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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the story of the da’wah of Yusuf AS within the confines of prison in Verses 36 to 41 of Surah Yusuf.

Two young lads entered the prison with Yusuf AS who were the bread maker and winemaker in the palace and both were tried with trying to poison the king. They each had a dream. What were the dreams and what were their interpretations? Listen intently to acquaint yourself with these interesting dreams .

Yusuf AS established a good reputation in the prison by being kind, merciful and helpful to the prison mates. The dreams of the lads were shared to Yusuf AS and he was the apt person to interpret their dreams as Allah had blessed him with the knowledge of interpreting dreams. But Yusuf AS stalled the interpretation for hope of bringing the lads closer to Islam. He tells them to wait till their next meal comes.

How did he change the topic from dreams to Allah? Discover the details. Then, he goes off on the tangent of da’wah to come towards Allah.

We are also acquainted with the methodology adopted by Yusuf AS to advocate the Greatness of Allah SWT and Dawah of Islam. He dissociates himself from idolatry and believes in One God and the HereAfter. He also says he believes in the teachings taught by Prophets Ibrahim, Yaqub and Ishaq AS.

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be in most global Kareem Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to another episode of our fascinating series towards understanding so the use of this is your host. So Callie. In our previous episode, we had discussed the series of events that led to the imprisonment of Prophet use of Allah His Salaam, and in today's episode, we will take up the story with the dour of the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam within the prison, stay with us local the canopy.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding surah Yusuf. In our previous episode, we had discussed the series of events that led to the imprisonment of the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, when he refused to give into the temptations and the seductive seductions of the wife of Aziz, who then threatened him with jail. And Allah azza wa jal said in the last verse that we did in the last episode, film about the home man back then about it lay a student who had to hate that it became clear to them or this is what they wanted to do, that after the clearness of his character was shown to them. After the miraculous nature Allah

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calls it yet, after the miraculous nature of his purity and innocence was shown to them, how did they respond to that innocence? They threw him into jail, what happened in jail? This will be the course of events that we will discuss in today's episode. And as usual, we'll begin with a recitation of the pertinent verses, and I asked my readers to follow along with me today we will inshallah without oversight from verse number 36 up until verse number 14, one

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in this series of verses a lot of what Allah tells us what the hata mara who cijena Fatah young, two young lads, two young men entered the prison along with him. And according to some historians, these were people servants who worked in the Palace of the king. One of them was the breadmaker of the king. And the other one was the winemaker. And the both of them were charged with trying to attempt to poison and assassinate the king. So they were imprisoned along with the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam.

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The both of them saw a dream. One of them said called a huduma. In the arani, pseudo hombre, I saw myself in a dream, pressing wine. I eat pressing the grapes to make wine, even though what he is pressing is grapes to make the wine. Allah azza wa jal says that he saw himself pressing wine, as if he saw the final result. So he is producing wine, he sees himself making the wine, we'll call it alpha, the other one said, in the r&d that I have seen in my dream, asked me to folk rock See, hope isn't holding on top of my head some bread, so he is carrying bread on top of his head, cola. Pyromania and the birds are eating from this bread Nabina beta Wheezy, he please inform us of what

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is the interpretation of this dream in Iraq, Amina Morsi, Nene, we see you to be a righteous and pious person.

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See here, that the two companions who came along with the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, they already even though they are supposed to be criminals, they already noticed that the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam is not like the rest of the prisoners. They call him of the mercy Nene. And this is exactly throughout one of the themes of the story, exactly what Allah calls the use of aluminum as well, that he is invoicing somebody who worships Allah as though he is seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these two people testify to the character of the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, even though he is in prison, he still manages to outshine the other prisoners, he doesn't just sit back and sulk. He

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doesn't just do nothing. Rather, he makes a effort to bring some good in the prison. And the scholars say he would visit the sick, he would even give some of his food to those who needed it. He would be kind and merciful to the other prisoners. So he established a good reputation, even while he was in prison. Now, because of this good reputation, the two men came to him, and they presumed that he would be able to interpret dreams. And little did they know that yes, indeed, they were right. This is the very man whom Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed with the knowledge of interpreting dreams. This also shows that the concept of the dreams being symbolic in nature, and that people

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have to interpret them. This is known to many amongst mankind, even if they are not Muslims. These people obviously were pagans, they were idol worshipers, and yet they knew that this was something that had to be interpreted. So they say to the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, interpret this dream for us. The Prophet Yusuf responds on li te Kumar. I'm on to the Connie Ilana back to come up with a winning combination.

