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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The history and culture of Islam in Spain, including the largest Islam cohort in the world and the largest Islam cohort in history, is discussed. The importance of learning about Islam in context of traveling to Turkey and Spain, as well as the use of apologetic language and language in the message is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of not believing in the thirtieth century and the potential profit through advertisements. The use of multiple titles referring to different people in Islam and the potential for profit through advertisements is also discussed. The speakers stress the importance of not believing in the thirtieth century and the impact of various theories and claims on the assignment "Ok, not to be found inside al BukhQuad in the Bible. The segment ends with a discussion of the assignment's meaning and its impact on mental health.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Alikum brothers and sisters Welcome back to the Father and Son podcast Alhamdulillah we have some very interesting topics to discuss with you guys today as usual, if you're new around here do subscribe Inshallah, from the link down below, or the button down below subscribe Inshallah, to keep up to date with all of the content insha Allah do also go to my channel I'll put in the description and go subscribe there, Masha, Allah took a long hiatus of YouTube so you have now passed me so I need the people to come to my channel and show me some support as well. So it's in the description inshallah. Okay, let's get

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straight into it. You were recently in Spain. Yes, Mashallah. Islamic Spain, or now? It's not obviously now it's, you know? Yeah. Still Islamic. Spain, as far as I'm concerned is still unexplained. Okay. Islamic monuments are still there. Exactly. Okay. Yeah. So, you know, the prophet has also me liked optimism. Yes. Nice, optimistic way to think absolutely. How was it? How was the trip? Absolutely amazing trip. And one of the reasons we made this trip was to educate the Muslims, about the history of Islamic Spain and what happened with Muslims in Spain. And we took youngsters I even took your younger siblings, and they enjoyed it. They enjoyed it. I know. And my kids, were

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saying that this was an absolutely fascinating experience. You know why? Because they had no idea how powerful Islam and Muslims were in Western Europe. Spain is Western Europe and Muslims ruled much of Spain for almost 700 years. That's a long time. Yeah, that's a long time. And this is the first time when civilization civilization in his

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in his

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prime, as you can see, you know, when when human beings reached the peak of civilization, Muslims did it. In Spain. Well, we see a civilization absolutely no, nowadays, like street lights, paved roads, libraries, universities, institutions, scholars, students, all these things. I mean, civilization is pretty much all these things, right. And this the thing, you know, from a historical perspective, this is where history illuminates the minds hunt, and it brings, it brings a reality to the person that they didn't know before. Exactly. So for example, nowadays, we are we are basically subjected to thinking in in accordance to our our environment. Okay, let's be honest, yes. Nowadays,

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when people think about, you know, when the average Muslim may think about Islamic history, yeah. Because they haven't read because they may not be well read, okay? They assume, you know, Muslims are barbaric people and villages, and they didn't have anything and they were, the western societies were always the most forward when we speak from, you know, civilization perspective, but in reality Subhanallah, when you look at Spain, as you mentioned, and this is a point that needs to be emphasized, when Europeans didn't know about soap, and they didn't know about, you know, cleaning themselves properly. And we're not saying this in an offensive way. We're saying this in a way to

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teach, right. This is this is not an insult, because Europeans for a very long time. Didn't you know, they didn't have the custom of having bots every day or every other day or even, I mean, much of these times, you know, that we're discussing they actually refer to them themselves as the Dark Ages. Yes. Right. So when we look at Islamic Spain now coming with bright lights, coming with pavements, etc. And by the way, many of the scholars from the Maliki malherbe you'll find many you know, the Maliki madhhab thriving explained Yeah, you know, you find scholars from the VA here like even hasn't yeah and and, and as Hubbard Hadith, Bucky when McCulloch people like he was from Spain,

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one of one of the students will remember him and when humble amazing, there's a famous story about him that he traveled from Spain to Baghdad to seek knowledge from Imam Muhammad

