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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of being clean and not leaving one's home in order to earn wealth. They touch on the difficulty of achieving Islam and the reward it brings. The unsolved and unsolved people in the United States have lost their identities and lost their respect. They discuss giving people half and being a "monster" to their brothers, giving them what they need, and helping them grow in their lives. They emphasize the need to learn from the past and give others what they need.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was early he was happy here to mine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters. When the Muslims were persecuted in Makkah to mocha Rama, Allah Almighty instructed that they

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undertake the migration known as the Hydra. This Hydra happened more than once. The first one was to ever senior, what we know today as broader Ethiopia, and the second one was the major one known as the Hydra that the Muslims undertook to Madina, munawwara Why did they go there? They went there because they were being persecuted in Mecca, they could not establish their prayer, they could not live as Muslims. So they had to leave their own belongings, their own land, their families and so on. And they had to go to a place where they had freedom of religion to practice their faith. When they arrived in Madina munawwara obviously, they were in large numbers, and the people in Madina

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munawwara were also in large numbers, but it would never be easy to welcome 1000s of people to your town or your city, and to open your doors to them not for one day or one week, or not for a month, but for as long as it takes.

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You know, it is actually Unlimited, you don't know how long they're going to stay. And Allah Almighty chose those who were living in Medina, to be there at the time. And he chose those who were the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be the companions. If it was us in their place. One wonders whether we would have actually supported the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam or simply paid lip service to it. May Allah grant us goodness The reason I say this is today when we are told that Allah has said this subhanho wa Taala or that Muhammad peace be upon him has said that people think that I it's okay, you know, I know my heart is good, my heart is clean. Allah knows my heart

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is okay. Even though I'm not dressed appropriately, I drink alcohol perhaps or whatever else someone might be involved in. That's not good enough, my brothers and sisters, as much as human weakness is acknowledged by Allah, but you cannot intentionally continue to sin and keep on claiming that your heart is clean. Remember that? Because our hearts are definitely clean. Insha Allah when it comes to the feeling towards one another, sometimes we think so at least, but are they really clean? the cleanest of hearts are those that are ready to sacrifice for the sake of Allah. So Allah Almighty in Surah

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Allah speaks about the types of people and praises their qualities and says those are the successful starting off with those known as the mohajir when Allah says lympho ka ilmor hygena levina mommy daddy more I'm wanting him Yeah, better buena

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Why also nama una una eco hoummos saw the Eco on the Mojave alone are those who left Mecca. The Muslims the companions who left macam and migrated to Medina, they were the migrants they were the ones who migrated. Allah says the poor mohajir own who left their homes, their properties, seeking the virtue of Allah. What does that mean? What was the virtue of Allah, the ability to worship Allah the way Allah wants to be worshipped? That is the virtue of Allah. They did not leave their homes in order to earn wealth. They did not leave their homes in order to achieve something worldly. They left their homes in order to be able to pray correctly in order to be able to fulfill the deen

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correctly. Without persecution. Allah calls that Father min Allah, Allah will give thereafter the world he will throw it at your feet. When you rush towards the one who owns the globe, he will give you that glow. But when you rush towards the globe, what will happen between you and the one who owns it? May Allah grant us ease. Remember this, it's very easy, don't ever earn in the displeasure of Allah in something Allah has prohibited they will. They might be temporary pleasure. It's not going to come with a lot of goodness in the near future. You earn with the pleasure of Allah even if it is hard, be honest to yourself to Allah, how long is life we've heard of death upon

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Death. Today we heard of a death again, may Allah grant the Maha amin genital for those.

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You don't know there's no point in earning something in the displeasure of Allah. Allah calls the Maha Joon, truthful because they accepted Islam in Makkah, when it was very difficult to accept Islam, many people today who want to revert to Islam, I'd like to think in some communities and societies they would get a reward very, very high, perhaps not exactly equal to the mohajir own. But who knows. Allah alone knows how difficult it is to declare that you're a Muslim at a time on the globe where Muslims are looked at with an eye of skepticism. May Allah protect us? So Allah says they were truthful, they knew they followed what was in their heart. They were true in their belief

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when they declared Allah is alone to be worshiped. They were really truthful. So Allah says, They the mohajir own are the ones who left their homes, their properties and so on, in order to go to Madina, munawwara to earn the pleasure of Allah and the and in order to earn from the bounty and virtue of Allah in a halal way, in a beautiful way. Allah says they are the truthful ones. May Allah make us from those who realize that Allah comes first, the rest of it will follow those who heard you don't had almost nothing when they deserted, or they had to leave their homes.

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In a few days, they started earning sustenance because the owner of the universe started throwing it towards them, because they rushed towards him. Abdurrahman him now, what are the Allahu anhu arrived in Madina? munawwara penniless. Do you know, and I'm going to get to this they shared with the unsolved and who are the unsolved I'll get to that too. But he had nothing at that juncture he told his brother. And here when I say brother, I'm talking of a special type of a brother, a brother that the relationship was fostered through migration.

