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Nouman Ali Khan
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Rubbish. Sadly we're silly Emily watlow looked at me in the sunny of Coco de la homeserve Bitner and del motivo de la ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina Amina Amina Sally hurt, whatever so we'll have whatever so beside me Robin, I mean,

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the I am about to share with you and some reflections from them belong to the beginning of Sugata Lanka booth, the 29th suit of the Quran, it was revealed by most accounts, almost at the end of the period of Makkah for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam when the animosity towards the Muslims was so intensified, that there were even schemes and plots not only to torture and you know, hurt Muslims, but also kill the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So things had gotten pretty bad by that point. And pretty much the only outlet left pretty soon was going to be Hitler, which is migrating from the city of Mecca to the city of Medina, which is why in this remarkable

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surah Allah azza wa jal actually gives hints towards hijra. He doesn't say directly, because it's a covert operation. If he says it directly, then the kofod are going to know that the Muslims are planning on leaving town, and they're going to kill them before they get a chance to leave. So what Allah does in the sutra, pretty interestingly, is he first describes, for example, you know, one New Holland Salaam, leaving his people he's been told to leave by way of the ark, you know, and then loot Ali Salaam, he says, indeed, Mahajan. ihlara. Besides making big law tomorrow, he's gonna guide me. And then by the end of the surah, Allah says, Don't argue with the people have the book except

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in a better way. Well, the people of the book are not in Macau, where are they? They're in Medina. So it's already mentally preparing the Muslims without directly telling them that you're, you know, migrating so that it's exposed to the kofod also, but they're also being told like things are getting too tough for you. Now here, it's time for you to move about the beginning of this surah. However, there is a mental preparation for tough times when Muslims are persecuted, when Muslims are being, you know, not just criticized, but actually becoming targets for no other reason that there are Muslims. In that context, Allah gave these IOD and amalco to be such beautiful words. He said

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that even though it doesn't have to be a suburb, even though it came in the context of several Sahaba being tortured and beat up, and they were disheartened, because the only reason we're being tortured, and the only reason we're being picked on, and the only reason we're being made fun of in society is because we're Muslim, what crime have we done? Why isn't a law helping us? Why isn't he changing our situation? When some of those people express those kinds of feelings? Allah azza wa jal revealed the art that I'm about to share with you. But he says even though they came in that particular event, for mojotone, hakuho, poquito de la Mata Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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that the verdict in these ions and the principles of these ions are going to live forever, for the oma Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Because the legacy of this almost always going to be that the man that we have the gift that we have been given of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not a cheap gift. You don't just get to have it and you don't have to pay its price. So in your personal life, there will be trials and difficulties. And even as an oma, we're going to suffer trials and difficulties to see how, what pain Are we willing to go through to still hold on to this, to still not let go? And that's actually one of the ways we have to

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understand difficulty in life, difficulties that Allah gives to the Muslims, so believer in his life, or to us as nations, entire countries and Muslims going through trial and difficulty is Allah as much as we have seen seeing who wants to hold on to the man in the hardest of times? Because in those kinds of times, for people that huzi man can shake? What happens? How did I let this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? I don't want anything to do with a lot. I prayed to him, I make dua to him, I worship Him and look at what happened with my family. Look at what happened with me. I don't want to pray anymore. And that reaction is actually that's exactly the test that allows agile

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gave, who is going to hold on to their demand no matter what, and who's going to still remain hopeful with Allah no matter what, who's going. This is what why it's called belief in the unseen. It's not just Allah who's in the unseen, sometimes it was mercies in the unseen, sometimes it was justice is in the unseen, sometimes unless plan is in the unseen. So much of what he does is in the *. What you see in front of you is injustice. It's unfair. It's you know, it's it's even even cruel. And you look at it and you say, How can this be? I can't, I can appreciate a God who apparently let's get you know, let's let people get away with all these crimes. But behind the

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scenes is actually where our real faith is. We don't believe in what we see. We actually by the very definition and levina you we do not believe we believe in what we cannot see. We believe in what we don't understand, you know, that's in the hands of Allah and human beings will never have access to it. Well Maracana, la Julio Akbar Allah. Allah will not be one to inform you what's happening behind the scenes. Allah doesn't owe you an explanation of what's really going on the actual plans.

