Battling Depression Through The Psychology of Surah Al-Duha

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In that hamdulillah Meadow Honister no horn Estelle fiddle one hour with a villa Himanshu Rue de unforseen a woman say Dr. Molina mejor de la la la la la one woman you've been an avid sudo yeah you Hello Gina Amano taco la hopko to Kati Morton Illa. To Muslim on my bed, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. This trial this life of ours is full of trials. There is no stage of our lives except that we face in it anxieties, grief, stress, and worries.

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And if you look at the life of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he faced far more powerful struggles than we did. His anxieties were far greater than anything we can imagine.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed at the very first major crisis of his life of his spiritual life, Allah revealed a surah that will be the subject of our hoba today, because it deals with how to grapple with anxiety and stress. It deals with what to do when you're facing challenges. It deals with what to do when you're so overcome. You might be verging on depression, you might be thinking thoughts that are Islamic. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself went through something of this nature, very miniscule amount at the beginning of his prophethood. And Allah revealed a surah that sets him a right in this regard. And we have done this surah and I'm sure

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multiple people have done the same surah in the holtville that I'm about to give, but today in sha Allah, it will come with a slightly different twist. And that is how we understand the psychology of depression, the psychology of feeling negative when it comes to the Quran, and the Sunnah. If you look at the early seerah of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam in the first year of the revelation of the Quran, there was a timeframe some scholars set up to six months that Allah did not reveal any Koran. So the Quran came across came in resemble came with the third game, and then after a while, no Quran. And the Prophet system began wondering what's wrong? Is there something wrong

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with me? Maybe Allah doesn't love me anymore. Maybe I've done something to displease Allah, and I'm not worthy of a loss, love. These feelings that we now call anxiety, borderline depression, these feelings of doubting your self worth. They came to none other than the greatest human being, ever to walk the face of this earth. And for many weeks, many months, no revelation came, so much so that he began to think that Allah does not like him anymore, that he is not beloved to Allah, that he has failed in the mission. Then, at the very end of this timeframe,

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a Bula hubbs wife taunted him and said, What's this? We haven't seen any around for so long? Maybe your shavon has abandoned you with a villa with a villa. And this really hurt him sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he went home, very depressed, anxious. And it was at that point in time that Allah revealed the sutra that we all know it is suited to her. What one lady either sagia now what dakara Bukola Allah Wa hiroto hydralic Amina hula what so for your T kerabu cataldo to the end of the sutra. Now, the sutra is a very beautiful sutra. One Shorthold but cannot do justice, but we need to talk about it in its entirety. So what I will do, I will divide this surah into four different four

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different sections. The first of them two verses the custom of Allah, the oath, these are optimistic oath, these are oats that are very positive. Then the second is three verses the third is three verses and the fourth is three verses three plus three plus three plus two gives you a total of the number of verses in the sutra which is 11.

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The first of the three verses negates this the feeling of being worthless in the eyes of a lot, the spiritual depression, the feeling of negativity, that I'm not worth anything, there's no good in me, alone negates that get rid of it and replaces it with positive energy replace

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Is it with optimism, and we'll talk about this in this hotspot, the second series of three verses. it negates the feeling of being useless in society of not being blessed in society. All my luck is against me alone negates that. And Allah substitutes it with the feeling of positive in this dunya and the final three verses, it directs the energies of the person to do something everlasting. To do something positive channel your negativity, and do something worthwhile. Take that feeling. And instead of just sulking around and doing nothing, take that feeling and then go channel it and do something positive for others. This is the nutshell of the surah and we will now go bit by bit and

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explain what I just said. We said the first section is the custom the oath which is a very positive person, and that person we all know it won't go How will lady either soldier, Allah gives the oath the custom and we all know custom means Allah wants to draw attention. Allah wants to emphasize what he is saying is true. And listen to what I'm about to say. And by giving the custom of the dawn What does the dawn symbolize, in every culture, in every language, in every society, in every civilization, what does the dawn civilize the beginning of a new era, it is a new day. It is new opportunity. It is new hope yesterday is gone. Today is a new day we'll go ha This is how Allah

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begins this surah don't look at the past. Look at the future. Don't worry about what happened. Today is a new day with new opportunities. The sun is coming up again. The sun is bringing new opportunities the day is bringing new opportunities well. Well lately either surger Allah gives a custom by the morning sun that is coming up the early time, which is the time of buttock at the time of activity, the time when everybody wakes up and the hustle and bustle in the traffic all of this is what will lelee either soldier and the night when it becomes calm, which is the time of sleep which is the time of sukoon once again both of these are contrasting when you go to sleep as well.

