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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding confusing situations in public settings, citing the "monkey" factor as a way to mix couples' attraction. They stress the need to be truthful and clear in public to avoid damaging others. They also touch on the "monkey" factor, which is a combination of a man's and his partner's relationship.

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too soon? Inshallah today we will continue with the lessons from the lives of the sahabas. And we will continue with the story of Omar Abdullah Juan and his famous nightly patrols. In this particular story assalam Radi Allahu Anhu generates that one night we decided to walk in the streets of Medina. And of course, the reasons for his nightly patrols was to see if there were any Muslims that were in need. Or just to see if hopefully no haram acts nothing illegal was happening. So Amara, the Allah who often found that his responsibility to make sure that everyone had what they needed that night. So um, what are the Allah one will do this on a nightly basis, this particular

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night, they were walking on the streets of Medina. And as they were walking, Rama Radi Allahu wa became a little tired.

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And he found a wall. And he decided to sit down and lean on that wall, just to take a bit of rest. And as they were taking a bit of rest, or Omar Abdullah one, he heard a conversation from the other side of the wall. Now, the houses back then were not like the houses of today. As you can see behind me, we've got brick houses. And a lot of the times you will not be able to hear conversations inside of the house. But in those days, you know the hell, those houses in the walls, you were able to hear conversations inside if you were very close. Now, most of the hola Juan, he heard the conversation, he was not eavesdropping, he just happened to be there on that wall leaning on that wall to take a

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bit of rest. Now the conversation that he heard was between a mother and a daughter, the mother was instructing the daughter to mix milk with some water. Now, they were both milkmaids. And there were no males in the family. So they that was the only source of income. So in order to gain a little bit of more wealth or more money, the mother was instructing the daughter to mix the milk with water, so that it looks like that the quantity of milk is much more so that they can make a little bit more money. And when you mix milk with water, you can't really tell the difference because it still looks like milk, and there won't be much of a difference in taste. Now, upon hearing this, the girl or the

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daughter, she said, Didn't you he Ameerul Momineen announced publicly that nobody is allowed to mix milk with water. I mean, this is deception. So the mother then replied to the daughter and said, Where is the robber and where are we? Nobody is not here. The daughter then said, Yes, Rama is not here. But the Lord of Rama can see us meaning Allah subhanahu wa taala can see us and this is something we should not do. Subhanallah this girl this daughter had taqwa in Allah subhanho wa taala. She had the fear of Allah subhanho wa taala. She had the Allah consciousness with her. She did not want to deceive others and make Allah subhanho wa Taala upset. Now, Omar Abdullah, when he

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heard this conversation, he was so happy with what he heard from this girl. She told he told Islam to mark this house and find out if this girl is married. Now when he found out that this girl was not married, he went to his sons, Abdullah Abdul Rahman and asked him and asked the three of them. Is there any one of you that is in need of a wife? Or do you guys want to get married? Because I know of a righteous girl. Now I'm one of the Allah who wanted not see this go. This wasn't his criteria to see how beautiful she was, how much money they have no, all he knew this girl was fearing of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he wanted the best for his sons, Abdullah and Abdul Rahman.

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They said, No, we are not in need of a wife. But I'll say he said yes, I would love to get married. So I'm one of the Allah who want to look awesome. And both are awesome. And this girl saw each other and they were pleased they were happy. They agreed on the marriage, and they were both married. This this beautiful story Subhanallah there is so many lessons that we can learn from this story. The first lesson that I want to mention is to be truthful, to be

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truthful and have the fear of Allah subhanahu wa taala. When doing business, this is very important. A lot of the times when we do business with others, when we are dealing with clients, we love to lie, and we lie consistently, just to make an extra buck, I'll give you one very famous example. You know, when you're selling cars, or when you want to buy a car, and you go and you see that car, and let's say the person who owns the car happens to be a Muslim, and this happens quite often, the guy will tell you Wallahi brother, this car is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing wrong with this car, the engine runs smoothly, you know, there has been no accidents on the car, you know, the the,