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Before I get to these IR just to help you understand we recite student of gaff every Friday, and part of sootel gohealth is the story of the journey of Musa alayhis salaam at the end of the surah. And in that story Allah azza wa jal describes three different situations which don't make any sense. If you look at him this this, these people that are fishermen, they have a boat, this is the only way these young men make money. And you know, Heather goes there and he just pokes a hole in the boat. And he just destroys the boat. And these people are not their boat is no good. Now, they can't make their income anymore. And Mousavi says, What did you just do? I came to learn about a lot from

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you. I was instructed that you're going to bring me closer and you're going around committing crimes, he kills a boy that if that wasn't bad enough, he kills a boy next. And if that, you know, and then later on, finally, he does something good. He builds a wall, but they're starving. And he's like you, these people don't even host you. They're not even kind fine. They're not hospitable people, at least if you did set this labor for them in the city, you should get paid for it. So none of these scenarios make sense. And what does Allah do? What's the point of these stories, even though that's not my football today, the point of those stories is there's the scene world. And then

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there's a curtain from Allah. And behind the scenes is the unseen plan. Those of you that are from the tech industry, there's the front end of the software, and there's the code in the back end. But there's there's a source code behind it, okay? Now, what Allah does in the sutra is he lifts the curtain just a little bit.

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And he gives musasa, a glimpse through whether, you know, of things he couldn't bear, he saw things that were wrong, he couldn't tolerate them. And he says, I'll explain to you now, what was really going on behind the scenes. In other words, that's a lovely way of telling us sometimes we see reality that we don't like, that we think is unfair. That is just absolutely wrong. But we still don't understand that Allah has a plan that allows justice is bigger than what we can see. Now coming to these ions, they begin with Alif Lam Meem and I was intrigued by that for a long time because there are many suitors in the Quran that that begin with Ruth Nakata cough noon calf hyah

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inside, you know, Alif laam Meem saw the left la meme raw Elif la Mimi itself, you know, pastine, etc, etc. You'll notice that pretty much all of those students with two exceptions, all of those students begin with the mention of some something about the revelation of Allah Alif laam Meem Valley, Calcutta Abu Dhabi Murphy and Islami Allahu Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah Calcutta, Baja manzana Anika Al Kitab, Anita, hammy, Tansy, Rahman, Allah, Allah CSUN Hakeem, every time you have this roof, following the hooroo, following these letters that we don't know the meaning of only Allah knows, Allah says something about his revelations.

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And the two exceptions are actually uncovered and room. Because here you find Alif Lam Meem a sabanas. There's no mention of the book now. And sudo room

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kalibata room,

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cottage and holy battle room The room was dominated, intriguing, maybe we'll talk about you know, when the battle room another time, but for now today I want to share with you what might be one of the benefits that comes from this unique exception in the Quran. It may be a nice way of telling us that the purpose one of the one of the main lessons of the book, one of the main teachings of Quran itself is to understand how you're supposed to react when you're in a trial. Like in a sense, you know, the Quran has many things. The Quran has many, many, many lessons, and it clarifies many, many realities. But if in one sense, you were to be asked, What is the essence practically for me? If I

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was to really internalize the Quran, what would that practically mean for me, what it would mean is that I understand that when trials happen, they happen because I have human, I have to pay the price of human, there are going to be difficulties in my life, there's going to be challenges, there are going to be challenges that come to me at the hands of my loved ones. And it may come that's from the inside or within the own myself, there will be people that give us problems. And then there will be people from the outside the enemy that will give us problems. And both of them are, in a sense a lot testing us that the the grit and the strength of our faith. So what is the statement that Allah

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makes? How has he been natural and neutral, and yaku armineh have people assumed that they're just going to be left alone, just because they said we've believed that's the statement. Have people assume that they will be left alone, just because they said that they've believed while home life ternoon and they're not going to be put to the test. They're not going to be thoroughly tested. Interestingly, you could say you're alone. They will they'll be tested, but the word used in the eye is you've ternoon and the word you've done comes from the Arabic verb fatahna fraternize use or fitness used in Arabic originally, when you have gold that has impurity.

