Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2022 – Boost #06 Meeting after 30 Years

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A student discusses their situation with a new student who had issues with their visa and caused them to use a one way ticket to obtain a refund. Another student describes a situation where they were approached by a new student and eventually became friends, but details are unclear. A woman describes a man who gave them money and talks about praying for others. They also discuss a story about a man who gave them money and eventually they became friends.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters this evening I want to bring to you an amazing story about how I met someone so special 30 years later, I take you back to 30 years ago when I was accepted to study at the University of Medina and Subhanallah I got my visa, I got everything done and the ticket kept delaying they said it will be issued, it will be issued next week, etc, etc by the airline. And so the visa was about to expire. This is 30 years ago, my father told me, why don't we buy you a one way ticket and inshallah you will get a refund when you go there you can ask them, explain to them what happened and inshallah they will give you the refund and

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that's exactly what we did. So when I arrived at the university, mashallah everything was so different. It was a unique experience Madina Munawwara, the excitement of being in Medina together with the difficulty of the heat and many other challenges, and one of the challenges was to get a refund for the 1200 Riel that was actually spent on the ticket because it was supposed to have been given by the university, but there was a delay. So I decided to ask for it. I wrote a little application. And I went to the various departments. Trust me, it took so long from one department to another they sent me here, they sent me there. And to visit these departments, you had to go there

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during your free time when it was not time for studies. And that was just during the break, which is very short. And then you've got to go and come back. So it was very frustrating. And about three or four months of this up and down achieving nothing. I then decided Subhanallah one of my friends told me why don't you go and see who is known as a EES and Jamya you know, the Vice Chancellor of the University, and he was someone whom we hadn't known obviously we just knew okay, this is the vice chancellor. This is he used to be called a EES at the time now they're called moody. But the Assa of the Jamia, we actually went to see this man, I went to see this man. And I remember his office, it

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was so unique because everything was quiet. It was in a building on its own. And going there, myself being a new student, you know, Zimbabwean, and I ended up going into the door, knocked on the door, in fact, the doors open but I just knocked on it. And I entered the door greeted him. And I started explaining to him in English. You know, I'm a new student. And, uh, you know, I had he said, Wait, wait, come down, come down. Because obviously I was walking very fast panting I still recall it very vividly. And so he said, Do you speak Arabic? I said, Yes. But he said, so speaking Arabic, he made sure that I spoke in Arabic, not in English, even though he knew English language. But I spoke and I

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explained to him, you know, I've been having a problem I have, I came on my own account on you know, with my own ticket, and I need the refund for the ticket. And I've been going from office to office, and they're sending me literally from pillar to post and whatnot. And I've just, I just finished explaining to him saying, Look, I'd like you to assist me in this regard. You know, to get this. He told me how much is the amount I told him 1200 real. He took his wallet out of his pocket. He took out 1200 rounds. He gave it to me and said There you go.

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So I said Subhanallah problem solved. You know, it changed my whole perspective and understanding it created ease. Within split seconds. I was calm. Every problem that I had seemed minor. Not to say this was a major issue, but as a student coming from, you know, far off and every penny means a lot. And subhanAllah Here was a man who just told me no, what's the amount Okay, here it is take it and go. And I was like wow, Subhan Allah. I prayed for this man. His name was chef Abdullah Hello bait.

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And what happened is

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I didn't see him after that. I saw him a few times in some of the lessons and just in passing, but never managed to greet him or talk to him. And I studied there and I completed my studies and I I've I've known that he left the university he was given a higher post and then he became a member of the shura, and he became a Minister and Minister of Education, and so many other things. And I always used to see him and feel in my heart. This man is a good man. He's helped me and say a prayer for him. And you know, he created a lot of ease for me when I was in need, and Subhanallah what happened at that are we

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Just happened to enter this place where I was making salata, tearaway, and I saw a man walking towards me elderly men, I mean must be about 80 years old now I think.

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And subhanAllah I looked at him. And immediately my heart was so calm and cool. I recognized him. Someone tried to introduce me to him to say Salaam Alaikum. This is Chef I said, Wait, hang on, hang on. I said chef in the Arabic language. I told him chef, I have a story to tell you. He said the story I said a story that happened between me and you. And I want to narrate it to you. So he said, What's the story in a nutshell, I told him years back, this is what you did. He said, I don't even remember Subhanallah and I told him I never will forget this deed. I never will forget the goodness, the way I felt. I never will forget what happened on that particular day. No one knew what was going

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to happen 30 years down. And so mashallah, we sat and we spoke and it was just so amazing. And I felt a deep connection. And this is the man mashallah chef Abdullah and obeyed. Murali Stan, Dr. Malik, Dr. Abdullah and obeyed half of Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect him, grant him good health give him and his family members and all his loved ones. Goodness in this world and the next May Allah reward him abundantly. Like he told me I don't remember this story at all, but I'm telling it to you.

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A friend of mine who studied with us at the same time when I sent him the photograph of myself and Dr. Abdullah

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he told me Isn't this the guy who gave you the money from his own wallet? I said, That's the man Mashallah. So he knew the story. I know it may sound as you know, like it's something small but Allah he it was a major thing. It was something that literally restored faith in the the system or the people you know, around us. Sometimes you feel very lonely alone, and those who help us Subhanallah we never forget them. May Allah continue to use us to help others in a similar way. May Allah bless this man like I said, and may Allah grant him genital for those Allah make May Allah grant him successes and his progenies and not just him, but anyone who has helped others and those

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who reach out to those in need. May Allah make me from among those who reach out to others, and may Allah grant all of us genital filters. I thought this was a very, very amazing boost for all of us because it's now it's Ramadan. 30 years later, and I'm talking about something that happened. And Allah just refreshed all of it just by me seeing this man walking in as a superfan. Allah Allah. This is the men and I've always meant to tell him hey, you know what, I really love you for the sake of Allah. And I really remember the day I was a nobody I was a nothing I was unknown. I was a new student, I, I could barely speak Arabic in the sense that you know, I could, I didn't know much And

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subhanAllah here goes, This man was just, he just said what was the amount and here it was sorted out and salt. Sometimes in our lives, Allah puts us in a position where it is very easy for us to assist others but we don't intentionally we make life difficult for them purposely as though we are gaining a joy by delaying them or hassling them troubling them. That is criminal, we should never do that. If Allah has given you ease, you should help the people you should make life easy for them. If Allah has put you in a position of authority of any sort, whether it happens to be a managerial post, whatever else it may be. Remember to treat those below you with utmost respect, make make life

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easy for them. Allah will grant you, they will remember you, they will pray for you without you knowing for years for decades to come. They will continue praying for you and your family. And even though they may not know the broader loved ones of yours, but they would actually pray. So remember this if you are to make life difficult, they will remember you for something bad. For something harsh. I'm sure there are people in our lives, we wouldn't ever like to see them again. And there are others we pray to Allah that He allows us to cross paths so that we can just greet each other I love you, my brother, my sister for the sake of Allah, almighty, you've really really helped me a

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lot. And that's it. Nothing more. So my brothers and sisters, let's pray for one another. Very interesting. 10 minutes of a boost. May Allah grant us genital for those Apolo Kalia was Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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