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Tactics to stop the spread of Islam from Past to Present

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad in fill Avellino of Filipino film Allah, Allah, Allah, you know within.

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inshallah, tonight is the sealer night

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Am I on schedule,

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the biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi he was talking, he was solemn,

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and so forth. I recall, the last session we had is the methods used by the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam to confront the increasing acceptance of Islam

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are identical, these methods are identical to what is being used now. Isn't that the question that we raised? How the disbelievers in Mecca

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normally faced the message of Islam and the acceptance of the message amongst the citizens of Mecca. And it's very similar to what is happening now.

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And we mentioned an important point, therefore, that the people who normally

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fight Islam are those who feel Islam to be a threat to their way of life. Whether it is financial, whether it is social, you see, Islam, unfortunately, is a revolutionary religion we can

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anybody who says something other than that he's lying.

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Islam is a revolution in the area of their beliefs, no multiple gods. It's only one one God, and that's it. Islam is the subject of volume of injustice, there is no Lee around it. Imagine the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying that if Fatima would steal their loved one, I would cut her hair, you know, in LA Mohammed onea. So there is no compromises. You know, it's a religion that faces the challenge and address it and and that is why the people who normally benefiting from the status quo are the corrupts wicked people in the society and they will find it. And normally the people who would accept Islam always are the people who are the oppressed, they used segment in the societies

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and that is why BelAir Amar, sell man, Islam was an attraction to them, because they felt justice is there they feel this is the way things should be, even though it is not in the ground. Very, very quickly here.

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What is the secret behind the strength?

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The mind that Muslims have? What is the secret behind the mind of Islam? The power?

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Why this religion is so powerful?

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did you know that Caesar asked that question.

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Caesar is the emperor of Rome

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during the time of Omar Abdullah top of the Allah Han and when Islam actually went to Sham you know Sham Philistine and Lebanon and an Odin and her Hill malata, to another carrot.

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Yani ruled by the Romans by the Christians. For when Islam when they and they started receiving these consecutive defeats, Caesar gathered his generals and his council members and he asked them men her Ola Illa de naturopathy rune. Who are those people who are fighting

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and a Suba Sharon with Lacan are in the human like you.

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So the general at the time said yes, in a home lab, Sharon, Miss Luna, they are human like us. What

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In Nomura, Bambi li li but they are monks like monks, you know Vania they don't sleep at night.

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At night they are like monks at night they pray at night

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for dinner, Harry

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and they are soldiers during the daytime.

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In the homeo saloon, they pray wire sooner and they fast. While I shrapnel camera, they do not drink alcohol, what is known and they do not steal, while Osaka IGNOU Maliki him Nakata, Ojeda and if the son of the king would steal, they will cut his hand. What am I mean? Who mean I had him Illa were men, a cobbler, he, and there is none of them, but he wishes to die before the other for the sake of a Maya.

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That's the mindset of one of somebody who believes in something

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when hardly they believe there'll be a loved one was threatened by another general. He said, By Allah, I have brought with me individuals who love the hereafter more than you love the dunya.

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That's an attitude of someone who has what acted as believe you have a certain belief you have a belief in something?

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Where are we from that? So where do you get that from the revelation from the Quran from the sun?

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That's where you get that. So

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the strength or the answer to the question, and the power of Islam and Muslim Muslims is in their guidance.

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So not what should we do?

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The same exact thing it's being done now is the same exact thing they try to do in the past. Imagine that the kuffaar did this.

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They said this and Allah mentioned this in the Quran. They did say this, we'll call the naka

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de la

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tabla boo.

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And those who disbelieve they said to one another, do listen to the Quran.

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And when the Quran is recited, make noise. So no one listens to it.

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And they did this actually, they actually used to do that. To the extent that if somebody is coming out of town, and

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he doesn't know what's going on in Mecca, he's there to do high drama, you know, hanamura was already established, even prior to the prophethood of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they would tell him, don't talk to him. Don't Don't come near him.

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And that's why they described one of the things that he just described him with what he's what he's a sorcerer, what is a sorcerer?

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Someone who beautifies things for you makes them what

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that's why don't listen to him

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you know they are doing the same exact thing with us now.

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Keeping you away from the revelation as much as possible.

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And that's step number one by the way.

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You see the same exact thing is repeated is to keep you away from the Quran and introduce their work their ideology as a replacement because you must believe in something

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Kareem says if you don't occupy yourself with the truth yourself will occupy you with what was what what folks who get the huddle insane if you don't keep your busy, you're still busy with the truth. your self will invite the false hood to make you busy. Exactly. So what they did is they kept you away from the privilege and that's what they try to do. They try to distance well they care for one of the most fascinating that we I call it that wheel is not really tafsir because it's not mentioned in the books of the classical books. But I call it that wheel and that of cereal is the sort of subtle answer where a VM Karoubi can be in a car for when you used to be Touka

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we are put to Luca

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you free juca.

