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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Chawan La ilaha illallah Walia Salah hain. Rashad ohana, Mohammed and Abdullah who were a pseudo Hot Tamale and BIA he was more saline Allahumma salli wa salam ala Abdi covered Asuka Mohammed rather Allah He was happy he catch my bad

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yeah he bad Tila Tequila hates Omar Quantum. You call it luck Suparna I will be let him in a shaytani regime. Yeah. Are you hella Deena on a taco LA? Welton. Do enough sun Mapa dama de Verdun What toquilla In not la hubiera en de matar I'm a loon. One ad tech co Nucala Dena Nestle Lucha for unser home and fossa will eco Humala fastco.

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All praises due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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And I bear witness that Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. And I bear witness that Mohammed ibn Abdullah is a servant, his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions to all those who established his sunnah, to establish his lifestyle, to the Day of Judgment, as to what follows I begin by reminding you of the importance of Taqwa and that we should have the consciousness of Allah, everywhere we are, not just on special occasions, not just in special seasons, or special months. But every waking moment of our life, we should recognize that there is one mighty in power.

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There is one who has ultimate control

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over all things. And Allah has revealed His glorious book or you who believe have the consciousness of Allah and let every soul look to what it put forward for tomorrow. And fear Allah. Surely Allah is well aware of all that you do.

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And be not as those who forgot Allah, and so he made them forget themselves. Surely they are the disobedient ones.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed to us

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with the concept of consciousness of His Majesty, allow for Raja, that we fear Allah, we hope in the Mercy of Allah. But we should think about what we are doing, not only for today, but for the future.

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We have to reflect upon the past, no doubt about it. Don't forget the past because the past affects what's happening today.

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But we don't just live for today.

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We have to live with the understanding of the past, to project to the future.

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And Allah azza wa jal

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having power over all things, has been so merciful to us, and giving us not only the last messenger, but the final testament, the final book, a book that was not specially made for one group of people.

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The other books were made for particular nations and tribes. But this final revelation was meant for all people at all times. And so even today, as we are nearing the end of 2022, it is relevant to us now on the ground.

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And recently, a brother approached me to remind him of the Divine survival program.

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Because we are in an existential situation.

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The struggle that we are in is not just a struggle Assadi wha hoo, dude. It is not just land and borders. But the real struggle is Aqeedah. What would you say?

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The real struggle is faith, the struggle for the belief in Allah.

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The struggle struggled to stand in front of secularism and materialism.

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And would you'd existence, existential.

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And there are people will hear the Billa enemies of the Creator who are planning and hoping to put us out of existence. They don't want any Islam. They don't want any of that. They don't want any salaat

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and they want

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stop until they get it. But Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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the tools. Allah has given us divine formulas within the book that if we would read the book, not just for tilava not just for recitation, but read it for to dub bush to a model, that you reflect upon it, that you think deeply in the words, because inside of all of these words are messages to us. They are signposts they are literally formulas for us,

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to save us

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from the plots and plans of the evil one.

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And Alhamdulillah.

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I thought with this brother, about the divine program, the 10 point, survival program

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that Allah has engineered into the text of the Quran itself 10 points survival program, that if we could take these tools, if we could enrich and strengthen ourselves with this divine way of looking at things, then our protection would become stronger and stronger and stronger.

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And Allah azza wa jal has told us in Surah to shoot verse 36 Are all the bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime from our OT two min che in for matar at Hayata dunya? Where ma n de la he hired on what up call Allah Dena Amanu wa la Robbie him yet I work alone. Well, let the you know yeah, just 20 buena kabbah it'll eat some wildflower hash. With ALMA verde boom young Pharaoh on whether the minister Jabu lira be him. Or commerce Allah. Wa Middleham Shura Boehner home what mimara is up now home unifocal while Latina either I saw Bahamas Buffy home Yun Tassie rune, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to us

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in speaking about the world that we are living in a think of the Hayato dunya. Now, think of the material world and the level that people are reaching now material and the fitna

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the tribulations and trials that is surrounding us, in the material world, Allah told us so whatever you are given, that is only a provision of the life of this world, but that which is with Allah is better, and more or less thing for those who believe and rely on their Lord. So whatever you get in this world, it's temporary. But whatever is with Allah, that is up Allah that will remain.

