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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the weight of names like Islam, Islam hub, and Islam, and the importance of giving and receiving bounties and mercy. They stress the importance of learning from past lessons and being mindful of one's happiness. The speakers also discuss their plans for the upcoming federal elections, including working on immigration policies and reforming the immigration system. They request prayers and help from neighbors to vote for them.
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in Al Hamdulillah lakmal monastery in over one esto pero when are already learning and truly unforeseen our mean sejati armanino when you have to deal with another woman you really do want to

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walking yeah and yohannes in Taco Bell una de Haan aka minassian Wha?

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Wha Kala coming Herzog Jana with them in humare German Kathy la manisa what taco color lady

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una de Waal

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in no more How can I earn a commodity either my brothers and sisters. Today we learn about underwear have a name of a muscle panel we want to highlight the highlights his generosity, the all endowing The one who gives and provides for all of his creation. Think of a hub as the one who's constantly gifting you with things and he gifts and provides for all of his creation, more specifically, even more to the believers. And we receive a higher level of provision or gift from Allah hub known as a Ian and Islam and Jelena and

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and patients and so on and so forth from all of the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we know differentiates the believer from the non believer. And so I want her as the one who gifts and gifts to every single one of us, we see that this name comes in the Quran, Allah will hug three times, but the word or the, the attributes of Allah subhana wa to Allah that is that comes from his name, I will have the actions extends into many Ayat of the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah earlier on opener to Zulu banner, banner, that is

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what happened.

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In this verse into our other enrolling, we asked the boss accountable to Allah and I've been a lead to Guru beneva in her data now, Oh my Lord, do not let our hearts straight or deviate away from your deen after you have already guided us. And that's an important aspect of our life that we always need to be conscious and aware of, that we as believers Alhamdulillah you know, we are thankful and grateful. But sometimes we take it for granted that we are believers, and we never think and never feel that our amen will waver or our human will shake, tremble or be on the edge of falling off a cliff. And we think that we are always going to be believers, but we need to constantly ask Allah

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subhana wa Taala not to take us away from amen and Islam once we've already been guided, and it continues the ISS, grant us Your mercy. Well, however, let me let him come in again until we have grant us Your mercy. You are indeed the giver of all bounties. Now, this is

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Name of Allah, Allah hub is a name that we've all heard many times, but probably don't use so much in our drought, mainly because, as I said at the beginning of this series of names of Allah Subhana, Allah is that we just don't understand fully and truly what all these names mean. So now that we know that a hub is the one who provides in gifts and endowed us with so many blessings in this world, we should not only call upon a rose up, because we all know what the risk is. And we always ask for provisions and risk, we should also ask from one hub to bless us with his bounties and mercy that he provides for us that we will see in a few seconds and shot along with either multiple

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examples. Before I get into that this name

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comes on a scale in Arabic, we say it wasn't right, I guess scale, or a form of format of putting the word or the name forth.

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name of the hub emphasizes how much Allah subhanho data gives. I wasn't fat,

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to give emphasis as to how much Allah doesn't just give, he is constantly gifting and gifting and blessing and endowing and pouring out so much towards the believers. And not only the believers, but all of his creation. And this links in with last week's name that we took, I'll have to write the name of a muscle kind of like either that you preserves everything. And here almost always are that is gifting all that we have to think of the baby in the womb of the mother, who is feeding that baby.

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Yes, the mother is eating but how does the food reach the child?

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And what how does gifting that child with that food? Think of the day the baby comes out of the womb and starts to cry? Where does the baby get food from the mother who feeds the child from her milk? And Wahab provides that no mother goes to the store programs themselves scans their barcode that seal on the chicken side of their wrist and says okay, nope needs to come No, no. And what have makes it come at the time that it is needed and makes it stop when it's not needed anymore. That is the power of our hub. hub gives us children, not only from the womb and coming out of the womb, but Allah subhanho wa Taala gifts us with sometimes as you mentioned in the Quran, only daughters and a

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person might be making your own day and night for sun and they are never blessed with your son. They only keep having daughters and Allah so can with Allah says that he blesses some people with only sons and no daughters. And then he mentions that he blesses some people with sons and daughters. And then Allah Subhana Allah also mentions that he blesses some with no children at all. With no children at all. And this is where we learned this beautiful drop in the Quran on how to lead in that room.

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Sorry about that. I mean as word you know, wasn't the yeah Tina,

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would you it would be in an email. We asked for boss to come with Adam to make this film amongst the leaders of this online in this world. I mean, to bless us with pious and righteous spouses and children who will be from amongst those that are connected to a law always in forever. I mean, a political we had our stuff to the wall for stuff

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I mean,

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some people send me more I'm gonna be getting a lady of Posada to attempt to sleep on my that my brothers and sisters, two things that you will conclude with inshallah, to Allah. The first thing is, what is the best gift from a woman?

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When we think of the best gift,

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you know what as as life goes on, we think Oh, you know what, I need to pass this exam. I need to get into university, I need to have this job. I need to earn this amount. I need to, you know, provide for my family. I need to go on vacation, I need to go for Hajj I need to do certain things, all of the gifts that we constantly look for an ask from our last panel. What is the best gift, the best gift from a wall from Allah hub is the gift of email

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that we've been chosen from all the human beings, the billions of human beings who live on this earth currently not including all that came in the past and goes that will come in the future

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all of the human beings

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Almost California Allah has blessed us with enough belief.