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The worries of this dunya go away when you wake up and the sun is coming up no matter how bad was yesterday. Today is the new day well, however lately either surger Allah is given custom by both of these that the rest of the surah is true and authentic and correct. What is the rest of the surah ma what dakara bucola kala, this is a negation stop feeling that you are worthless, stop feeling that you're worth nothing. Ma what dakara book your Lord has neither abandoned you, nor does he hate you. Allah does not hate any believer. No believer is despised by Allah. Yes, Allah does not love sins, but Allah loves those who turned to him. Allah loves the repenter Allah loves them more sinning,

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Allah loves them with ducane Allah loves them meaning our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah loves his servants more than a mother loves her baby child. Allah is the What do the one who is ever loving? Mauer dakara bucola Allah, your Lord has neither abandoned you, nor does he despise you. No doubt this ayah is in the singular to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and no doubt he occupies the maximum share. But it is true that every person who believes in that Prophet, every person who considers himself of the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a share of this verse will apply to him or her as well. Your Lord does not hate you or Muslim. Your Lord does not

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despise you, oh believer in a law your Lord has not abandoned you or you who says La ilaha illa Allah your Lord will never abandon you. Did he not create you? Did he not guide you? Did he not give you all that you have? Stop feeling this sense of worthlessness? Mauer. dakara bakoma kala, your Lord has not abandoned you and he does not despise you. He is with you and He loves you. Now we're dakara boo karma Kala is a statement of negation. It is not true the way that you feel your rasulillah now what darker blue kumbhakarna Well, hello to highroller kameena Ola. Now this verse comes and after getting rid of the negativity, it's substituted with positivity. Get rid of the

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negative feeling and think positive, get rid of the pessimism and change it with optimism. Tomorrow will be a better day one hero to highroller kameena Allah the future will be better than the past. The future meaning in this dunya will be better than the past. This is a part of our creed. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah loves optimism. It's an authentic hadith memorize it. Allah loves optimism. It is a part of eemaan to be optimistic. We think tomorrow will be better than yesterday. Well, hello to highroller kameena oola today The mccanns are persecuting you today your followers are being killed today. This is happening tomorrow you will enter the city as a conquer

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the day after tomorrow what to eat and not say the whole unifi Dini lie of wotja. Three days from now the whole oma will be Muslim from beginning to end. You will see Muslims everywhere in every corner as we see right now.

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Now one hero to hydrolock Amina oola always be optimistic now somebody will say, but sometimes the future is not better than the past and we say perhaps in this dunya perhaps for some people tomorrow will be a little bit more difficult than yesterday but what a hero to highroller camino oola for every single believer without exception, even if this world is a world of misery and pain, the believer has something else to look forward to. And that is the real accurate that is the accurate of gender. Okay, maybe this dunya is tough, okay, maybe you're going through some tough times, but never forget, there is an Acura and in that era, Allah azza wa jal will reward you in your for

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sabudana. General homebuilt.

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Allah will reward and reward and reward there shall be everlasting bliss. The gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said O Messenger of Allah. Allah has sent me to tell Khadija the good news that she will enter Jenna in a palace that has no animosity, no negativity, there will be a palace there's not going to be no noise and shouting, there's not going to be any tiredness, she will be there peaceful forever because Khadija was taking on the struggle of the Prophet system. She was feeling the negativity, their hatred of the origin, she had really hurt her what they said about her husband, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the noise and the rumors really affected

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her. So Khadija was told by Allah through Angel Djibouti, you're going to enter a paradise agenda of gossip, you're going to enter a palace, there is no rumor. There is no gossip, there is no Kito call nothing is going to hurt you. They will be permanent bliss over there. What a hero to hydrolock Amina oola, optimism in this dunya and also more importantly in the Acura Okay, life is tough. Well, law is sometimes it is tough, maybe maybe whatever issue we're having, we're not going to solve it in this dunya maybe that cancer will not be solved. Maybe our relatives will not be cured. Maybe this and that may be okay. But in the end of the day, this world is not the end world. We're here to

