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Allah, Allah,

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Alhamdulillah Hello Bella and me

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manual Rahimi Maliki omit the

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cannot go do ye cannot study in a day No sir all most of the SIR Ah, Valentina annum, righty him waiting

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on me

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and the hopper for Songhua one or the

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one lady

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fetch Idaho

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sir nobody okay fella

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Illa Masha amo in La Jolla Allah moon jehoram I have one we can even use Allah further care in Nevada de como se karami

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way wait Naboo ash Ba

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ba ba

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wacka small p FOSS one. bento thirunal hyah dounia 102

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Bula Sophie mo la Hema

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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and hamdulillah Hello Bella and me in our Rahimi Maliki Ahmed de Cana Buddha.

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In a dino cell all buttoned up the SIR all

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died at him. Well, you didn't know. him What up on me.

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And attacca Hades Ohashi, Cujo. huie omegon hatia Amina. Now Sliva does run out on hi Mia to spy me 19 Ania laser bomb on a lab, buddy. Use minowa yo naman jo jo Yama in Lima. Lisa how Alia Fijian Latina de la just Murphy ha la via v Hi.

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Fi Hassan Marfa quaqua

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wanna marry Puma scuba was on RDEKEK photo fight for LNG by dk famosi. But what he learned out of Li k fasapay had further good in

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Tomodachi lestari

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11 to allow acabo de la la de kebab in

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La Nina Yaba home from

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settlement equal moral law,

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in Alhamdulillah Allah,

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all praises due to Allah, we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires. Humala guides, no one can miss guide and whom he allows to be misled, no one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, except Allah alone, having no partners in that Mohammed Salah law, it was certainly Mr. Slaven his most His Messenger and his perfect worshiper. About for Lahore, Lahore law Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illa la la hora la hook, whatever the La headhunt We ask Allah Subhana Allah to send his greetings and salutations upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, His Messenger and his

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perfect worshipper.

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Brothers and sisters, we are in this beautiful day, the day of read the great day Yeoman, the day of sacrifice in the day of offering. This is the day in which the judge, they

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throw their Jamaat, they cast their Jamaat, and they shave their heads, and they offer their sacrifices, and they make the offer around the ancient house. And in this brief, reboot, but I hope to share with you a number of meanings. The first of them is that these days are the days of thankfulness and gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. Gratitude Firstly, to be able to live to see another eat. And every day that a believer exists on this earth is a day of goodness for them. The prophet SAW Allah to send them was approached by Earl Hebner obey the law. But before that, there were three men who came and accepted Islam with Rasulullah sallallahu send them and the province of

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the light is send them he told the Sahaba and he said, Who will take care of them for me, who will sponsor them for me who will look after them for me, and tell hadn't read the law said I will. And so they these three new Muslims all stayed with Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam sent out one campaign, and one of these

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men was murdered in that campaign, and then also lost the light I sent him sent out another campaign and then the second one was martyred in that campaign. And then the third one died a number or a period of time afterwards, but he died on his bed he died of natural causes. Don't hide near obey the law, who was hosting all three of these individuals. He saw them in a dream.

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And he saw them in general. And he saw that the one who died on his bed was in front of the other two. And he saw that the one who was martyred second was in front of the one who was martyred first and so called Have you read the law, that vision or that dream that he had it bothered him? Because how

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Could the one who died on his bed beat in front of the ones who were the ones who died as martyrs. And so he went to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he asked him about that. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said to him what

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what made you confused about that? Or what problem Did you have with that? They had an off Bala in the law, meaning your unmodified Islam with a speed he was a bat with a holiday. There is no one who is better in the sight of a law than a believer who lives for a long time as a believer Why? Because of their saying of Suppan Allah and saying of hamdulillah and saying, Allah, Allah, Allah, and saying of Allahu Akbar. And so every single day that a believer is able to exist every tomorrow that a believer sees his goodness for them, and it may be that you are being raised in ranks beyond what you could have expected. And so in these days, these days that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us

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are the days of eating and drinking these days a Yamato Shrek our days of eating and drinking and the requirements of a law. And so let us eat merely and let us drink merrily. And let us remember a loss of Hannah dad much for la hora, la hora, la la, la la la la, la, la cabeza de la and one of the greatest blessings that a person experiences as I mentioned, is the blessing of faith, the blessing of a man and Allah subhanho wa Taala told us a yo macmall Tula comme de la comunidad de oro de la common Islam, Medina, Allah subhanaw taala said on the on this day, I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. I don't want

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him to follow the law and who was approached by a Jewish man who told him he said, there is a verse that is in your book, if it had been revealed upon us, we would have taken it as a day of celebration, we would have taken it as a read. And he said, What verses that and he quoted this verse this day, I have completed your religion for you and perfected my favor upon you. And I've chosen for you Islam is the religion and model the law and who told him he said, I know the day in which that was revealed. It was revealed on the 10th day of the picture, it was revealed on this day on the province on the law to set it on while he was performing the hajj. And so this is a day of

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great blessing. This is a day of the completion of our religion. This is a day of gratitude to a loss of Hannah to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about an oath here and this is the greatest action that a person can do on this day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said there is no action that is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala on this day than the spilling of the blood of the animal of sacrifice.

