Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Ramadan Love 15

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting in elevating one's spiritual experiences and knowledge. They stress that fasting is not a substitute for knowledge, but rather a means to build up the spirituality of oneself. The speaker encourages individuals to take it easy and pursue knowledge to build up their spirituality.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Peace and blessings be upon each and every one of us is another fantastic day in the month of Ramadan, most grateful to Allah one spirit alive so far. So far so good. In the month of Ramadan, we have done a lot of act of ibadah, who have done a lot of art of worship. Those who woke up at night and woken up at night, those who did a lot of sadaqa who give charity have done a lot of that those who hunger in the day and they went through some thirsty periods during the day of Ramadan they have done so those who are able to keep away from having things to do with their spouses, they have been able to do that in the afternoon of Ramadan by

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keeping away with all of this a person will expect that there should be some you know, of he'll experience, the person will begin to think what I'm supposed to be very high spiritually, I'm supposed to feel it that Allah is standing here with me. I'm supposed to have some feelings as if angels are all around me. I'm supposed to feel so great when it comes to a man when it comes to a lot of good things that they promised that fast in the month of Ramadan is supposed to give. Yes, a person may feel like that. And you may not feel like that. Whatever thing you feel, it is not a sieve your deeds have gone in vain. Whatever thing you feel doesn't mean that Allah didn't recognize

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and appreciate your efforts, we should understand that growth in the month of Ramadan is really from within. And this growth can be very slow. Sometimes we may not even notice that we are much different from when we started. Sometimes we may not even feel it the way we thought we're going to feel when we are fasted in the month of Ramadan. This is normal, it is natural, you are not the one in charge of this is Allah is in charge of elevating one when it comes to these spiritual experiences as a result of fasting. But this is very important. The knowledge that you already have concerning your closeness to Allah, Allah, the knowledge you already have with regards to the love

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that Allah has for you. The knowledge and the awareness that you have already gained in the month of Ramadan about what other people feel when they are hungry. These are the experiences. These are the insights that you're supposed to have. Sometimes you experience the month of Ramadan depending on the kind of site or the way you look at things. For example, there's a different way through which the B looks at the flower, and the way the housefly looks at the flower. When the housefly is moving around the house light is more sensitive to seeing what we call an adjuster in impurities, that's what the housefly will likely see. And the bee will most likely notice the flowers. Everybody sees

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what is akin to their natural, everybody sees what is in line commercially to the knowledge they have of Allah and how things work in the universe. Everybody will see and understand based on the knowledge that they have. And the Quran says that we live in a yellow moon, when the moon when we compare the person that knows who the person that doesn't know. In other words, spirituality doesn't just jump on someone like that. You have to have knowledge, you have to read, you have to learn, you have to experience you have to probe you have to ask about the things that I want you to do. You have to do your best, putting your best and do all the best that you can do. With regards to the

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knowledge of Allah, there is no substitute for knowledge in Islam. You cannot grow spiritually when you are ignorant in knowledge, you have to beat make it all go hand in hand. So by the end of it all, you are going to be much better than somebody who didn't do anything at all. You understand very well that a zebra is an animal. But with your deep knowledge and understanding of how things work, you'll be able to know whether the zebra is a black animal with white stripe with a white unimog black stripe is only those who have knowledge, they understand what Allah is saying. They are the ones who know the difference between the darkness of their souls and the light to which Allah

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called them, you will begin to have knowledge to seek to understand the darkness in your life, the dark part of your souls, the shadows in which you move. Some of the things you don't want anybody to know about you some of the things that only you can understand about yourself. And that is why fasting is so personal. It is so much between you and Almighty Allah The only one that can see the decade access of our souls. Let us seek more knowledge because knowledge is love. And you can attend to the love of Almighty Allah. The more you learn and the more you know about Almighty Allah

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About how spirituality works. So just relax and take it easy. Do your best and seek knowledge. Whatever your experiences are, Allah knows it. Allah recognizes it. And Allah appreciates it. Whatever knowledge you have continued to grow in knowledge and continue to grow in spirit and continue to grow in closeness to Almighty Allah. Because love is knowledge and knowledge is all about love. Allah make it easy for us as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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