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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be shortly Saudi where silly Emery wa loc that Amelia Sani of our colony super Hannukah La La Mulana Elana Allah Montana in the canta MIT respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam everywhere this is your brother wirelend Rahim and this is the episode number seven of our program lifestyle. How can we bring back the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the lifestyle that was intended from day one by Allah subhanaw taala when he created this dunya and how can we enjoy Matata make Ramadan? The best Ramadan

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ever through applying these concepts once again and all like inshallah and today it goes without saying that if we are talking about the lifestyle we have to bring the Sunnah into practice the sunnah of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So today's episode is about the Sunnah about the importance of the Sunnah and how can we maintain it in our life in sha Allah and how how a person how Muslim believer practice the Sunnah of the processor without a shame associated with those practices inshallah feel comfortable, confident to bring this beautiful lifestyle into their own life. First of all, the definition of the Sunnah Inshallah, for those who may have

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forgotten when we say the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim, we refer to anything the Prophet SAW, Selim said, Did or approve of. So anything the process Allah mentioned, talked about salt

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or did himself a practice and action that he excused himself or approved off through a word meaning somebody did something that the process and didn't necessarily teach we will give some examples so soon, and he approved it through either a word or a silence. So these are the definition or the all of these constitute the definition of the Sunnah of the processor. Now remember, when we say the Sunnah we don't only say that it's something happened through the prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, according to his own will, because Allah told us in the Quran will require Neil Howe. In Hua,

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you you have our learner who shall be able to go that the Prophet SAW Selim never spoke out of his own will or desire or whims. He did not do anything based on his own desires, his own wants and so on. Rather in Hua Hua, you you ha, whatever the process LM did, his life his entire life was a revelation from high a lemma who said he will tour the one in full power in full control Allah subhanaw taala is the one who taught the process Allah to say what to do. And as such, the Sunnah of the processes should never be taken lightly. Never, never say my brothers or sisters. It was it's just a sudden, what's the big deal? I teach all students and they always ask these questions,

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brother, isn't it just a sunnah? Why are teachers in the masjid insisting that we must pray those extra calm if we take the Sunnah lightly my brothers and sisters in STEM just like how we said in the previous episode, most likely you will take also the ferocity you will take also the obligatory actions lightly.

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I shall have the Allah Allah may Allah be pleased with her. When they asked her about the manners of the process Salem how we used to conduct himself, she said Ghana hola como el Quran. He was his manner was the Quran. He was the walking Quran. He was the embodiment, the implementation of what Allah subhanaw taala had revealed. So how could we neglect this part of our life? And I want you in the comments, to mention, you know, what are the issues that sometimes prevent people from performing the Sunnah, or from excusing actions or teachings that the Prophet SAW Selim introduced? Please leave in the comments. You know, your concerns, what are the most difficult time for you to

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practice sunnah? Subhan Allah because the prophets Allah Allah, Allah and Sam said, Allah you can be so naughty was so nothing Hola, Medina and Nadia, though, are they having no added? I commend you or I encourage you to stick to my son and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided caliphs, leaders who will come after me are Douala. You have been no added bite on this. This is the literal words used by the process.

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cellar bite on them with your molar tea

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Subhan Allah, we don't let go. And usually we do not actually grab something using our mouth. But the indication here is that hold on to the Sunnah and the lifestyle of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as fast as you could, as strong as you could with your hands. And if you lose your grip, if you couldn't hold any more with your hands, bite on it with your morality, the meaning is, do not ever let go of that way of life. This is what it means.

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Because this is the way of life My Brothers and Sisters in Islam that will bring us safely to gentlemen, whether you like it or not, this is the only way of life that would bring us closer and closer to the deen of Allah strona bow so no matter how difficult life may seem, no matter how hard life may get, do not ever leave that direction, do not deviate from the path that Allah intended from day one. This is something very, very essential. So don't ever fall into that trap. It's not obligatory is just soon, not number one, and it's something to bring to attention. Not everything that prophesy Sam said was just option. There are many things the process has taught us that was

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absolutely obligatory and all of them are there you can be so naughty. I commend you, you must stick to my sunnah. Another Hadith 32 V comer into a sector of length my intimate sector be learned for the Luanda. Kitab Allah also Nephi I have left behind two things that if you stick to them, if you hold strongly into them, you will never go straight. You will never go you know in a deviant way. What is this? He terrible ly also nothing in the book of Allah and my son. both go hand in hand. They are inseparable. Don't ever think that the Sunnah is one thing and the Quran is one thing. They complement each other. They complement each other's Hala. Look at Omar, Abdullah normal or the

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Allahu Allah Billa normal, the son of our family, Allahu Allah, he was called or he was titled Knudsen, the light of the Sunnah, because he loved to follow the process, in every little bit to a point that sometimes he was journey with the Prophet SAW Salem, and he paused by a tree, and that she has a branch that was, you know, hanging closer to the ground, and the Prophet SAW Selim bow down or lowered his head as he walked to avoid touching that branch. Years later, after the bruises and demise. Some of the companions notice that I'm alive normal Ronnie, Allah, Allah, even though the branch has been already cut off, it was removed already from this road, he would always come at

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that location and bow down his head. And when the company is asked them, I asked him, Why you why you do this, we notice that every time you pass from this location, you will lower your head, they say because I was journey with the processor. And this is how I saw him at that very location, bowing his head so I don't want to pass by the same location and do something different than what the prophets Allah, Allah said, and look at how their companions looked at the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah, it's a completely different view. First of all, if he did not bow down at that location, there is no sin on him whatsoever. But he wanted to emulate the prophets of Salaam in