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And unlike you know, if you have clothing that has impurity, you can wash it and the impurity comes off. If you have a you know, furniture that has an impurity, you can just brush it off. But if gold has impurity, you can't just brush

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Have, you have to melt the gold at very, very high temperatures, you have to burn this gold and put it under excruciating heat. And only then will the impurities come out. That's the only way to purify gold. It's an intense process. So the gold its test, its purity is tested by way of very intense heat. And that's when the impurities burned off. The use of that word suggests something, you think you're just gonna have faith and you just declared that you're Muslim. And you're not going to be put through intense heat. You're not going to be burned like gold is burned. And by the way, in just saying that Allah is beautiful way of telling us that we are like gold to him, that the

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believer is valuable to him, that you're being put through a hard task because you're just that valuable. You're just that much worth to Allah. You know, sometimes people think because they're going through a hard time that they are worthless to Allah. Allah doesn't care about me. That's why I'm going through these things. If Allah cared about me, you would have been taking much more care of me. It's the opposite scenario. Now it is because you are so valuable to Allah that you must be cleansed this way. Well, now you have done. And then Allah says, Well, I am fatahna Latina men complain much before we tested people before them too. This is the old history of Allah. There's not

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you're not the first one to be tested and tried. You're not the first one to be persecuted. You're not the first one to go through a hard time. This has been going on. This is a sunnah of Allah. Wa laqad fatahna Latina men calling him when I am an Allahu Allah Zina Sadako Allah Allah manilkara db. And this is a large way of absolutely exposing this is how Allah will certainly get to see an expose, who of you are actually truthful in your claim, truthful in what claim that they believe, easy to say Laila heilala, easy to hold on to it in your heart when hard times come. And that's not that's not the easy part. And so then he will know who's truly lying, you could still be saying that

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you know how to lie and be lying. You know, this is a legit way of testing us, I chose to mention these I art and I'm going to go on and shout out Allah from here too. But I wanted to highlight them for a reason. A lot of us feel the pressure of what's going on in society around us, some of us, every few minutes, you get a new link to an article about how things are escalating in this way, or that way, or the other way towards Muslims towards immigrants or whatever. And the escalation, the escalation isn't just in a political sense in this country. But there's a social escalation too. There's a cultural escalation to write people may be making comments to your family in the mall now,

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or, you know, at workplace people are saying things and harassment cases are happening and all this kind of stuff. And in this environment, it's very easy for people to start thinking, though, you know, if I didn't look so Muslim, or if I wasn't so visibly Muslim, then maybe I wouldn't have such a hard time. Right. And this this idea, then their family's discussing, you know, Dad sitting down with the family and discussing Look, I know, I know, you've seen me with a beard for many years, but I think it's time to, you know, use some hikma and just, you know, blend in a little better. And, you know, I know, you know, if you got if you if you girls, if you my daughters want to take off the

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hijab, it's okay, right now, we're in tough times, we don't want to be persecuted, etc. These kinds of conversations are starting to happen, you know, and people are saying that we can't handle it. This is too much. And allows response to all of that is or what do you what did you think you're not going to be tested? You think people are just gonna love you everywhere you go. The most beloved of all people was also lost in the long run the asylum and people absolutely hated him. They hated him.

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His character is the most beloved character you could possibly have. His smile is infectious. There are people that can't like help but be around him. Salallahu alaihe salam, you know, and this man, but I mean, people absolutely despised him.

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Kirsten with the worst kinds of curses.