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and Mr. Mohammed would humble was banned by the den Bassett establishment. And then Mr. Mohammed told him when he came to his door Bucky Bill McCullough, having traveled this far came to Mr. Muhammad Mr. Muhammad told him I cannot teach. So, essentially, if I've come from London knows hola hola. And the story goes that Mr. Mohammed told him come to my door as a beggar every day, knock the door and I will give you one Hadith a day with the chain. And this is how he was taking these. So no wonder is Muslim it was the largest Muslims in history. It was larger than Imam Muhammad Muslim, Muslim, Muhammad. Bucky when McLeod's Musnad was larger than Imam Muhammad as Muslims. Allah who Mr.

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Mahajan book. The his collection of hadith

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is the largest collection of Hadith in the world today, right. But given McClelland his collection was larger, so later wars and civil war and destruction much of it was lost. Yeah, it was lost. It was lost in Spain, unfortunately. Yeah. So Spain was in

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absolutely amazing experience. I advise everyone to join us on one of those trips, okay, we do these trips every few months to Turkey and Spain, okay? And the website you can check out for these trips is halal Halal has all the dates when we travel to these historic destinations to teach our youngsters in particular, and others in general, the history of Islam and Muslims, once you teach your children, your youngsters, your youth, the history of Islam and show them the monuments, the achievements of the past, they are not going anywhere, they will not fall victim to any other influences. They will not be lost as we are losing them to other challenges and

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influences and distractions, you know, are they playing computer games, they are on drugs, they are depressed, and they are you know, they love struck and heartbroken and all sorts of things. I mean, the cutting themselves committing suicide, they're committing knife crimes. I'm not saying all youngsters, of course. But I'm saying we can save our children from all those things, and even even doubts, even doubts about Islam, because they don't have any knowledge of Islam. So let's take them on these trips. And you know, Wallahi, you can change minds, you can change perceptions, you can change the image of Islam in the minds completely. Anyone who sees the mosque in Cordoba,

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which dates back to the eighth century parts of it, by the way, Musa date back to the eighth century when Amanda first built it. And a lot the the most of the latest part comes from the 10th century. Okay.

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So brothers and sisters, join us on these trips if you really want to benefit from the history of Islam, Turkey, and Spain to

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destinations in particular Halal is a form of the rasa. Yes, dot the beauty, ethical way of learning. Absolutely 100% There's nothing like it. And you're not going to forget about that.

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When you're walking around in mascara and looking at the walls and the arches and those pillars, okay, you're not going that image is not going to leave you for the rest of your life. Okay. There are people who say that if there was a fourth holiest site of Islam, it would have been Cordova.

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It would have been Cordova. Okay. Because of the probably mean in terms of in terms of the people who prayed in that much. You mentioned some of the iblue of dilbar Imam Abu hasm. Imam ignore rushed flow. Okay. Bucky, Ben McCulloch. Okay. And the Maliki scholars have the highest repute, even Abdullah but one of them Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Big thing. Yeah. Big, big thing. And you wouldn't The thing is, it's good to mention this because people would never imagine that. Yeah. You know, usually when people hear names like this even

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maybe some people are thinking oh, they're sitting in a distant reality not in Baghdad or something. They're sitting somewhere else. This is Spain, Saudi Arabia. This is Spain quarterback, the city of Cordova. Mr. Cortes, I'll be on the court courts will be means from Cordova. Cordova Yes, Imam got to be the one of the greatest sees every today there are two by the way, the greatest the best of series of the Quran you know which one Imam Lowry and among corsia We caught up with some Cordova from Spain. So this is the history we have there. And on top of that, the civilization Muslim created the you know, the monuments that still stand Alhambra Palace, Alcazar Alcazar in Seville.