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highroller camera Allah look forward to the author of the eternal world don't concentrate on this dunya Well, hello Terracotta Warriors so for your clique or Boca Fatah, you shall get you shall get maybe not exactly what you want, but you will get enough good that you will be happy and content. Whenever Allah take something away our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he gives something better than this authentic hadith. Whenever Allah takes something away and your patient, Allah gives you something better than what he has taken away. What a hero to hydrocone Allah was so for Euro clicar buka Fatah, Allah will give you and give you and give you until you will be content. He didn't say

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he will give you what you want. No, maybe you won't get what you want. But Allah will give you and Allah will give you until you are happy with a loss other and decree and once again in this dunya and just in case it's not in this dunya then for sure in the after a while so for your ticker of Boca Fatah. So these three verses we said they negate spiritual feelings of emptiness and negativity, spiritually, people feel I'm not worthwhile. Allah doesn't love me, I'm not good enough. These three verses negates them, you are worthwhile. Allah does love you, you have potential in you the next three verses. They negate feelings of worthlessness in this dunya people think I've always

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been unlucky. Whatever I do, I just don't get it. So the first three verses we said feelings of worthlessness from a spiritual perspective, these three verses feelings of worthlessness from a worldly from a dunya a perspective, every time I take an exam I fail every time I try to do a business that goes bankrupt. I just have no luck in this life. What's wrong maybe Allah doesn't like me. So we have three verses now about worthlessness of this dunya This is material worthlessness. This also happens when you're struggling with depression. When you're battling anxiety you get feelings of of lacking confidence in this dunya so Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah Mujica team and

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for our what would you call ball and for her the virginica, 11,003 rhetorical questions. And the purpose of a rhetorical question is to emphasize what is already known not to teach something you didn't know, to bring up a memory, you should have it you should be thinking about it, but you're not thinking about it, something has clouded you. So the rhetorical question, it jars you and makes you alert. For example, the teacher is rebuking the student. The teacher says, Am I not your teacher? meaning how can you speak to me this way? I am your teacher to emphasize that which is known but has been neglected? That's the rhetorical question. So Allah asks three rhetorical

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questions, meaning your rasulillah How could you think that Allah has abandoned you? How could you think that you are no one you have no worth? Look at all the blessings Allah has given you then Allah mentions three blessings. Allah Mia GTK a team and for our

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Your mother died, your father died, your grandfather died your team in every sense of the word. Yet at every stage of your life, didn't we take care of you? Didn't we send someone else to protect you? When your father passed away even before you were born, your mother was there for you. When your mother passes away, your grandfather took you when your grandfather passed away your uncle obatala took you at every stage of your life, your vulnerability was protected by Allah alemi aged care team and for our older COBOL. And for Heather, you didn't know the truth era sutala used to go to heart era you used to be praying to Allah to guide you. You didn't know how to worship Allah. You didn't

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know the details of Eman, the details of the Quran. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala guided you you were not upon the guidance you didn't know the guidance. Allah xojo guided you ordered the cobalt, Lanza or Jeddah ln for us, and we found you you didn't have any money or rasulillah you didn't have anything you were poor, your parents did not leave you a fortune. But now we gifted you our scholars say, Allah now here is Khadija and the wealth of Khadija. And this shows us the blessings of having a good spouse and a righteous spouse that the spouse brought you you had a suit of love. Now you have a house he did not have a house. Now you have an income. Now you don't have to worry about

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risk, you don't have to worry about sustenance. And Allah azza wa jal has given you enough that you can live a comfortable life meaning what is the purpose of these three verses dear brothers and sisters? anytime something negative faces you anytime your business fails, anytime you're in a car crash anytime your exam doesn't pass any time a bond comes and throws a thought in your head, oh my god, I have no luck.

