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Friday Khutbah


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The upcoming month of October is a celebratory month for Muslims, including events and programs such as a prayer and graduation party. The importance of gratitude and thankfulness is emphasized, along with the fall season and annual celebrations. The speakers stress the importance of acceptance of Islam and strong connections to Allah's image. During Thanksgiving Day, there is a focus on mourning the loss of native people in the region. The upcoming Halloween celebrations and holiday activities highlight the need for strong connections to Allah's subhanaw taala and acceptance of the new Islam.

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They have Juma and we ask Allah azza wa jal to accept our prayers and supplications very quickly. We are in the month of October and this is Islamic history month. We have completed two events in the last two Saturdays and tomorrow inshallah will be a special event. And this is in collaboration with the black Canadian Muslims and we will be dealing with slavery and the foods of resistance, focusing on the Caribbean and our relief efforts tomorrow, inshallah we'll be going to Haiti. Haiti has an interesting history of Muslims, especially in the very recent period of time, and inshallah Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick and brother below will be telling us a little bit more about at and about the

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foods of resistance doors open tomorrow at 6pm. And the presentation starts at 7pm. They will be some finger food. If you were looking for curry goat, no, we don't have curry goat, but we do have some finger food Inshallah, from that region that you can sample please bring your family and friends out. Our programs are on on stream on YouTube and Facebook. So please engage with us as much as you can. Insha Allah we're also open for prayers someone was asking me today yes, we have been open for prayers a lot of Fajr Zohar, Aster, Maghrib and Asia and so inshallah you can make your way here for these congregational prayer insha Allah. Before we call a different team, I

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would ask our volunteers to go through the lines inshallah. And please donate generously, because your donation comes towards the ongoing maintenance and program of this institution for the past 25 years 26 years, we have been offering to excellent services to the Muslims here

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and also even broader to the non Muslims. Our courses Alhamdulillah I was looking at the course by Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick the other day and they are people who are citing in from the Philippines and South Africa and other parts of the world. So your donation goes a long way in ensuring that our local population here in Canada and also beyond Canada that they can understand Islam and understand some of the issues that are facing Muslims locally and globally. Because aka Mala fire our fatigue is shaped for the lack of good quick

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Hi y'all

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala happy but to live more Tolkein what I heard one Illa Allah thali mean, why should one La ilaha illallah wa hola Sharika wa shadow ana Muhammadan Abdu, who were a Zulu Salla Allahu La while Allah He was happy women da vida what he was 10 B sunnah T Illa Yama Deen we sell them to Sleeman Kathira Amma bad fo SQL one FC B Takala as a gel assembly What

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are your Coolock Suparna? I was a bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime? Yeah, are you Hala Dina Armando taco la Hawa? Kulu colon sadita your sled accom Malecon young fella calm DUNU back home woman ut Allah wa Sula, a confessor Fosun Azima.

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appraiser due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no ill feeling animosity, except for the oppressor. And I'd be a witness that Allah has one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is His servant, his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his friends, his companions, all those who call to his way

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and implement his sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows, I again remind you and myself of the critical nature of taqwa, the consciousness of Allah, that we should be aware of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, in everything that we do, not only in the masjid, but outside of the masjid, not only on Juma, but on Saturday,

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not only on special occasions, but in all points during a year.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his glorious book or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and speak a clear, straightforward word.

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He would forgive you of your sins, repair your deeds, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has surely gained a mighty triumph.

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And so in this spirit of colon sadita,

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which is an extremely important concept, mentioned by the Prophet SAW Salem, constantly in the beginning of his hot buzz,

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it is to speak a clear, straightforward word. It is like an arrow hitting the mark,

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that you're able to go through that which is unclear to reach the goal. And that colon sadita in this world that we are living in today

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is extremely important. Because we are living in a world which is surrounded immersed in symbols, and in science. Sounds are coming to us.

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There is even what is called subliminal seduction, and that is when you are watching on your cell phone or your television in the background. There's information being pumped into your mind.

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And so, this requires two important qualities, but siara which is insight, the ability to look through the surface of matters and into the depth of what is happening. And secondly, I'll hikma and that is wisdom

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putting things in the proper place.

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And so with this in mind, we look at the season the fall season has now come upon us.

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And it is clear we're not going back to the summer,

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the leaves are changing.

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And in the northern countries like ours, it is a dramatic time of year.

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Because the natural world, which has shaped the way people look at their religion, and they look at their lives, the natural world is in a state of immediate change.

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And in the northern countries, one of the aspects that has come through the culture is, it is a joyous, happy time for people.

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Because the fall season, the end of the summer and the fall season is the time of the harvest. It is the time when the fruits, the vegetables are coming out they are ripe.

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And people will naturally have

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an extra amount of food. They will store the food for the winter.

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And so this is a bountiful time. And so therefore, the people in the North established what they call Thanksgiving Day.

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It is a time to give thanks. And no doubt. This is extremely important. In Canada, it was celebrated October around October 10. In the United States, it's November 24. And it corresponds with the ripening of the fruits

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and Muslims as well as we are part of this society.