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Built by a Christian king using Muslim architects. Muslim architects built the palace of a Christian king. He was so mesmerized and blown away by Muslim art that he specifically requested from the King of Granada

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to send architects, Muslim architects and builders to build him a palace like Alhambra. And they built a masterpiece that stands to this day. It was built by Peter the first or Pedro. He's also called Pedro. Peter the first. Okay, so

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you know what? Words cannot describe what you see there. They need to go 100% Everyone needs to join us, everyone. If you haven't been to Spain, and you haven't looked at Islamic monuments in Spain that stand to this day, and you haven't read about the history of Islamic Spain, then you are missing out big time. I may come with you in November to be honest with you. Yeah, sure. Shall I come with you? I think it'd be good. November is I've been doing it'll be nice to refresh. We're going to Turkey in November or turkey or checking out Ottoman history and in December we're going to Spain again. You're most welcome to join us. Hello, hello and Moriscos is another topic

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that we can discuss in another podcast directly linked to the history of Islam and Muslims in Spain.

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Who are the Moriscos? What is Moriscos? We'll talk about it in another podcast in sha Allah insha Allah. So I have a question and or not question to move on to the next topic. And that is another recent happening, which there's been a lot of back and forth, or a lot of discussions recently with the Amadeus. Yeah, right.

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I think the first point that we should mention and establish is that the reason why we are reaching out and doing these discussions and even speaking by now, my lucky person say, is because we're in the work of doubt. Yeah. And at the end of the day, Dawa is to all people. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Muslims and non Muslims. Absolutely. Of course, as Muslims. We do believe that the comedies are not Muslims. Yeah. And we don't see this as an offense. Yeah. Rather, we see this just as a reality that we believe statement of facts. The facts, yes. And just as bad comedies would not consider us to be Muslims. Yeah. Because we don't believe in the prophet that they believe in. Yes, it came after the

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Prophet Mohammed salah. Yeah, right. So

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I want to ask you a question. And I want to ask you to like this, because there's many points that we can mention about the so many points, honestly, if there's one thing that you were to say to any admin who's watching you, what would that be? One thing that would be to look at the life of midazolam at Qadiani, in light of his own writings, you will not believe in this man as a prophet,

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if you are sincere, subhanAllah and if you are a normal human being, you read his writings, they are very painful to read, okay.

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And of course, he's using verses from the Quran and many Hadith of the Prophet, but there are things in his writings that you read, and you see the inconsistencies, Miss quotations, and absolute absurdities and foul language in some cases, you will not come to believe, once you finish his, you know, reading his writings, you will not live with the conclusion that this man could possibly be a prophet. Okay, this man could not even be a decent man, let alone a prophet. And this is not again to hurt your feelings. This is not again, to insult you or your beliefs. Absolutely not. By Allah. That's not the intention. The intention is to reach out to you to reconsider your position. It's

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about you after so, all these debates in Speaker's Corner and Twitter exchanges, and sometimes harsh words being exchanged, harsh things being said, Please ignore the passion. Ignore the emotions. Look at the facts we are mentioning. Look at the things we got talking about. Some of the I heard the missionaries have been very disingenuous in tweeting some of the arguments I've seen on Twitter and otherwise and videos they're making. They're cutting and pasting from our conversations. And they're there. You know, for example, let's quickly discuss quickly discuss a point where I produced evidence where Mirza Malama had Qadiani.

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There let's profit Yes, okay. He used extremely foul language against his opponents. What was my argument? My argument was that he was accusing chaste women have unjustified he was calling innocent women prostitutes, okay. He had a problem with the children, but he was calling them bastard children. Excuse my language, he was calling them haram Zadi in the Urdu language and in the Persian language, this means a bastard child. He was calling them what are the haram? Yes. Okay. Which also means literally means children of haram. Yeah, he was calling authorial Baba, every single one of these words, I can produce

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the actual scans from the pages which have been produced on Twitter and elsewhere, right. Okay. The the emojis don't deny that these words were used by him against his opponent so they spend on the spin they're not they don't deny them. Number one. They said these words are justified because other prophets allegedly, and other noble people use similar harsh language against their opponents. We do not accept that. That's not true. None of the prophets number one, or number none of the noble people. Followers of the prophets used this language against women. They did not call them prostitutes. They did not call people children or prostitutes. Okay, Abu Bakr did not call anyone,

