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Episode 9 : Just in speech

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also heavy ultramarine

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the 10 commandments This is your brother Abdul Wahab city and Allah subhana wa tada says, What either Appleton, 32. Whenever you speak, then be just in your speech, every single person amongst us or most people amongst us we speak, right? We all know how to speak. Some speak a little bit, some people are chatterboxes, they're keep speaking, right. And some people are able to speak a lot, but they don't speak much. They choose not to speak. And this is a quality within human beings that they are able to speak and converse, sometimes we are able to say, good things and bad things. And we have a choice to do that we can say good things, we can say bad things, we can say nothing. That's

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all choices that we make. So Allah subhana wa tada says that when you make a choice of actually speaking, it's an educated decision. At that moment, when you're about to make that decision. They'll start remembering justice. start remembering justice.

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Otherwise, don't speak.

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If you are that when you're speaking, and you choose to speak, then speak with justice. If you choose not to speak, then that is your choice. But if you do make that educated decision of speaking, that make sure your speech is nothing but good. It's gauged with the index of what of justice. And that's why a poet says but you had his own wedding designer who, how fell kehlani were in the hula mufa Well, some people are able to speak martial law, you meet them, they're very silent. But as soon as they get the opportunity to say something important. Bam, they bring you the most important of fact, you never thought that this person could produce such information and be

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able to say it so eloquently. But the point is the person is able to speak when he chooses not to, and that's from trachoma. And this poet is saying that maybe a pious person may end up with holding from speaking. Why? Because he's afraid of the results that will occur because of speech. There are outcomes of speech. There are keep that in mind whenever we speak, we have to remember that there are outcomes of speech and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that maybe a person will end up following falling 17 years into the Hellfire because of one.

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One delima one statement that the person says one statement, really? Are you kidding me? Yes, I'm not kidding you. This is the messenger talking. One statement, one word. Sometimes the utterance of one word can lead a person so far in the deep depths of Hellfire, that the person will never be able to come out again. That's the kinematic of that's the statement of disbelief a person agitatedly makes a statement of disbelief, then that's his choice. But he has to be able to bear the burden and the consequences of that choice that he makes. Sometimes we say things to people that are also, you know, consequential. There are consequences for everything you say. And that's why a pious person, a

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smart person, a person will stay silent. I want to give you two examples over here of how people lose justice, and how people end up losing focus on this idea of justice when speech occurs. Number one, when people start to hate or love people too much. If you love someone too much, then you lose focus on justice. If you hate someone too much, then you also lose focus on justice. Those are the two points in which your compass is not directed in the right direction anymore. Why? Because you either love them too much. So you're going to be doing Hulu in rigorous regards, you'll be very, very excessive in his regards, or you hate him too much. And then also that same thing occurs. And

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that's why in our expression in our feelings towards people, we have to be balanced. So either love or hate when it gets out of its boundaries. When it becomes You know, when it goes into the state of Jolyon transgression above where it's supposed to be above where it is supposed to remain, then we start to either say good things, too good things, things that are not even within the person about that individual. And then problems occur, or we start to say bad things, things that are not within the person, because of the fact that we hate the person so much and no, we as people are commanded to stand with justice. So don't love people excessively. Don't hate people excessively maybe the

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person you love so excessively today and you so say all these beautiful things about tomorrow, he'll be your worst enemy. And then what happens? All of those statements come back to you people say well, yesterday used to say all these things about him, right? Maybe that person that you hate so much tomorrow you'll become your friend and then you'll never be able to show him your face properly. Why? Because you said ABC about him, right? So love people, but love them with balance. Number two, I want to share a story with you a story

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have multiple hubbub all the alarm data I know. And the story of Omaha pub. It's it's a very, very brilliant story very, very relevant story to what we're living through today. And that is the story in which a man came to Omaha. Bobby said I have a daughter.

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She was in jail here in ignorant times. And during these ignorant times, she ended up having a child outside of marriage. And then she tried to kill herself because she was regretful, and remorseful about what happened. And then what happened. I ended up saving her life, she took a knife tried to slit herself to death, I ended up saving her life by the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And now she's of age for marriage, and men are coming to me. And they're saying we would like to get married to her. Should I tell them those things that she'd done in the past are motivated how Bob became enraged. He said how do you adapt to eat as a citizen? How would you end up going to a cover avail

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that Allah subhana wa tada has placed upon a person, and then go and uncover it, even though Allah is the one that's placed it, he wants these things to be covered, and you go and try to reveal it to people don't do it. He goes so far, and he says, or modal hubbub out of his anger. And we all know I'm gonna hop out every time his sword is right there. So he says that

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if you end up doing it, then I'll make you a nickel. And I'm sorry, I'll I'll make you an example for all of the people that are in all countries across the world, as in do not uncover and unveil the sins of the people in the past. And this is from justice. When you end up, you know, losing that direction of justice, then you end up saying things about people of their past, someone's left their past, a loss of power data is the one that will either reward him or he's the one that will take take into account for his past. He has sought forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada and fixed his relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. Then who are we to come in the middle of him and Allah

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subhana wa tada and say, Well, you did, and you used to and this and that. No, people make doba we don't reveal them. And another phenomenon in our times is that people unveil themselves they'll come out on TV and say, you know, I used to be like this and I used to be like that and this and that. And then Allah subhana wa, tada guided me, right? These are not things that are to be said, if you have committed a sin, then you hide those sins, you protect those sins, you you don't protect them from being revealed to other people, because these are not some things that a person should be happy about. And sometimes people are actually boastful brother. You don't know what I used to do in my

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past man. No, don't do that heavy. If you did something in your past, keep it to yourself. If you can hide it, keep it to yourself. If it's been hidden, nobody knows about it. Keep it to yourself. It's not something to be boastful about. Your past if it's evil, than how do you boast in front of people about something evil that you've done. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to give us that Sophia to practice to convey and I asked Allah subhana wa tada to be able to say those things that are absolutely just even if it happens to be someone we either love too much, or someone we hate too much. Does that come along? for listening?