Abdulfattah Adeyemi – The Individual Becoming Mr Mrs Right Part 1

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The concept of being complete is defined by the combination of experiences, insights, and strengths. The concept of love is defined as the feeling of happiness when love comes around, sadness in one's heart, and hope for everything to end. The importance of finding one's own independence and embracing oneself is emphasized. People should be willing to wait for opportunities and be willing to wait for Mr. Right.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us three ways to look at life, three ways to be, and to assist. Allah has given us the law. So that will become version of his on off. When Allah says to the angel, in the jar Elune, fill out the halifa, I want to place a vibrant viceroy

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and all of us, we are all representatives have allowed us. And Allah has given us the second gift of wilaya. So that we come to one and other brothers to one another assistance of one another. friends have one another supporters of one another. And that is why all of us, we have that connection.

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Everybody should go back to their mother's womb. If I should go back to my mother's womb, you go back to your mother's womb, your mother goes back to her own mother's womb, everybody goes back to their mother's womb, one person going into another person's mother's womb will continue like that will all end up in one single womb. And that's the womb of a mother. However, may Allah be pleased with her. So I'm your brother. You are my sister. We are deleted, we are connected. We are all the same. We are one. One race, the human race. That's where we all belong. We are all parties to assist one another. Except you don't have a belly button. Then you are not one of us. If you do have, you

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may check if you have if you do have that means we are all the same.

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The only one that may or may not have had belly button was Adam.

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Did he have or not?

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Want to check the internet?

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Did he have belly button or not? If he had a belly button, raise your right hand if he didn't have the left hand. If you don't raise any hand, you walk out.

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You walk out because you don't know our father.

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Did he have or not?

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What? What is the she have? Or not?

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If you had ladies, raise your hand if she had raised your hand. If she didn't have brothers? Don't raise your hand.

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No raise your hand means Did you check?

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How would we know whether she had it or not? Whether she did or she didn't. We know very well. That we all have. And that is what has drained all of us together. The first point of contact with our mothers the first point of connection with our mothers

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and the last two discovered when we're to live independent lives on this earth.

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The third one that is very important is the concept of zawada.

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We all met Allah subhanaw taala has made all of us to be together as husbands and wives and honors what Allah sees women It is Allah cola coming to see come as Wagga liters qu la wa Jalla beyene Akuma datawalk ma in the valley Kala I Attila de comida Vokoun among the Center for Law, that is that he has created for you amongst yourselves, your spouses. So you may find rest in heart. And Allah has put love and mercy between your hearts indeed in these are Signs for those who can reflect a love Hawk but

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part of what makes us to be completed as human beings is the concept of this

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being married, of the man to the woman, and that is what makes us to be human beings in the first place. When we say being, you be in a human, there is nothing to hide about being human. And there's nothing to be ashamed of when we're in the continuous sense being. And when Allah says cool fire can be and it is the state of being is what is applicable to us as human being. And when we say human being the being part of it is a continuous sense. continuous tense.

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Like we say, walking, overseas moving, I will say growing, I will say loving, you are a human being a human being is a combination of a lot of things, and what the exact right combination of experiences, you are the exact right combination of insights of strengths and weaknesses, and shadows and lights. It is these experiences that actually qualify and complete you as a human being. But don't forget, the completion is not the same thing as perfection.

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You are complete. Bull, you're not perfect. To be perfect means you are existing within a limited scope of human experience. It means you have all of the light and none of the dark, it means you have no flaws. And you don't have to struggle for anything. But to be complete is like finding all the missing persons missing pieces of a puzzle and putting them all together to form a whole, complete is becoming what you already are. You are a human being. So you are complete as a human being flows and all.

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Part of what completes us. Those things mentioned by Allah, whether Allah been Akuma what

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Allah has put love and mercy within our hearts. Let's pick it from the love and mercy.

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The world as we have it today, when it comes to marriage when it comes to life, the world doesn't need more wealth than it already has. The world doesn't need more natural resources than the ones Allah has already provided. It doesn't need an additional sun or moon, or additional basis of seas and rivers. It doesn't need angels to come and govern the affairs of mankind. For the whole world to be a better place. It is not a more advanced technology from outer space, or from some aliens that the world actually needs down. He doesn't need another app or another network. What the world really need now is really basic. It is simple, bare bones, often forgotten in the rat race in pursuit of

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wealth, impossible power and fame and Long live. It is often compromised in the hustle to outdo others in materialistic consumerism. It is often neglected in building a life ambition in building a home and in nation building. what the world needs now is love,

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love and mercy.

