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The importance of modesty in Islam is a fundamental part of society, and individuals are challenged to overcome the challenges. The heart is a crucial part of society, and fixing it is a challenge for individuals. Social media is a tool for individuals to become a modest Muslim, but fixing the heart is crucial for individuals to become a modest Muslim. A woman describes her journey to become a Muslim after her parents were not forgiving of her actions, and she emphasizes the importance of showing one's connection with Allah Tala's teachings and not just being happy with them.

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All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa taala. We praise Him. We seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We thank Allah subhanahu wa taala for allowing us all to be gathered here today for solar to Jumeirah. This is a great Niyama a great blessing from Allah subhanahu wa Tada and I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless each and every one of us. And I ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to gather us like we are gathered here but in Jannah to further those mean.

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This week, we have been speaking about modesty and higher.

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And we've been speaking about many is of the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about modesty. We spoke about modesty in speech. We spoke about modesty in action. And we spoke about modesty in our appearance. And we know that modesty is a massive part of being a Muslim. It is one of the distinct characteristics of Islam to be a modest Muslim. And we went through a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says, In Alico, Lithuanian, hula hula called Islam, I'll hire that verily, every distinct, every religion has its distinct character, and the character of Islam is modesty. Now, we know this is a big part of our faith.

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But we are in a dilemma. We are growing up in a society where there is not much modesty that we can physically see, we don't see a lot of modesty that could help us uphold that great character of Islam.

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And a lot of the times, when we look around us, it doesn't have to be necessarily what's physically around you, but also what you look up on social media, the trends that are happening today, the influences that come online, who influenced us to think a certain way.

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And because of that distraction, many of the Muslims are not understanding what modesty is anymore. And there are so many different examples that we can look into. For example, if you look at the styles of a boy or a male and how they are supposed to be, if you look at what the trends are of today, when you look at how they act in front of other people, what they perceive as normal, may be perceived in Islam as something inappropriate. For example, the styles of their hair, their clothing, their tattoos that they are exposing, in front of other people, the pride of having a lot of muscles and showing it out not saying it's wrong to have them. It's actually encouraged, but the

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point of showing off in front of others with those intentions. Those are the trends that are happening today. At the same time amongst the boys, amongst the males, they're trained of acting like females acting like women, those are also some of the things that are happening that are now perceived as something normal. So these are the things that is happening and society they are influencing us to think like this. At the same time we have our girls or women, they are growing up in a society where wearing the hijab, maybe

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Enough, something not normal, something weird when they are covered up when they are wearing loose clothing as something that is strange, the encouragement online or in the society to wear tight fitting clothing to expose most of the body, don't worry if you're around the men, everyone's normal, it's okay to sing and dance in public, to follow certain trends that are online and challenges that they are challenging our mind to change our perception. And they say it's to become free. It's to become free from that trapped world that you live in. That is what the society is trying to do. And it has a massive negative impact on us, our children, our Muslim, who are trying

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to grow up and uphold the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when you see a Muslim so if we look today, in this school, when you see the boys wearing what they're wearing, covering the hour of having respect to people around them, not raising the voice in front of elders, for that respect, having a haircut that is Islamically appropriate. And if you look at the girls wearing the hijab, wearing something that is covered and is loose, the question is why do we do this? What is the point of this? And how can we have the love of our modesty in our heart? Because that's the challenge. Because you may be asked to wear what you're wearing. You may be asked to act a certain way. You may

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be asked to speak a certain way. But you may not understand why. That's not normal in the society. So what do we need to change? We need to change what's in our heart. We need to fix what's in our heart. We need to fix what's in our mind, then and only then will you accept to become a modest Muslim, a righteous Muslim. Allah subhanahu wa taala in the Quran, he says, Yeah, Danny identify the Ansel na alaykum Lieberson you worry so article Mauritia will leave us with Taqwa Lehigh Valley come in at law Hill. I love him. Yes, that karoun Allah subhanahu wa taala. He says, Oh Children of Adam, meeting all of us. We are the children of Adam. We have bestowed upon you we have given you

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clothing, to conceal to cover up your private areas and as an adornment for you. But the clothing of Taqwa the clothing of righteousness, that is the best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps you will remember the think of this verse, Allah Tala says that the clothing of Dakhla as a metaphor, that is the best for you.

