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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam created Maha brotherhood between a companion of Medina and a companion of maca. So he made 100 Abdulmalik now for the Allahu taala. And who brothers with 100 Sadra the Allahu taala. And who, so when they were made brothers 100 Sodre the alo talent who say to him that obdurate man, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given me two of everything. I have two homes you can have one home, I have two modes of transport you can have one mode of transport. I have two gardens you can have one garden, what was the response of that of the Rama flood the Allah Tala and one of the Rockman said to him Jazak Allah I do not need anything of that. All I need from

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you is due learning Allah Sook guide me to the marketplace so that I can I can do some business and I can stand on my own legs. That is what he said. Now, there are two lessons we learn here. Lesson number one, look at the response of at the top the rock maligna of he wanted to be a man of self respect. He didn't want to become a freeloader to rely on someone's financial state. If Allah subhanaw taala has given us good health, we should wake up early in the morning, perform a Fajr Salah go out in search of Halal sustainance and what is the second lesson we learn? The second lesson we learned from the response of added solder the Allahu Taala who are from the offer of other

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Todra the Allahu Taala and who hunted Assad say to him that you can have one of whatever I have. He offered whatever he had. We wouldn't even do that for our own biological brothers today. And he did that for a stranger