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Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The importance of praying before or after sunrise and before or after the shadow is emphasized, as it shows the Prophet is not missed. The success of praying for the presence of the goddamn sun is highlighted, as it is a sign that the goddamn sun is present. Consistent prayer practices is also emphasized, and praying for the presence of the goddamn sun is necessary for optimal results. Consistent prayer practices and recitation for spiritual health are also discussed, along with the importance of praying before or after prayer time for optimal results. Any prayer can make up their prayer later if they have time.
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If he would mean he would pray them later on, after sun science, and this is most Some scholars say this was the hajat. Many scholars are of the opinion that there was a with the prayer that he was making it up. When he when he when he said that yet from it when he gave the permissibility to make up the prayer. And so what do you make of Asana actions, or stone? The reason is because when you abandon Asana, let's say you don't do your doing, that's one that you used to do all the time. And then you leave it, you forget it, or you are lazy, and you leave it for one day, or something happens if you don't pray it.

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If you don't, then you look at it as very light, then you become lazy. And then the likelihood of you because once you will feel us doing something, you know, like for example, if you go in the next two weeks, sometimes two months without fasting was super fast. And then sometimes you come back and you fast, or you pray certain prayers, you miss one. And if you don't make it up, then you become lazy. And when you become lazy, you know, you don't return back to doing it again. And that's why it's, it's recommended if you even if you miss if you come into the Masjid.

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Then there's the pray to rock as at home, right? And then you come here, and then you can pray. The part of the messenger we used to play at home that he would come and it would lead the people in prayer and he pray we pray to rock as an N in his house. And his house was next door anyways. So when he comes out, it's already time to pray. Okay, and so the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, someone will never, you know, he would never leave these two lockers. But there was a companion who came in he came in late. And he didn't prove this to Iraq as a failure. So he prayed it after the prophets of Allah Humphrey forget. And of course, I decided there is no sunnah.

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There is no sun. So the prophets of Allah and x are asking, What are these two rockets? Are you praying? He said, No, these are two rockets before five years, I didn't pray on time. I mean, he came in. And if the prayer already started, and he didn't pay his two rockets, so the messenger of allah sallallahu, some left him, that means he didn't scold him for, but the fact that he went to ask him shows, it's not something that's preferred.

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When should we do, but if you think you're going to forget what you think you're going to be lazy, you're going to work, you're not going to have time, then it's okay to play them even after fajr. But it's not recommended to do so. It's best to do so of course, before we miss it is it's best to do after sunrise after the shadow, I mean, after sunrise and then the right of the sun has risen already a spirits length, and after that you can pray them, but it's a it's an indication shows that the prophets of Allah if someone's very keen, and making up even certain actions, and the reason because once you start to leave something, then then it's it makes it more difficult for you to come

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back. So when you do when you make up something that's sudden, then you're more likely to continue doing that act. And so, another benefit from this is we know that is the realization and we know that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was the most pious and righteous of all people, the most sincere of all people and the most pious why? Because even the Sunnah actions, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very consistent at it. Very consistent, he was key in making sure that he didn't miss for one even one day, even for one day, right? And so that's why the more you are in sticking to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and doing supererogatory actions,

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the more beloved you are to Allah subhanho wa Taala and so another thing that we benefit from this hadith is that when you say something is better than something else, that it's permissible to say that something is better than the hereafter for example, or some Hereafter is better than this.

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Dunya and whereas in it, it's an indication also that the Sunnah acts, there are other there are some Sooners that are more more praiseworthy or more virtuous, right there are certain but they're not all the same.