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So we need to fix our heart first connect with Allah to Allah have that tequila and once we have the tequila, we would love to act in accordance to Islam. That's what we need to fix our relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. Once that is fixed, Inshallah, you will see great wonders in your life. And you will be content and happy with what you're doing, and you will not feel weird in front of others. Rather, you will feel proud to be a Muslim, and to show your identity. I want to share with you a story of a sister. And the story I heard as I was watching certain clips online, and she gave the story, a beautiful story. Her name is kalila. If you want you can you can YouTube her you

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will find her story. She said it's a story of her coming into Islam. And it's such a beautiful story. She said that I grew up she grew up in the UK. She's from the UK. And she said that, you know, she was from a Jewish background, but her parents were not that religious. So they were growing up doing certain things that were against the teachings of Judaism. And she said that when I was a young teenager, I became a rebel in front of my parents. I started doing things that my parents didn't really want me to do. Not for religious reasons, but just it wasn't morally correct. See, she she said that I became my party girl. I would go out and I would go to parties, I would go

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to clubs, I will do all of those things. And at the same time, she thought school will not help me. She said school is not going to help me so she left school altogether. The parents were not very happy. And she said I'll try to find a curry that will help me in the things that I'm I am best in I love doing. So she loves to party. She loves to dance, she loves to sing. So she decided to become a performer and she wants to go through that path. She said while I was doing that I found that people started to respect me because of what

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I was doing for the own desires. She said that I would go up to stage, I will dance I would sing, and the inappropriate clothing that I would wear, that is what attracted people to come. And they would pay for that. And I would start getting an income, I will start getting money. So she said, I started to join up with other performance, performance and other other artists and I would do that on a stage on a proper stage and proper place. So she said he became my career. But Subhanallah she said, while we were doing that, a friend of mine became a Muslim. And she said, I never expected that to happen. And that friend of hers was giving her dower a lot, a lot of the times it was giving

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her Dawa, and she said, Man, I'm not gonna become a Muslim, no way. But that dour, continue and continue and continue. There was a time she said that my friend said to me, that Allah God that we believe in, He is the Most Merciful, He is the most forgiving, and he is the most loving. And she said, I started to think God being the most forgiving God being the most loving God being the most merciful. She said, if I did something that was against the desires of people, no one will forgive me. Everyone will start hating me. Everyone will start talking behind my back, everyone will start posting negative things online about me, right? But she said, I started to think God, Allah, Most

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forgiving, he will forgive me, he will be mercies merciful towards me, and he loves me. And she said, I started to think about it, that because God is greater than anything. And then she said that there was a time I used to carry little stones. They she used to call it Lucky Charms, and she would carry it with her. And she said that I would think that that brought me some type of protection, and so on and so forth. She said, My Muslim friend used to tell me it is only God that protects you, those stones don't protect you. SubhanAllah. So she said at a time came where I was with my friend and prayer time came. So she said, My friend was praying in front of me, and I was behind her. She

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said, I saw my friend praying, going into the quarrel going into the job. She said, all I did, I put my hands together, and I looked up into the sky. And she said, God, Islam is a true religion guide me. If it is a true religion guidance. She said that night I had a dream. And in that dream, she said it was the day of judgment. And all of the Muslims were together, in a jail in prison. The Muslims were in jail in a prison together. And she said I was with them. And in the dream, I was a Muslim. And she said that we saw this massive fence with a gate. And the other side of the gate was freedom. And they were gods. They were gods watching the Muslims that they don't escape from that

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prison. She said that, you know, a time came where we disguised ourselves and we wanted to go out towards the gate towards freedom. So she said, we went as a group to hide, and one of the people that were with us, they said, Allahu Akbar, they said loudly, Allahu Akbar. And she said, that's it. I'll cover is blown. We're gonna die. And subhanAllah she said, there was a God who shot at us, right? No, a cover was blown. They shot at us. And she said, I saw that bullet coming in, in slow motion. And then she said, Yeah, Allah, you're the only one that can protect us. That bullet came, turned and it went away. And she said, A gust of wind came and took us up above the wall, and we

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were free. She said, That was a dream I had. And that's because of that sincerity. And she said, when I came out of that workup, I told my friend and immediately I said, I want to become a Muslim. So she said, they went to the local masjid. And she became a Muslim. Slowly, slowly, she changed her life around, she started to pray, fasting, so on and so forth, cutting the story short, I would encourage you to listen to her story. And subhanAllah time came where she started to cover up wearing the hijab, she went to the extent of even worrying on your call. And in that story, she basically mentioned an amazing thing. She said that her aunt, her aunt, who was a non Muslim, she

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said her aunt saw me wearing the niqab, wearing the hijab, and she said to me, Do not come near me if that's what you're wearing. Do not come near me if that's what you're wearing. I don't want to see you. So she said, subhanAllah I felt like I was in prison when I had to satisfy people with my dress and appearance. But now I feel free because I know this will satisfy my Creator. Now she feels free. She went through that journey. So that connection with Allah made her feel free and be happy Subhanallah because of what

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She was wearing so that was a very inspirational story inshallah now will continue in my next Kobelco holy Heather was Dr. de la vie money we're looking for stone Pharaoh in the who who will have a full ride

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in Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam at the Sleeman Kathira a Madonna.

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See, the point of that story that you just heard was to enlighten us and to show us that when you are connected with Allah to Allah, nothing else matters. You will follow his teachings, you will understand why Allah Tala wants me to act in a certain way, why he wants me to speak in a certain way, why he wants me to dress and look in a certain way. There is no more pleasing others. Why do people dress in a manner that they feel because they start thinking that person will be happy with me, that person will be attracted towards me, that person will say this about me, we start thinking about others. And we forget about Allah to Allah, and what Allah Tala requires from us, because

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that's what we need to fix what is in our heart, our connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. And you know, a person who is driving a car, a person who's driving a car, he is required to wear a seatbelt, even though he might be the greatest driver, and he is responsible for all of the passengers to wear the seatbelt. And if he is pulled over by a cop, a police officer, and his passengers are not wearing seatbelts or himself. The police officer will give the driver the fine, not the passengers, the driver the fine because he is responsible for making sure he was seated. He can argue and say I wasn't in a in a car crash. I didn't crash my car, no one hit me. But the police

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officer says that's the law. You need to wear a seatbelt to protect yourself and others. And he might argue and say well, they're not wearing a seatbelt. How is that my fault? The officer will say what, but they're in your car, they're in your car and you're responsible to make sure they wear a seatbelt. Likewise, boys and girls Brothers Sisters, we are responsible for each other. We are responsible for each other. We need to make sure that we are acting in a way that Allah is pleased with us. We are speaking in a way Allah is pleased with us. And our appearance is in a way that Allah Tala is pleased with us. And it is our responsibility to show or share that with others and

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encourage others to do the same. Because Allah Tala will ask him question us, especially those who are in charge, like fathers like mothers, parents, in general teachers, heads of schools and heads of mosques. They will be asked about Allah Tala it was your responsibility. Did you make that effort? Did you tell others about it, otherwise we will be fined by Allah to Allah will be punished by Allah subhanahu wa taala. So to bring that love with Allah, that connection with Allah, and to know that Allah is merciful, and He is the one that we should be pleasing and nobody else that should be enough for us to change ourselves in sha Allah Who Tada Just remember one thing and I will

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end this off to Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, A dunya Fijian will mean virgin, natural cashew, he said that this dunya is a prison for the believers for the Muslim and it is a paradise for the disbelievers. Right so you might see all of these people around you on social media being so happy. But that lady that we spoke about Halina, she also said and I quote, when the lights are turned off and the cameras are put away, people were living in darkness and they were unsatisfied and not happy. You may think of it that they are happy but they're not they go through depression, because there's nothing else to look forward to. There's no Astra for them to look

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forward to. We have an Astra to look forward to. So for us, you may be restricted in certain things. But remember, Allah Allah is going to give us much more in the era and I will also like to end off with a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said, Better Islam or even worse, I was rude to her even for Uber la hora. He said that Islam came as something strange. You know, when the Prophet SAW Selim was giving Dawa and how the Quraysh found it so strange. Islam came as something strange, and he will leave as something strange but he said for all ballyhoura give glad tidings to the strangers become a stranger. become someone who only do only those things to please

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Allah subhanho wa Taala even though you may be the only one. So next time, when you are with your friends, who may not be acting in an appropriate manner, you become that person that can shine that light in front of others. You may look strange, but you are indirectly giving that dollar to everyone else we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless all of us

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive all of our sins, we ask Allah to Allah to make us a righteous Muslim, to make us modest Muslims to make us Muslims who say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah al enter genital for DOS, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless us to grant us the highest of paradise. And in sha Allah We ask Allah to Allah for all of those Muslims who are suffering around the world to help them to get them out of that suffering and to give them to give them ease and to give them to give them Jana tool for those about Allah in Allahu wa Mala Ekata who is alone Allah Nabhi Yeah, you have Latina M and will solo alayhi wa sallam with a Selena Allahumma

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Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad can also later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim well barik ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed thermadata Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahima Filomena indica Homido Majid Robina Tina dunya Hassan Wolfie la sera Hasina working harder but now Robin Allah to the Apollo banaba it had a turner will help Lana Milan garrafa in the country where herb Allahu mo fildena yara Bella Alameen Allahu mo Finland our Hannah WallyWorld lady in our home camera by Jana Sahara will join me as a Muslim in our Muslim as well meaning in our minute we are Hermetica you Attica or hamara Haman arriba de la ilaha middleby Loudly Wilkerson will either even quarterback while you're

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in her annual fracture he was going to carry well belly Your eyes will come la la come to the Quran for the Quran you have to come wash Buruli wala taco, please stand up. Make yourself