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Akuma he said, your food will not come to you that you eat from, except that I would have told you of your interpretations before the food comes. What is the sentence supposed to mean? Well, obviously the prisoners would have timings that they get their breakfast or lunch, their dinner they get their foods in. So they knew these timings and the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam is telling them, you are not going to be fed at that time, that time will not come until I have told you what you want to know. In other words, he is telling them Be patient, you will get this information before your next feeding time before your next meal time you will have this information. Why does he want

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to delay giving them the response because he wants to benefit them in a more important way than the interpretation of their dreams. He wants to invite them to Islam, he wants to tell them about the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And look here, he is a prisoner, amongst other prisoners, these are criminals, these are murderers. These are thieves. These are evil people in the prison. And yet he doesn't just sit back and do nothing. He becomes active. He does what he can. And this is the way of the believer, the believer looks at the good he can cost society wherever he is even in prison, and how many are the great odema like him, like she was happy with Tamia. And like many of the

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famous odema whom this history our history has seen. They were imprisoned. And even when they went to prison, they continue to preach. They continue to teach, they formed a generation of scholars sometimes within the prison, such as the way of the pious and the righteous, they don't just sit back and become despondent, they don't just become pessimistic, there is always an opportunity to do good, you can always cause a change, even if you're in prison in jail with other prisoners. So the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, he begins giving them that what he preaches to them and teaches to them, what is this religion about? And he tells them, don't worry, before your food comes to you, I would

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have told you the interpretation of your dreams. And then he goes off into the tangent which is more important than the final goal. The tangent I'm telling them what the religion is. So he says that he Kuma Mima Alemany, Robbie, the interpretation of these dreams is what a lot my lord has taught to me. So he brings in the concept of his Lord, he changes the topic from the dreams to religion. And this is a profound way of giving Dawa. In fact, this is the best way of giving Dawa of teaching and preaching. whatever topic is brought up. The first thing you should do is take it back to belief in God. This is the primary thing, the primary message, bring it back to our belief in God. How did he

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change the topic from dreams to God? Simple one word. zydeco Malema as them and europei. This is what my lord has taught me. He's trying to say, if you're going to come to me for this knowledge, the knowledge of dreams, surely, you should also find out where did I get this knowledge from? And this knowledge came from my Lord. And then he goes off into tangent, talking about his Lord, Zadie Columbia, Adam and Robbie in Iraq. To me, that's a common law human wannabe law. He was humble bill, capital, I have left the religion, the methodology of a group of people who do not believe in Allah, and they also disbelieve in the hereafter. Remember, he was in Egypt, surrounded by people at that

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time, who were idol worshipers. These were the followers of the pharaohs in the kings of Egypt. They did not believe in the religion of Islam. So he says, I am not upon this religion, we need to take a short break. Now. When we come back, we'll continue talking about the methodology of the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam. While he's teaching Islam to the fellow prisoners in the jail stay with us lafonda Ghana de cosas de Mio Tulio de

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Welcome back. So we were talking about the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam while he was in prison, and the two men had come to him to ask for the interpretation of their dreams. And he tells these two people before your food comes to you, I would have told you of this interpretation. This is what my lord has taught me. So he mentioned his Lord. And then he says, I have left the religion of a group of people who do not believe in Allah, and they also deny the hereafter. They didn't believe in a resurrection. So the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam tells the people I am not upon your religion, he disassociate himself from that.

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The religion of the people around him. And this is something that we need to understand that it is differences that tell us that that makes it clear who we are similarities are fine similarities help people understand, but it is differences. What makes us separate. Today we have a movement, we have a number of people, they seem to be embarrassed to mention the differences and the only one to mention similarities between Islamic Christianity between Islam and Judaism. It's good to talk about similarities and we need to emphasize those similarities. But in the end of the day, it is the differences that make us who we are. So the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam says, I am different from all