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We also have celebrated, we get time off.

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And so Muslims will have a family dinner, because it is the way of people in the northern societies for the families to come together. And they would have a meal.

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Muslims will gather together as well. And they will eat their Halal Turkey

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because it is a special occasion and we eat that which is halal.

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And there is nothing wrong in that as a basis. Because a shocker.

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thanks and gratitude is a key element of our faith.

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The only issue comes is when people look on Thanksgiving as an eat as as a religious ceremony, then we are getting into a dangerous area. But the concept of sugar

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is extremely important and we are supposed to be the most grateful people to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that gratefulness includes a shocker bill called

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that our inner feelings should be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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and Ashoka Bill Lisanne

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that our tongues should express this thankfulness. And so we constantly we should be constantly thanking Allah subhanaw taala for the bounties that we have been given, and Ashoka Bill burden will Archon and that is to be thankful with our body and with our limbs.

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And this is the extension now, that the thanks it's not enough just to feel it inside of yourself.

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It's not enough to just say it.

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But that should extend itself in giving up the bounty so if Allah has blessed you and me with bounties and there are certain bounties living here in this country, it's a relative state of peace. It's a relative state of stability economically, if that has happened to us, it's a test

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that's showing Shaka the gratitude is that we give up the bounties and so we should be giving in this time of year,

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even more than we give in other times of year.

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And of course our Thanksgiving Day

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is every meal because every time we eat we should be saying Alhamdulillah that should come out of our tongue and our children need to learn this when they eat their food. They should begin eating their food by saying Bismillah we tend because we live in this fast society. Individualistic says

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it but they should be saying Bismillah in the name of Allah I am eating and when they finish, they should say Alhamdulillah

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and that is the chakra that is the, the gratefulness to Allah subhanaw taala.

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But many people don't understand that this Thanksgiving time for the indigenous people, because we always start our programs off in many organizations saying we are living on the land of the indigenous people, the Holderness, Shawnee, the Mississauga, but what you don't realize is that Thanksgiving Day for the indigenous people is a day of sadness.

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It is a day of mourning.

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Because when it first began in America, it was celebrated by the pilgrim people who came from Europe.

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And they came in it is reported in Connecticut, that a group of the pilgrims went to an area of the native indigenous people.

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And because they had brought with them blankets, they had brought with them diseases from Europe, Europe at the time, was struck with plague,

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bubonic plague, measles, chickenpox, smallpox.

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And the people in this part of the world had open air fresh water, they were physically fit, they did not have the defense against the virus. And so they began to die in large, large numbers. And it is reported that somewhere between 70 to 90% of the indigenous people in the Americas died, not from conquest, by disease.

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And so this pilgrim group

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came into an area.

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And they found the indigenous people were dying. And they found bodies, a huge amount of people who had died.

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And so they buried the people. And then they looked and pumpkin was there, squash was there, cranberry was there. Turkey was there, because Turkey is not a European bird.

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Turkey was there, and they put it together and they made a Thanksgiving meal.

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And they thank God for clearing the land of the native people.

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So this was not necessarily a time of happiness for the indigenous people. But we as Muslims, no matter what is happening to us, no matter whether we are suffering, no matter what is happening, tragedy, we still say Alhamdulillah Allah cuddly howl. We thank Allah all conditions. And we have patience.

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This time of year,

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has two sides.

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The one side is the tax. But the other side is a ceremony. It is a season that is called Halloween.

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And this is based upon the practices of the Celtic druid people of the north

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based upon the Roman celebration for the dead, that happened at this time of year,

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and the druids in the north

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and the central color was orange. So you will see orange and black as the two central colors of this year. The central figures were figures of deaths and figures of evil. And so

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October 31. On the evening of October 31

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They believed that the souls of the dead would rise to the surface and would haunt the people.

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And so it was a dangerous night and you need to hide yourself. And if you go outside, you need to put on a disguise.

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So you will put on a face you will disguise yourself so you would not be seen

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by these evil spirits that supposedly are outside.

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And the central figures in this was the figures of the witch.

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The figures of

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the devil. Well yeah, the biller

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and the rise of the satanic cults.

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This is their time of eat the satanic

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Coastal areas of the lab.

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And this happened in Europe for a period of time. And when Christianity began to rise, even though it was not the original teachings of Isa lay Saddam,

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they felt that this was not a good occasion. And so they banned

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the Halloween celebrations. And they said, because so many people was still doing it. They said we will make November 1.

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As a special day, it will be

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All Hallows Day, All Hallows Day, meaning it is a holy day for our martyrs for those who died for the saints.

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So they were trying to now co upped the nature people.

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And so November 1 became All Hallows Day. And the night of October 31, became All Hallows evening,

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which was later pronounced Halloween.

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And so it has been commercialized coming to America, it became commercialized. And it was a time now to eat, the sweets, the candy, the children would go from house to house and we still see this, it has lessened now. But we still see people wearing the masks on that evening, and knocking on your doors and asking you for food asking you for candy.

