Nouman Ali Khan – How The Devil Pulls Us back

How the devil pulls us back

In his previous talk the venerated Sheikh talked about how the syaitan attacks us from the front. In this talk he tells us how the syaitan attacks us from the back.

One of the easiest ways syaitan achieves this is by his whispers. We may think that it’s our thoughts emanating from us but the reality is it’s coming from the accursed one, the one that promised Al Khaliq he would lead the children of Adam astray from every angle.

One of the things that syaitan wants us to be is in the same of constant doubt, always asking ourselves ‘why did this happen to me?’. He plays a psychological game with humans. If we are obsessed with the our past acts, we cannot go forward to better ourselves. Syaitan wants you to remain in that state of hopelessness that syaitan himself is in.

These difficult times you went through are not proof that Allah hates you, doesn’t care about you, does not love you. This is not the case because some of the best persons that ever lived went through extremely trying times. Our beloved prophet himself lost his parents as a child, moved from home to home, lost his children, lost his wife, whose cause led his tribe to suffer for almost three years. So you are not alone in your suffering.

This is why the content of this talk is crucial to us. It gives us the inside information of Syaitan’s weapons of attack. So take some time today to listen to this short but supremely important talk.