Mohammed Hijab – Atheist Skeptic Gets Agreement from Muslim in Debate!

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of unnecessary existence and how it can be defined in various ways. They talk about the universal semantic exercise and how it can lead to the conclusion that the universe is not something that can happen. They also discuss the definition of determinism and how it can lead to the conclusion that the universe is not something that can happen.
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necessary, because if it's not necessary, then it's limited. What's your definition of unnecessary because you keep using it incorrectly? What's your understanding of necessary existence? Well, you were talking about contingent things. It's your it's the opposite of that something that you give it as something that cannot happen differently.

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For what outside of itself? Well, I suppose, right? Okay, so can you can you can you tell us how there can be a world with no necessary existence? Well, who says, Well, you said we're living in a world of possible or you said that we have to claim that we're living in a world of possibilities. Do you agree that there could be an explain that Do you accept that there is an unnecessary existence?

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I would say that

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yes, then that's good does that doesn't have to

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do that does not have to be God.

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God, it does not have to be there for us and necessary existence is something which is this is the perfect couldn't be any other way explains everything else. That's our definition of explains everything else, because without cause necessarily couldn't be any other way. All contingent in any other way.

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Alex, all contingent things depend upon it. Yes. Give me an example of contingent thing. And if this cup, how is it contingent because it could have otherwise not been in existence? You know, speaking to a determinist fun. Yeah. Okay. So what is determinism? So if, if you said you're and you're sitting at the terminal? Yeah. Yes. Let me ask you a question later, but it will make sense. If P entails Q is necessary. Yes. Is q necessary? No. It's not no.

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No, no, it's not. It doesn't have to be, if necessary. So let me explain why. What we're doing here is we've said that these dependent contingent things as you're defining them, Do you accept that this cup could have otherwise not been in existence? No. So okay, this that's what

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do you believe in? determinism? Yes. And you said in your you said in your speech in your thing, a universe from nothing? You said that determinism comes from the necessary existence?

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Yes, 14 minutes in, you said that one necessarily leads from the other. In other words, determinism leads from necessary existence, yes or no?

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You said, you said determinism leads from necessary existence. Okay. I think we were talking about a different thing when you said this, and I can show it for eight minutes.

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So you know, you said the universal semantic was going exercise. It's not anything different by no problem. But you said this, you said and you said, you said determinism comes from the necessary existence. What did I mean by that? I mean,

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just two days ago, the guy asked you is the universe would you agree with Bertrand Russell, that the universe just is Yeah. And you replied and said yeah, the fact that universe necessary existence? The I would agree with that in the first instance. And then he said, how would that tie in with determinism, you then said, determinism follows from that which follows determinism follows from the necessary existence, right, which I remember I was taught so I was I was the person I was debating with the guy who came up with Yeah, making the cat he was making the case for the contingency argument, saying that there are contingent things in the universe and therefore he was using that to

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reason that there's a God and I said that if that were the case, yes, that necessary existence that contained the determinism would follow from that I was making. Okay, so I did agree that it does exist. And Alex, I didn't say that. We agree with you on that point. So this is the thing you agree with us on more points than you think you agree with us on you believe in unnecessary existence, which explains everything else. Necessary existence. Be careful, as you said, unnecessary existence, you are you retracting it. I said that the you're attracting the universe, that there's not one unified necessary. You said the universe was unnecessary.

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The universe follows a necessary causal chain. Okay, so they said, Now you said hold on, you said the universe isn't necessary existence. And then you said determinism follows from that. Now I'm saying that if I said that, and I meant what you think I meant by saying yes, I retract it, but I don't think that's I think what it is Alex

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you were very good at making arguments against things I used to believe in. Oh,

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okay. Now is perfect.

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It's important guys because if you feel changing your

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a reason why you've changed your Thank you.

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