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realize there are always positives in your life that you're overlooking at that stage. shavon has caused you to neglect some of the biggest blessings that Allah has given you and you concentrate on the negative rather than the positive. Yasuda look at all of these positives that you have. How could you ever have thought that Allah abandoned you? Allah neglected you? Allah hated you? How is that even possible at every stage of your life? Allah blessed you with all of these things. So we learned from this when feelings of worthlessness come, when feelings of despair come? Don't look at the negatives. Don't look at the failures, remind yourself of the positives. Okay? This didn't work

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out. But Allah blessed me with that, okay, maybe I don't have something but I have something else. Always look at the positives rather than the negatives. Always concentrate on the blessings and examine them rather than what you don't have. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it isn't Bahati when one of you see someone with something that he doesn't have, and he wants it. Don't look at that. Look at another person whom you have been blessed over and you have something that person doesn't have. See this society that we live in this modern culture. It emphasizes what we don't have. Look at this multimillion dollar mansion. Look at this beautiful cars look at this. And we

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want to just Aspire we want that we want that we want that. Our Shetty, I says stop looking at what you don't have. And look at what you do have this idea of our profit system. When whenever you see something that you don't have, and you began to desire it stop looking there and look at somebody who doesn't have what you have been blessed with so that you appreciate the positive that you have. So you want to have all this multimillion dollar mansion or house or whatever. Look at the people who don't even have a house in Bangalore you have that you wanted to have this and that look at something that you have good health, let's say good wealth, let's say Happy Family loving wife.

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These are blessings you're taking for granted. Rather than look at what you don't have. remind yourself of what you do have. That's what these three verses do. And they contextualize and they make us appreciate. We are blessed and fortunate. Every one of us is blessed and fortunate in our own ways. It's just that we neglect and ignore our blessings and we concentrate on what we don't have. So Allah in these three verses reminds us to think about what we do have then Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us familia team of Allah Takara what a messiah Allah for Latin have been a matter of big headed for Ummah, once you have a different frame of mind, once your psychology has shifted,

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don't just sit there and do nothing. Go and be proactive, do something positive, contribute to society. Don't just sit there and mill around and say oh my god, life is tough. Okay, it might be tough. Maybe it is difficult. Okay, be optimistic. Change your paradigm, change your frame of mind and then go find a higher cause. And go dedicate yourself to that cause. Do something useful with your life, do something that will bring meaning and value to you and to others around you contribute positively in a way that will make you internally happy and externally bring about the rewards of Allah subhanho wa Taala because every one of us without exception, can bring happiness to other

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people in some fashion or form. familia team of fellow farmers the theme of Fela Takara masala for Latin have been a matter of being

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If I had this, as for the orphan, Yasuda law don't overpower the orphan meaning, what does it mean here don't overpower the orphan. Be involved in the life of an orphan of a son of a beggar in a manner that makes them happy. A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam headed his and did a movie, he said Yasuda law, I want to complain to you that my heart becomes hard. I don't have the luxury of a lot of a law. My heart becomes hard. What should I do? You know what our Profit System said? He said, Go find an orphan and wipe his head and go find a poor person and feed him food. Beautiful, how do you have a hard heart? Your life lacks meaning you're getting lazy

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spiritually, you don't have a higher purpose. Go find an orphan. He didn't even say sponsor because maybe that guy couldn't afford $50 a month. He didn't even say go give half of your savings. show some love to somebody who needs love isn't a smile a charity isn't giving the water of your of your bucket to neighbor's bucket a charity isn't a positive word of encouragement of charity. So even if you don't have a check, you can ride out those of you that can go ahead and sponsor the orphan. Those of you that can go ahead and feed the beggar but if you cannot do that, our Prophet system said in Cydia team, wipe the head of the team free of charge. show some love to those who need it.

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Because when you're battling with depression, when you're struggling with issues, it's difficult life is difficult, no doubt about it. Find somebody else and share their pain with your pain, eliminate their pain, make their pain easier for them. And guess what? What a beautiful religion we have what a great Lord we have. When we give happiness to others. Allah gives happiness to us free of charge. So panela when we become useful to other people, our lives become useful to us. familia, tema, Fela Takara. Casa Illa forgotten her, go find those that are deprived and do something meaningful. Even if you cannot give something to the side in the side is the beggar. Sometimes we