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And the second thing that we will take, that we will learn before we conclude is the importance of one we know that Allah has blessed us with Ian, what do we say? And how we did it.

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And how to do it from the most important lessons of this name Ottawa hub is that we learn to constantly say, and haven't good enough, Allah blesses you with only daughters Alhamdulillah He blesses you with only sons Alhamdulillah He blesses us with no children, and hamdulillah we attained the jobs or the finances or the families or the the lens we want to travel to and all the things that we aspire for in our lives we get into or not an hamdulillah whether something seems good or something seems bad, or something is too difficult for us to bear know that it is that it is from the blessings of the bounties of Allah hub that he's giving it to us for some reason.

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so whenever it comes to us, when brothers and sisters be thankful to a boss accountable with dad, and we know that there is a plan, and his plan is the best of plans and understand that whatever comes to us, we will accept and the best of the blessings that we can ever ask for. Is he not? And if we have email, it doesn't matter if we don't get anything else as long as we have Amen. And we live and we die upon amen and Islam.

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Obama Sanjana Mohammed right I can also later on email

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me to marriage, Baba ricotta

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a woman of color. Now what happened was

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a woman in America slowly hire 101 female while you are under help provide the best of guests for us in this world. Allah provide the highest level of paradise for us in the hereafter. Jamar, please make it easy for us to continue to live and to die upon email. And if you don't want please make it easy for us to constantly submit to you always and forever. Yeah, well please bless the families of all of these brothers and sisters that are here gathered with us today and all those that have tried to come and gather with us but we're unable to register your luck please bless them all with goodness and play in in our upcoming forgiveness on this blessed day of Friday. And I mean, y'all

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will have mercy on the parents who shift where they fought for they're in very difficult situation after a very very hard accident that they had last week. You know what please grants health and strength to shift away from squalor in particular who's still in the ICU in critical condition a lot Please grant them the strength and ease and bring them out of this hardship that they're going through currently and make it a means for their forgiveness and the forgiveness of the entire family meaning that I mean in the law that we'll be happy with x&y

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one nervously in

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small town

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want to

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Good morning

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you know co host

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for you

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Can anyone

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from home?

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Sit down, we're on a wall.

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Why are they?

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So I'm gonna come up with a water captain, my brothers and sisters. He could just stay for two minutes in sha Allah We have with us brother McGee, who is the Conservative Party candidate in the upcoming federal elections. I've known Brennan again for a number of years he has to attend my counterpart in Munster that Amanda Mississauga my class, too pleased to hear from him inshallah, so that we know a little bit more about him.

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Thank you.

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Brothers and sisters of salaam aleikum. For those who don't know me, my name is Lilian awkward. I am going to be your member of parliament here. And

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so I'm here to introduce myself and a little bit of the work we have done on the from the Conservative Party side, our leader and a new tool and the Conservative Party was the first one who put a plan together to secure the Canada once the election was announced, our party was the first one to put a plan together and basically what we'll be working on will be jobs accountability, mental health, childcare, and especially housing and GST politics.

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Some of the other stuff me and my team have worked within the party to put in our platform and that is conservative party platform, which we have presented to the Canadian and which is also close to my heart is the Islamophobia in NCRA. So we we have you know, this this plan is also an inner platform that we will be working with the CRA to give enough power to the homeless person, so which is working, you know, some of our charitable organization decided they will

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attracting them they've been, you know, going after them in terms of the auditing and stuff. So will give enough power to the ombudsperson that to stop that Islamophobic you know, audit in the CRA. The second thing is the online Islamophobia. So our party will be fighting online, legitimizing this statements that incite violence against Muslim communities. So that is something Your brother will be working with the party. And also one of the major things we'll be doing the reforms in the immigration system. And you all know, that is very important for us, that we need to work and when you know, we need to work, especially from the conservative side, that we will be putting an action

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plan to have our family reunited

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in a faster and in a quicker way. One of the things also will be working, especially our foreign non Prudential, when when our people come to this country, their degrees will not be accepted, even though they get the immigration. But still, when they go for jobs, they've been asked to go through the rigorous process. So that is something we'll be working and we have put in our platform that their degrees should be accepted, give them a chance to work with under some supervision. And then they can assess them after after six months, so they can join the market. The other thing is very important that this is the Conservative Party, which has put a motion in the parliament to help our

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weaker Muslim brothers and sisters do you call a genocide in China. So this is also something we have started and I need your help for that. I will be your voice in the parliament. I need your help Brother and Sister, please talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends. And this weekend will be the advanced people. Please have everybody come out and vote and make sure that you talk to your friends and ask them to help me to vote for me so I can be your voice. Milton has a great opportunity that we can send one of us to the parliament, and I need your prayers. I need your help. Please, please keep me in your prayers. I need them a lot. Thank you so much summer.

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shorter than 30 seconds. Okay.

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So I'm going to

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come back to it.

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So you won't be here for the next one.