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Right amongst the Sunnah actions, there are some that are more virtuous of the you know, the Senate or whatever are the 12 rockers. The 12 Rock at that you pray that Allah Subhana Allah builds for your house and Jana, those two, those two

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rocker, the most virtuous of them are the two rock as of before Fajr. And so that's why even amongst the suddenness, there are things that are more virtuous. There are things that are more virtuous and more rewarding. And so we learn from this rock Atal factory, I remember doing yoga mafia, and that's why we learned from that from this because of what because he said, I said Do Min Jota I hold an Allah Rakata Infigen there was nothing. No other Sooners that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam protected more than anything else. That means he made sure that he prayed them, that he made sure that he prayed them. Another benefit that we get from this hadith when the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, better than the dunya and whatever is in it better than the dunya the two rock as a father are better than the dunya and what's whatever is in it. And so some people may say that, you know, you should never compare the dunya to the hereafter. There's no comparison that you shouldn't even compare right here. Some people say in the year there's no need to compare. You can compare it

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well, yes, because it's so great, but at the same time, are you allowed to compare? Yes, because we have so we have it in the Quran and we have in the Hadith like this hadith Howdy, Romana dunya mafia, you're comparing the dunya to the hereafter, that the Hereafter is better than the whole dunya and whatever is in it, that in fact is comparison. Well, some people say don't even speak about the you speak what the actual there is no need to compare to this. Dunya No, you say yes, the Alpha was better. That's comparison. And that's why Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, You will Adina Hammond, who are you who believe, either new DLs Ferretti me yo Juma it first I will either decree

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Allah He was our buyer.

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Or you believe when prayer when the prayer is called for on the day of Juma on Friday, first, our Ila decorilla, then hastened to the remembrance of Allah, and whether will by weather all day buyer, leave, abandoned business, buying and buying and selling, whether they men, then Allah says Lally come higher law calm, that's better for you better than what highroller calm better than buying and selling. When you go and pray, it is better than doing your business. So that means that they reward in the hereafter. For the prayer, you're comparing something that's worship, with something that is an act and benefit of this life. And so that comparison to get is something that is permissible. And

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of course, another benefit that we have

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is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He made these two rock as very short.

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He made these two lockers very short. And it's an indication that what that the most beloved deeds to Allah, are that which is most consistent,

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or humble Amal in Allah

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are the one who were in

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the most beloved deeds in the sight of Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it's just a small amount, even if it's just a small amount, so these are short, and they like to rock us by being consistent in it makes it the best of all, best of all of those, all the others of you consistent with it, because the two and it's also it's to pray them lightly. And to pray them sure is to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And so that's why but you know when he prayed it,

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he you when you pray, how do you how do you do pray, of course you should pray it, you should complete it. Don't pray quickly and abandon all the other Sooners that are part of the prayer. The difference is you read short instead of long, and you do the minimum in terms of that which is most complete. So for example, you say the DUA list if you say subhanallah Bill Allah three times Subhanallah we are the in three times everything that you say in your prayer. You don't shorten that. EJ say the same thing but you just you know, you don't prolong it, you don't prolong it, as you usually do. And so, the Son of God is better than the dunya and whatever is in it. And Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah made these two records this these two rock

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are better than the dunya and

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Whatever is in it, and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There's something specific about these two records. What specific? The specific thing about these two markers is that he prayed them when he was at home. And he prayed them when he was traveling, where the other Sunan or whatever. He didn't pray them when he was traveling. But these two rock as a father, he prayed them even though he was traveling. And another thing that's specific about these kinds of budget is that the Prophet saw a lot of some recited certain sorrows. The other sunnah neurotic, you can recite anything, there's nothing specific. There's nothing specific that came to us from the

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recitation so let's save the rock as before the war or reform or after murder, we're after each or the other to the other 12 rock or the other 10 Rock adds that is considered a sunnah neuroactive you can read anything you want. There's nothing specific, but these to Iraq as a failure. The specifics of the specific recitation have come to us from the Prophet sallallaahu somebody in fact that he used he used to say all we are Cathy rune and he used to recycle hula hat or he used to recite Kulu Amman Billahi into the end of salt at the end of Surah Baqarah. And he used to also recite the the beginning of pull

