Ramadan Love 2

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you're welcome to yet another very educative episode on the segment Ramadan love. Today we want to look at matters of Ramadan as it connects us to Almighty Allah is a whole lot of connection for all creatures on earth, the whole universe is not just one word, we have the unique that is one and we have diverse that is the the word or format, the whole world is founded on the word Kuhn fire can be, and it is, and that Kuhn fire Kuhn is the word with which Allah has put everything in place, and everything is connected to everything. One thing is connected to the other. The whole universe is a very big idea is a very great mind, a big

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consciousness, the universe fields universe knows and universe loves, we are able to feel we're able to know we're able to love because Allah has designed the universe in such a way that every creature, every being you can see you can feel and you can think about. And you can imagine, they are all connected in one form or the order, physiologically and biologically. In fact, genetically, if you look at all of us, we are all related one form or the other. We are all about six generations away from each other, your father, your father's father, my mother's grandmother, if we begin to go back was late that six generations, there will be something that has connected them together in one

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form or the other. And we should ask everyone to go back to their mother's womb, my father goes to his own mother's womb, I go to my own mother's mother's mother's womb, and everybody goes back to their mother's womb, we'll all end up in one single womb, that's the home of our great grandmother. However, the one that people call Eve, the wife of Adam, we are all brothers and sisters connected in one form or the other. Because we may not be totally connected bodily and physically, we have to be connected spiritually and on the soul level. And how is it that our souls are connected, we are all connected by the, by the virtue of the fact that we are all in this universe together. And we

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are all resonating in one form or the other, all of the good and peaceful, loving qualities of the universe, as well as put it in place. One of the best ways through which we can be connected is through fasting. For example, all humans feel hunger the same way. All humans feel the pang of thirst the same way. All humans will have some emotions that connect us together. We laugh, we cry, we are sad, we are sorrowful, we rejoice, we show happiness, we show kindness we feel love, and we have affection towards one another. All these are humanistic, every human being believer in God or not. We all have the same feelings, as we have it together, as it connects all of us in the

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universe, the way Allah has put the universe in place and design it. One of such ways is for us to fast so that we can be connected in our souls, so that we can understand what other people feel, so that we can also be in their shoes at the same time, so that we all know that we all share in the relation and the daily activities, and the daily feelings that we all go through as human beings. We sleep, we work, we rise and we fall. We eat and we defecate, we drink and we relate. We perspire, we sweat, we rest we rise, and we move about our businesses and sometimes we leave and sometimes we die. We all have the single soul in our system. Allah says oh you believe Taku la la de la Coco me

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nothing. wahida fear Allah that has created all of you from one single soul. Well Bertha Mila Kumari, Jalan kathira Vanessa, and from this single soul, Allah spread for men and women. And with all these LS put in place, the fasting is a way for us to feel what we all feel. And the greatest of all these feelings is a feeling of love that we must feel for one another. Let us hold on on this feeling of love and affection and connection by taking advantage of this month of Ramadan. And I pray Allah should make it easy for all of us. Let's continue to love. Let's connect to be connected with our one brothers.

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Sisters in the universe sulamani for algebra