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don't have the money sometimes we don't. So Allah is saying, even if you cannot give something, don't be harsh to the beggars. Hey, go away from here. No money. No, be gentle, be soft. May Allah make things easy for you. I don't have anything today. But you know I make to offer you this is one Messiah forgotten her. If you cannot give something cash or physical, then give something with your o'clock. Don't be nasty to the one who comes to he also has issues like you do. And of course the point here is that when we are struggling with our own issues, and all of us are never forget there are people that are struggling with worse issues than ours or different issues maybe worse, there is

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not the best adjective different issues. We all have our pain. We all have our struggles. And when we go help other people Subhana Allah, Allah will help us when we go and give of our time and our money to others. Our lives become meaningful. Our depression becomes less we get a purpose, a sense of doing something nobility comes to us. We feel useful when we give unto others and that's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hi You don't know us. And Pharaoh homeliness, the best of all people are the ones who are the most useful to other people, the best of all people or those who are the most useful to other people. And then the final verse will be near Matera Baker had did this

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again. We're zooming over this sooner because there's so much profundity in shallow one day, we'll give a long to see it about it. But this ayah is so profound, it has so many multiple meanings. I'll just mention only two of them. In fact, there's many more than two. I'll mention only two of them, one being intermetro bacova had the first meaning. Don't speak negative speak positive. Don't complain to others. Oh, I didn't pass my exam. rather say Alhamdulillah I have children Alhamdulillah I have a house. Well, I'm binaire mature Radhika had this tell people the positive thank Allah for the good be near material they were interviewed do near Mata la de la sua. If you

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try to count a lot of blessings, you're not going to be able to count them. Don't count the negatives, count the positives. Don't go moan and groan to the people about what's bad. Thank them. Thank Allah and tell them what is good. What am binaire amateur because this is one meaning and it's a valid meaning. And of course this is true as even Yaqoob in scuba theatres Nila law, I'm complaining only to alarm not complaining to any of you who've said I'm not complaining to any of you. Allah is the one I complained to overlook admin situation. I don't want your sympathy. I want his sympathy. As for you, I'm going to say things positive. That's what jaql shows us as well. So

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this is the first meaning what I'm doing here Metra bigger headed. The second meaning will be near MIT Rob Baker headed near material back here is a reference to the Quran and to Islam, because the biggest blessing is the Koran and the biggest blessing is Islam. And so he is being told

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be active in Islam and Islamic causes. In other words, the last three verses, it instructs all of us to do two things. Number one, become proactive in benefiting other people. And number two, become more religious, and be involved in the masjid, and be involved in halaqaat, and Vicar and preach Islam to other people and be role models of Islam. So through society and through religion, your life is going to find meaning when you give unto others. And when you come closer to Allah and become a preacher, to Islam, and by preacher to Islam, we don't mean you give up everything and go and study 20 years overseas, we mean your colleagues, your neighbors, your

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co workers should see in you the beauty of Islam. Well, I'm beneath my job because I had it and ask for the religion of Allah tell people about it. All of us need to become ambassadors of Islam, and in that our life becomes meaningful. We find purpose in our lives. This beautiful sutra, my dear brothers and sisters, it is one of the most powerful suitors in the Koran to battle issues of depression to make us overcome feelings of negativity. And to summarize once again before I finished my first hold, but this verse, the sutra is 11 verses. The first two is a custom from Allah, an optimistic customer is going to come a new day. Then the next three verses are about removing the

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feelings of spiritual worthlessness. I'm not good enough. Allah doesn't love me. The next three verses are about removing the feelings of being unlucky, unfortunate, life is always tough, no, there are positives you have and then the final three verses, Allah says to all of us, take that negativity and challenge it into something positive, give back to your community and give back to this religion and through all of this you will find meaning in life and through all of this you will overcome these feelings of negativity May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you win through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and who applies held on and held on

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throughout their lifespan as scholars forgiveness us will ask for his the food the ramen

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hamdu lillahi wa ala had a solid lead in a myriad what am you that what am YOLO cufon I had What do dear Muslims I gently broached on the subject of depression. And depression requires many lectures and many Holton bugs and I only have three minutes left. I just want to point out that we need to come to terms with the reality of depression for all too long. Our societies and communities have considered this to be something taboo, we don't talk about it. We stigmatize The one who is battling with depression, we make fun of them. Sometimes even we say, Oh, this isn't anything. It's just something in your mind. And the reality is that no, it is not just something of the mind. Now of

