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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Salam Alikum cattle the others as you were coming into another episode on rock Ramadan 2018 day 19. So Prophet Mohammed Salim came back from a bife. And you had to think of a plan to convey his message because the reseller cannot stop. So

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he waited for the competitors to come for hedge polishes to perform hedge the Avalon and they used to perform hedge, not like our hedge today per se but they used to come to the Kaabah to the tower, although that offers a little different these to make the off naked with a little bit less and they used to go and clap around the Kaaba. So they had the three months of hedge show where the feather the ginger, so the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. He took that opportunity to talk to these kabe the people they used to come with the caravans to the outskirts, you know the borders of Mecca, they would mount their

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their tents, and then they will go to the Harlem to perform their heroin or to perform the Hajj.

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And thereby the Prophet Mohammed Islam would meet them and talk to them.

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He spoke to 26, avilla, Salalah, userland, 26 tribes, all of them are fused. In fact, his uncle was behind him a bullet, you know, as the Prophet was going, his uncle was with him going behind him and he's telling people don't believe him. I know him. It's my nephew. I know him. He's a liar, don't believe it. And Prophet Mohammed did not argue with his uncle whatsoever. That's my uncle. He could not fight with him or whatnot. So he kept doing what he was supposed to do some long lat while he was saying that, he spoke to me I was like I said, 26 I beat amongst them his cabinet knew how to learn cabinet aboard Hamad bin Sasa and Tabitha hanifa. You know, some of them had conditions but

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you know, but but none of them wanted to believe in the Prophet Mohammed as I said, but the Prophet is to them was persistence in his that was a lie. He said, he did not quit all those 26 trials, but he did not all attempts and he did not, he did not quit sallallahu said them. And here it's a it's a beautiful lesson to a lot of us out there. It'll sometimes you may try once or twice, and after a few attempts, a person may quit. Last week, we're not quitters. You know, you're not you know, if you just have to think of a plan, yes, you may be flexible in your plan as how the Prophet Mohammed is most of them did when he tried, you know, five, and he tried this, and he tried that. So he tried

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to be flexible, so close to them, but he never quit Salalah while he was second, you cannot quit. You always have to try and never despair from the miserable loss of Hanna what he has discovered earlier on that will become Muslim Subhana Allah, he did not embrace them at the time. But later on years later, they wouldn't become Muslim. So you never know. But then the day is, you know the results, the result is not up to you, you know, the result may come today or tomorrow or years later, you know, but nothing goes in vain. Because you didn't know what Allah Subhana Allah to add, in the last day of hedges of Hamlet in the year of the 11th, after the death of the Prophet Mohammed

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as the Prophet is still going, you know, not only around the harem, but he goes to the tribe goes to the army goes to their tanks and he gives them that as well there and then he goes and they used to also what the end of the hedge they would go and perform the shaving, you know, so he would go and talk to them there as well. They don't they're the barber shops at the time whenever they have the these people that come here and then he found some youth couple youth from the hustler right couple years from the hustle Lodge. And these people from the church were from Medina you know used to be called yesterday about the time which is now after the Prophet migrated was called Medina you know

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it was they had mainly three three segments you have an else and has a ledge at the root right these are the three main kebabs in in in Medina. So he met people from you know this couple youth from hustlers and he spoke to them and Subhanallah These are the people who will lay around come back you know the following year with people from household hazardous to give the bait out to the Prophet Mohammed as you see. The very you know, the bricks rule could come at any moment but here it came at the very end. You never quit like I said, and sometimes some people how can we relate that to Ramadan in Ramadan, sometimes you find some people some candles

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You know,

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they are quite Mashallah tomato Cola, you know, optimistic and they come to the masjid. Mashallah every day but this is during the few first days of Ramadan and after that they tend to

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go down a little bit right and then maybe right before the night of the power you know during the almost the less than Ramadan, you start seeing people again more coming to the mission and whatnot. Now that you never know what the Nitasha could be where the where whether your job could be answered it could be answered, you know, in the first day of Ramadan or in the middle of our model in the end of Ramadan. You never know when your America would be accepted. Do not wait for any moment or any time or any day to perform certain ml every chance that you have to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala do something for Allah subhanho wa Taala for the deen for yourselves to save yourselves from

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the punishment of a lot of social and to be admitted to the final abode in general in sha Allah hota hai what happened next?

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That we'll talk about tomorrow in sha Allah tada until tomorrow, the other zazzy Please, please, please, please share this hair with others. And yes, I do like them if you do what you do do like them because you don't like them.