Ebrahim Bham – Finding hope in challenging times

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of social media on people's views of others and their experiences with them. The speakers emphasize the importance of optimism and hope in achieving success and finding solutions to problems. They also discuss the corruption of the scandal and the importance of showing respect and love for deeds. The conversation emphasizes the need for people to be productive and generate revenue, and for them to be productive in their own lives. The speakers also mention a study on the subjects of "verile womans" and the importance of finding solutions to problems. Finally, they discuss the importance of fear and punishment in the Islam world and encourage people to use their own experiences to improve.
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was set up it was set on lala land and the above the lamina be about the what about the Almighty what I can tell about the Kitab is when I Sharia Tabata Shariati Amudha do follow me now I'm gonna share it only with you maybe Smilla your Walkman

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in the hula, I assume your Rohilla he curfew. Hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers. We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In today's to my talk, I would like to concentrate

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on something that perhaps people find unusual. And that is to speak about optimism and hope.

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And many times people will say that there is so much problems in the world. There is so much despondency in the world. There is so many different challenges that we face What is there to speak about optimism and hope what is there to speak about things that are good. But and there's no doubt that there is some truth in inquiry. When we look at the news we only hear things that are off.

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despondency, it is crime, it is murder, it is violence. In our home life is sometimes problems within our homes, they still face divorces, and one can go on and on. And then on the social media media, it becomes even more worse. Social media now is become a receptacle only of values to anyone who speak bad about people, social media, and social media just brings about areas gossiping and talking bad about other people that goes from place to place. Yet in the midst of all of that, we are supposed to be optimistic, we are supposed to be hopeful. Because nothing gives shaytan greater pleasure than men becoming despondent men losing hope as a boy brand yourself. But does he do he

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said my use eco for despondency of Allah and not having a home is covered?

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Allah Allah in the Quran has been mentioned with regard to it Enola Gay assume erosion Allah He, Ill called Kathy rule, only the one who does not have

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emaan he loses hope in numbers you have been down. Otherwise a believer always is hopeful. A believer always is hopeful. He never loses hope in the Mercy of Allah it never becomes despondent. The word in bliss comes from the word Palace Palace means someone who is perpetually despondent. So nothing gives shaytan more pleasure than people to become despondent inducing of. Now Islam as teachers taught us from the very beginning to be hopefully some teaches us Islam is a religion that says always look at the positive side of things. So we came to Amarillo now it's very cold now you can say this cold so cold, but maybe you can look at the positive side the people are warm and

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hopefully the people are open. I think so they are and hamdulillah so you can talk about them you know the power the things that are challenging, but look at the positive aspects. The Vietnam saucer himself actually agreeing with me how wonderful he is as affairs of the believer. There is nothing but good for him. If anything good falls in Gibbons Tucker, he gets a reward. If any difficulty comes upon him he makes about he gets rewarded. So he is someone who is all the time he is he's benefiting if there is good image took or against reward if there is something that's untoward we never never ever make dua for something to happen and towards even it is great reward in making

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somebody but we never ask Allah Tala ever ever for difficulty that we are doing so simple as it appears to be allowed to go above the best to our you can make his ask Allah for AFYA ask Allah for ease ask Allah Tala if you don't want difficulty we are not people who take bravery all up into difficulty upon us. We will do what makes up I'll never ask for someone never asked Allah Tala for any type of you know difficulty as Allah Tala always put

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so we can be autonomous Austin gave us an example. Then the mere dreams Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, hoping for good things to happen is part of Ibadan hoping for good things.

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is part of good deeds. So to hold for a good thing is part of good deeds that you want or having a recurring source of optimism is the attitude of the believer. But Shira went to the FIRA yesterday to give people great tidings. Don't make them afraid and don't make them hate. Make things easy. Don't make things difficult.

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When you find this in today's time, today, whenever you hear people is all the time making people afraid, all the time, creating hatred, what information sources and push around, give people great tidings. Give them good good omens, give them blood great tidings. To do this allows you to reward users and novelty to gently keep people clean, tidy, make things easy, Don't make things difficult. This is the way of our beloved maybe utterly exhausted,

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and Islam has taught us to be positive and productive till the very end of your life.

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One Hadith either uttered a Hadoken Musa failure Brazil for Silla, failure Risa Okama, kalimna Musa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, if any one of you is been planting a seed, he's planting a tree. And he is the trumpet of Yama.

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Yama, the trumpet of Tiamat has been blown. Someone will say what are you wasting your time planting the seed? Who's gonna see the seed? Who's going to see the plan? No one is going to see the plan. What are you wasting your time? What enemies awesome said, plan this.

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Plan the three then tell Kiama doesn't come you planted Subhanallah look at that particular teachings of ours. Look at our beautiful teachings that maybe attorney Mr. Muslim said plant the seed even if this year the President would have. Why be productive? Be someone who is thinking of good, someone we're benefiting? We are caring Mr. Simpson, we have a plant, you know a tree. We have a plants a tree, as long as the people or even animals with even a bird benefits committed get the reward of sadaqa

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I mean mentioned this week of our incident, the wife of Harun Rashid, the Khalifa of the time, saw a dream.

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The dream was that on her body, he was all animals on her body, they were reading a body

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and she told her servant, go and ask Muhammad in the city the greatest interpret of the what is the meaning of this treaty. So the UN and the servant went when asked Mohammed etc, etc. And he said you can see this dream Tolosa you can see this name, someone who is very wealthy charitable, they must have seen this dream. When I tell them to reveal the name I will tell them the interpretation. So she went back and told Zubaydah the wife of the Khalifa, at least three daughters will give their interpretation he said you reveal your identity. So he said go ahead tell him is he the wife of the caliper so the dream

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so when to Intel

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listening to these releases, tell her it don't worry, because it just looked at a very frightening dream or anyone's on your body and the reminiscing and the eating and the you know on your body said Tell her not to why she will do something that because of which not only human beings even animals will benefit.

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And of course we all know Suvidha the wife of Harun Rashid made what used to be that the canal that brought water to bunker even today when you go for CRF in Mecca, Medina, you see the walls of the canal right after as you say whether people stay, you see the walls of the canal as debater she did something so great, you won't. So always look at something to be positive with regard to it. And one of the ways to become positive is to focus on solutions not to focus on problems. Now, you will find a thread in the WhatsApp groups from the morning till the evening they will talk about the problem. from the morning till the evening. This one has become corrupt and that one has become corrupt and

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how much corruption has come the scandal has come this scandal has come and is true but no no solution. So we only talking about problems. Sometimes talk about solutions so that you can become optimistic. Someone I say very briefly say 100 crimes against darkness will not make one iota of difference to darkness. You can complete them the cows come home is load chain is rotating. You can't do anything about it. But what you can do is you can light up a cannon agenda or you can put up one particular light or you can put up these days new lighting to get you know, so you can put it out it will make a difference in the darkness but complaining about the darkness number take away

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the darkness

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and complaining about the darkness complaining about water shedding is not going to make a difference to the water sharing maybe you put up a photo so look for solutions. Complaining is a mouth look for ways to rectify campus. It is a problem in a family look for a way to rectify don't say to the people have become like the human have become Nigeria men have become men that the husbands have become like that. We all the type of training

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a child into when as a father one day oh my father, how am I supposed to get married? Father said oh my sir, I don't know I'm still paying. So we only be only nowadays talking about problems. That's why we become a negative mind and mindset. Talk about solutions. What can we do something the solution might be a small thing. It might not even solve everything. It might just be a small thing to make things even better. But start looking at it. Another way of you know, optimism and hope I want to speak to people about my deals but just give me a 510 minutes about us we do have some time and then 10 minutes or so. Let us do and why because we'll be hopeful to get the Dean Allah has

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given us

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just considered don't forget all the problems. Look at the Dean Allah has given us a letter that says a yo ma molto lack of data per month monthly income net Matthew, what have you put up on Islam Medina, I chose Islam and I'm pleased with Islam as a way of life for you. This tea of ours Islam is not something that has been

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taken out of a process of trial and error. It has been chosen for us but Allah, we are believing in a deed that Allah chose for us. Subhanallah look at our Athena and our belief with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala these no half measures we believe in Allah to be the doer of everything in our pocket for I will never read everything Allah is the One who does whatever he pleases up to me to and I will read when I read all my bones when you desire I desire you plan I plan only that happened which I plan for maca, masala you too you plan in a lipids and legs a desktop tennis. We don't have a situation where we have doubts. Let me introduce us to them and say everything fears a person who

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fears Allah.

