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Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses ten commandments of Islam, including the loss of handling data and the importance of fulfilling assignments, while also emphasizing the need to be wary of accusations of Yo voicing. They stress the importance of fulfilling these ten commandments and avoiding being worshiped by others. The " Coleman's rule" involves a loss of certain information and the need to avoid being worshiped by others, while also mentioning a promise given to Allah Subhana wa Tada to fulfill everything he has given him. The " Coleman's rule" involves fulfilling everything he has given him, including absolute dedication to the Lord, serving God, and being fully within the law.
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The 10 commandments

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are salatu salam ala rasulillah the 10 commandments, this is your brother.

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Now we're looking at commandment number nine. The loss of handling data says whether I had the law he Ofu and with that I had the covenant of Allah subhanho wa Taala shall you do with the covenant of Allah subhana wa Tada, what does that mean? And what does that mean? Well, that means to bring something such that there is no defect within it. So you if you're trying to bring a matter to somebody who's assigned you in assignment, you want to make sure you perfected the assignment and then you bring it to that person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I've given you I had, I had a law that I had of Allah subhana wa Tada. So with this I had of Allah Subhana. Allah, should you do with

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that? Should you bring it and fulfill it completely?

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Now what exactly is this, I had to have a loss of Hannah with that I notice a couple of, you know, one line before or two lines before, you see a loss of what data says what oh, full cane, fulfill the measurement. But he talks about fulfillment there first and foremost, because that's really important. But over here, a loss of parallel data doesn't make reference to the fulfillment Allah subhana wa tada talks about that I had first because that's what's more significant. When you recognize that this is a covenant right away from the get go. You hear that tough word covenant powerful. As soon as you heard the word covenant, right away, you start thinking something great.

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It's like there's some sort of treaty or something like that, right? The word I had is a powerful word. So Allah subhana wa, tada starts by striking home run with this really powerful word. So you remember to listen very, very carefully. From this point onward. There's a covenant we're talking about. It's not a joke. And this covenant is not my covenant or your covenant. This is a covenant of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when you have a treaty with a certain country, that's really powerful, you start being very wary about how to interact with that, because you've got this treaty, you have to uphold it. When you have a treaty with a law, you have a covenant with a law, you have a

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relationship of such sort with the law, then you have to start being careful. What exactly is this covenant with a loss of heterodera the covenant with a loss of what the IRA could be a covenant that Allah subhana wa, tada had made with us, and what's that? A loss of kind of what data he told us in the Quran, saying he had illegal lmrda did I not make a covenant to you? Allah, Buddha shaped on did I not make a covenant with you? Yeah, Benny, are the old children of Adam and latter Buddha she thought that she shouldn't be worshiping shavon. So there's a covenant from Allah subhana wa tada towards us. He made this oath with us that we will never ever be worshipping Shannon. Right. So this

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is one type of covenant with a law. But then there's also a covenant that we make towards Allah subhana wa tada and that is when Allah subhana wa tada and we've made this covenant every single one of us whether we remember it or not, Allah subhana wa tada tells us about this covenant in the Quran, when he had that book when Allah subhana wa tada ended up taking min Benny Adam from the children of Adam, from the children of Adam milva hoodie and from their backs, they get their home their progeny, so a lots of Hana with Allah took the progeny of every individual from his, from his, from his back from the VA. And after he took everybody out, everybody was before Him. And He said to

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everybody is to build up become, Am I not your Lord? Every single person testified. And they all said God Oh, Bella shahina everyone said of course of a shorty You are Lord is definitely our only Lord. So we all accepted the divinity of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is our covenant with the loss of data that will abide by the fact that he is the only divine Lord. He is the only Lord worthy of our devotion, our worship, our submissiveness, our servitude, that all of that in masala tea window, Suki, Wilma Mati indeed, my Salah. Indeed my prayer, indeed my sacrifice, indeed my life indeed my death, all of that is for Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a covenant we've already taken a

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loss of Hannah data says and akuto malkia that you may end up seeing on the day of judgment in Canada offering don't end up coming on the day of judgment and telling me that you forgot this. You've already done it, it's occurred. It's been written. Allah has given us a covenant not to worship JSON, we've given that Allah subhanho wa Taala covenant that he's our divine Lord alone. We have to abide by this. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word law, the covenant of a lot to generalize both covenants from both angles. The Covenant we gave

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To a large transaction with him, the covenant he took from us or he gave to us to not worship faith on all of that is there.

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It's all there. And then on top of that, we have another covenant. We have a covenant in which a lot didn't initiated, we did not initiate it. Now, this is a covenant that we initiate with mankind, everybody on Earth. So we have a covenant with people, somebody makes a transaction with someone he says, I promise you, I'll do such and such, but the person doesn't end up following through Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you had livina. And all you believe l fu biller code, when you have a transaction, then fulfill the transaction properly. So why would this be called the eyes of Allah, the covenant of Allah because Allah is the one that's obliged you to make sure that you fulfill that

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covenant with other people as well. So you have one covenant, from you to Allah when free from Allah subhanho wa Taala to you all of that you have to fulfill and then you have another covenant that you'd give to people that also needs to be fulfilled. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada says, with that I have a lot to offer. All of that is included within those three words. And that's why I said this is an extremely powerful, powerful set of three words, you can memorize them right now will be the law, he Oh, that's it. So the take home message and the action item today is that from now on, you have three prominent promises you have a promise that you have given to Allah subhana wa

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tada that he is your only Lord, you have a I had from Allah Subhana with Allah towards you, and you have to live by it. And that is the fact that from this point onwards, we're not going to worship Satan in the least and we're not going to worship our own desires, rather our devotion and servitude and our submissiveness with will be with a loss of I know towards Allah subhana wa tada and for him alone. That is our that is our covenant. And last but not least, whenever we transact with people, we have to make sure we're transacting properly such that we don't lie such that we live up to our promises. Well, so Lola, who is a dino hamedan. He was a big marine.

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