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The disbelievers are bluffing to do three things to you and it is exactly to the Prophet number one we use we talk about what if we took a means to jail you

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to prevent you from reaching What

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wouldn't when you're in the cell when you're

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Mr. President, do you have access to your followers? You don't?

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are we up to look young? Gianni young no vena cava Bina Lu su Lila at vac

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Mona Phil qlm. Let us not only head and any

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one of our fee knifes, the same strategy is to breathe in the table from hearing what

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the message we have to look out to kill you with with your death, it will die because that was early

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out or to expel you

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to kick you out of here.

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That's the strategy in the past. But what about now how they do it now. You know, one of the most interesting things and some of us might be may not pay attention to this

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is the Arabic language.

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And I'm not talking about you just to begin with, just to I'm talking about people like me.

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I don't know if you guys are aware of this or not, but we don't speak Arabic but we come

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I want to tell you something sometimes. And here I am, I'm an Egyptian I'm an Arab. Sometimes I understand that translation of the Quran then the words in Arabic or I get more meanings once I read the translation. Unless if I want to follow the classical way of learning that I go into the dictionary and figure out the you know the meanings and which would take time but I would rather you know drink the milk ready You know, just go somebody Okay, that's what the word is.

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just just imagine some of us may not pay attention to this. Why was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sent to the desert?

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For how many years?

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Almost three, four years right.

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For what?

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To be encircled. Right. The you think only for the milk. There is milk in Makkah. Why?

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The language,

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the Arabic language, you know, because Mecca Mecca was like New York at the time.

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Mecca was a hub where people work.

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It's a place where people come for HUD for oma and trading. So it's becoming like an international hub. So they messed up the Arabic language, that classical Arabic language and that people use to send their kids to the desert in order to do what to drink the real Arabic.

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Because the Bedouins in the desert had a good command Yan Abdullah best he says, By Allah I was never able to distinguish the 11 Abdullah Best of the 11 look at it. By Allah I was never able able to distinguish the name of Allah for two alpha

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for three Ani are the attributes

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for an Hulk and creation

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you know that his father is similar to Allah and that is what Hulk is similar to are those two names of Allah that Allah did.

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And did Hulk what is the difference between the two until one day he was traveling in the desert and he chose to be twins fighting over a waterwheel? So one of them said what an afterthought to her

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for three and he initiated something from what sue the creation is a later one is a later stage then the creation is a book he learned this from debate with Anna Fatah to her I am the one who started the whole thing yeah you you help make it up?

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The first thing that they do look at the look at the when you go to countries like Egypt

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when when you speak English that's a sign that you're what educated guy you're Oh, this guy really must be really added when you speak English. You get your right by the way, in age when you only speak English, but when you speak Arabi Forget it.

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That's the culture.

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That's the culture we live in unfortunately, is a very sad reality and, and mercy when you do something. Merci. Merci. Merci is thank you who thinks that the promotion of this so what to take people away from what the language of the Quran the language of the sun.

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Now, that that's the key. And you find these countries like I still remember these days when I went to be a history tour guide. So I had to learn English. So I would go to the British Council in Cairo.

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Musashi, Mohammed feeder cattle market model.

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And I would go there and I find them offering these courses for free. So these guys are crazy.

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You know, but you realize what they are doing.

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Imagine offering classes for what? And sometimes if you excel will take you to England

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if you go to England I mean, you get a scholarship to go to interview what's going on with those people and all types of books around you

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go to a library in Cairo, which is the city you will lucky to get somebody to help you

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little and even the influence this in the you know,

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they always brilliant mathematician Hamza, man can musataha mallamma t,

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that teach the English teacher and the Arabic teacher in the movies. The English teacher is what really neat dress and

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the Arabic teacher is wearing one of these suits that, you know, he bought it from somewhere with one side is long and the other side is and you know, and he's like,

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retarded basically.

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That's, that's the whole thing man is like is Oh, and this is Bulma

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This is the Blahnik that is you know, things that that happens what? You know how fast a woman travels, you know, the womb, you know, one, right? And the ground or the end, look at the end, man.

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But that's how they do it.

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Patience. First of all, they have a strategy. They have an objective, strategize, practice, implement, that's how they do and take your time.

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Take your time. That's how they would, hey, they are smart. I mean, should we blame them for that? No, they consider us a threat to their lives, which we are not saying we're not and it is the truth. We're not we're trying to better their lives. But that's how they feel about you. And this is how they

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The other thing that is so fascinating, if what is

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is the assassination of the role model

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you know, that

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the absence of of good people that you can follow.

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And they do this in a very interesting way. That fashion hamedan

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film like any video called Santa Fe and the leader of

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the La Jolla movie every year when the lunar calendar is the new moon aside it all was there is a movie in Egypt that must be show classical. We would be as kids wait for that movie.