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of you. I don't believe in what you believe, I believe in one God and I believe in the hereafter. And he said, Whatever I do mean that Abba Ibrahim is how Korea code and they follow the religion. If I don't follow your religion, whose religion do I follow? I follow the religion the way of my forefathers, Abraham and his house and yaku. Notice in less than one sentence, use of alayhis salam mentioned the three fundamental principles of all religions of Allah, and that is the hate risala and our belief in Allah, belief in the prophets belief in the hereafter. Notice how beautifully how succinctly he summarizes these three fundamentals. He says, I believe in Allah, I believe in a

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hereafter. And I believe in my father's now in his father's means the Prophet Ibrahim is held on Yaqoob mark and Elena a new Sheikh Abdullah him in shape, it is not allowed for us, you can also translate this as it is not appropriate for us, it is not befitting for us, that we do ship with a law with anything. Now, what exactly is ship,

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ship is to give the rights of a lot to other than a lot. This is the definition of strict I want you to to memorize and understand this definition. sherek is to give the rights of Allah to other than Allah. So if Allah azzawajal deserves to be worshipped, and indeed he does, nobody else deserves to be worshipped. If Allah azza wa jal has certain names and attributes, no one else deserves those names and attributes. And sheer as we all know as Muslims, is the one unforgivable sin in Islam. Allah says in the Quran in surah, Nisa, verse 48, Allah will never forgive the sin of Sheikh and he will forgive any sin lesser than should to whomever he pleases. So he says, We are not allowed us

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prophets. We are not allowed to commit * with Allah, that he can enforce the law here, Elena wildness, this is of the blessings of Allah upon us and upon all of mankind. The greatest blessing that Allah has given us is the blessing to worship Him alone. This is the biggest blessing. So the fact that we don't commit shoot is in fact, a very big blessing that you come in for the Lahaina and it is also a blessing upon the rest of mankind. Why? It is a blessing upon the rest of mankind, that the prophets don't commit you that the prophets worship Allah and only Allah, that he can follow the law. I didn't know why the Nazi Well, I can honestly lie on the moon, most people don't realize what

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don't they realize. They don't realize, number one, that only Allah is worthy of worship. Look around you. How many religions believe in God, all of them. How many religions worship only that God, none of them except for Islam. Look at every single religion, and they believe that God Himself is too holy, he must be approached through intermediaries, he must be approached through conduits through mediums. And unfortunately, we also have some of the Muslim groups as well. They don't understand this reality. And they think we need to approach God, we need to approach a lot through the medium of holy people. And this is not our religion. Our religion is that we approach a lot

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directly, we worship Allah directly. And the prophets use of Allah Sam calls this the biggest blessing. This is the biggest blessing that Allah has given us that we know that only he is worthy of worship. And we then put this into command. Notice here, that the central theme of all of this is Allah and the worship of Allah. And this emphasizes for us the concept of monotheism and Islam. Anytime we want to explain our religion to anybody else. We start off talking about oneness of Allah, his perfect nature and character and attributes, and the fact that only he is worthy of worship. We don't go into side tangents of various issues that are not directly related to our

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religion, maybe even they might be secondarily related or tertiary, but not primary, we always go to the primary matter. And the primary matter is the oneness of Allah, the worship of Allah, use of Allah Islam then goes on and he says, yo Sahiba, Sidney, oh, my two companions of the prison. Notice how he addresses them. He is a prophet, and he calls these two people my companions, how can they be his companions when they are criminals? How can they be his companions when he is the prophet of a love and these people are mere murderers and thieves along with the people indigenous

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But still, this is how he addressed them in order to form a bond in order to form some type of relationship, some type of rapport with them. And this is the way of the diary of the one who preaches and teaches. He doesn't begin with hostility. He doesn't begin with animosity. This is not the way of Islam. He began. He is gentle, he is sweet. He is basically sympathetic and loving. Why? Because he genuinely cares for the other people he wants to guide them, and how are you going to care for them, unless you address them in terms that they appreciate in terms that they like? So he calls them all my two companions of the prison? Y'all saw him a decision out of bourbon with a

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raccoon? Or many gods better than one? Do you think you have many Lords? Now he's talking to a group of servants or slaves, they have one master. And so they understand the analogy. He's trying to say, suppose you had 510 Masters? What would you do that would you not not be able to do your jobs properly? The fact that you have one master makes it very easy for you to understand what the purpose and the concept of your life is, and that is to serve your master. So he says, use your intellect, use your rationality, or babble? What difference? Does it make sense to have this plurality of Gods? Now, the ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods, just like modern