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We have that open another way we have to hope in no one else. We have to have another we feel no one else in certain two groups that is that Allah is obliged. Allah has to forgive. There is no concept of retribution and punishment. No, we don't believe in that. What we believe? Yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala can take retribution. Allah Allah can punish you for your deeds, but he chooses

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forgiveness greater than intercom greater than revolution. And we are turning so Allah while he was still in a cell in a hadith that these are in the Abdulkadir when they set it up. A proclamation written on the ouster of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. What is written in Naramata, the subtitle of

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my rathmell supersedes my anger and my wrath. We have an Allah who is full of control, s control over everything returned to him. We have our hopes on him, we have all our we make dua to him colorref, open Munia study platform, they are unto my bones when that when they make dua, I will respond to them. So we have that faith in Allah subhanaw taala it gives us hope. I will read it internally I tell him sauce on a Monday. There are so I can take it. My mother is speaking better about you I have so much love for you. I can't take it make dua that Allah Jana granted I have to my mother to be a cream sauce from lifted his hands over Trump Italian to the month of

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awareness. I went home to see whether I reach first all the resources to our reach was

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I say I came back I knocked on the door and my mother was taking a hosel and I made Salam and the way she replied to me and said wait, that was the first omission became a Muslim resource comes to organizing for people.

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So we have we have hope. We have a nubby woman who may need to vote for him.

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He's extremely compassionate to you. As an HR the Ultima says that whenever the creams the Allahu alayhi wa sallam was given two options to choose from. He always chose the easy option until the difficult option among all of us was simple. But if there was no sun, maybe a cream saucer always chose the easy option. He made things easy for them but

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I will wait for her to now. So I was reading the the heart of our beloved returning stars from reoccurring stars to always perform

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Mahajan, almanac of mystery, it is recorded in one rewired, the resource room didn't make that happen. And there is such a Mubarak May Allah say that maybe I didn't read the hatchet on that night, the Hardys would have come back from afar, they would have been tired, if perhaps they didn't read. They must not feel guilty, maybe didn't perform.

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He always chose the easy option as long as there was no good answer. He was so compassionate to this woman, that he said on one occasion that Allah has given to every NaVi one to add that is definitely accepted. I also got the DUA that ye kept for the Day of Judgment. When you would ask Allah Allah to forgive me.

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I would ask him that Allah to forgive my woman, when this iron was released in Surah, what to have

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when a soul for your ticker Booker fatawa we will give you something that will please do the better himself someone came up to the home extremely happy. And he said Allah Tala told me that he will give me something that will make me happy. I won't be happy until everyone material of mine

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I won't be happy until every few months is forgiven. We have got that type of Fe and look at our theta with regard to our enemy. You know, let me tell you so Saddam was very sensitive that you must not worship Millia cream sauce.

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He said one day a person came and said Masha Allah Masha Allah Mohammed what another Allah wishes what Muhammad wishes. Then we saw some said Atlanta Hello Linda emitter, are you equating me with Allah?

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And then he said, never seen that. But Allah will say only what Allah wishes, but yet we showed get respect. We showed that reverence, we showed that concern and such love for our Navy that no other image showed that love for the study. We did not. We we showed respect. We showed reverence. We made the reoccurring star assumed the object of our respect the object of our reverence, the object of our love, the object of our devotion, but we never made him the object of our worship. Look at the barons, look at the history of nations a failed

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Christians made the enemy, a son of America and other side what did they do? They disregarded they appear to be him they killed the prophets. Look at the beauty of our religion, we found the right balance. We made him the object of respect and love and devotion not the object of worship. Every aspect of our deen is pitiful.

