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In this video, we see how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ began his initial steps towards planting the seeds of Yathrib. Shaykh Yasir Qadhi embarks on a tell all of the events that transpired and the culmination happened in Yathrib.

The Prophet ﷺ had been abandoned by his own tribe and the Quraysh were not happy with the situation where Mut'im was siding with the Prophet ﷺ. Mut'im passed away within a year before the battle of Badr. So the Prophet ﷺ realised that he needs to leave Mecca and head elsewhere so that he can promote the religion of Islam. The Prophet ﷺ approached many tribes but all of them rejected the message like the tribes of Kindah, Banu Shayban and many more.

The city of Yathrib was composed of three main groups of people. Two of whom were Arab, and one large group of Jews. The Arab tribes were the Aws and the Khazraj. And the Jews werel: Banu Nadir, Banu Qaynuqa the Banu Quraytha.

Of the six who accepted Islam from the tribe of Khazraj (the Prophet ﷺ had explained to them the teachings of Islam, recited the Qur'an, explained tawheed, warned against shirk etc) were some of the famous Ansar: Uqbah ibn Amir, Jabir ibn Abd Allah, As'ad bin Zurara. And they converted and went back and spread the message until in the next few months everybody in the city of Yathrib had heard of the new message and knew some of their people had reverted.

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