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children of prostitutes. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam never called anyone children are prostitutes. And Jesus, Isa Ali Salam did not call anyone children are prostitutes, because these are the people they bring up as references right because they did use harsh language here and there against their opponents right. Yes. Okay. The thing is, is a different way. But one point I mean, totally myself for interrupting you there. They bring one

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One verse in the Quran,

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which was is that Otto limba delicous. Anyway, so this is the name here means a bastard child. If you go to the Arabic dictionary, it has multiple meanings. There's multiple meanings. One of them is a person of unknown father, a child of unknown father, okay? But let's say let's say it means that let's say for argument's sake, but this is Allah calling this to someone.

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And this is a statement of fact, that means it cannot be disputed. If Allah calls someone a specific person, this that means that person is this right? But

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does Allah allow Muslims to do it? For example, Allah can punish nations like he did, Sodom and Gomorrah, okay and other places, right? Can Muslims do that?

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No. So what Allah can do, we cannot do right? And Allah subhanaw taala if he calls someone, you know, something that doesn't give us the license to do the same thing. Allah does many things that we cannot do. Because Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is the Creator. Allah is the supreme authority, right? Allah says, but other than himself, exactly. Well, Fajr will do it. So can we do it? We can see exactly Can I can I swear by the moon? You can't say well, the stars will keep exactly 101 Nigel, you cannot say one notch. No.

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Yeah, if Yeah, exactly. That's the point. So we can also so the point is, you know, all these arguments these missionaries are putting on Musa are absolutely in disingenuous, they don't actually deal with the real. The real point. Yeah, the thing and the thing is, like, for example, even if you look into Tafseer of that, which I haven't read into extensively now, or turning back to that, because there's many different upwelled there's different ACWA from the amorphous Iran, etc. From the earlier generations while it will Haram is there Yeah. Well, it's one of the opinions Yes, yeah. And one of the things for example, that's mentioned is that this idea is about actually didn't move

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ala okay. And he found out who his father is when he was 18 years old, right, right, etc. So excetera Morpha Sirona mentioning this Yes, in the tafsir right. So, the point is, even if it means even if you take that position and you say this means what is haram? Okay, I choose this position, it means well, it will haram Okay. Allah is saying it Yes, Allah cannot do a statement Allah cannot do guff. Yes, it's that literally means this. Right? And I'll believe in Mozilla, he was one of the enemies of Islam. Allah subhanaw taala, in this context, was speaking about one of the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad SAW something absolutely. There's multiple ayat in the Quran that were

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revealed. We're going to enter into the details again, the point is, okay, there is no prophet of Allah, who called any one bastard child. Okay?

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Because they knew that this is a sin in Islam, that carries capital punishment is called cough. Okay. So Mirza Calama had Qadiani was using this language against his own opponents multiple times in his writings, calling them children or prostitutes, specifically, okay, so that means he was actually calling the mother's prostitutes and he did not produce for witnesses. This is the law of Islam. He was under the law of Islam the Ahmadis column on Medina be the column unabIe who was an almighty of Rasulullah sallallahu. So anyway, he's supposed to be from the HEMA he has he's supposed to be following the law of Islam himself. Okay. And if that's the case, he should not call other

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women prostitutes unless he provides for witnesses for the enchant chastity, and if he does not, then cough will be applied on hemorrhages at lashes is punishment punishable by 80 lashes and never in your life? Again? Will your testimony be accepted in any Islamic court? That means such a man has been shown to be a liar. If you call a Muslim, or let's say a non Muslim woman, a prostitute Okay? And do not produce for witnesses. You are a liar for the rest of your life and Miss Zavala Muhammad Qadiani did this multiple times in his readings, writings without producing witnesses. Now, this is a problem. This is a real problem for the comedies now there is a bigger problem. Also Guess what?

