The Sunnah of Salat Al Duha

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a very short Kaltura. We're in the blesser 10 days. And one of the things that we're supposed to do and every time we come across one of these blessitt days, whether it's the days of Ramadan, the nights of Ramadan, whether it is these 10 days, one of the things that we are encouraged to do is to add to our routine during these days. And then to maintain an element of that routine after those days. As I said, when we had Ramadan as well, the goal is to raise the bar. And Allah blesses us with these incentives that allow us to raise the bar. Once the bar is raised. When that time frame is over, it might lower down but we shouldn't bring it back to where it was before. So one

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encouragement to myself in all of you during these 10 days to add to our routine, and I've spoken about this and I know that was dad and a mom have also spoken about this is a very simple Suna. That is something that should be a part of our schedule as much as we can throughout the year. And that is the Sunnah of Salah to Doha, the Sunnah of Salah to Doha salata, Doha is a very, very strongly encouraged to now it is small in its timeframe, and yet its reward is massive. One of the things about Salah to Doha, by the way, unlikely is that our profit system would make long term long tahajjud but from what we gathered from the Suna Salah to Doha was not long, it was in fact, short

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sutras. It was not sort of Bukhara, and other Emraan it was the short surah that he would recite. So the whole surah to Doha would not take more than a few minutes. And the reason why our scholars say that despite the fact that it is shorter, its rewards are so great is that the higher timeframe is typically the timeframe when we are busy with the dunya. That's when we go to work when we're in the fields when we're doing business. So if we can break away from our dunya routine, even for 10 minutes, five minutes, that blessing is equivalent to a much longer timeframe outside of salado and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to pray up in many a hadith of them. He said

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Salah to a well being here the third model facade salatu wa bien he gave it an adjective, the Salah of the penitent, the Salah of the ultra righteous, he called it set out to a well being the term a web is an adjective that Allah uses in the Quran to describe the Prophet that would and to describe a number of the prophets. Allah says of the prophets they were a web a web means turning back to Allah and our prophets of Allah. Why do you send them set Salah to a well being? He called Guha, our being Salah Sosa to a well being bean is one the young camels have to raise themselves on the ground and walk away. Meaning the point here, though, as we are all aware, can be prayed any time from when

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the sun rises, basically half an hour, 45 minutes after Frederick finishes until before the zoa. So before though, so that's like five hours on an average day, maybe in the summer, six, seven hours. The ideal time the best time is right before zool by half an hour a little bit before 01 and this is the heavy solid we're being hated model facade, facade is the baby camel and the baby camels, they would lie in the shade until the sun's heat would make the pebbles too hot for them, then they would stand up and go away. That's going to be supposed over is at 130 that's going to be around 12 1230 where the sand pebbles are so hot that the baby candles would walk away they could no longer be on

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the stand out profitsystem said Salah to a well being in a third model facade the Salah of the hour been is at the end of the salado time. So he called the end time of the Salah to our being and our scholars say overall satisfaction or been but the ideal time to pray is at the end but you can also pray at the beginning as we know and Abu huraira the Allahu anhu said my Holly my best friend he advised me three things I will never leave them until the day that I die. Number one he advised me to fast three months of every three days of every month number two he advised me to pray my winter before I go to sleep never leave with a salah and number three he advised me to pray salata Doha

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So I will read rhodiola one would have these SS three sooner routines he never gave it to me he died three days fasting of the month praying the Chairman tahajjud and Witter every night Even if he's not gonna wake up. Before he goes to sleep, he's gonna pray it and salata every single day. This is from the routine, and the Hadith in Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, every single morning when the person wakes up every joint in his body, once others Oh to Allah, every joint that you have, you have to give sadaqa. The Sahaba said, How can we give that Masada pero sobre la, he said Don't you know saying Subhana Allah is Osaka and Al Hamdulillah is a sadhaka and Allahu Akbar,

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there's a sort of, and smiling is a sadhaka. Then he said, and all of this every single joint can be expiated can be taken care of, by praying to Raka of Salah to Doha. If you pray to Allah to do, then the obligation of thanking Allah for your entire body and health and wealth, it is as if you've done it by those two Raka of Salah to the help and by the way, so that the Doha is two or four or six or eight, our Prophet system sometimes pray too sometimes prayed for sometimes prayed six and he regularly prayed eight, the routine was eight but sometimes he prayed two and four and six. And we find a hadith of all of these, in fact, the famous hadith of omiana, his cousin, the older sister of

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Vitaly, she accepted Islam in the conquest of Makkah that she came to negotiate, you know, the release of her husband from the process of in the conquest of Makkah, and she said, I found him praying Salah to Doha, a trucker out this is the day that maca has been conquered. There's so much going on in the world. He did not allow the conquest of Makkah to interfere in salado I think about that right. Some what is more important that the conquest of Mecca what political event was more important, and yet still he prayed a truck out on the day that MCO was conquered and Omaha he said I came and I saw him pray and I waited till the finish then I had my conversation with him so a truck

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I he prayed on that morning. So there are many blessings for Salah to have and inshallah with this we conclude number one, our Prophet system called it Salah to a well being if you want to be in that category of a web, you have to press a lot to Doha. Number two our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave it of the specific advice to Abu hurayrah that he said oh Sani that will see you. Number three, he considered praying even to the thigh which is the minimum to be equivalent to having done your duty to thank Allah for every single blessing that you have been given. That's the bare minimum that we should do number three, number four, our professors and added something to that. And he said

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whoever prays vigil in JAMA and then sits in his place doing Vicar and then prays to recap, which is the earliest time I was allowed to do, by the way is rock is what you call do when is done early. So Schrock is something we're uncommon in our culture is resolved any Pakistani culture is rock is simply the term for Salah to Doha when it's done in the early morning. But it's also caused a lot to do. So if you pray a strong prayer after fudger, but sitting from fudger, until it's rock time, our Profit System said in one report, you will get the reward of a hedge down button. But in another report, he said you'll get the reward of Nomura, the point being you will get a massive reward for

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literally no exaggeration, 45 minutes to one hour over a bada a massive amount of reward for just sitting after fudger prayer, doing your account reading Quran not doing anything of the dunya. And then as soon as it is time to put your drop, you stand up and you praise Allah to do. He said you will get the reward of an entire hedge brothers and sisters, none of us is going for hedge this year alone was done. Let's at least one of these days try to get the reward of the hedge by performing Doha connected to fudger How would it be connected to fudger we sit after slot and we do our guard until it is time to pray Salah to Doha, and then we pray to God that said, and we will get that

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reward of the hijjah Tom but Tom Tom so this is a small deed and yet its rewards are immense in the eyes of Allah. I asked Allah xojo to make us of those who praise Allah to a woman and to make us have the ranks of the people of the well being which is our Camilla was saramonic Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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