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And that's that's before, by the way, that hatred of the Muslims came way before even we were told any of the instructions that we now make us visibly Muslim jilbab hadn't been revealed, yet hijab hadn't been revealed yet. None of these things were revealed. It was just it was something else that was very offensive about Muslims. They don't budge from their faith. They don't budge from what's true and they speak out against injustice. That's actually what was offensive to the Mexicans. Muslims didn't back off when when when an orphan was being pushed around. The Muslim stood up and said you can't push around the orphan or on came around and say, you know for radical Veolia team

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when people were being cheated in the marketplace crime came out and said well a little bit of 15 Allah Allah Allah Allah siesta food wise I was an army of zero or on came out and said you can't cheat people in business. You can't scam people. You can push orphans around. You can be you know, bury the baby girl alive. Quran started criticizing social evils that were happening in that time. Not and the victims of it were not Muslims. The victims of it were everybody else. That's what was offensive to them. The Quran doesn't apologize for its message. The Quran doesn't hide its message and its people Once you accept Islam

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They'll say, Do you believe what the Quran says? Do you believe what do you endorse these views? or nah?

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No, no, not not totally.

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You know, this is what

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I've tested, Allah says people before, and we can tell who tells the truth and who's a liar. We have to stand by the word of Alliance, the only protection we have you think standing by the word of Allah is going to put us in trouble standing by the word of Allah is the only will to have voluntary them in doing he will the harder, you will not find any other protection other than the book of Allah. That's the only protection you have. And then on the flip side, there are those who are giving us who are persecuting us for no other reason that we believe. You know, what about those people?

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about them, Allah says, I'm happy Bella Nina Luna, say athenaeus mucuna. sama yaku. Have those who commit sins assumed that they got ahead of us, you know, sadaqa, who actually in the Arabic language is when a criminal is running from a crime. And the cops or the authorities or the business owner is trying to chase him, but they got away.

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And Allah says, you think these people who are committing crimes got away from me? You think they're too fast for me to catch? Sir, am I a common? What are horrible decisions they've made. And I don't just want to limit this to people who persecute Muslims at a large scale. But I also want you to understand that these ions have implications in your personal life. There are people that personally have persecuted you that have tortured you that have slandered you have said horrible things about you. You don't have to make against them. You don't just know that unless they make Toba. Nobody gets away with it from Allah. You know, your frustration at this time? Maybe? How come this person

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got away with it? How come they get to say these things and they still have everything's okay with them. And it burns you inside? that the person who hurts you is you know, chillin. They're just having a good old time. This is a consolation to those who are victims of any kind. Those who commit sins, what do you think they got away? No, no, no, they've made it they made a horrible decision. Other places in the Quran, Allah will describe what a horrible decision that looks like. And I often give the example of it I won't go into the app themselves. But I'll give you you know, just the the image of it. I may have described this to you before, if you have a rabid dog or a wild dog, and you

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tie it up. If you have like a one foot leash, just one foot, the dog can't go more than one foot. But if you give this dog a 200 foot leash, it's a wild dog, it's gonna run as fast as it can candidate. And for 199 feet, this dog thinks it's free.

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But when it hits the 200 foot market, the full full speed what happens to it?

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You see, the choke is much stronger, that was actually not a mercy on the dog that was a tougher punishment. You know, in the monumental only as they do If man, we only extend for them so they can earn Morrison's so they can dig their hole deeper. So can they can suffer more pain. You want to make trouble? Go ahead, Allah will give you a license, make trouble, dig your own hole deeper. sama yaku.

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Then Allah azza wa jal turns back to you and me. This is very powerful lesson, especially for people that are going through a difficult time.

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A key problem for all of us when we go through a difficult time, is that we have expectations from people.

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We expect for example, somebody has an abusive father. And they say, Why can't my father be like every father should be? Somebody says, Why can't I be my husband be like a husband should be? Why can't my she's a mother, she's supposed to be kind. Why isn't she kind she's a daughter, she's supposed to be beaten, why isn't she obedient? We always look at people and what they should be. And that makes us angry, because they're not what they should be. And we keep getting more and more upset. And we keep saying this should be different. There should be different, there should be different. By the way, the Book of Allah will tell you how people should be. But we're human beings.

