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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala ashrafi mousseline Sina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa of habima in Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh with a Peace and blessings of Allah be upon each and every one of us as we are welcome to this episode which is Ramadan love,

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all which Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran while describing matters of fasting, Allah says, You read a lot of the commonly used from Allah you redo the Komodo rostro Allah intend ease for you, he doesn't intend difficulty for you everything that Allah has done, Allah donwood goodness and kindness and this is that we are talking about may look antithesis to some people they may feel about Ramadan fasting is difficult, fasting is hard. Yes, these are some necessary paths that we have to pass through in life. Before we can make things easy for ourselves. It is not as difficult as we think. But unless one Atal has made it so easy. For instance, we eat throughout the night, and

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we are not only to eat in the afternoons of Ramadan, from dawn to sunset, in every day in Ramadan. And that is supposed to be easy for us because we are also supposed to eat so who does we eat the pre dawn meal, and we are to break our fast immediately the sunset. So, there is no extra Mark extra reward for going beyond the necessary time for which somebody should break their fast it has been so arranged, so ordered. So put in place such that is not going to be difficult for us, such as not going to be hard for us to put to practice. But nevertheless, as omotola intense goodness and ease for us, we should understand that he is doing this out of love for us. And what if we were to fast

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24 hours what you were too fast all this without breaking out fast at all. It will be hard, clubbing difficult. And so what we derive from this phrase of the Bureau's Qur'an is that Allah intent is out of love for us. Because love is ease and ease is love. These are some of the Sisters of love, our sisters of love, apart from ease is peace, to give us peace of mind is also tranquility to put our minds at rest is also a sense of mercy is also a sign of help that is that you need to assist somebody to aid somebody to make life easy for somebody. That's the essence of love. You cannot claim to love a fellow being when you make life hard or difficult for them. So you make things easy

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for yourself and make things easy for us. For those who give orders and give instructions learn from Almighty Allah own by saying that everything should be easy for all of us. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent to Japan to go and do Dawa to some people, Allah The Prophet said to him that yes, siru Well, to assume make ease for people and don't make things difficult for them. By Shirou wallet enough you give people good news, good tidings and do not chase them away from the deen. Islam is easy. And Islam brings ease. If we impose certain circumstances on yourself, that makes it so hard and difficult, it means you are not getting it right. Honestly, even when you're fasting the

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month of Ramadan, and your life is to go for it. You are allowed to break your fast and pay back at another time. Islam is not such that you fast and people begin to think something bad has just happened to you is not to make you to be agitated start to make you to be angry is not to make you to be irritable is not to make you to wear some holy Halo on your head and everybody will say this guy is about to die because he fears Allah. You are not too fast to die You are too fast to live. We are not too fast to be sick, you are too fast to be healthy. We are not too fast. To be sad. We're too fast, to be joyous and to be happy in order to Allah. Fasting is about love is about the ease is

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about peace, rest of mind and tranquility. And this is what we should extend to other people too. And we should apply this principle in everything we do in our daily lives and our prayer life should make it all easy for us and save us from difficulties that may come our lives in the course of drawing closer to Allah is all about love, soul about ease, and that is what Ramadan is all about. Somali Cora Mattila Baraka