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And he said, Show me where the marketplace is that evening he came back with a profit my man, you went to the market without a penny, how did you come back with a profit? That's Allah. Amazing. May Allah grant that to us. In the short time, I've dropped money for the long run, who became known as one of the most wealthy from among the companions. Now let's get to the second category of people whom Allah has praised the unsolved who are the unsolved the people who lived in Medina who were the proprietors of the property's in Medina, who owned the businesses in Medina, they were welcoming their brothers in faith only not in blood. Today, we are not prepared to welcome a blood brother,

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but they were prepared to welcome more than a blood brother, a brother in faith. You say the Shahada, I say the Shahada, you're being persecuted come to my home. That wasn't enough. I will give you half of my property Allahu Akbar. We are not prepared to give half of our property to our own brothers, we fight over a few dollars incense, but when it came to the unsolved, they shed that which they needed a times themselves. Allah praises that quality and he makes it known clearly that that is why they are successful because they protected this their souls and themselves from the love of this world to the degree that even that which they needed, they gave it away when someone else

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needed it more.

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We will manage Don't worry, look at these people. Subhan Allah, they welcome them in their homes they lived in their homes. These are the unsalted the people of Medina.

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And the relationship the prophets are seldom through revelation dictated to them that you will live with a family from among them. Oh Ha Joon.

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So each one was assigned a family. Imagine a strange family coming into your house, not for a day, two days for a lifetime. And you have to share with them half of what you have, and they will inherit you when you die. People are not prepared to allow their own sisters to inherit. They want to cheat the people here and they and they want to try and cut out someone and do whatever they wish when look at the answer. Allah loves them because they were prepared to share with total strangers The only Bond was the bond of La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah half of what I have is yours, my beloved brother, and I don't even know you besides through the link of the Shahada. Where

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are we today? We claim to be an oma trust me We won't even do this to our blood brothers and sisters.

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One Levine

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da one, amen. I mean,

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you're a Mona man, her jaw lie him. Allah knows the hearts right? Allah says those who opened up their homes for their brothers who came to them making the migration and they love them. Subhana Allah, they love their brothers. Allah knows the love. Imagine you love someone feasability law I'm ready for this guy to come and live in my home Subhanallah to share with me half of what I have. Allah says while i agito nafi

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Do you feel Oh no.

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One can I beat him kasasa Allah says they don't find that bond in their heart, their attachment to what they are given in terms of material wealth. They are prepared and they have shared it. They give preference to others over themselves. Are you ready to give preference to someone who's a total stranger who's only connected to you through La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and you are ready to give to them something you need. The answer with us is a no, it's a no. May Allah forgive us. That's why we are not Sahaba. But for them, Allah says,

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What am I Oh gosh, your hand I've seen for all

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those who save themselves from the stinginess of their own souls are the truly successful when you realize I'm not the only important person here. People are more important than I am. When you realize it's not all about myself. Like they say me, myself and I, it's about us, I care for you, my brother, you need something I need, but you need it more than I need. If I'm a true believer, I will give it to you, not for you for the sake of Allah. Big difference. You know, when I give you something for you, I expect you to be nice to me. I expect you to say thanks a lot. It's a good thing. It's good character. But when I gave you for the sake of Allah, I don't expect that. I don't

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expect it. Allah speaks about it in Surah

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Allah speaks about the good people. And Allah says you're a Muna Allah who be Myskina? Oh yeah, Timo Senora in a man otori mockingly watching him in and redo.

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They feed for the love of Allah, the people who are poor, the people who are orphans, etc, etc. And they say to them, we are feeding you for the sake of Allah. We don't even want a thank you from you. And we don't even want you to show us the gratitude. Thanks is for Allah. Where are we today? That's why sometimes and this will happen a lot. Allah tests us, you do something good to someone for many years. That is the guy who's going to talk against you and fight you. You know why? Allah wants to test you? Did you do it for me or for him? If you did it for him, it's over, it's closed. If you did it for me, you will see the reward of it. Even when he is fighting you. It's okay. You will be so

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happy. Allah used me to do good to them today. They are doing bad to me. It's okay. Oh Allah, my hisab and my account is written with you the point I want to raise now my brothers and sisters, learn a lesson and let us all myself included, learn a lesson from the unsalted, Allah gave them wealth and Allah gave them more hygiene, wealth as well. When they learned that I belong to Allah and this wealth is temporary. I will share it with my brothers, my sisters, whatever Allah has given you share it, life is too short. How much are you going to amass for yourself? share it with others. Try to think of what others need, reach out to them, talk to them, help them, give them a good word.

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People are going through a lot of hardship. We are all going through hardship, in the hardship. Are you prepared to say that one is going through more hardship than I am? Let me give him something for now.

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Today we are going through a lot the globe is changing while we are speaking. Trust me. Allah says Allah eco who will mouflon. The true successful people are those who put others before themselves. Those are successful, otherwise you will not achieve success. When you put yourself before others you will not achieve success and this is the difference between materialism and faith in Allah. Allah teaches you you know what you are one yes, you are also an important person by the will of Allah. But others are equally important, if not more important, are you prepared to reach out to them? Allah says you know what,

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they are the successful ones, those who reach out to others at a time of need, when they are all in need met Allah grant us a good lesson. And may Allah Almighty open our doors, I want to end off by saying thereafter in the surah. Allah praises those who followed, including all of us, those who followed in the footsteps of the companions of Rasulullah Salah May Allah grant us from his mercy, may Allah make us from those who love one another. May Allah make us from those who can take care of one another who reach out to one another. And may Allah grant us ultimate success and gender to those men have killed those who are sick and ill and grant Rama to those who have passed away and

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make it easy for the families of those who've lost loved ones. akuto Cali hada sallallahu wasallam albaraka ala nabina Muhammad

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