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And when he was asked about the oath here by the Sahaba, he says soon as I become Ibrahim, it is the son of your father Ibrahim, and they said for Milena fee hyah Rasulullah Kala bikuni charlatan Hashanah call for Sophia rasulillah. Carla Bakula. shodoshima Sofia has enough. They said Yasuda law, what reward do we get? And he said for every hair on the animal of the animal that you are sacrificing you receive a good deed for it. And they said, what about the wool or messenger of Allah, if I'm sacrificing a sheep, he said, for every piece of wool or every hair of wool, every strand of wool, you receive reward as well. And so this is of the greatest actions that a person can

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do, they can offer the sacrifice. Now, I understand that obviously, our ability to offer these sacrifices locally is incredibly embedded,

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impeded by

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the situation that were in post hurricane Houston. Nonetheless, people can still if they can, they can donate it online. And there is many different organizations that will take your oltean distributed internationally and have it they range from $150 to 250 to $350, depending on the country that you're offering and what you're offering. And if a person financially cannot do that, then they should not feel any hardship or difficulty. Why because also loss on the line to send them on the date he brought forward to he brought forward two ramps. And one of them he sacrificed and he said this is on behalf of hammer to Adam hammer. This is on behalf of Mohammed and his family. And

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then he says he sacrificed the other end he said this is on behalf of Mullah mula Haman omitted from the ones who did not have the ability to make oath here from my oma. And so do not feel that it is something that you must do. Whether you can or whether you can't rather the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he offered a sacrifice on behalf of every one of his own every single one of us who is not able to offer the sacrifice. And the loss of Hannah Diallo says linien Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah wash your hands, Allah says the blood of the animal does not reach him, nor does the meat of the animal reach him, but rather what reaches a law is the tequila the consciousness of a loss of Hannah died

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from us, the worship of Allah, the humility to Allah, the hope in a loss of Hannah died. And so, this brings me to the second point and this is that these days of ours, these holidays of ours are not holidays in which we, you know, let loose in the sense of sinfulness. That's not what our holidays are about. Our holidays, our holidays of gratitude, our holidays, our holiday holidays of thankfulness, our holidays or holidays of worship, but the the nature of the worship changes. And so our worship becomes the worship of maintaining the ties of kinship, checking in on our family members are worshipped becomes the worship of spreading happiness amongst each other. And the

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prophets little light is in them. He said in a beautiful Hadith he says that the most beloved person to Allah and found him happiness in Allah, and found him that the most beloved people to Allah Subhana Allah are those who are the most beneficial to people. And the prophet SAW the light is sent him said the most beloved action to Allah is soon to treat who Allah Muslim is happiness that you bring to a Muslim. And now as we are all recoiling from this hurricane, and last week was just an incredible week, it started with an Eclipse and it ended with a hurricane. But

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as we all are recovering together, there is incredible opportunity to bring happiness to each other, there is incredible opportunity, and of the first ways that we can bring happiness to each other is to simply call each other

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asking about each other. You know, I didn't see somebody today I eat, where are they calling them? How have you been? How's your house, how's your family,

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checking in on each other, that's the first number two, if they do have the need for help that you seek out helping them. And hamdulillah I'm very proud that this message, we've been able to mobilize over 60 volunteers and I hope that more of you will join us to help families and homes that have been affected by flood. And yesterday and Hamdulillah, we're able to help out 17 different homes from our community. And so for those of you who are interested, just stopped by the office and asked to be to be added or email the message or what have you. But these days are days of bringing happiness towards one another there are people who might not be able to cook or there may be people

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may not be able to access money for whatever reason, in view, all of these are very real possibilities. And so checking in on each other is incredibly important. And assisting each other is incredibly important. It was narrated

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says

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that the most beloved action to a loss of Hana data is happiness that you bring to a Muslim brother, or he says to an office and who co button of the man who day in and out and who you are, and that you repel hunger from each other or that you relieve a burden. And

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one of the things that is important as we realize that the servants of Allah subhanaw taala are in incredible need is even as we go through difficulty, that that difficulty could have been incredibly worse. And so even in our difficulty, we experienced thankfulness.

