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Episode 8 : Just in transaction

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He also heavy gauge Marine, alum aluminium and Pharaoh now and founder of Bhima tena was it in a maniac at

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the 10 commandments. This is your brother Abdul Hopsin team and we are looking at commandment number seven. Number seven. And this commandment, Allah subhana wa tada says, what oh foolish gala was nice and fulfill the measure and fulfill the weight, built this with justice. So the commandment over here is another one of those social commandments. Notice this verse that we're looking at verse number 52.

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A lot of it has to do with social causes a lot of it has to do with means for us to become civil, civic citizens of society. Well fullscale before Allah subhana wa tada told you take care of the orphans. Of course, he told you not to take their wealth and not to do anything to their wealth but he's implying take care of that whole genre of society the orphans within society. Now Allah subhana wa tada is telling you when you are about to transact with one another, then have manners of transact. What are the main manners of transactions is what oh fullscale fulfill the measures.

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When you are giving somebody something and you're it's in measurement, basically, a gauge means what volume historically and even in modern day, most things are either weighed with in a measurement and volume or they're weighed with the weight itself as in the kilograms or the leaders right. So a lot of what data says whether it happens to be the kilos or it happens to be the leaders you make sure that you're measuring properly you make sure that there's effects occurring notice in some verses Allah subhana wa tada tells people do not you know do not bring a defect within the measurement. So don't decrease your measurement over here Allah subhana wa tada is telling you to complete and

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perfect them as measurement Why? Because these are those powerful commandments that command to all things that are good so Allah subhana wa tada doesn't stop at just don't you know don't decrease the measurement give him as much as he deserves, Allah says, perfected and completed even if you have to go beyond beyond the perfected at times and go ahead and do that because that is when you are actually living up to these commandments. What Oh, full gala was means on stick to this commandment of Allah azza wa jal is perfect the measure and perfect also the weight of things and along with this any other concept when it comes to sales, and I remember when Mr. Musharraf told me that his

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shift, he used to sell trees, okay, imagine that for a second he used to sell trees. And what he would do is, as he's selling the trees, he would make sure that the person that's buying from him he knows every single fault within the tree, even if a branch is a little bit crooked, or the leaves are coming off or something, you'd walk around the entire tree, looking for all the defects within the tree and you'll say well look over here there's a little scratch Of course trees out scratch man Come on, but he'll go from from tree to tree whilst he's selling, making sure that the person sees all the problems even insignificant problems within the trees and Allah subhana wa tada put Baraka

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in his mouth. Allah subhanho wa Taala literally put Baraka in this man's mouth. And I'll tell you from personal experience as well, I've tried this when you sell your personal products, even if it's your car, don't do that little paint job at the end and say, Well, this car has no problem. Never been in a car accident. If you want to tell him tell him all of the problems within it, and that's why it lost profits and Selim said, he said what he said that if they end up telling the truth, for in Sadako verbena, Boudicca homophobia, Hema if they end up telling the truth, Allah subhana wa tada would put Baraka in their wealth. What in Kedah, katama Baraka to bury Hema, and if they end up

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lying to one another and hiding the faults within the product at hand, or within the money for example, if it happens to be gold, it's not really full gold or etc. Right? A lost profits I'll send them said that a lot takes away the bunker from that sale. You want Baraka in your transactions can live up to the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah when it comes to your transactions, wonderful Cain. And by the way, when Allah saying built this study, and remember, Justice is for the buyer, and the salesmen are like, in Islam, we don't just look at the person that's buying stuff. And we say, well, this guy deserves his right because he's a client. We also have rights for the person

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that's a salesman and the merchant, miskeen merchant. In certain parts of the world, there's always the client, client client, the merchant, we forget there, that he also has rights as well to a degree look at this law without law, there is no harm and there is no mutual harm to a degree that if a buyer, a buyer, he comes in purchases something and accidentally the salesman sells it for a lower price than it was actually marketed for. Maybe for

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For example, it had the wrong price tag or for example was sitting in the wrong shelf etc. The buyer in an ideal situation within Islamic law has the right to find that seller, the seller has it wasn't the ideal situation in Islamic law has a right to go to the buyer and say, Well, you know what, I accidentally sold it to you for that price, would you be able to give it back to me, ideally the person should give it back to him. And this is why the Prophet sallallaahu it was said to him segment, a caller, Nadeem and

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I thought that whoever ends up allowing the person that had you know, that has remorse about a transaction that he's gotten himself into, then he allows him to discontinue in the transaction. Allah Subhana Allah Allah will take away his sins on the Day of Judgment. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to take mine and yours and all of our sins away on the Day of Judgment Allah subhana wa tada says Lando can live who never said Illa was we do not burden a soul except that which it can bear. So this particular interjection within the passage, notice all of those passages that you're looking at, throughout they are a command to the prophets and send them to deliver a message on so it's

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almost as if the prophets SLM is speaking but every now and then they hit a point right home run Allah subhana wa tada changes the tense to him speaking. So now our law says learn Kelley Fu nevsun allows is I've given you seven commandments before, they seem very difficult, but believe you me, I haven't burden the soul that which it cannot bear. So the action item today is when you start telling make sure you're telling all of the faults of the product at hand. And don't do the last minute paying job just so you can sell your car, and so on and so forth. If you end up doing it, then tell the person that this was a car that was in a car accident. This was a product that has

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this bit of a defect, I fixed it up, I patched it up, you'd like to purchase it. Go ahead so the person doesn't end up cursing you when he buys. And he finds Well, this car just fell apart or this engine it was working now but now it's not working anymore, right? You don't want to have the people's curses on you. You want to live in peace. And just because of a few dollars you don't want that you don't burden on yourself. Just like home alone for listening was a little longer and sad. Now imagine what it was.