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And when you look at the dress of the people, the one which is the most pleasing to the Halloween people is the evil one, the more evil you are is the more you are in line with this holiday.

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And so, our position is clear.

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There is no compromise with the evil one. And Allah subhanaw taala has described the shaytaan as I do one more being clear enemies, no compromise. And so involvement in this is totally against our understanding.

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Secondly, our children,

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although we are living in Canada

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do not have to participate in this. And this is important because we are supposed to be in a multi religious, multicultural society. So they do not have to be in this ceremony in order to be a Canadian.

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Because we have the right to follow our religion. And so the trick or treating going from house to house for a Muslim child should be prohibited.

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Number one,

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our children should not be taught to beg

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to be begging for things because the Prophet saw them set Alia did earlier failed on many yet the sofa that the upper hand is better than the lower hand.

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So do not teach your child to bake. Secondly, the candy itself. In most cases, the gummy candy is not even halal.

00:23:21--> 00:23:30

It is made with something coming from pork. And now information has come that there are some evil people who may even put the drugs in the candy

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and so it should not be allowed.

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we need to have alternatives.

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Not an alternative celebration, not an Islamic version of Halloween. Because there is no Islamic version of Halloween. You cannot make a pig her love.

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Even if you cut the throat and say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, the pig is not just iron the pig himself as hell is haram. So you can do this Bihar you want.

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So the ceremony is not permissible for the Muslims.

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And sometimes we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

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If you're living in a place where you can turn off your lights, shut your door, don't answer the door.

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Sometimes you may have a neighbor who has a child, their family is very close to you. And they come to the door.

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And if they continue to knock and they know your home, you may bring them in and explain give them Dawa. Give them something positive

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and use it as a means of calling to Islam but our younger generation needs to have the ability to distinguish between what is truth and what is false foot. This is crucial for their survival as Muslims in this part of the way

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And so three aspects. Number one, we need to encourage inner strength, that our children need to be strongly connected to Allah subhanaw taala

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that that connection is stronger than to anything else. Number two, that ability to know when something is right and wrong Islamically and to be able to make the choice.

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And number three, being unafraid to be strange. You may appear to be strange, but there's nothing wrong with this.

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I was driving yesterday downtown.

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And the people every time we go down there the people get stranger, in a sense, rings in the nose tattoos all over the faces and the arms and they're proud of themselves. Why are we not proud of wearing hijab? Or having a beard or wearing a coffee?

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This is supposed to be a free society. And above all, the Prophet SAW Selim said in an authentic hadith reported on top Bharani

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Islam I better hurry Ibn wasa oh do her even for Toba little hoorah. Bah.

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He said, Surely, Islam began strange, and it will return to being strange. So glad tidings to the strangest color Jada Sula, what mela Hora ba they said, O Messenger of Allah, Who are these strangers, and he told them Alladhina Usili, Horner and the facade and NAS, they are the people who will repair things. They repair themselves repair society, when the people have become corrupted. And so Dakota salaallah alayhi salatu salam, it has come to pass now. And so we can only pray that Allah subhanaw taala would give us the strength to stand for our faith in a tidal wave of corruption that we see in society. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would protect the innocent children of

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the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we pray that Allah azza wa jal would make us have the horror bar, that we will be strange to evil and that we would participate in repairing ourself first. And then the society around us. Our co Lokali Hilda was stotfold Ali welcome well he sadly Muslimeen him and colada and Ben is still Pharaoh in the home who will the photo Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah Allah had I had, and for the summit, Allah de la mia Ledwell amulet? Well, I'm Yakuza, who for one

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will suddenly what will sell them Others say that oh well meanwhile, if you're in Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine were bad for ya Ebell de la taco la Hi Soma quantum, where your call on hack Subhana mockbee dunhua Amira in Allahu wa Mala Iike to who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you Hala Dina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala Abdi Kawada Seleka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain what Allah who want to qualify Rashid in Abu Bakar Omar s Manuel Ali, one not be Rama tickle out hamara he mean Alhamdulillah Allah the Hydra Anna Lee how that what my Hakuna Lena Teddy Lola and her Diana la Rabbana that to Z Kullu banaba is her

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Daytona will have leather mela Doom Kurama. Inna canceled Wahab Roberto fatfield learners or Nirvana were Cafe under se attina whatsover phenomenal bra. Allahu Mustafa handle Bella while we're back well Mohan Mahara minha button Allahumma is that a slab on Muslim in Allahumma? Is that a slam on Muslim in Allah Huma is that a slam on Muslim in Allahu McFeely Muslim ina one Muslim at well me Nina well minute

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momentum well I'm what we recommend to our camera he mean a better lawyer hammer Kamala and Allah Yama but I didn't want a sandwich either CORBA well Yan ha en un fascia Yvonne mancha balcony yeah either come to Allah come to the karoun como de la sala de cambio hammock Kamala?

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Long like button La

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La shadow a number of Hamadan rasool Allah Allah