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Sure, he said, Every time that I experienced the difficulty, I recognize that a loss of power, no dad has a number of favors hidden within that difficulty. The first goodness is that it wasn't affected me in my religion, because the greatest calamities that which affects my religion. And number two is that it could have been worse than that, you know, the hurricane could have lasted more than four days, for example. Or, if my car was flooded, it could have been my house. And if my house was flooded, I could have lost somebody who's more beloved to me than any physical property, it could always have been worse. And number three, if Allah subhanaw taala granted me patience, then

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I recognize that that is goodness also. And if a loss of contact, Allah grants me the ability and a strategy that I say, in a ledger, and then I hope for the reward of that,

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and that I look and I see those who are afflicted, more difficult to deal with more difficulty than I have. And so for example, even as we're going through this as the city of Houston, we recognize that in Sierra Leone, over 1000 people in the same time period passed away, because of flooding of mudslide, we look at Southeast Asia, or we look at South Asia. And we see that in India and Nepal and Bangladesh, over 1000 people have died because of flood in that region in the same time period. And so we thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that we were able to, that our difficulty has been incredibly,

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comparatively smaller, and that we hope that Allah subhanaw taala reward us and give us the ability to get back on track. The last thing that I want to end with is the importance of volunteering and helping other people. The importance of getting involved that we may prepare for next time climate change, if people aren't convinced about climate change being real, then maybe this will kind of convince them. But even more so it is expected for more storms, it's expected that these things, we're not going to

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And, and so being involved in helping to be someone who inshallah, in the next period of time if something is ever needed that you are somebody who's ready to be on call and ready to, to help and to assist akula masumeh Tomas de la jolla.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Dido. So have you seen him Sima Cassia, la, la la la, la la, la la la la la la la la la la Hamed. The last thing that I want to leave you with is just the importance of as a Muslim community being people who are flagbearers with regards to healing a wounded nation. I mean, when you look at this country, you see suffering in almost every sphere, whether it's the physical here, but you see also that these types of difficulties bring out the best in communities, you see people who are coming together incredibly, before this happened here in Houston, the country was incredibly charged with racial tension. And you saw over these past five

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days, it's almost been completely forgotten. Even if it's part of the national conversation. Still, it's been completely forgotten from the city of Houston, you saw people helping each other and it didn't matter whether they were white or black, you saw people helping each other and it didn't matter whether they were Muslim or non Muslim, recognizing that there is an innate goodness and an innate humanity in individuals and working as a community to help spread that out and help recognize and to help people see that the Muslims in the community are nothing but a helping hand, and nothing but people who want goodness for their community and the greater society. And I want to mention that

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there is an initiative that's been started by is gh. And this method has partnered with is g h and leading this effort. And that is the US Muslim organizations Harvey Relief Fund. This is a us Muslims organizations Harvey Harvey Relief Fund. This is in Charlotte is a million dollar initiative, the goal is to raise a million dollars and I hope that this is something that's inshallah going to be very, very achievable from the Muslim community because we know that the the effect is already in the billions of dollars in the city of Houston. But go online, check out this Relief Fund, go on to lunch, good. You'll find it there and encourage others and let's mobilize each

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other and mobilize, mobilize ourselves Firstly, and then mobilize each other to reach this goal. And to help donate their people. We know police officers lost their lives, first responders, many different people are suffering because of this and so widening our sphere of influence and our help beyond our local community. And joining hands with the Greater Houston community is incredibly important. And the last thing that I will mention, for parents, in particular, please with regards to eat, make sure that your children feel that it is eat Also, please make sure that your children feel that it is eight. I once I'll never forget I did a poll about which holiday was the best, just

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as young people. And I already knew what the answer was. And everybody said what I was expecting the poll resoundingly overwhelmingly said the best holiday is Christmas. And everybody knew that right? Why? Because as soon as Christmas happens, your gifts and there are lights and there's so much fun that's happening. And with eat, maybe we just come to the salon, and then we go home and we take a nap and Baba goes to work and that's pretty much it. Right? That's not and we all compare. We all complain about how beautiful it is and overseas and all of that. Well it's time to bring it eat here. And let's make it eat something that's fun and give our children something incredible to sack

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to celebrate with regards to Salatu Juma Salatu Juma is optional if a person has prayed and eat so if you've created eight Salatu, Jeremiah becomes optional. However, obviously you still have to pray the Lord of the hood is not optional. So either Juma or one of the two May Allah subhanaw taala except from us and from you. Kabbalah Minami Allah Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad by the

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way to Mubarak