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You do any mundane activity with good intention, it becomes a bar that you eat with the right intention, it becomes a burden you make and you do risk. Maybe attorney Mr. Allah Islam itself, attaching Mr. Rucola. With Barnaby, you do business correctly with honesty, you get the reward of being with that cambiare masala porcelain, which other which other deeds has got this particular type of teachings? You get our way of thinking Salam salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Allah's mercy and peace be upon you. Is there a better Salam that can be in any other Islam, any other ideology, any other teachings, you telling a person may Allah is for a friend, for you make

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syrup, your friend is still your friend, peace be upon you, you will find peace with me for an enemy, you are my enemy. When I'm still making mistakes, you can be my enemy, but you will find peace from me. Subhanallah What a beautiful way and what a beautiful method for someone whom you met me for the first time you my brother, I will give you peace. If he's a friend. If you are meeting repeatedly, I will still continue with your friend asked and I'm looking at another particular method of study of greeting Good morning. So what does it mean good even if something bad happens to us because a good morning.

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And if it's a good morning to you in the afternoon you can go to

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I mean what I'm trying to say I'm not I'm just trying to see what Allah has given us many respect of others, look at our way of janazah how do we send off our diseases? You know, on one occasion, you know, the ones that the hospital called the Muslim woman to come in, make the janazah of someone who passed away because of ugliness there. So they had to do that. That is the hustle in front of non Muslims. And non Muslims said, we hope that we can get such a dignified set of

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IDEA respectable as this is what gives us hope. We must not only talking about the bed, only talking about what the challenges are only talking about things that causes us depression, and causes despondency, looking at the beautiful things that Allah subhanaw taala has given us in terms of our deen now take this deal and show it to other people. Maybe accounting software must never disappoint them. Let me show you an example. Even with regard to his enemies that you saw some continued giving them the power giving them the

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Message washing killed maybe a dream sauce from Uncle Hamza or the alarm clock so that we can install slim use to communicate with you. There is no slip is to communicate with a person who killed his uncle or she accepted them and there is no slip you send him is unlimited needs to read this is a notice can't benefit

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himself while he was going to send him an iron pillar mandala. Camila Hamadan, sorry for when I call you but then Allah will say you had him Hassan that oh, what should become a Muslim? Because Allah in the Quran says if you repent, to bring Ahmed, you bring the man you do righteous deeds. Why Mira Saudi and the previous evils easy to put it? He said Allah Allah says, I must emigrate Eman. do righteous deeds. I haven't got Eman. I will but it is it. I'm not accepting Islam, that we saw some wrote him another letter in Allah Allah Allah, Allah insha. Allah will forgive a person who associate partners to Allah, other than that, any other guna you know, Allah if he wishes Allah will

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forgive you. So what what they do is what the letter he said, Allah say, if he wishes he will forgive me. He didn't say you will forgive me. Definitely. I'm not accepting Islam.

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He's the killer of your uncle in the resource. Let me spinning with him. Then the resource from roti Maya I imagine that in Astra Coolatta don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. If you are sincere, Allah will forgive all your sins. You see that this one makes sense to me. Or I tell you let me I'm coming to WC he comes into Medina. He covers his head with a scarf someone sees me before I come in depends on the resources they will give me it comes in a budget and never we remove the scarf. When he removes his stuff. The Sahaba go towards the south. Yarra still got

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a nice bow got him in front of us, the one who killed your uncle and under strict security leave him leaving almost to have a career Washington firstly met Mr. Aslam acid, or what she tells me how did you feel?

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When I was eight years before the wound is still fresh? Who was she telling me? How did you kill Monica? It tells him that he's awesome Christ, and this is what makes him a Muslim. Instead of watching. From now onwards, Allah will accept your Islam. And Islam will wipe away all your evil deeds but don't come in front of me every time you come in front of me. I want to remind reminded of mankind. Special person that misses them never lost hope still gave him down. We give someone down at once. We totally understand letting go to

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the results for them was pleading with him. My dear respect of others, Allah has given us so many things to be optimistic about. Let us don't take these matters of optimism and getting it forward and be people who are productive. People don't lose hope. People who don't become despondent, people who are optimist because that is what Islam teaches us. We're after with our attitude.

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