Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #25 – Does God Really Care

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following the messenger's instructions and not changing one's hand. They also mention that the message is not about which hand is used, but rather about the mindset of Islam. The message is not about which arm is used, but rather about the mindset of Islam.
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does Allah really care? Subhan Allah, I remember one of my students asked me that question. He said, CEF does Allah really care if I eat with my left hand? With all the things that's happening in the world? does Allah really care about it? Allah cares which hand I use to eat.

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A lot doesn't care about which hand you chose to eat. A lot cares about whether you follow the way of the prophet or not sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whether you knew that the Prophet had given an instruction, and you followed his instruction or not. Did you know The Prophet said to eat with the right and asked us to eat with the right and at the time you came to eat? You chose intentionally to go against what he said? Or was it just something that you had forgotten? A lot does care about you following the newbies I sell them? For? He is the one who told us in the Quran, when Atacama Rasool Allah who do what the messenger gave to you take it, woman, how cool man Whoa, fan devil, what he

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prohibited from you stay away from it. That is something that is central. Yes, Allah does care. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gives you a greater reward. When you follow this simple common sooner of the prophets, I sell them. So when you come to get dressed, and you put your right arm in the right sleeve before the left, and you did it not because you're right handed, but because you know, it's the sooner then you are rewarded for it. If you enter the masjid with your right foot before your left, and you do it because you know it's the sooner taught by the prophets, I sell them you are rewarded for it. If you use the habits of the prophets, I send them in your day to day life,

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there is a reward. And there's also no punishment for the one who doesn't do it. Absent mindedly there is held accountable for the one who does it intentionally against the order of the prophets, I sell them. And that's how we understand that Hadith when the prophet SAW a man eating with his left he said couldn't be a meaning. And the man is able to eat with his right and the man says no, I'm gonna keep eating with my left he disregarded disobeyed. belittle the attitude and the tradition of the prophets. I sell them. So the prophets all I sell them seeing this, Allah Subhana Allah caused that man's left arm to become paralyzed. That's an authentic pseudonym, the prophets I sell him. So

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I want you to know, it's not about which arm Do you eat with? It's about do you obey Allah? Do you obey His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It's about the mindset that Allah cares to see in the believer, not necessarily the simple habits and actions that we perform in fulfilling our lifestyle of Islam of submission to Allah Do not ever transgress against Allah Subhana Allah to Allah by assuming Allah Subhana Allah doesn't care about simple things. It's about how you view it. What is the reason it was ordered and instruction? And what is your intention in disobeying Allah and the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at that time.

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