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The speakers stress the importance of acknowledging one's emotions and thoughts to avoid future mistakes and negative impacts on relationships. They also emphasize the need for people to measure their emotions and try to avoid harming their partner. The responsibility of being mindful of silence and tipping around people is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships and learning to accept and forgive oneself. It is crucial to maintain healthy relationships and avoid harming one's partner.

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it is okay to look good feel good

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i'd be happy

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we're not demanding too much we want to be treated with kindness and respect we are human beings with legitimate feelings and needs

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although some conditions can be beyond one's control things happen well it is okay to have difficulties once in a while it's okay to feel confused or to run out of ideas or who wants to know why one might not know what to do next who to talk to where to find the missing piece of one's life

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our realities mcafee

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big picture of many fewer

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illiquid details may be constructed and the current situation can be confusing perhaps some things happen to us because we have a regular sense of indifference that is most of the situations in which we find ourselves could be consequences of our actions and inactions

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or impulsive

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or maybe we would see manipulated structures or maybe we got trapped while trying to feed our greed or we got caught while trying to steal a team

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it is okay not to be okay with is not okay to lie to yourself that you are okay when you are not is okay if your experiences make you wiser it's okay if your nightmares make you brave

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it is okay if your faults make you stronger

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when it doesn't seem okay if the persons who attract you most strongly and those who hurt you those who abandon you literally and teach you emotional living you empty yourself out

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in my own opinion you are not working when the person who appears to you for relationship is someone who's unable to relate well to others or someone that is quote and one affectionate or stubborn or selfish or sulking or melancholy maybe a search of presidency be wired and irresponsible or unable to make a commitment or be faithful or maybe the person's ability to emote is removed

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it is not okay when you are in a relationship based on expectations of things that might not happen believe

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that they will choose to live in a fantasy thinking that if you suffer no longer enough your partner will suddenly realize that they have been killing you slowly and that they will transform into what fits conveniently into your imagination you are in a group

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and speak in a different mode

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tomorrow might calm

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think feeling different is this fantasy you are expressing

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are you looking to save later

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then you say read every hint of behavior that shows that they are improved you are in full now you accrue for friction

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or you consider yourself lucky that you are even getting the crumbs

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being treated like a human being seems equally privilege you're a

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bit confused in the hand of your new prisoner

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having wished your happiness to someone who earns it from your joy is measured in drops like in periodic medicine

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begging for smile reading football praying for attention you are humiliating yourself so your partner will feel inferior to you

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you are sabotaging your growth so that their refusal to grow won't be accurate you are refusing to thrive so that the confused secure in their mediocrity you're allowing them to be free emotionally and to drain you financially

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the beach when

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you suffer physical exertion

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When looking for ways to help them to help themselves, you go into prayer and fasting through the court can help you to stop them from cheating on you. You assume that's because we're not good enough. That's why they prefer sleeping around. You think you've not done well enough. That is why they are not happy. You lie to yourself that they're ignoring you is because they are very, very busy to walk. You lie to yourself, that they give malice because they are having a bad mood.

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You lie to yourself, that they give you cold shoulders, because you are not hot enough to warm the egg.

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you deceive yourself that their tantrum and anger is because they are stressed out and worried about things. you deceive yourself that their immaturity and pettiness is because they didn't grow up with love.

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And that is why you have to read every word.

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We have to

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measure every silence

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and tiptoe around them. So it's not to awaken.

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And the responsibility is because they are not encouraged well enough. Or you betray your conscience that their hypocrisy and infidelity is because there are many conditions.

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were paralyzed with fear.

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How will you be okay? When you're married and

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you are willing to wait and work harder to please soon become a heavyweight champion in Kearney responsibilities that are not yours. As if that's not enough, you carry guilt for the recklessness. You carry shame for the cherish

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and look at employee for their petty mindedness. And you'll be a burden for their weaknesses, so they can be happy.

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don't even believe anymore, that you're a fine person with authentic emotional needs. So you work very hard at convincing others that you actually exist. There you are.

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Your service team is critically do like a full battery. That is just 2% your network is just one bar

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or two so run out of time.

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Rather, you have resolved to live the lives of others. For the consumers.

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You live on

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not fret,

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you are leaving a copy of somebody else's original. He made them your choice and you actually brought the option

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to me

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deliberately choose to hang on to the wrong partner. Because we're a people pleaser. Will it be that you are attracted to spouses, because you are the people fixer

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will be the to seek out the underdogs because you are the rescuer

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of a toxic relationship, because you are an antidote.

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You seem to like clean people's mess for them.

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A safe

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I saved my relationship to distract yourself from things that really matter.

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If you are pre built relationships, so you can have someone else to blame for the problems and it

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will be the your secret meeting enjoying the drama and the surprises the three and demand,

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the pains and

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the nausea, the anxiety, the thinking, the depression, the insomnia, and the attacks that toxic relationships put you through

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If not, why is it that the healthy, sane, responsible partner will give you the love and affection that you need to feel boring?

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Possibly not that your partner is not compatible.

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Maybe you are not compatible with

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your partner

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is not that they are not the right person for you it's possible that you are not the right person for them

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you can always find what does not click

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i want you to realize that nowadays people no longer seek freedom rather they focus more on standards of living the more concerned to what they can stand to gain

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than the human dignity that they are losing

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people are increasing in their comfort zone they are trapped in town confused and depressed i knew that

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it's not okay for us to tell your story

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but we know that you're consistent and you have your inner circle

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is not okay to be condemned to screams of pain so being blessed with moments of pleasure is not okay to take him for granted we want to know

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it is okay

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to have to explain yourself every time it is not okay to have to apologize every time it's not okay to be an accomplice

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it's okay to ask me for help you should go ahead and

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go live because anyone that can help you remove their phone your phone that can keep your nails to go

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i got permitted

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to get to believe all these questions are in our books you should continue to make well informed efforts in the right direction getting mentors so you can remove the issue of tissue

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knowledge to

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cherish your dignity as if you want to be and develop those

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so the old cloudy skies of your mind will become shower washing your parched dry suits to foster a new beginning

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when i was looking

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looking at you

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know what's going on in your life

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see your