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Man A asks, what do we do in the West? Are we betraying our brothers and sisters? I'm guessing that the implication is here that because due to virtue of the fact that we're in the West, I'm sharing content and making dua as much as I can. Is this enough? To answer the question directly? I think it's better to have the Israeli Defense Minister, the former defense minister answer this question. In 2021. On the Israelis were bombarding Gaza when they went in when they were saying that this was a terrorist threat, when they were mobilizing their million dollar PR industry to try to really pay the Palestinians and animals and said that the bombing Google Gaza, the destruction, the slaughter,

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and the like, was justified, then he gets hit of the problem. And what he did was he summoned the directors of Facebook, and Instagram, to an emergency meeting, the meeting was held very quickly within 24 hours, and he owed or he commanded or he asked them, and he pleaded with them, to take down hashtag Palestine to take down Palestinian content. The Israeli Defense Minister who oversees all of the mobilization, who has the PR, under his command, was asking the social media platforms in which ordinary people, ordinary Muslims were posting, he was telling them guys as part of this effort, it is breaking our control of the narrative breaking our control of the monopoly, we are

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telling you to take this content down. And this is why when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, ballyhoo and he will say, conveys something from me, even if it's just an error, because he knew the value of what conveying even an A A can make, when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says manera I mean, c'mon current value will be added, He who sees something that is wrong, let him change it with his hand. And if he cannot, with his hand, let him change it with his tongue. And if he cannot, with his tongue, let him condemn it in his heart. And that's the weakest of he already says that Amen. You're in the second category, you're not in the lowest you're already in that

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second category. You're already in an elevated status when you are sharing that content and pushing in the light. Allah subhanaw taala deliver success as he wishes when he wishes in his own span, or whatever he wants, Allah does. But the striving is one thing that I always strike and I know I've gone in terms of the answer to the question, but I really want to emphasize this point. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, and when I was younger, this used to always strike me It used to hit my head a bit woman or rather Jen woman, or the janitor, or Santa has been on for kanessa Yoo hoo mascara. Allah didn't say what Cannington the teacher mascara? What kind of mascara? Allah says,

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What can I say you homeschooler Allah doesn't say that the role the result is rewarded. He says the striving is rewarded. He who strives for gender, and is a movement. Allah says the striving is thank the striving, because Allah is saying, it's not you to decide whether you succeed or not. It's not you to decide what the outcome should be. It's not you to decide what course should be taken. Your decision is whether you want to strive for it, your decisions if you want to take the steps within the powers that are available to you, in order to achieve what you what you believe to be Justin right. And you hope that Allah will guide you on that path, where if you're veering, He guides you

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back to the path, you're asking yourself, What can we do I feel like I'm betraying or the like, but to Allah Hilaire de la ilaha illa, who Blinken and Netanyahu sit together in a war room, trying to find a strategy to get uses to him and to be quiet.