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Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani he himself condemned this behavior

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in one of his writings, just my mercy

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page 346.

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A book he has written just my mercy He paid 346 He writes about Isa Jesus, that Jesus was harsh against his opponents. He even called them Waldorf haram. Okay, and he swore at the Jewish elders and give them bad names. He writes on this page,

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Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani. Having attributed these things to Jesus, he writes, this behavior is not befitting of a good moral teacher. A moral teacher has to demonstrate good morals in his actions.

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And what is he specifically referring to the terminology while will haram using this terminology against anyone is not good morals, and my man. Okay? He's doing the same thing. He's doing the same thing multiple multiple occasions, creatively in different languages Persian or do Arabic. You call them haram Dada, call them vulgar haram. We call them the Rio tuba. So this point we will leave with you. I hope you get the point now. And there is no precedent of it. Don't try to bring precedents when they don't exist. They don't exist, okay. You will bring precedents of harsh language, you will bring precedents of extreme language almost okay. But you will not bring a precedent where a prophet

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of Allah or a noble person in the history of Islam used this term against his opponents and whether or not on him and while other haram, the rebuttal Baba or haram zada anything like that. Okay, and what I think what another very important point that we can even also end on

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and that is for anyone sincere, one of the scholars that we mentioned before, if you imagine all of the scholars of Islam that have come throughout history, you have your Ibn Taymiyyah even though all the big names Razali even eight Lella K, you have al bathy, Lani even hudgell as Kalani even agile hate me, the Korean Ansari, you have all of the scholars in the history of Islam? None of which would would have ever believed anything like this? No, no, none of which believed that. Guys, we are waiting for another prophet after the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are waiting for someone to or someone else coming

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in the place of easily Salam because what they're claiming is that this man is mercy mode. Mainly he's a he's a he's the return of ECA. They're saying that when Hadith mentions that easily salaam will return near the end of time just That's him. And they do this. They claim easily salaam died. So what is the Hadith mentioned? It mentions named as it mean, she said no, Maria. He said no Malian. And, you know, biological reference. What is that? By the way? Musa? Is this a spiritual reference or a biological reference? It's about a specific person. And you know what's very, and this one should reference the reference isa Ibnu. Miriam, is it a biological reference or a

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spiritual reference biological? Because it says LUMINARIUM No, but this is something very important. And this highlights and shows and serves as an example to the disingenuous at May of some of our interlocutors. Yes. Right. And that is, they will even spin this and you know, they will say, this is a title. Yes. You said no money and this is why don't I say in response? Yeah. We cannot have a conversation with such people. Yes, genuinely. Yeah. For a person who is sincerely looking for the truth. He's looking at the entire scholarship of Islam. Please pay attention to the statement, looking at the entire scholarship of Islam. He ignores all of that. He says me Tamia all of you

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people he looks at much that he didn't McCulloch he looks at people one which they either Motorola not scholars, not scholars of Medina hip scholars who are qualified to the level to go into the Quran and Sunnah and extract rulings themselves and do a steam bath. Okay. People like a Shafi, etc. And you know what they're saying? We'll put all of you lots of aside. Thank you very much, and we're going to bring you out on profit. Yes, that's what your goal is that sincerely what you're going to do, and you're gonna see subnormal yum is a title and when we bring you explicit things, you say this is images. And when you see when you when we bring you learn or be about the you say something

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about what you even mentioned.