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But there are certain conditions and the verses continue.

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And those who avoid the major sins and in decencies, and whenever they are angry, they forgive

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and those who respond to the Lord and establish prayer, and the rule is to take counsel among themselves, and those who spend out of what We have given them. And those when a great wrong is done to them.

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They defend themselves

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a 10 point program of survival, that we could try to put some of these qualities think about these areas alone

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and there is great survival in them.

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And that is when we look at

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the divine flow of these verses. It begins by telling us number one, the recognition of that hieratic dunya

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and Allah told us what Malhotra dunya Illa matar is

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that the life of this world is nothing but material deception.

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So once we can recognize that, then we won't get caught up in dreaming about the lotto.

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And the lottery can make us rich in this life,

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or dreaming about having that which we didn't earn

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without sweat and toil.

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That understanding would help us to realize that the next life that is the eternal life, that this life is a temporary one, it is one of trials, tests and struggling but the next life is the real life.

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They will describe those who passed away when that person dies when the transit

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action happens, then that person has really woken up to the world. Now they're alive. Now they're in the real struggle and not the temporary one.

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But this understanding has conditions to it point number two.

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There are conditions

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to have this understanding and that is those who believe and depend upon Allah, Allah Eman. What Tawakkol Allah Allah

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to important qualities, your faith and dependence upon the Creator of the heavens in the earth. And Allah told us about Eman

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Allahu Allah EULA Dena Armano. Your college oh man, Abdullah Mati Eleanor, that Allah is the friend and protector of those who believe he takes them out of darkness

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and puts them into light. Think about this with the darkness that surround us in this material world. And to what color to what color is so important that we if we ultimately depend upon the Creator,

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anxiety goes away. Blood pressure comes down.

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When the birds wake up, I was looking out the window today, there are still squirrels that are here. And these squirrels wake up and they go outside, they are searching for their risk for their provisions.

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Do they check online to see

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if the department store if Metro is open? No.

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They depend on the creator and they put the effort in and they go out into the life of this world. And so Tawakkol Allah Allah

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has one of the conditions for the consciousness that we need. The third point is HT NAB Allah Kabbalah is and that is to stay away from the major sins. HD now by the Cabal it look how deep this verse is. Abdullah bin bass radula anima said that the Kabbalah here, the major sins is not just seven because people would generally think about a Sabbath movie thought that there are seven great sins he said it's really around 7017 major sins

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and major sins are those which are very difficult to come out of.

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We know that from the seven cabal

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the Morbi part we know that there is a sharp biller was said

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there is polytheism

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and there is magic. So many people even in our own community, they still depend upon magic.

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If they get afraid they will go to the site here. They will go to the magician

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or they think that the magician has power.

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Also there is

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occlude rebel

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taking the interest in usury Ecklund mallia team

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taking the the the wealth of offense. These are major sins were cutlet enough seletti Haram Allahu Illa Bill Huck, that you will kill innocent people.

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And that is something that the Muslim world needs to consider now. Because as long as innocent people are dying, and are languishing in our prisons in the Muslim world, how can we expect to stand in the face of Crawford and shirk?

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Also running from the battlefield running when the evil comes we run as cowards. And finally from the seventh movie caught there is blaming innocent Muslim women of immorality. This is a serious thing. And we have to respect the honor and dignity of the women of Islam. Point number four, from the 10 point, divine program for survival in these times HT NAB Alpha Hush. Stay away from immorality.

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And that is so much in our face today. It is so much around us and we should recognize the importance of higher

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that the process of them even said that modesty and higher in the higher middle Eman it is part of your faith to be modest and for those who become immodest. And today, many people because of the media, they want to be immodest. They want to be rude.

