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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim in Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira rubbish Rahul Isadore while you're certainly Emery. Well hello Look, that's a Melissa Annie who Kohli about my dear brothers and sisters as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa taala. We praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We also send salutations upon the Beloved Prophet Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his friends. I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to reward each and every one of us. And I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to gather all of us in

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today inshallah we'll be continuing with the stories of the companions and the lessons that we can learn from those stories. Today I have chosen the story of almoradi Allah Juan, and one of his famous nightly patrols that he used to do when he was Khalifa

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this story is narrated to us by one of his freed slaves by the name of Islam and Islam or the Allah one. He said that on this night now, I'm one of the Allah Who would do this on a nightly basis to go and see the affairs of the Muslims making sure that they are okay if they needed any help if they needed any support, or would do this on a nightly basis. SubhanAllah. So in this occasion, Aslam said that this night, we went to the outskirts of Medina.

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And he said that we noticed some tents in that area. And there were people there and it was a bit of fire, people were cooking things. And he said that Amara Radi Allahu wa and decided to go and see if they needed anything. So he went to one particular tent, and he noticed that there was a woman there, what seemed to be she was cooking something and there was fire, obviously under the pot, and there were children with her who were crying and they were continuously crying very loudly. So I'm one of the Allah who decided to go and see what the situation was. So he said to her, a salam Wa alaykum Mia as hobbled though, which means peace be upon you or people of light. And the reason why

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he said that was because the fire that she was cooking with or she was using to cook with those lights. And he didn't want to say us however now some alchemy has had the now you know, which means peace be upon you, oh, people have fire because that just sounds like people have the fire of jahannam. So to respect her, he said a salam Wa alaykum Mia, US have adult Peace be upon your own people of light. And then he said Maya come in. She said why Lake Como Salam. If you are here for good, then you may come otherwise leave. So I'm one of the Allah one went. And then he asked her what is your situation? Now? This lady has no idea that this is our middle note, meaning she has no

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idea. So she says, Well, our situation as you can see, my children are hungry. Very hungry, they haven't eaten.

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So he said to her, Well, what are you cooking? I mean, give that to them. So she said, this is only a pot of water that I'm boiling. And the reason why I'm doing this is so that the children think that I'm cooking something. And while and I'm hoping that while they're waiting, they will fall asleep. You Honey, this was a situation of that lady and her children that haven't eaten Subhanallah and they were crying out of hunger.

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And she continued and she said Allah subhanho wa Taala will be the judge between us and Omar. Allahu Akbar. Shia has no idea. She's speaking to Mr. Amara de la when he said, may Allah have mercy on you. How would Amara know your situation? She said, If Omar can assume leadership, how can he not know the situation of his people? Upon hearing this, I'm going to be alone. He got up and he said to us them, let's go. And Amara was running Subhanallah back towards Medina. As Sam said, I couldn't even catch up to him. That's how fast he was running. They went to the storeroom where there was sacks of food. And one of the SEC contained wheats and amaro the Allahu and told us them to put that

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sack of wheat on his back meaning almost back a slim or the alone he said Yeah, me don't want me Let me carry it for you.

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I'm gonna deal on turned around and he said why?

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Are you going to carry my sins on the Day of Judgment? Subhanallah which, you know, this shows that Almighty Allah one, he saw it as a sin for himself, although it wasn't a sin, but he saw that it was his responsibility to make sure that the Muslim ummah were looked after. So Alma carried that sack, and he took it all the way to that lady, and he didn't end there. Aslam says I'm just standing and I'm seeing a middle meaning the leader of the Muslims, he took the food out, he started to cook the food himself. And he said, I saw him bending down near the fire and blowing into the fire, to obviously make more fire in flames. And he said that I saw the smoke coming out from his beard,

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Allahu Akbar, the leader of the Muslim Amirul Momineen doing such a thing caring for his Muslims. And then after that, he told the lady to bring a plate. So she brought a plate. And Omar, put the food on the plate, and he spread the food out. The reason was, he spread the food out so that the food can cool down quickly enough for the children to eat it quickly. Because they were hungry. Subhanallah to that extent he was thinking and then the children ate. He didn't leave until they finish eating. After they finished eating, the lady said to Rama, you are such a good man. You are more worthy of being Califa then Allah Allahu Akbar. So then I want to be alone. He said, you know

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in sha Allah when you go and see a middle meaning you will find me there to worry help will be given to you.