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The problem is Musa you mentioned you mentioning all these names, is to most people out there don't You don't even know these names, they have Kennedys okay, but they don't let's let's let's let's simplify things. Why do we insist in not accepting another prophet after Rasulullah? After Muhammad Salah lawless Allah Okay, after Prophet Muhammad, why do we not accept the possibility of another prophet in any shape or form? Allah says in the Quran in surah, Furqan, McKenna Muhammad and other herd immunity Jelly Comb, Wallachian, Rasul Allah, He will hide them and they've been very, very explicit. Subhanallah Ha, Tom, if you're going to play with Hashem, ha, Tim, the ending of all

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prophets, this is the last you're gonna play with this item. No problem. We got karats for you, ha Tim, is the ending is the loss of all prophets. That's the Quran and in the Tafseer for anyone who is sincere, by the way, they may bring even computer or they may bring other scholars for what serves their purpose. But what about what the scholar said about this? Let's bring him in cathedra had been confused. If you really succeed, I promise you you will be scrolling and looking at the amount of reward that he's bringing to you. You haven't these details. Most of you again, you're going to evidence you're going into technicalities, just this is the Quran. The Quran is saying

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not the father of any

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men among you, rather he is the messenger of God and the Last of the prophets. This is how our scholars have understood this for the last 1400 years, and now we must change it. For what for a man born in Punjab, to a Punjabi woman with all those erroneous writings and all those false attributions to people that don't exist, I mean, this is another topic we can address very quickly. But before I do that, then the Prophet salallahu Salam Prophet mentioned, learn be about the there is no profit after me. There is no profit, Nabi la Nabi body. So in another report the Prophet he when he spoke to Ali, he said Ali, you are like to me, Harun was to Musa but there is no prophet

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after me, because Harun was made prophet after prophet Musa if there was to be a prophet after me, it would be Omar bin Cathars, Angela Juan and his son, Ibrahim. Okay, so all of these things we have, but how can we ignore all this? And follow your Punjabi prophet? Currently, we will not do we refuse on top of that, on top of that, when we read about this Punjabi Prophet, when he read when we read his own writings, he has he's making so many blunders is unbelievable. Only ignorant people will end up following him. Only ignorant people. And this is not an insult again, ignorance is not an insult necessarily, when you insist on ignorance, then it becomes an insult. If you insist when

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you're corrected when you're shown otherwise. Okay, and you still insist on following ignorance, then it's an insult. Okay. So Mirza valamar has called the army for example, in his writings, one of them is called Rowhani design. Okay, it's a collection of his books put together by the Ahmadi movement themselves. It's about 20 Odd volume volumes, okay. And they've collected many of his works. In the one of his writings, he writes that there is a Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari

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which talks about Kailis near the end of times, in particular, one Khalifa where Bihari states say he'll Buhari states, harder khalifa to Allah al Mahdi. And then he goes on to say with confidence that this hadith is very powerful it's very strong because it's found in the most authentic book after the Quran itself. Was yeah sound and the sound from they haven't had a Khalifa these words are not to be found inside al Bukhari, in any of the Publishing's any of the printings don't exist. For last 100 years our scholars have been asking the Ahmadis to produce these words from Buhari you know what they come back with the missionaries, the missionaries that he made a mistake I'll read this

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was madness and human beings make mistakes and he made a mistake. Prophet sallallaahu Salam forgot forgot he forgot the record he forgot many that you know they give many example but but but it doesn't quite match Musa the examples that deliberately disingenuous, disingenuous living don't apply. Forgetfulness is not quite attributing things to someone that don't exist. I repeat, when you forget something is not like making an attribution and then giving details on it, knowing well the attribution you're making, okay. And the attribution does not exist. This is what we call a lie, a lie. Okay. So Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani not only mentioned Sahil Bukhari he actually explains what

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it is What is the book how important it is therefore the Hadith I am attributing to say Al Bukhari is the topmost in authenticity, but it doesn't exist this is in history belief. This is an important point yeah, this is to believe you guys are gonna come back and say the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sonam he forgot which like I was on etc and whatnot Okay, we have explanations for this etc Okay as to why and stuff like that no problem let's put that to the side. Let's see no problem the profit so Sonam he did forget forgetting something Wait, please show me where the profits and loss enemies attribute is something he said this is in the Bible. This is in this book. This is where they are who the Jews