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Would they want to show their body the province I was told them had told us clearly either limp Testa he first not Mr. Schecter. If you don't have higher if you don't have modesty that do what you want to do. In other words, you're capable of doing anything.

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So this is a very important point to teach our children. There is nothing wrong with lowering your gaze. There's nothing wrong with wearing loose clothing, protecting your body.

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You are not a weakling, you are actually a noble person,

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compared to the ones

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who live a life of nakedness and filth. And so, point number four is a crucial one that we need to workshop and we need to have formulas and solutions for our younger generation. In this life and death struggle that we are in point number five,

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when they are angry, when emotions come up, when they are provoked. At that point, they forgive.

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Look at that quality that Allah is saying that when your emotions come up when you're really angry, now you should be ready to forgive people not take revenge.

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Revenge for some people, even in our OMA it's part of the religion. I've even seen, you know very pictures and people who are going to the grave and the first thing they say is not just May Allah forgive him, it is indecomm Revenge.

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So revenge becomes the most important quality of their life. But his forgiveness is what we need. And this is crucial. How many times have families broken up? Because one will not forgive the other?

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How many times must jits Islamic centers because anger, ego comes in the masjid splits.

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But the ones who can forgive

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the ones who have take the highest ground, they will be the survivors in sha Allah.

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And number six is to Jabba Lilla and that is that we respond to Allah.

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We respond when we hear something from the Quran, something from the Sunnah, we respond to it, we want to try to do it if we even if we don't fully understand it. But if it was done by Rasul Allah, South Salem, we will try to do this thing, like the baby responds to its mother.

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That's a natural responding to the word of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet so seldom. Number seven from the 10 point divine program. It is it karma to Sadat, and that is to establish press, that we don't just make press because we're forced to it's a rhythm of life. When that becomes a rhythm of life, it is a key point for survival in the higher to dunya.

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And number eight, which is a very critical point, and it's actually the name of this chapter. It is where our motorhome short, our Boehner home, Shura mutual consultation,

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that the believers take shorter on all levels, our families, we need shorter. Parents come together with the youth, different parts of our extended family Shura communities need Shura that we hear the opinion of other people. It is so critical on all levels of Muslim society.

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Even on our nation states, one of the reasons why people were young people, especially running in the streets,

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in what they call the Arab Spring, which turned into a disaster.

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But when they ran in the streets, it was natural. And they said that the people want the system to come down.

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Why? No sugar.

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They have no safe.

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They don't feel they're part of society,

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and so on all levels within the Muslim world sure is so important to us in our survival as believers in this world.

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Number nine,

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that that which Allah has given to us, we freely spend it. We see money and wealth as a man.

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It is a trust and if this community, if we pooled our resources together,

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then we would have our rights here in Ontario and in Canada.

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The politicians would look to us

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to give us our rights instead of taking it away from us.

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The wealth that we had, when it can be put together in a positive way, it can have such an amazing result. We're minmetals up now home Yun Fei Poon and the final point those when oppression hits them, when evil strikes them, they are not coward they stand up and defend themselves.

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They take a stand and that is required and Muslims here in this country and around the world today, you can no longer hide

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with your Islam, we can no longer bury our head in the sand as they say like an ostrich that puts its head in the sand but the whole body is exposed.

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We have to take a stand and pray to Allah subhanaw taala to give us the courage to stand and to die for the truth. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to survive this hieratic dunya May Allah subhanaw taala put these qualities the divine qualities into our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala raise up a generation of the youth with these divine qualities. May Allah give this understanding to the leaders of Islam throughout the Muslim world. May Allah unite the believers around the world. We have it inside of us. We have unity inside of us. We all wanted Morocco to win. There's something inside of us. May Allah give us that unity not just in football but in everything that we do. And

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may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for the wrongs that we have done, but we know not what we do. A quick look at how the stock for Lolly welcome. But he started a misdemeanor in Cali that been iStockphoto and now who who have a photo of him