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We're human beings, and you cannot turn people into what you want them to be. So they will change when Allah puts that in their heart. You and I can't change people, even the people closest to us. Even the messenger was told this in nicoleta human habit, you can't even change whoever you love. People come and say, hey, what can I tell my husband? What can I tell my father? What can I tell my daughter? What can I tell my brother that can help them change? And the first thing that comes in my head is in Nicoletta demon.

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You don't just get to guide whoever you love, you can give reminder for the kid in Nevada vichara.

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Providing benefit we'll have a reminder we'll have benefit income here before Tokyo and it could be shortly also benefit there's certainly benefit in reminder and if the remainder will have any benefits or possibility. It's a positive Our job is just to remind, but the problem is when you put expectations on people and they're disappointed disappointed every time. It only burns you more so what does Allah do in response, he says, Man Can I order juliaca Allah for in Agile Allah Hilah arts

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Whoever was hopeful, who would they have hope for hope with meeting with Allah, then the meeting with allies coming, because that's the one that will never disappoint. That's the one that will never disappoint. You look, look, even look at the situation of kurush. The Arabs, their biggest, the biggest part of their identity was tribe.

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Their pride came from their tribe, their sense of self came from their tribe, their unity came from their tribe, this was actually at the apex of their identity. But when it came to Islam, the Quraysh are willing to torture even of their own. They're willing to persecute even of their own, violating the principles of their own tribe that they would never ever do. But they're willing to do it for the Muslims.

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The harem was considered a place that's Amman, the Harlem was a place where everybody safe. People used to come from all over Arabia and worship their idols there. This is one place that was kept safe. And that's one of the reasons why I respected that whoever comes there is safe. The only people who are not safe at the helm is

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the Muslims. The Muslims could stand up and complain. This is against the Kurdish constitution. This is a violation of our civil rights. How can you do this to us, we expect better from you. You can expect all you want. You can expect all you want the people who are going to hate the believers just because they are believers have no constitution. They have no code. They have no principles. You can cry, civil rights, all you want, they're not going to those people will do what they'll do.

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That's that's the history of Islam. That's the history even since the time of Musa alayhis salam. Even since then

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musala salam was considered one of them.

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He's actually one of them. And he's because he was raised as a royal he was given granted that royal status under fit our own, and eventually even he's willing to bend his own constitution Varun yoxall, boosah Let me kill myself. They don't kill their own, who will make the exception for Muslims will make the exception. We have to be we have to understand where to put the expectations. I'm not saying we don't struggle for our rights. I'm not saying that. But I want us to understand whether it's in our personal lives or as a society, as a society. We need to understand our primary hopes live with a lot.

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And if that is gone, then nothing else will matter. Man Karna your juluca Allah for in Adana, Latina art, whoever wanted to be was hopeful of meeting with Allah then certainly the meeting of with allies well on its way and Allah here's everything knows everything. Woman Shahada, and this is what I want to conclude with in Sharla, woman Java in NEMA, Yahoo, Linux, he, in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, me

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and whoever struggles, whoever, whoever makes efforts, what his efforts doing here, you see, when Muslims are being persecuted, they're on the defensive, aren't they? When we're being we're the ones being criticized, critiqued, tortured, and mcca. Were the ones on defense and allies saying, Don't worry, those who are persecuting you, I'll deal with them eventually. Don't you worry about that. You just teach what your hopes in me, that's what allies telling the Muslims, but by the end of this ayah, what does he say? Woman yada, yada, yada hidden enough, see, whoever struggles only does so to their own benefit. Struggling is not defense, struggling is what is on offense. Ally is saying in