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for the

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holier al Kitab the Isla de la Kalimantan server and by Nana webinar come in Surah Ali Imran so it shows that these are specific, recitation specific sort of that he recited in the Sooners and the other Sooners the sudden before the whole as soon as After After After murder after Isha those Sooners There's nothing specific on what to recite and what to read there. And another thing also that specific about this the sorrows this these two rockers is that if you missed them we mentioned earlier if you missed it, let's say you come in and the Imam has already sprayed Fajr Do you pray the Torah comes before No. You pray with the Imam. You join the Imam because the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam he said either okay metta salah, for La sala de l Matoba. If prayer has been called for, then there is no prayer except for that which has already been that except for the obligatory prayer that has been called for. And so if the man has started praying so that the prayer fajr prayer, and you didn't pray to to raka I see some sometimes you see some people go and pray these to work as quickly then they join. Now once the man has started that you don't but if you miss if you miss and you want to, the best thing to do is wait until after sunrise and pray them if you're afraid you're not going to make them up or you don't have time when you're going to work or

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something then you can also do them right immediately afterwards. And so that's one of the Sooners that you make up so inshallah that's anyone have questions related to the sooner or whatever? Yes

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the before and

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the Sooners the suddenness

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of their connected the prayer, the default is that you pray them after the after the arrival of prayer time. So like for example, right now five years 443 Then after that you can pray. So the fragile time has already come in. And that's when the Adnan should be made. But if it's not made you can let's say you sometimes you come to the masjid and maybe the Athan hasn't been made big but then it's time to pray the funding has already come in

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and you know waiting for them or as if the time has already come in, you can pray or the sooner before the Sooners than before and anyone else any question Yes.

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Almost like salaries.

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If you if it's if you're running out of time, of course the obligatory prayer takes precedence, which means that you let's say, let's say there's further time already, if you're late and you're afraid you're going to miss it, then you have to play the Friday prayer. You can pray the sooner prayers. You can make up the suddenness later on. But the Friday prayer has to be prayed but if you can make because if you can make one raka before sunrise then you have had the rock, you have caught the prayer. So even if the rest of your prayer is after sunrise then you've deemed to have prayed on time. So if you're not going to make it before then

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You can't pray the Torah as a father, you can make them up later on. But you have to pray the obligatory prayer first. But if you still have you, if you think you still can make it,

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then you still still have time to pray the tour occurs and then you can still pray those, the fajr prayer on time. And you still have time to do both on during Friday, then you do so.

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But let's see make. Yeah, if you still have time, you can sum this up to have a tournament for Friday. And then you pray that when you remember, because continuation, you know, it's a continuation of the fajr prayer, you already missed it. Right? You already missed it. You it's already fudged, you're not gonna catch anything. There's nothing to catch here. You praying whenever you remember. And so we'll never worry whenever you wake up. So you wake up, you may go Do you pray or to rock and then you put your prayer, you can do that. Even after five minutes. And people were angry at Beloved, we like lag and you're so tired. Sometimes you can open your eyes, sometimes you

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don't hear the other the alarm, even if the alarm is ready. It will go off until it's you know, because it's limited, right? There's a continue to go up after like 15 2015 minutes or something or 10 mental alarm go off. Yes, but you didn't hear anything. And if you didn't hear anything, you know, then of course, then that's that's a time in which a person is excused. Because sleep whenever I wake up, I

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It doesn't matter. Tired. If you go to sleep, you know you're not going to wake up to consider that, that that intentional missing.

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Because that's the view waking up on purpose. You don't want to pay on time. That's a major sin and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. And then means to announce, announce or to inform, to let somebody know. And that's why when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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They woke up. I mean, when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed, he was looking for a woman who used to clean the masjid.

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And he said, and notice that the Messenger of Allah noticed now is known as the people who come to the masjid and people don't come to him. So he

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said, well, and does anybody know what happened to

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the masjid? And so they said, O Messenger of Allah. She passed away last night.

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He passed away last night. The word

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