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The home doesn't need the elaborate weddings.

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The world doesn't the home doesn't need big mansions. A more fashionable car. more modern gadgets more well to throw around more looks more beauty, more makeup kits.

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What your home needs Now, in order to experience true joy, lasting happiness and sustainable peace is love. Love and Mercy. Peel off old fashioned love that never goes out of style. Ridiculous, oozing, fearless, bold, unstoppable love. Love is what we need. And this love that Allah talks about sometimes is hidden.

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And other times it is known. How many of us here as ever felt love before? Raise your hand?

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Have you ever loved somebody?

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As somebody ever loved you?

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What does it feel? To be in love?

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Sometimes the love can be true. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it feels like five or the times you don't even feel it at all.

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Love can be cold. Sometimes. Love can be heart. Love, it can be love at first sight. It can be built over time, it can be revealed. It can be kept secret, maybe returned or sometimes turns down. Love something that can never be explained. No defined. How can you be professed? How do you articulate it? It cannot be exclaimed by keeping it in your mind. It cannot be fully expressed by an articulate tongue. The only way is by saying words from your heart yet it is better felt by the heart than uttered in words and no two persons feel exactly the same way. About Love. Love is hard to find.

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Even harder to keep. It takes time and effort to keep it going. But you don't mind. Because you will do anything in the world to keep it forever. It is waking up in the morning and want you to be with that person that you love. And going to bed feeling the same way. It's knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody else. That love is the only thing that's on your mind od and every time. And it's a feeling so great that no matter what anyone says, it will never be taken away from you is probably the best feeling in the world. Faith

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requires love. You can't have emotion. If you don't know how to love. Love is happiness you feel when love itself comes around is the sadness in your heart. When you know that love is not there anymore, is the safety you feel when you are feeling scared.

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Is the joy you feel when you are feeling sad is the hope you have when everything is gone wrong, is the dreams you hold on to when you are alone is the WAY you sit there and think of crazy things that can be expressed. Just like the fish once said to the sea, but you can see my tears when I cry. And you see replied yes I might not see your tears. But I can feel your pain. I can feel your joy because you live in me a loved one.

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But when you lose that feeling what's going to happen?

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Love as mentioned by Allah, Allah use a special word for love that is akin to marriage to living together to form in a family to have any relationship. This kind of love my wife data Warhammer, this kind of love is amongst the best things in life is not what you can see you can hold it you can touch it, sometimes you can prove it. But shows manifests itself in so many tangible ways. It is loving the other person more than you love yourself. It has to do with putting the other person first and giving all you can to them and the relationship. It means thinking of ways to please make them happy. This special kind of marital Love is the greatest of all love. Alma

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Almada builds with faith. It grows with sacrifice and increases it increases with time. it stabilizes witch trials. It thrives with worship. it survives with trust. It can make want to shed tears but leaves no sorrow behind. It can make you to feel pain but leaves no regrets behind. Alma what that understands when you see Oh, I forgot. It waits for it but when you see just a minute, it also leaves when you say leave me alone. It opens the door even before you knock and say can I come in

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and when love leaves. You can see Thank you for coming around. Alma water is not how you forget what how you forgive, is not how you listen, but how you understand it is not what you see but how you feel. It is not how you let go but how you hold on. However, Almada for relationship is not a padlock is not the cage is not to prison. It's not a trap. It is not enforced, it's a willing sacrifice. It is not demanded for what given freely. It is not supervised. It is voluntary. It is a stage of tranquility and abode of peace, a feeling of fulfillment in Ordinary Love. Very rarely do we win. Both in Alma what even when you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving

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someone more than you love yourself. The joy is the opportunity to love somebody. It is focused beyond the next person. It seeks to please Allah through service to your spouse. It forgives in hope of Allah's forgiveness and deals in the hope of Allah reward. It is the only thing that makes you and affords you a constant companion, a good friend, somebody you can share your joys and sorrows with when things are hard like rock. When things are soft like cotton, when things are sweet like honey, when things are bitter as vinegar or deadly like battery acid, somebody to stand by you in terms of plenty and in terms of empty Cumbrian and come shine. Someone who shall always see you in

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your best moods.