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the Auto Meter as well, everything is perfect. And this is something that is quite common. Now, we hear this a lot. But that car was probably in an accident a few months ago, maybe their engine is not running that smoothly. And maybe they've turned the clock a little bit on that SubhanAllah. And this happens so much these days. And that's just one example. Another way of deception, is we cheating the government. And this happens so much, especially when we're doing our tax return. We want to make a bit of extra money and we say You know what, we live in a kuffaar country. You know, there's no problem at all taking a little bit more from the government. No, where did the Prophet

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salAllahu alayhi wasallam say that you can do that just because you live in a kofod country. I mean, many of us have chose to live here. We need to abide by the laws if we deceive the government. This is cheating the government. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith, Min Russia fillet Samina whoever cheats is not from us. And he made this very, very clear. So let's not cheat anybody, the government, our clients when doing business or anyone. So that insha Allah Huhtala the money that we can earn is halal. And if we do decide to treat others know that this is a sin, and Allah subhanahu wa taala will take that money away from you in another place. Anyway. That's the

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first lesson. The second lesson that we learned, is fear Allah subhanahu wa taala in public and in private. When we look at this example of this, this girl Subhanallah she had the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala while she was alone in her home, Alma, as she knew was not there. He couldn't hear anything, although Omar was there. But she had the fear of Allah because she knows that Allah can see me. And this is something that we need to have, wherever we are in public or in private. But unfortunately, many of us when we know that nobody is looking, our employer is not looking. Our wives are not looking. Our husbands are not looking our children are not there are relatives and

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obey our parents in our day. We decide to commit sins because we think no one is watching and no one is monitoring. Yet we forget that the one who monitors everything is monitoring us is seeing us is hearing us knows what's in your heart. Subhanallah How can we deceive Allah subhanho wa Taala we are only deceiving ourselves. We need to make sure that we have the taqwa in Allah subhanho wa Taala in public and in private. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a hadith who will say can be taco Allah He has the Virgil facility on Amharic while learning at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that I request all of you to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala have taqwa in

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in public or in private matters. So we need to establish that in our hearts and in our minds. And the last lesson that we learned from this beautiful story is Mary the right spouse. Oh my God, Allah Juan did not look at how much money this girl has or how beautiful she is for his for his sons. No. His main criteria was the deen that she is fearing of Allah subhanahu wata Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, donkey, Helmer Ali, Baba li Maliha wali Jannali while he has a very high quality Maha Furby that he didn't talk about here duck, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, a woman is married for four reasons for her wealth for her

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beauty for her lineage and for her dean. And the Prophet said, choose the one that has Dean. Now this does not mean that you only look for the one that has Dean and forget about the beauty. No, you need to be attracted to the person and OH MY GOD, ALLAH one may Dhalsim and this girl see each other first making sure that they would like to marry each other. And then the marriage took place. But the first criteria should be Dean. Because when you have Dean in the marriage between the husband and the wife

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala shall was his blessings on that marriage. At the same time, I mean this hadith as we can say that it's for the men looking for women. What about women looking for men? What the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith talking to the fathers of daughters, when a man approaches you, and proposes for your daughter's hand in marriage, and you are happy with his deen and his o'clock, then marry your daughters to him, of course, with her permission, and if you do not do so, then expect corruption that will spread.

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So Subhanallah the dean is so important. And of course, the luck is very, very important. That should be the criteria when looking for a spouse, so that you can see blessings that will descend upon the marriage, And subhanAllah this marriage that happened between us, him and this girl, Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed it, that Allah gave them a righteous daughter, who then gave them a very famous man, a man who was known as the fifth rightly guided caliph, and that was Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz SubhanAllah. Now he wasn't the fifth Khalifa. But he was a fifth rightly guided caliph, meaning out of all of the Khalifa as he was the fifth greatest after Abu Bakr, Omar Osman Ali, and he was a

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noble righteous man who led with Justice Subhanallah, the great grandson of Omar Abdullah top Rhodiola one look at the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala when your marriage is based on deen and to please Allah, Allah subhanahu wa taala will bless that marriage will give you children offsprings that will make dua for you. All that will be a path for you to enter paradise