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However, the story of the hedger of the prophets of Allah cell and the story of Islam how Islam look in that, in that in that movie

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this who have the beards

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Abuja, Abu lahab

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that as a matter of fact, when they had this meeting,

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in order to block basically to kill the profit and they didn't know what to do shaitan came in we know that story that Satan came in, in a form of one of the leaders of the tribes of Nigeria, and his beard was the longest beard shaitan was all the way until he

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but in the movie, you see Amar and Dylan? What is your deal?

00:18:44--> 00:18:50

With are completely shaved? Or whether what you know they call this a booty sexual Coca Cola the small thing here.

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So we as kids watching this, what are you doing now? You're associating evil With what?

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With Islam and Muslims.

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And good with what? associate You're right, you're associating even with what would be and so all the people who have these are what charity and the longest one is what? That's the head.

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But the people who are nice and neat and tolerant and you know being persecuted and punished or what.

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And that's what's happened to you, you you grow up as a child. That's what when you see somebody who's bearded

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but when you see the other guy, even the other guys drinking, I look how they do it in movies. Now. They are the guys who are cool. The guys who really stand for morality for justice. They bring him smoking, they bring him drinking.

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So that's how they do it is the separation between

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this and

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Above all, yeah, yeah. And one of the things that that they did in the past, and they still do now

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is investing

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in whims and desires.

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You know, one of one of the most threatening things and a lot of people they they have an issue with it is the, you know, all these temptations out there, especially the mind dance people. I mean, the temptations are overwhelming, overwhelming temptations. Look at the societies that the nudity, the profanity, the pornography, all it is, is you can it's extremely difficult for young men to stand in the face in the waves in front of these waves of temptations. Likewise, look at this in the past imagine that this believers in Mecca sent a guy by the name of a knob the liberal Harris

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some way to hear out the Sherman order to learn how to be a clown for the people

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how to come and tell stories and and because they they, they learned that they the prophet SAW Sal and tells the people his follower stories. So they wanted to compete in that fields. Okay, let's bring somebody work. Who can tell nice stories in order to take the people away from what likewise now imagine you have a choice between going to a club tonight and coming to Asia. I mean, it's a tough choice. Another one of the things that you know,

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imagine this he went and he bought a very attractive female dancer belly dance.

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That's how they dance in the Arabic you know the belly. Hmm.

00:21:51--> 00:22:07

So he brought her to Makkah. So whenever they hear that somebody is interested in Islam, they will take that person to this lady okay. After any feed him was tea and make sure that he drinks alcohol

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was key he won he and sing for him.

00:22:14--> 00:22:18

And he would say okay, this is better for you than what Muhammad is telling you.

00:22:20--> 00:22:25

And Allah Allah revealed the Quran regarding this and this is one of the verses therefore that we use as an evidence

00:22:26--> 00:22:36

to, to for that music is haram amin and nasty look at this woman and nassima eh de la well, howdy, Leo lilla, and Sevilla Hebrew.

00:22:38--> 00:22:50

Some of the guy went and invested money, imagine invested money in order to distract you away from the need for that's the same strategy is being done now, especially in the Muslim world.

00:22:51--> 00:23:11

You know, especially in the Muslim world, this is the same thing that is that is being used. Therefore, unfortunately, another thing quickly here. And again, this is all underwater, all underwater. This is distancing you from the guidance. Exactly. Make sure that they do listen to this.

00:23:12--> 00:23:18

Make sure that they distract it. Make sure Another thing is what the curriculum

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the curriculum, the educational curriculum, the school imagine now they went to these Muslim countries and they took away Islam from the books

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so that you bring in generations who have what zero believe zero knowledge zero this zero that but what they want after that. So that's step number one. Step number two is to replace this with what with their ideologies.

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So even later on when you're presented with Islam, you challenge your own religion with the ideology that they suckled you,

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they fit you.

00:24:03--> 00:24:22

And they bring up in these societies, individuals who, who defend who stand for their ideologies, Visa v Islam. Some of them will say listen, that Islam is backward, it's not befitting the five some of them will say that we got this guy in Tunisia. He's he said

00:24:23--> 00:24:46

the wrong thing doesn't work now, then he will get twice of the female doesn't work. You heard about this, right? So he changed that the law of inheritance which is a game of karma, you know, a verse that is crystal clear is not to be changed because it's kataya to Sobotka to della, like the scholar says it's affirmative in all aspects.

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

And he's a Muslim is a Muslim, because he believes in what because he was not brought up he was not nourished in that religion. Now. They distance him away from Islam.

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And the other part is they fit him the ideologies

00:25:07--> 00:25:18

and later on the person becomes what an advocate for the ideology against what the religion of Islam and that's what's happening now unfortunately, but inshallah we'll continue with the night Allah And tomorrow

00:25:19--> 00:25:51

we're gonna talk about atheism and that's how the atheism is spreading by the way atheists atheism is spreading in the Muslim world because of these reasons because the distance away from what that's the strategy they use they they send the people away from Islam and in the other hand, they fit the society's their ideology ideologies. So you're going to produce atheists, you're not going to produce Muslims, even though they have Muslims names, and they have Muslim looks, but they are not really Muslims. Jessica loffredo. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.