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times of persecution, you must stand up for your religion and presented more with a more aggressively more actively than you ever did before. And that's the only way you will survive because you're only doing that for yourself, and yada yada to the UFC. And you're not doing this for Allah, that Allah will benefit in some way. You're only doing this for yourself. You want to be safe with Allah, you want a less protection, you want the angels to come and surround you and nothing to hurt you. Let me see you make struggle for Allah. Let me see you make efforts for Allah, then the protection comes. And then that's what Allah says, in the law. He loves it. You know, I mean, he

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doesn't need your struggles. He doesn't need your efforts. He is independent, free of need from all nations and all peoples. He doesn't need the nation and people, you're the ones who need him. You're the ones who need that struggle. By the end of this passage, Allah has given us the secret. What does it take for an Omar to protect itself in times of persecution? what it takes for them is true struggle for the sake of Allah. Not that they keep taking steps back, but they start taking steps forward. There's a wind blowing in your face pushing you back and you're struggling and pushing against that wind. Everybody else wants you to let go of your Islam and you're holding on to it even

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more. Everybody else wants their their their entire symposia and academic circles, describing how we want to have a more civil Islam. How we want to have a more you know, come Islam more palatable for the modern world and hear the

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passages of the Quran that are problematic. So let's remove those from this course. And in the middle of all of that pressure, we're going to have to be the ones that stand to move forward this way.

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Right now, we are pushing back right now they make criticisms of the book of Allah and we say, oh, why does the Quran say that? How come it says how can we, you know, and we start doubting ourselves. This is not how Allah will give protection to this oma. When, when you take a step back, when you start turning your back to the dean, what happens? What happens? Allah says, In Tata Well, no, you establish a common hierarchy. So melaku onsala, calm, if you turn your backs, Allah will replace you with a nation other than yourselves. You are easily replaceable. This is the other meaning of an Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah is free of need, he doesn't need any nations. He doesn't need them.

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He doesn't need the Pakistanis. He doesn't need the Bangladeshi doesn't need the Egyptians or the Palestinians. He doesn't need the Saudis. Or anybody turns back from a lesbian,

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a lower person with somebody else. Next thing you know, the Irish, the Mexicans, somebody else is replaced us. And that's not the first time this happened. This is the son of a liar. He's done it before. He's done it before. This is the time to hold strong. This is the time to show confidence in Islam. This is the time to fear nobody but Allah. When we put our hands This is the last thing I'll share with you. When we put our head down in front of Allah.

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in fear of Allah and humility to Allah, you know what that means that we don't bow before anybody else. Now, we're not afraid of anybody else, that we're not, we're not going to submit to anybody else. We're not going to feel pressure by anybody else. We don't accept the authority over us of anyone else. Nobody else will bully us. Nobody else will tell us what to do. We don't fear consequences of anybody else. The only fear we have is that of Allah. That's the point of salon. That's the purpose of you standing in front of Allah like that. And that's what this is a reminder, I need a new lead in these times. I pray that Allah azza wa jal instills in us a sense of confidence

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and strength in our faith. I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes up for those who turned back to ally in times of trial and understand that this is a price we must pay to hold on to our eemaan I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes us of those who truly make sincere efforts to bring more light to Islam to bring more light to the word of Allah in this society, because of Allah Allah leave. At this time when they say Islam is the problem the Omar knows very well on Islam is the only solution. It's the only good thing and Allah has charged us with that responsibility. May Allah make us true ambassadors of this faith barakallahu li walakum. Quran Al Hakim wanna fight anyway, El Camino al

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Khutbah By Nouman Ali Khan – Purify Your Faith

Surah Al-Ankabout was revealed at the height of Muslim persecution in Mecca and, according to Nouman Ali Khan, mentally prepared Muslims for their immigration to Medina. Its opening aya is a profound lesson about what we often forget at times of distress. Allah reminds us that true believers will be thoroughly tested in their faith, just as gold must be exposed to extreme heat in order to be purified. Muslims suffering under the current circumstances must remember that they have protesting the violation of their civil rights ever since Allah’s message was revealed. Allah will give protection to those who struggle, those who show confidence in Him and do not flinch in bearing the responsibility of upholding the religion.

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