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Episode 6 : Do not Kill


AI: Summary © The legality of Islam's use of force and the issue of killing in religion is discussed. The speakers use examples such as the 10 commandments and the threeiva message to demonstrate the need for a peaceful faith to avoid harming others. The importance of peace and understanding the context of the 10 commandments is emphasized, as it is not commonly discussed in the context of religious practices. The message is for non- Muslim viewers to stop taking the "we" of Islam and focus on the "we" of peace.
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This is your brother Abdul Wahab sadeem and we are with the 10 commandments. commandment number five. Allah subhana wa tada says in Surah number 151 one double two Nuff said Lottie Hello Allah elaborate help and do not kill the soul that Allah subhana wa tada is forbidden for it to be killed except with justice except with truth. That illegal masakan be he that is the will of Allah subhana wa tada towards you. That is the guidance that Allah subhana wa tada has given you now alone all of these pieces of advices that I've given you Allah subhanaw taala speaking to you and I, they are so that we may be able to have intellect These are guidances from Allah subhana wa Tada. So we may be

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able to acquire so may be able to attain intellect What does that mean? inshallah we'll get back to that point in a minute Allah subhana wa tada says in number five na Cthulhu voila Cthulhu and do not kill enough sanity the soul there are laws of power that Allah has forbidden for the murder of every soul is considered a soul that Allah subhana wa tada has forbidden the murder of whether that be a Muslim soul or a non Muslim soul whether that be a soul of a young child, as we noticed earlier on in the verse, as well whether that be the soul of an older person, all of those souls are considered souls that have sanctity. So Allah subhanho wa Taala considered these souls held on impermissible

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for a person to go in and take this all the way because Allah subhana wa tada is the creator of the body, the mind and the soul. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who takes the life of a person away and not human beings. They're not supposed to intervene in this process of forgiving life. And Allah subhana wa tada taking life himself away from an individual, and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, law is Allah Rogers think about this very, very carefully. In fact, even better, the prophet SAW Selim said law is our movement. A believer remains How does he remain? FIFA has had in mendini, he remains free from any problems in his religion.

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A believer remains free from any problems in his religion. Sometimes there are groups out there and there are people out there that try to justify killing in the name of religion. A laws messengers messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying a believer remains free from problems within his religion mallam use of them and how Rama so long as he doesn't take a life away so long as he doesn't spill a blood that is impermissible for him to spill. So the problem in faith and not faith itself the problem in faith is when people start to take lives away and this is why this ruling of taking a life away of a person wasn't a ruling that is specific to this religion. Remember we said

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these are the 10 commandments. commandments that were known to all faiths commandments that intellect dictates commandments that are lost. I know what Allah took up after the fact that intellect dictated them. Allah subhanho wa Taala made them divine guidance as well. So this was a guidance given to every single faith in fact it was given to the Jews it was given to their Christians Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran as well mean actually the article Catalina Allah benissa he for that reason we have written upon the Israelites whoever takes us all and whom and Qatar enough send bill enough sin Oh, facade infidelity forget Anima katella NASA Jamia whoever

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takes us all without any justifiable reason, same thing without a justifiable reason. Then what happens? Forget an malerkotla NASA Jamia, it's as if he keys killed all of mankind. And the reason why Ally's releasing this commandment to the Israelites to us in the portal odd is because it's a commandment for us as well. And it's guidance for us as well. That if a person takes us all the way without any justifiable reason, then and by the way, I will keep saying justifiable reason when we say well, I have a justifiable reason. Your reasons are not justifiable. Most people that kill In fact, almost all people that take a life away on the face of this earth do not have justifiable

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says whoever it takes it up away without a justifiable reason. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it as if he's killed all of mankind. And now whoever is the Savior of one soul alone, it says if he's the savior of all of mankind, think about it, brother before you are getting yourself into these things. There's a lot of ideologies out there. There's a lot of mental mentalities out there. This is a message by the way for the non Muslim viewer. It's a message for the Muslim viewer that non Muslim viewer needs to recognize that the Muslim

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Faith is a faith based on peaceful behavior. And this is why if you look at these verses that we're looking at, which are our 10 commandments, two of those verses are telling us not to kill not even one. And more than one is addressing the concept of giving life by bringing back the cycle of life through the family, relationships, and properly soul. So they're telling us to bring life about and they're telling us to stop taking life away. So we're a peaceful faith that's a definite and for a person who tries to to misconstrue the faith and tries to take the verses out of context and doesn't understand the context of how Allah subhana wa tada speaks, then recognize that these are ions that

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are more common,

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what does that mean? that do not have the possibility for them to be further explained, that do not have the possibility for them to be abrogated, that do not have the possibility for any other meanings to be there, these are extremely clear passages. And this is why the Sahaba they would call these if they cannot, in the pseudo to an arm are three ayat II cannot that are absolutely clear evidence they cannot be further explained, they're not ambiguous in their meaning. These are all meanings of the word macam By the way, and they do not become abrogated as well because these are things that every single person agrees upon. Allah subhana wa tada said that equal masakan be this

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is what Allah subhana wa tada is giving you as LLC Yeah, this is the will of Allah. So remember we said earlier on though Allah subhanaw taala is telling you how to honor a hollow now one may say all of them are permissibility right? How do I model them dallow come tell Mohammed tell the people come to me. Let me read upon you those things that Allah subhana wa tada has made hold on and we said in the verses are those things that are obligations, and in the verses are those things that are that are commands for us to stay away from? Why does a lot of carpet, the whole equation with the word held on and not the word we'll see yet because the word will see ya has a possibility of

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recommendation and the word will see it has the possibility of an obligation as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses a tough word for you to recognize that throughout when I say this is my will see ya it's not I will see you that you can you have a choice to implement or not, it's not a will that you have a choice to implement or not. This is LLC a just as a hold on you have to stay away from this is a strong will see you have to implement it. And anything that I'm telling you not to do you stay far, far away from it. That equal masakan V and remember this whole thing I'm telling you about well slaw and Homme and all this kind of stuff. This occurs not once in this passage, not twice it occurs

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three times Allah subhanaw taala is really trying to hit home run with this message. This is an obligatory will for me, commandments that you have to implement within your life. Now I left them alone so they that you may end up having happen. Now notice Allah gave you five commandments so far every one of them is related to the opposite. Allah subhana wa tada told us to stay away from Shake, shake. And the fact that we worship the Lord that is created us not as creation, that is intellect right there. Allah subhana wa tada told us to be kind to our parents, the fact that we are kind to those people that served us all throughout the days that we were unable to do anything, not even

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change our own diapers, not do any of those types of things. They were the ones that were there for us when we became sick. They were the ones that are there for us. When we had tough times when they their friends would say something about us they would pick fights on our behalf even though they've had relationships with them for longer than they have with us. Why? Because they're our parents. There's a special love. Allah tells us from the intellect is that you be kind to this, this type of a person similarly all of the other commandments are from the intellect I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the tofik practice, to practice to convey Jazakallah Hedren for listening and the

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action item here is that do not kill. Period. Well Salalah who is at Nam hamedan Radha he was iVh Mary