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pagan religions, modern, modern idol worshipping religions, they also believe in hundreds and 1000s of gods. Similarly, the people at the time of use of Rene Solomon, Egypt, they believed in many gods, so he brings the point home alibabam with the photofunia, Hydra anila does it make sense that you have so many gods or only one Allah, Allah had, he is one alcohol, the one who is able to subdue all as all else is subdued by a lot. Alcohol means no other being has the power to repel or go against a lot of gohara means Allah subhanho wa Taala has ultimate control over everything. And in this is an indication, he is basically saying, Look around you, isn't everything in perfect order

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and harmony, if everything is in such perfect order, and harmony, how then can multiple Gods be in charge, there must only be one God, whose will is executed, whose decree always takes place, and this is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we also know that in pagan religions, all that they do is they have Gods fighting other gods, they have Gods bickering with other gods, they have Gods killing and destroying other gods. So he says, use your intelligence, does it make sense that there is a God Kingdom like this, that each God is fighting other gods? Or is there only one God and because of this one, God, the entire universe is in perfect harmony, and system, this is what he's asking them

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to think. Think about this. So our religion doesn't tell us to be irrational. Our religion doesn't say, don't think and just be blind followers. Our religion asks us to contemplate to think, look around you what makes sense, many gods are one God. And once we realize only one God makes sense, then we should then worship that God and use of Elisa brings the point home by saying that we're doing them in dooney, in a smart and some way to move her into whatever these gods that you're worshipping besides Allah, they don't really exist. They are not real entities, all that they are, are names that you have invented, you and your forefathers. There is no such thing as these gods

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whom you call out to these gods that don't have a real existence. They are only figments of the imagination figments of the imagination that have been created by you and your forefathers matter, we don't do any less man. These are only names with no reality which you have invented you and your forefathers manzanilla will be hemming soupon. Allah himself has not given you authority. In in hoekman, Illa de la, ultimate judgment belongs only to Allah. Only Allah has the right to legislate. Only Allah has the right to inform us what to do and what not to do. No other being has the right to tell us what is permitted and what is prohibited in the law. Only Allah has this right. So what has

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he commanded us to do? And Allah, Buddha Allah, yeah, because he has this right. He has commanded us to worship Allah alone. This is the first and final commandment. This is the ultimate commandment, that Allah is your Lord, worship Him alone. don't worship any god besides Him. In in, in that Allah, Allah Allah taboo in that judgment belongs to Allah alone, and he is the one who has decreed that you shall only worship Him and no one else that he could Dino pay him. This is the true and the beautiful religion. This is the correct religion. Well, I can accept a nasty lie.

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Moon, but most of mankind do not know and they do not ponder over this. Most of mankind are not aware that, that this is the proper religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala yeah Sahaba Sydney, oh, my two people of the prison. So he addresses them again. Oh, my two fellow prisoners. Yes, I have a decision. And now he tells them the interpretation of the dream. ahead. Akuma is clear of the hombre as for one of you, so this is the interpretation of the dream, then he will end up feeding his Lord or giving his Lord wine to drink with her, and as for the other, for use level, he shall be crucified, and the birds shall eat from his body from his head, or the Emerald lady if he hit a

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stiff Deanne the questions that you were asking have now been resolved. So after going into this tangent, of talking about Allah Subhana, wa Taala, and the worship of Allah Subhana, WA Tada, affirming that Allah, and only Allah is their Lord, that Allah has perfect names and attributes.

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And that Allah alone is worthy of worship. And these are the types of towhead that we believe it that Allah is our Lord. And Allah has perfect names and attributes. And Allah alone is worthy of worship. After affirming all of these types of tawheed. He then tells them, you should worship Allah alone, don't do anything else. And then he gives them the very questions that they came for the interpretations of their dreams. Now the interpretations of their dreams were explained, and that is that one of them will be feeding, wanting to his Lord, He will survive and live through jail, he shall be free, and he should provide his Lord wine, and the other one shall be crucified. And he

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said, This is what you came to me asking about. And this is the information I have given you, just like you wanted, I didn't lie to you, I said you would get your interpretation before you get your meal. And indeed, this is the interpretation. This leads us to the conclusion of today's episode and shallow data. In our next episode, we'll continue from where we left off, I hope to see you then