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course, time does not permit me to go into detail. But the point is, we need to stop considering this to be a taboo topic. Unfortunately, depression is now at an all time high in this society. And we live in this society now. Why is depression at an all time highs? Another question which we do need to discuss, because we are seeing in the last decade in the last few decades, the rise of depression, we are seeing for the first time teenagers struggling with depression. This really was not common 30 years ago, 50 years ago, two generations ago. So things are changing, why is changing is another topic. But definitely we have to be honest and acknowledge that there is a crisis in this

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community, the ones that we live in, and even in our communities, the bubble, Muslim culture that we have all too often we turn away and we stigmatize those that come to us for help realize, dear Muslims, that depression is real realize that it can harm people. And we need to be sympathetic to the ones who come to us, telling us that they're going through this and also realize that those that are struggling with depression is not a sign of weakness, necessarily, in some situations, even our profit center. I don't like using the word but he is struggling with it. Let's call it anxiety. This sutra tells us Mauer Dhaka, Boko makalah. This surah tells us that he's going through certain self

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doubts, let's just call it self doubts and Allah is consoling him. Is anybody going to say his Mr. altavilla was weak or whatever, of course not. Depression is not necessarily linked with him and it is possible that a person has good demand strong demand and still struggling with depression it is possible now it is also true to say that generally speaking, generally speaking, good man and good family and good friends and good society helps in battling depression, but it's a help. It's not a necessary cause. It's not an end all and be all generally speaking, a loving family is better for the one who's battling depression than no family. Generally speaking, good man and good. You know

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taqwa is better than no taqwa. But just because you have a good family, doesn't mean you don't have depression. Just because you have good Eman doesn't mean you don't have depression in this sort of

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We learned three things that need to be done. But sometimes more than this, sometimes sometimes you need to go to a therapist sometimes need to take medication. But these three things should always be done without exception. Number one, the one who's battling depression should really think about the surah. He is you are not somebody whom Allah despises you are somebody whom Allah loves. Allah loves you. Allah cares about you, Allah created you. Number two, yes, life might be difficult, but that doesn't mean you're always unlucky. Allah has blessed you with ways and things that you are taking for granted. Yes, you might be struggling in some areas, but this dunya has also been given to you,

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you have things that others do not have. And then number three, maybe life is difficult. Find something to do with your time channel that energy that's a bit negative, and do something positive, bring happiness to others turn to Allah azza wa jal turn to the religion. And these are three things. Sometimes you need to do more than these. But no doubt these three things always helps dear brothers and sisters, if somebody comes to you, telling you that they're battling with this, struggling with this, do not trivialize do not dismiss them. Rather, embrace them, Be compassionate to them and try to connect them with family and friends and scholars and therapists because

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everybody has a speciality. Take them to people who are specialists. The share has not necessarily the therapists and psychologists frankly usually the share has nothing to do with psychology and therapy. Go to those who are experts. Yes, go to the share for some issues, go to family for others, and sometimes you need to go to a therapist as well. We need to stop considering this topic to be taboo and realize it is a real issue that needs to be grappled with May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us and our families Aloma indeed a mineral alarm alerted if you had the yummy the manila folder what a Manila for rich the weather then any local data, whether Medina and Elijah feta

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when I see it on ilaria SATA allama fildena. What it is one and led to several honing in on what Dr. Jaffe Lumina Zilla Lila Dena Amano. robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah hum is an Islamic one Muslim in alone is an Islam I will muslimeen Allah whom is the Islam all Muslim in Allahumma Aradhana arada is normal misdemeanor issue and federal who've been upset with altijd mirabito v Yo yo yo Aziz rebels a law in the law hotel, the American badminton better be he'd be an FC within abimelech Could you go to sleep with lsap? Can you help me when I'm in jindee here we're in C for called azim carlina idema in the law home I like to use aluna either nebby Yeah, you Ella Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam

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with a steamer alarm or suddenly was sending robotic will adapt the grocery liquor Mohammed Ali was a big marine about the law and the law to Allah motivate idli what, Sonny? What kotoba Wang? Sasha it will moon Korea well belly

00:32:45--> 00:32:52

to the Kuru Kuru la Vina come watch crew Yes. What are the crew Vita Allah Akbar Allah

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in a feed dunia Santa Monica.