Yahya Ibrahim – Getting Ramadan Rich

Yahya Ibrahim
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I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you and I success in fulfilling our obligations to him that Allah Subhana Allah Allah blesses our path in righteousness, and that we are being from those who are encircled by the angels for our desire to teach and study the knowledge of the Quran. And the sooner the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I want to talk about getting Ramadan rich, you know, the Wall Street agenda, right? Getting Rich or Ramadan rich is something that's important for us to think about before the end of Ramadan in the next four or five days. So Pamela, the days are going by and the moments are going by not even days, not even hours, but the moments and the opportunity to connect with Allah to connect with each other for Allah to connect with others, for a higher purpose in this blessing month are dwindling and are growing more scarce. And as things become more scarce, they become more valuable each and every minute each and every moment becomes something that the as it passes, it can never be returned. I

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pray that Allah subhanaw taala allowed you and I an insight of the importance of looking after these precious moments, hours days that remain. I've just finished a lot of Juma here in Perth. It is referred to usually by the AMA as Al Juma Alia tema, the Juma that is an orphan meaning it's the last one, it's lost its Granger of the month of Ramadan, nothing, no other Juma will be found. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us in sha Allah in these days to be from those who complete the month of Ramadan and higher to make us from those who seek Him in it until the very end. So I wanted to speak about important ways for you and I to kind of solidify our get rich scheme, you know,

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everybody's into the whole crypto and everybody's seeking to develop, you know, investment strategies and so on. And the same thing we should definitely invest ourselves in these final moments of the month of Ramadan. And we should be thinking about how to maximize our gains, how to maximize our yield, how to gain incredible profit with little effort. So you know, just just something as simple as reciting poldhu Allah who had the Prophet I sell themselves Kamara Kamara, we have asahiyama that the prophets I send them said the one who recite hollow Allah had 10 times Allah orders that a house be built for them in Jenna. Now I want you to kind of think about that, right?

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You know, all of us we endeavor to own it's the American dream, the Australian dream to own your own home to live, you know, in a way where you don't owe somebody rent and that's it. Well, I'm telling you the prophets Isola makes it easy for you in the next slide, because not having a resident not having Ma Ma Slidell canine de Maliki moqtada in the next life is is a far worse situation to be than not owning your own real estate or a piece of land in this worthless dounia in comparison to the Granger of the Ashura it's worth something now but compared to that, that is worthless. So let's talk about four strategies in the next 15 minutes because I can only you know, I know if thought and

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you got to get other things more important than this. for things that you can earn your quick rich aroma man get rich scheme. First, ask what I mean by ask ask. Ask Allah. ask Allah for a day Yeah. ask Allah for risk. ask Allah for health. ask Allah for wealth. ask Allah for good in this dunya good in the asset protection from jahannam ask a law for the simple things and the great things, ask and ask and ask and therefore the idea about asking ALLAH and us being answered is in the section of verses that relate to cm Allah subhanaw taala ends the section of verses about fasting by saying what he does I like a bad the attorney when they invariably will ask you about me I'm a hot mess I

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sell them in the corrib I'm near them. Oh gee Buddha die either done I answer the one who calls out asking me when they ask. So ask. And you know when you ask sadly many of us we're asking for things that are just mundane. We're just saying things like stuff and a lot all they want to do with it and that's it. But you in your life you have you have issues you have illnesses you have children you have you have real problems when you notice that do I have Moosa he says rubbish roughly solder us and we agree but at the end of it he saying Oh ALLAH is your only one zero min le How do nasty I want an assistant Give me my brother. He's very real, very

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detail, very precise, very, very sharp in his door. how sharp is your drop? How good are you at asking Allah? Are you going to stand in front of the King of Kings? The owner of all realms, the giver of all good? Are you going to stand in front of the Almighty Subhana Allah and ask for pennies. And as for little things are you going to be like zekeriya salam like yahia Ali Salam like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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so that's step one ask number two give panela the month of Ramadan inshallah Allah it's a month of giving, it's a month of sharing, it's a month of blessing blessing others because you know, you and I supposed to feel a greater level of empathy and care.