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every single action Subhanallah in every little bit, the story of the companions when they removed the shoes behind the processor, when he was praying with them in his sandals, he was playing in his sandals during one of the battles, and all of a sudden he removed it. And when he removed it, all the companions with no exception, all of them started removing their shoes. Subhanallah and when they finished, the Salah was over. They didn't even ask him Alma syndrome, Allah, we were praying in peace and all of a sudden you removed your son that one was wrong. They didn't ask him, they didn't have a reason to ask. They believe wholeheartedly that every action is guided from Allah subhanaw

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taala. So why do bother why to bother ourselves and ask him these silly questions. We will rather save the the time of the Prophet and the energy to some serious questions that will benefit us to get closer to them not to argue about these small matters. So they move all the shoes and the Prophet SAW Selim out of kindness and care, he asked them, Why did you remove the shoes? Their answer was, we saw you removing them and so we removed them. That was the only reason over the Hatanaka Alon are not looking at the Blackstone and talking to one of the most genius people ever, you know, create is hardly ever walked on this earth on a hot dog. He said, I know that you are a

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stone you cannot benefit me you cannot harm me and had I not seen the Prophet SAW Selim kissing you. I would have never kissed you do

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did not have a reason to argue with the processor because they realize that the Sunnah is inseparable from the guidance sent down by Allah subhanaw taala

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the Prophet SAW Allah Salam look at this, he said laomi not a honeycomb none of us consider to be a true believer at De acordo how're Serbia Ang Lee magic to limit you to be that none of us consider to be a true believer unless his desire his how're his wants, his wins

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become in line with what I have came to deliver to you I have came with meaning with the Quran. Look at this. So Eman our iman is attached to the Sunnah of the process and whether you like it or not, yet in another nature is he lay on you know had to come none of you is a believer or

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a true believer unless I become more beloved to him than his father and his children oneness as mine and every single creation every single person on earth so unless you love the process Allah more than anything else, then of course after Allah subhanaw taala then your email is incomplete.

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So how could we say that the Sunnah is something like optional or something you know secondary. Remember this my brothers and sisters in Islam now how to bring the Sunnah into our life. This is something very important. I want you to seize the opportunity of Ramadan in the light Island and pick two or three actions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that you have in practice for a while that you ignored for a while that you thought it was unimportant or something and start put them into practice especially during Ramadan. With the intention my brothers and sisters listen with the intention that you will continue practicing this particular sunnah until you meet the prophets Allah

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Allah Salam in sha Allah al howl at Al co author inna Otto in agriculture the gift that was given to the Prophet SAW Selim for his OMA by the way this culture was given to the process Allah for our benefit because whoever drinks from his hands may Allah make us among them Europe we will never be thirsty again. Subhanallah so make that intention to the take something like maybe I've neglected the tour raka perform before federal make it part of your lifestyle. I cannot leave home without performing these tools now before failure I cannot go home before of Doha solid blue house auto shop I cannot go home without with I cannot sleep without with a prayer.

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You know, I cannot sleep without reading the portion of the Quran that I will beat Allah subhanaw taala with underneath judgment red pill or taki you know, recite and be elevated in general. So bring about all these acts of sunnah and my brothers and sisters in Islam introduce it to your life and to your family members. As we mentioned a while ago Villanova for example below offer the alarm or the one one day the Prophet SAW Selim said, What are you doing OB lol I can hear your footsteps in Jim. I can hear you walking in Jana Allahu Akbar. So the prophets Allah Salam was concerned about the action that beloved Rama has doing in secret that resulted in hearing his his sound his

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footsteps in general while he still on Earth. Subhanallah so he said nothing was also the law, other than every time I make mobile, I perform to raka for the sake of Allah, and the processor was pleased with this action. And this too, is an act of sunnah that you can revive Subhan Allah this is to an act of sunnah another action for example, these are examples for you so that you can inshallah tick the boxes and try to implement them in your life inshallah. One day the Prophet SAW Selim was sitting in the masjid and he said, Who amongst you today have woken up fasting

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decided to fast for the sake of Allah? It was not Ramadan or anything just regular maybe Monday or, or any other day. So Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Allah Allah said me also Lola, me it's me. How many of you today the process and asked again, how many of you today have given anything in charity? He said me a small Abu Bakr to speak again was the one who paid charity and this is before Federer or during fighter time, or after the Salah Subhanallah Ali, look at this, how many of you have visited a sick person today? Abu Bakr again Mia rasool Allah, how many of you have followed a Janessa today? He says, We also have a four actions the Prophet SAW, Selim said none of you combine these actions on a

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single day except the Jana became obligatory Subhan Allah, He did not advise a worker Sophia called the Allahu Allah to give charity in on the day he did not commend anyone too fast. On the day he did not request from a worker study for the lawn or bar to visit a sick or to follow a Janessa this was initiated all these actions were in

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initiated by Abu Bakr himself Radi Allahu Allah, but because the process has approved them, it becomes the Sunnah part of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah Allah is and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the hearts that would love to live according to the lifestyle and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah Allah isn't my brothers and sisters it's them before I leave, please jot down your favorite sunnah in the comments. Your favorite sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Salah jot it down in the comments we are broadcasting live do we are broadcasting on well Abraham page we are broadcasting on Connect Institut Philippines

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connect Institute Karachi so jot down your comments these are the Sooners that we wanted to revive in sha Allah does that law Highland please try to after you finish pass by the Royal Academy YouTube channel just click like and shot like and subscribe and try to like the video so that we can inshallah reach to as many people as possible and the benefits and the rewards will be in the scale of your good deeds. I mean, I mean, I mean just come Allah Hi, Ron, as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh see tomorrow in sha Allah, take care. Have a wonderful night fasting in sha Allah wherever you are Santa Monica