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After that Ahmadi Allah when he got up, and he left but as he was leaving, he went out a little further, you know, some distance away, he turned around to see those children. So Aslam said to her Omar. Now the hola Juan, is there anything you want me to do for the children? I'm gonna do and didn't say anything. After a little while Omar turned around and he continued to walk back towards Medina. And he said to us them, the only reason why I stopped and to turn around to see those children was to see that they were happy. I wanted to see that after they finished eating. They were playing. And after they played, they went back to sleep, they were content. And that made me

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content. And that's when he started to walk back. Subhanallah there's so many lessons that we can learn from this story. But one of the main lessons that I want to teach you is responsibility, feeling that sense of responsibility for the Muslim ummah. Yes, we are not believers, but we are Muslims. And we need to reach out to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are in need.

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You know, we need to think about those people around us, at least our relatives, our neighbors, the Muslims in the locality, the widows, the orphans, the refugees who are here, and see if they need any help and support. And when we can give them help, helping support. Let's think about the Muslims at large, and see if they need help and support and definitely they need help and support in many, many countries and around the world. The war torn countries, the countries that are poverty stricken, the countries that are going through famine, we need to help and support our Muslim brothers and sisters. We need to have that sense of responsibility. You see Amara, the Allahu wa

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knew the Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, could look Qumran what could look in Missoula, and right at that all of you are shepherds. And each and every one of you are responsible for your flock. And the Hadith continues. And it says that the leader is a shepherd and he's responsible for his flock. A man is a shepherd, a woman is a shepherd, and they're responsible for their flock. So we need to understand this hadith and gain that responsibility and help our Muslim brothers and sisters who are in need. Think about this for a moment. Every single day that you are breaking your fast, you have that food in front of you, and you feel so happy when you take

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that first bite, that sip of water the first sip of water, the thirst is quenched. Subhanallah and we know that from the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the fasting person experiences two occasions of joy, one when he breaks his fast and the other one when he meets his Lord. Imagine that same joy, that same happiness, the smile on your face, when you take that first bite of food and that first sip of water. Just try to imagine that for our Muslim brothers and sisters who don't have that Subhanallah they don't feel the same joy that we feel. So at least in this month of Ramadan, and of course afterwards, let's give that helping hand that support. Reach

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out to those charity, those Muslim charity organizations who are helping those in need if we can go out so

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and help those Subhanallah let's reach out to them let's give whatever we can gain maximum rewards in this month of Ramadan and of course afterwards and gain that understanding to help and support our Muslim brothers and sisters, to gain the understanding of responsibility towards our Muslim brothers and sisters, because by Allah we are going to be asked on the Day of Judgment, what did we do for at least those people around us and also those Muslims at large? So we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to give us the understanding of giving to give us the capability of giving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to give us the understanding of responsibility, and insha Allah Huhtala through

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that may be gained genital frutos by helping those who are in need. We know from the eye of the Quran, where Allah subhanahu wa taala mentioned to us that when we die, right the first thing that we're going to think about when we die is that we are going to ask Allah subhanahu wa taala for us to come back so that we can spend charity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for us so dako akumina Sorry hain, we are going to ask Allah Oh Allah sent us back so we can give sadaqa so that we can be from amongst the righteous people. So let's give for the sake of Allah while we are alive, feel happy to give for the sake of Allah gained that reward in sha Allah in gain genital for those,

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I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless all of us and ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to gather all of us in genital for those which is welcome Hello What was said I want to equal what Allah He wabarakatuh