report put out by Human Rights Watch.

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The first point to make is there isn't an occupation anymore.

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The occupation under international law, what distinguishes an occupation from an annexation, or an illegal annexation? is one thing it's very simple. What distinguishes an occupation from annexation is an occupation is temporary, temporary?

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Well, Israel occupied the West Bank in Gaza.

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In 1967,

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we're talking now about more than a half century.

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It's not temporary anymore.

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It's an annexation.

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So the first point we have to keep in mind is there is one state, one state, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. That is the state of Israel.

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And, as Beth Selim put it, there is one state and that state is anchored in the principle of Jewish supremacy. Now,

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there are unequal levels of Jewish supremacy. In the case of the West Bank in Gaza, West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza, in the case of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and including East Jerusalem and Gaza, they have no rights. They have no right to vote.

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They have no rights whatsoever. Yeah, basically a HELOC, a slave population.

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Is he lying? Does he know this? Because he go on. He says, I said there are unequal rights, you have to remember, even the United States before the Civil War. There were blacks who were free. It wasn't everybody, every black person was a slave. But nobody would make the ridiculous claim that blacks enjoy equal the free blacks enjoy equal rights rights in the pre Civil War South. So it is true that in the portion and we have to bear in mind, it's just a portion in the portion of that Israeli state that extends from the west back from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, there is a portion, namely, the Palestinian Arabs in Israel, who enjoy they have the right to vote. That's correct. They have

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representatives in the Knesset. That's correct. My last recollection, it could be wrong at this point. But they had one supreme court justice. That's correct.

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But they were also second class citizens. Nobody disputes that that's just a silly thing to say. So what one can say is that there is one state,

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half the population of that one state, or nearly half the population of that one state? Nearly half, it would be about four and a half million. Yeah, I mean, nearly half, nearly half the population has no rights at all.

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And haven't had any rights since 1967.

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And then, the other portion of the Arab

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From the Arab population and the the portion within the State of Israel, that is not the West Bank, not East Jerusalem, not Gaza, but within Israel itself. They enjoy some rights. But they're still by Gulo reckonings they're still second class citizens in 1000 different ways, it would be very difficult now, to go through all the laws on the Israeli books, which relegate the Arabs of Israel to a second class status. You could say, well, no, it wouldn't be exactly right. I can't find the exact analogy, but that's roughly the picture. So we shouldn't forget that when we're talking about Israel at this point. There's only one state

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the areas the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, they have been effectively and illegally annexed to the State of Israel, they are illegally annexed territories, but part of Israel.

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Is this one state you're talking about? Is this undisputed? Is this a fact that this is an apartheid state that two of the Human Rights Reports are referred to one by Amnesty International, and the other by bed, Selim described the whole of Israel as an apartheid state. Human Rights Watch described, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza as an apartheid like state, but they refer to the State of Israel itself, as the Arabs having a second class citizenship, but not a not equal to apartheid.

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And just a couple more questions before we conclude, I've heard you say, and this is I want this to really sink into people's minds. And if their hearts haven't been darkened, you know, to have some kind of feeling, you know, otherwise, they gotta go see a cardiologist and maybe the cardiologist not even help when you mentioned, more children have been killed in Gaza in the last three weeks.

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It wasn't not at three weeks already. At three weeks already. It's more children killed than all the war zones in the world combined, either in the year 2020 2021 or 2022.

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Wow. Then you mentioned this a week ago. So that was that three weeks went to four weeks, it's up to 4500. I think we have to be clear, because

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now there's going to be mass death. There's going to be two has already been mass death. Now there's going to be negative because the whole medical system has collapsed. They're systematically targeting every hospital in Gaza now. So everyone in an incubator is going to die. It's it's, it's the end of Palestine, and everybody from Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders. Everybody who opposes a ceasefire now has oceans of blood on their hands of ocean they are complicit just in complicit in genocide.

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Why do you think I mean, and this can go into my final question here with the term never forget, does that include Palestinians, the lessons that you learned what made you now come to where you're where you are, where you put your career, you put everything? I don't even want to talk about myself

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as a that's fine, a complete catastrophe unfolding. It's the end, you know, it's their final solution. When you unabashedly, unashamedly,

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boldly, flagrantly, and blatantly target the hospital system of a country. Then you are in neon lights in klieg lights, telling the world The goal now is the complete annihilation and pulverization of a people. That's your call.

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Okay. Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Finkelstein, thank you very much. Brothers and sisters, we all had loved ones that passed away. A mother father, brother, sister, a close family member, born of the mercies of our dean, is that with the right intention, we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so that the Giardia then investing on their behalf into D center and masjid and Naga Dawa center that will be

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