Manners of the Mindful – Introduction

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Is that how a Muslim is supposed to act? Have any of you heard that before from someone that maybe at the workplace, they had a bad altercation with someone that says that they're Muslim, maybe at the convenience store, as someone that kick someone out, and the person that owns the store is a Muslim? I'm not here to say whether the Muslim was right or wrong, but what was the way? How did they handle the situation, to where that person remembers you in a bad light? it regardless of your actual faith, the first pillar of Islam, it was actually the way that you treated them, it was actually your whole look, it was your manners, that is what people will remember, it is important

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for us as human beings, to be very cognizant and aware of how we deal with ourselves with a lot and with people, our whole look, our manners, this can bring people into the faith. How many people how many times have we heard people say, I came into a slump, because just the way that he or she treated me, I wanted to marry him, because I saw it was his faith that allowed him that pushed him to treat me in a certain way, or to treat women in a certain way at the workplace, his or her modesty, and the way that they control their temper, the way that they were generous and didn't want anything in return. Hold up, hold up can be a direct manifestation of the tawheed of that Muslim of

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their monotheistic belief. As we know holo can be something that is internal that which Allah has given you, each one of you has a characteristic that Allah has given you that may be better or worse than the ladder. But our responsibility is to make those choices that help modify and beautify that whole look. Because that can make it or break it for someone to become Muslim. It can make it or break it for someone to listen to you fathers mothers. It can make it or break it for someone to stay alive and not want to take their own life.

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The way that you interact with people. It's important that when you struggle to do an action of good in fighting the desire of doing an action of evil, when you have that desire, realize it has a rippling effect. So we're going to have this seminar or these lessons or videos entitled manners of the mindful. What are the manners of the people that are mindful of the Creator of the heavens and the earth? Because when you are mindful of him, you're aware of his presence. And that is exactly what the prophet sallallahu wasallam defined it as it's an untapped with Allah, Hakka and Nikita Allah for inlanta contura for in Iraq, to worship Allah, as though you see him and though you cannot

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see him know that he sees you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that are the mercy Nene may make us of those that struggle to do the actions of good that continue this battle within ourselves to be better people to hope to see the better side of ourselves on a daily basis and to hope for that to be seen by others, which will have an everlasting effect that is positive and the sky is the limit in changing the world. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah big cats. Thank you.