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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you're welcome to Ramadan love another interesting episode of the program on how TV Habibi Ramadhan Ramos welcome to the program. Today want to talk about the coding that has connected all of us together? What we mean by code, if you want to have a cable for an electric joke for instance, we call cable sometimes called code sometimes, that's what we attach it to the electric current with, so that you know something can happen, the electricity and the current can be passed on to the dog or the electric appliance. So that we can have the benefit we intend to derive from it. We also have record happening so many other things in everyday

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usage of language, it denotes something that is relative, something that has brought us together or something that we have to do with one another. For example, if you are invited to a location, somebody may say you are cordially invited to this occasion, cordially invite everybody to this occasion as a chord we are talking about is not physical, but we are trying to say that we are connected, we know each other you are, you know we are together in whatever thing we do. Sometimes when we want to see the connection between one thing or the other, we say something has happened or something is being referred to, in accordance to fulfill something that was accordance to is another

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way of coding that we are talking about. With regard to the fetus in the womb, we talk about the umbilical cord, that's the cord that connects the mother to the photos. And you see this connection through the umbilical cord, it is through there that you see the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the model and the photos. In so many other ways that we use the language we say people are code or the code certain thing to certain things that means the link one thing to another or they bind or connect or cling one thing to another. in multiple live we talk about husband and wife tightening the nacelle not that is joining together in marriage. If there's a problem in that

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marriage, we say they have marital discord, the discordance, there means there are some things that are not working well, the way they're supposed to work and things are not flowing the way they're supposed to flow. Some people are accorded to certain things, we say you are accorded the certain qualities or certain nature of yours. And when it now comes to life, generally,

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we are all coded to one thing or the other. Sometimes we are coded to a situation, sometimes we are coded to history, sometimes we are coded to our past, sometimes we are coded to people, sometimes we are coded to an idea. Sometimes we are coded to our Creator, this court that we are talking about sometimes if we are careful, we see that there are so many good things that will benefit through this court, machine mutual exchange of things that will benefit one person to the order for friends. They have this cord between them. And sometimes we hold it to people in love. And when we talk about this coding in love, that means we are relieving every good thing that this love affair is supposed

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to bring to ourselves. The first and foremost that were supposed to be coded with us with Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one that has created all of us, and the coding is that of his servant and his Lord, you must accept Allah as your Lord and your Creator, and you will be the servant of Allah to worship Him. This cordons accordance between you and Allah. Allah is so Masuda Allah brings his benefits he brings his blessings to you. He grants His grace, his groceries assistance, He grants to listen he is and he catches you when you're falling, and he hears you when you are calling us for you a servant. It behooves you to be grateful to be, you know, to turn to him every time to

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appreciate all of the goodness and blessings he has done for you. It also behooves you to obey him whenever he commands you. It behooves you to listen to him whenever he speaks to you. It also behooves you to carry out his orders whenever he gives it. One of the commands of allies that we should first and this first thing is to

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How's the cord between us and Allah the connection between us and Almighty Allah is also to enhance the cord between the high and the low, the rich and the poor, the man and the woman, the husband and the wife. It is a cord that connects you with your community with your environment, people must benefit from you. Your existence should not be in vain. You must be around here to bring benefit onto others through the code that you have attached to others. What is it that comes out of it, the best that must come to you to other people, and from other people to you? Is Love Letter be connected, that will be coded and let us live in accordance with the dictates of Almighty Allah, the

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source of love itself. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato