Hasan Ali – How to become the close friend of Wali-Allah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of the closeness between the Earth and Allah's throne, which is the distance between the two. They also explain how the concept of love can be achieved through actions and words, and how it can be achieved through actions and words. The speaker emphasizes the importance of belief in Allah's presence and desire for him.
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The ultimate protection in my eyes is to be someone who is a close friend of a las Panatela. Our li of Allah subhanaw taala? How does one use all that we've mentioned today to become a worthy of Allah? How can one get into that closeness with Allah Subhana Allah to have the ultimate form of protection? You know, somebody asked

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me to humble Ramallah

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what's the distance between the Earth

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and the Earth of the rock man, the Throne of Allah, what's the difference? And he said Dawa sadaqa mean called in Saudi.

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He said, an honest call from a pure heart. That's the difference between the Earth and Allah throne, which is, you know, the one of the greatest creations of Allah azza wa jal, right above the seven heavens and the seven earth. What does that mean? The closeness of Allah azza wa jal comes from here.

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Right? It's it's within us, it's me, opening my mind to Allah. It's all you know, what I said to you in the beginning which is decayed in his every is in every single form of very bad when I'm in my salah, and I'm able to do what the Quran said to Rasulullah saw last month Surah Muzammil Tibet, tell lay hit Tab tiller, cut yourself off of everything, except for him. That is the closest disasters are closeness you feel you can close in that in a hadith of Sahih Muslim he says, a caribou Maya Coonan loved that the closest a human can get to Allah is when they're in sujood. When they in frustration, it's in the mind that close to Allah will open his closeness to us, when we are

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able to free ourselves from the from our surroundings and the world, especially when we're worshiping Him. And we're trying to get so whether it's me open the Quran reading, whether it's me making dua, the fact that I'm thinking of nothing but Allah Allah in my dua the fact that when I'm reciting Quran I'm doing for Allah sake. And I'm reading for him. I'm reading His words to him, because he wants to hear me say his words to him. Let me give you another explanation of how that works. It's like, it's like when you when you have a, I'm just giving this example as humans to him so that we can attend and it will bring it back to

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when you've got someone that you love. human to human I'm talking about. When you love someone, what do you do?

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You remember them.

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Even say the name a lot. You talk about them, you talk about them, it makes you feel happy, you talk to you, you talk to them, but even if they're not there, let's say they're not there. You talk about them. You talk about the times you had with them, you talk about wanting to be with them. You talk about them as a as a character as a person hasn't made you feel all that right. So that's when you're in love with someone right? Now think about you and Allah. If you're if you're in love with Allah, Allah, you love Allah azza wa jal. You love Allah azza wa jal, you want to spend time with him as in your Salah, this is, you know, once I remember this, and this is really striking, right? I

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was in a in London, I was in a printing press. And it's a non Muslim printing press. And as I said to the, to the, to the guy in the office, you know, time for us, okay. And like almost an hour remaster. So, you know, we're in the middle of a whole conversation with trying to get some printing done. I said, Can you excuse me for a while, I really refuse my prayers. And he says, Fine, fine. I said, What do you want to do? I said, I can do here. Right, right. Is it look the office next to me, there's a glass window in between the two offices just do it there. So as to that did my other president and he watched me, this is a non Muslim watching me. After I finished I came back and you

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know, the first thing he said to me, he said, has an Eagles. That was like a meditation, wasn't it? I look at our non Muslim looks at us when we're in Salah. And that's what we're supposed to do. We're in a meditation. We're supposed to be in a Muna jet, that you have any secret conversation with Allah, in Salah. This is your one, your moment with Allah. When you're in that you are you are now going up in the ranks in the ranks of the closeness to Allah and the closest to Allah is that Rajat? There are many, many, many, many levels of getting close to Allah and each time we do these things, when we cut ourselves off from other thoughts except just for Allah. Each time I do the

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vicar of Allah, I'm remembering Allah, I'm saying his words, because we love Allah right? I'm saying your Quran your words, I want to repeat them back to you because I love you. Right? When you're doing that what was happening you are now going above the ranks of Wilaya and you're becoming slowly the believer and the willy of Allah is not just one rank, there are several ranks. So they say the the Adena actually the one who is the lowest wali of Allah as one who is close to Allah is the one who does the five daily prayers. i The constant I'm not gonna miss those daily daily prayers. I'm going to I'm going to do them on time and I'm going to do

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Then with devotion to the pastor as the one who's close to Allah and then above that, of course we've got many Allah well you will

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see belief. And then I also say you heard you mean as will matter no, because Allah is close to you. He takes you out of darkness puts you into light

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