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Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the belief that happiness is found at the doorstep of Islam, and how it is linked to one's health and fatigue. They also mention a woman who experienced exhaustion while on a journey and advises the listeners to be aware of their body's weight and consistency in life.

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Be a consistent Muslim, be a steadfast Muslim, even when you make a mistake, repent, don't be one foot in one foot out. That's part of being a happy person take it from me. Any human being who believes that happiness can be found at other than the doorstep of Allah subhanaw taala has shown very bad expectations in Allah impossible, it is only with Him and OBEYING Him.

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And ticket as a rule in life, your souls fatigue and exhaustion is directly linked to how far or close it is to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And that is why when Prophet Musa Ali who salatu salam was traveling, he said to his servant after experiencing so much fatigue, he said, It Nevada Anna laka de la kina Musa Farina, Harada and nasaga he said to him, bring us our food. We are so tired because of this journey. I am so fatigued. Listen to what the prophets that I sent him said in commentary of the statement of Prophet Musa he said while me unsub had Jah was an maganda let the only Rubby he the Prophet Musa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam only experienced fatigue only after he crossed the area that Allah wanted him to be hurt. Allahu Akbar. So his bodily exhaustion was a sign that you had crossed the area where I wanted you

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to be. So you do the same and you say the same. Oh my soul. Oh my soul. If you are fatigued if you are constantly down if you are consciously anxious, it is a sign that you are standing outside of where Allah Almighty wants you to stand. La ilaha illallah that is why immuno Tamia he would say in beautiful words men are rather sad et al Abadi Valley, Elsa Maha Elodie, whoever is looking for eternal happiness. He will find it at the doorstep of worship. eternal happiness is found at the doorstep of worship Allahu Akbar, be a consistent Muslim consistent with your Salah consistent with your Zika consistent with your fast consistent my sister with the correct Islamic hijab consistently

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away from that companionship consistently away from intoxicants and you will find that happiness