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they believe this they are who they believe this, but they didn't believe that. And then he said Oh, later oh, by the way, I made a mistake. Yes, I made a mistake. No. in Tbilisi a prophet does not make a mistake that's right when he's giving when he's giving his Islam out when he's given the religion or when he's given his you know amazingly Musa this question is read by raised by the Christians as well. For example, there's a story in the Quran. Yes, there's a story in the Quran that easily salaam made birds of clay and blue life into them. Yes. Be Eaten Alive. Yes, yeah, clear. The Christians come back run into us. Okay. On a victory parade. Oh,

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Oh, it's not in the gospels, we tell them hold on a second. It's an apocryphal it's in the apocryphal gospels. It is there, right? Because the Quran doesn't say which gospel, this story isn't found. The Quran doesn't make that attribution. The Quran does not say that this story is found in the Gospel of John, if the Quran made that claim, Musa that this story is found in the Gospel of John. And we cannot find the story in any of the manuscripts of the Gospel of John, we would be in big trouble, right? Would you agree that we would be in big trouble, but the story is real. It is there in the literature, it is found in the literature. They don't accept it, but we accept it

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because it's in the Quran, right? But here Mirza Allama Qadiani is claiming that certain wording in the Arabic language as he quotes it exists in Bukhari is not there. That's a lie. And it doesn't stop there for me to come Billa Aliko when I'm ready to come and then respond and say, one mistake and 80 plus volumes about there is no one mistake, but even if one mistake

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made, this is your profit. Like that's what I said. But it's not one mistake. Even let me give you a talk about me given he claims that there is

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there are reports in Hadith literature about a modality of the 14th century Yes. And against him, the mole with the Allah ma can provide they will they will attack him and they will do all those things against him. Yeah, the 14th the 14th century is that history 14th century history. We are asking and produce these these reports. Where are they enlighten us? Where are these reports about the 14th century? And what's their response? Where are where are the words, the 14th century in the Hadith literature, where the response or responses are so lame was so this is going to go along? This is going to lead into a long, I just want to leave it here. I think so. So we want to reach out

00:31:53 --> 00:32:04

to the comedy community. We have nothing but compassion and mercy for you. Yes, we are doing this. We're talking about this so that you can see light. And if Allah has,

00:32:05 --> 00:32:23

Allah has decreed for you to see like you will see right otherwise, otherwise, there's nothing we can do for you. Yeah, I think we should end Yeah. On a final note, well, we cannot throw away and you cannot throw away over 1000 years of Islamic scholarship after a par excellence. Yes. Volumes upon books much more fatawa.

00:32:24 --> 00:33:03

Dictionary. We will not do this. Yeah, we're not going to listen and this is this is a principle. This is something that is maloom Mina Dini with Narara okay, that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is Allah's Prophet, and by the way, it's nothing personal. It's not that you're claiming, even even when Jesus comes back because they claim he is the return of Jesus. That's that's what they claim, he is unabIe in that respect, he is the return of Jesus. So in that sense, he is unhappy. But we say even when Jesus comes, comes back easily, salami will come back as he saw the son of Mary and he will do certain things. For example, He will break the cross, He will lift the

00:33:03 --> 00:33:50

jizya he will kill the swine, and all these things will be done by him. None of these things are done by Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani. In fact, he is not able to marry him he is able to giraffe BB. He's able to giraffe BB a burn in the Arabic language. Even if you go to a mad even if you go to a mad therapist who's who's lost his mind. It was crazy. If you asked him What does even mean he was the son biological son, physical biological son, okay. Allah called him isa Ibnu Meriam will return not Mirza Allah Muhammad Qadiani Ibnu Gera Bibi will return a seven Omari? Yes, yes. So no, sorry. We don't accept that on that. No, may Allah bless you just come along. We'll hit on brothers and

00:33:50 --> 00:33:58

sisters for watching. May Allah guide us all. As we said, this is all in good spirits in Shalom to Allah. And we will see you in the next episode of the father and son podcast.

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