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We're supposed to, you know, engender a truer, a greater a more sensitive old truism in our life. So I asked you to give and give and give and give to, you know, give to ibtc give to your massage you give to the orphans in your city give to the orphans overseas, give, give, give and the more you give the more you receive. The more you give, the more that returns the more you give, the more you are elevated. The more you give, the more guidance follows you. The more you give, the more others will give to you, when there's a need. The more you care for others and give from the things you love the most. The higher your Eman the higher your Esad, the higher your consciousness is with

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Allah subhana wa Taala. So I beseech you to give, don't hold back. And you hold back and I hold back at our peril. The one who's tight *, the one who's holding and not giving is the one who brings themselves to destruction in the end, because on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala lets us know that the greatest regret that a person will have when it is said to them, when they say Oh Allah energy and animal soil, they're gonna return us let us do good deeds like we you know, give us another chance to go back to the world. Allah says to them No, but in the other area they say lie Lee amen masala Han Assad who let me go back here Allah I will give charity why because when you

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give from yourself something it's with somebody else you have a claim the dividend you can say yeah, Allah that that that person they belong to me. They're mine. They're in my scalea Allah I have given from what was mine to them. So give number number three you know you want you want a path that leads to Agenda you want that wall street that walks the agenda, forgive.

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forgive those who wronged you the prophets I seldom said therefore I'm involved back look at the word fO

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to give Afu is what we're asking Allah for in the Knights of laylat and other Allah Houma in nega alpha One,

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two hibel F word for under the Hadeeth have an issue with the province teachers are what to say later to

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look at the statement. Yeah, fu among parliament. Pardon the one who wronged you Varlamov. They wronged you. You're you're not to blame. They are at fault. They are wrong. It's 100%. Then you forgive panela. Learn to forgive. Because it is only until you make an effort that you can ask for. It's only until you show mercy that you can expect mercy. It's only until you can give to others that you can expect to receive from others from Allah

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subhana wa to add,

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ask, give, forgive and finally love. And Allah love those who we over look. And I'm talking about those who live with us. Those who we assume will know that we love them. You know? Subhanallah you assume my wife knows she loves me? Why do I have to say it? He knows I bring home food. I go to work. I don't know why else am I doing this chef? Why else am I going to work and putting myself through all this trouble? Because I love my family. Yeah, no, there's a difference between what you think they think and what you say to change what they think you need to be an expresser of love. A provider conveyor, purveyor of love, one who is letting it be known that you are one of those who

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are devoted

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to others on account of your love for them. Because it is love that brings us together in the dunya and it is love that seals us together in the ophira with our w Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. prophesize lm said Alma o yaku Luma. I'm in your head. You will be with those who you love on the Day of Judgment. You can be saved by the love of your child for you can be saved by the love of your mother for you. Or you can be cut off if there isn't that love existing for you.

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In the world, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah grant us protection and clarity and assistance from it. Allah Ameen. So those are four essentials that I want to impart on you as being essential aspect of you and I getting rich in the month of Ramadan quickly. Things like alignment that can earn us massive reward, reciting kulula had 10 times earns us a house in Jeddah, saying Subhan Allah will hamdulillah La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar 33 times and ending 34th time by saying that ilaha illa Allah will actually collaborate on we'll call our hamdu or Allah coalition Kadir after every Salah builds a house for you in Jenna. forgiving The one who wrongs you build a house for you in

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being a person yeah for I'm Malala connecting the one who cut you off they are the ones who separated from you. earns you a house in Jenna Silman katatak. Whenever I'm done, I'm connect the one who cut you off and forgive the one who wronged you build your house in general. Here are four or five different ways to build a real estate portfolio in Jeddah. The province is lm said in Jenna that grass is planted there the crops of Jenna are planted by your cow Subhan Allah will handler will either allow

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but who takes advantage of it? When they asked me to her in the locker room? No one thinks of it except the one who has been given that level of thought and intelligence May Allah make you and I have them alone. I mean, this is where I will end my discussion with you in sha Allah. I look forward to hearing some of your questions and comments as we move forward to clinical balm IV Hamdi Shadwell,

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lake was saramonic

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