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From you cannot hide your work on and off begins, works and all somebody is ready to accept you exactly the way you are. Alma what that is what happens to cling together as couples look for it. This is the real love that Allah wants us to put into marriages and relationships, woman each other again the core of winter, and to see God whether sunlight, whatever solar is still available, why rescue with our pains and pleasure. And when comes to mutual mercy, the Rama is taken from Rahu and neyman, something that's akin to the womb of our mothers, where we have all the comforts in the world. And we don't have to explain ourselves for enjoying being in our mother's womb. Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar, Kabira Allahu Akbar Kabira. And Allah asked me this Rama to be one of his names. So that let us look at it in your life. You are the one that wants to get into relationship. You want to get Mr. Right, you've got to find yourself. First. You got to learn how to love yourself. You've got to learn to accept yourself. You've got to learn to complete yourself. You've got to look at your life. And see that samples needs to only be fixed and put in place. You can't be perfect. If you are perfect, you are not real. If you are real, you are not perfect. Look at your life. You have hoped before. You are not perfect. You have dreamt before. You are not perfect. Union in marriage is

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between two lovers. And these two lovers. None of them is perfect. You've doubted. You have feared you had fantasies, you face realities in life. You surprised yourself, you have been surprised by others, you've been disappointed. And you have also disappointed yourself. Many people have disappointed you. You've done exactly what you wanted to do. And you've done the exact opposite of what you intended to do. Are you perfect,

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you have slipped, you have tripped, you've been careless, you've been forgetful. Such as sometimes you live life on autopilot. And sometimes with full awareness of what you are doing. You have consciously treated yourself badly. You've wanted to finally arrive, but you found yourself left behind.

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You've thought you were a complete package. But you found yourself an unfinished product. You thought you were the real deal. By reality made you feel

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like you I spit higher.

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You fall flat on your face. And you have to cover your face in shame. you've applied yourself to your job. But rather than be excited, you keep getting on the whim. You succeeded. You failed. You have fallen your reason. You've got wounded, you've got healed. You have loved and lost in the game of love. And you've lived to love again and again. You've made smart decisions in your life, and you make dumb choices. You've stood in the shadows and danced in the light. You've been bitten by the long road sort of reinforce, I've almost got roasted under the heat of the sun. You've been cold, you've been warm. You sang some songs in the bathroom. You had to cry your your pillows, your

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lifetime, you've learned to crawl. You've learned to walk. You've learned to run. You've learned to pause. You've learned to stand still. You've learned to cry yourself to sleep. If we spot you've healed. You've kept talking and you kept quiet. Your talks have made sense and your talk I've misunderstood your talks, I've misinterpreted your talks, I've even put you into trouble.

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You are not perfect after all.

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You said the right thing at the right time and to the right persons. And you said the things you didn't mean things you wouldn't want said to you and think that you have even said that eventually have altered your destiny. You've been right. You've been wrong. You've been hard. You've been soft, you'd be fearless union scared. You felt pride, you felt shame. You felt joy, you felt sorrow, you first serenity, you've been distressed, you felt loved. You felt unloved. You felt accepted, you felt rejected. And the reality is that if one single human being is complicated enough like this, how then will two human being be able to marry each other with all these imperfections. And like we

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said, all you need to do is just be real and be complete.

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Don't be perfect. And now how do you get that love into your life? That is going to make you to be completed? Not perfect. Completed many people have a lot of deals with waiting for the right person to marry. Waiting for Mr. Right within for Mrs. Wright.

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Unfortunately, many people are waiting for the aircraft or the train station.

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They are trying to find a cow inside a cow pee.

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So many of them thought that when you talk about compatibility, the thing and and is compatible with an elephant.

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What are you waiting for?

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For some, they just have this belief that someday their husbands will come knock on their doors and say Assalamu alaikum

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Are you waiting for me?

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Some people have this idea that someday they will just walk into a shop right? And they will like want to buy something they will have made the shopping It's time for them to pay and they they forgot their card. And this guy just walked up and says Salaam Alaikum

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