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If you ask me, where do we stand here? So free of everything around me proudly say

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I am a Muslim

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah slice of advice. You're welcome back. I'm here. He's there. We're all here when no one else here but you know what I'm saying? This is a slice of advice. said it's no nice that I gotta say twice. This is the slice of advice for tonight and a few verses that I wanted to talk about that okay with you wonderful sisters and brothers, who are you know worldwide and watching us all over YouTube.

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Wonderful kingdom. We're here in a garden in Manchester.

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And it ties right into our topic today because I want to talk about a few verses inshallah. Well, a lot goes on to say, yeah.

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como la de la como la de

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la la quinta.

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All people

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and this this is from sort of Bukhara says all people, as everyone, that's those who believe, and an invitation to those who may not believe yet all people worship your Lord, Allah, the Hala, Akuma Lavina macabre come, the one who created you, and the one who created the ones before you as well. Now, it's very interesting, because a lot of people will tell you, God doesn't exist. We don't have any proof that God exists. They all say that. And it's crap. I'll tell you why it's crap. Because we don't have any proof that our great great great great grandparents existed.

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But we know they did. Why do we know they did because we're here. Allah created us. And he created those who came before us. So that argument is easily refuted. Because you know, by necessity by default, that your great great great great grandparents existed. And as well we know Alhamdulillah that Allah is in reality, the only God worthy of worship and he created to indicate those before you that you may attain taqwa.

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And we talked in the last episode about taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. But on the line, the ayah the verses go on to say,

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I love you, Hola. Hola, Legionella como, Russia. And he made the earth a bed for you. What sama? sama, sama Emma and for apologia v Minister malatya is called Lacan. And he calls them happens to be above us. And he causes water to come down from the heavens producing fruit for us.

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But I touched on in law, he doesn't want to do not set up rivals with a life, especially when you know better. See, that's the thing.

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The idea that

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a law has partners, is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas that there ever could be why? If you have more than one creator, then you have more than one opinion on how things are supposed to function. So let's say for example, the first creator he comes, and he puts England, where England is right now. And then the second one comes and he decides, listen, I don't like England there. Let's move England over to Africa somewhere. And then the first credit comes back and he says, Well, I don't agree with him. So let's move it back to where it was. It's irrational, illogical and absolutely irrefutable that there could there cannot be more than one creator. But I told you

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do not set up rivals with a lot when you know better.

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What income to me feel even me man? azana arbequina. This is interesting as well.

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Cuz this is the only book

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the only book that I've ever known that I've ever read. That actually makes this challenge. We're in quantum theory, the minor Santa Ana Urbina. If you have doubt

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old people, if you have doubt about what Allah has sent to a slave what we sent to our slave, and allow uses the we here, and it's a royal way, you can look that up in sha Allah.

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If you have doubt about what we sent to our slave, but to be surah Timothy, produce a chapter a sort of the Quran, a surah like it were in quantum theory, even man is gonna be enough to be solar to

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produce a chapter like it and call your partner's besides a lot. If you're truthful. That's a direct and open challenge that has never ever been answered. In over 1400 years it has never been answered. And then a lot even answers it himself.

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inlanta follow valenta follow and if you can't do it, and you will never do it, it means don't even try basically because you know, it's never going to be done. If you can't do it, and you will never do it. If you learn to follow a taco not only to do

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it then hear the Hellfire who seal is men and stones. Hellfire is a reality I know we like to talk a lot about the mercy of a lion we should because allows mercy overshadows his anger his punishment, but we should also understand that Hellfire is indeed a reality. It is not a figment of someone's imagination. It is not something that is just put in to scare us. Even though it should scare us it is the reality. But duck will narrow the tee will go to hand NASA will hotjar

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or Detlev Catherine and it is a resting place for those who disbelieve. Now on the other hand,

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for those people who've decided to

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enter this amazing family, we call Muslims. Allah has referred to his Deen as Islam. We have another promise.

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And we are going to start a series very soon on the 25 promises of a lot to the believers in sha Allah.

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Or abashiri levina i knew i mean Swanee hottie anala whom Jan Tajiri Janata Hey tajine

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cola Manasa boomin Jaime

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concarneau all had Allah de Rosa.

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De mucho sha Allah Hamza as a Jew, mocha hora de Khalid,

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and give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteousness, that there's will be gender, there will be gardens. And that's exactly the reason why I wanted to film it in a garden right here. This is not gender by any means. But it's a pretty cool place. And I like it. So I thought that if you talk a little bit about gender in this garden, because the dunya is is kind of sometimes a bit of a reflection on the on the author, there's good here and there's bad here. And this is one of the good places and I just wanted to give you guys a reminder. So Mashallah, that's what I wanted to accomplish by this. Amazing, you know, with the help of this of this garden here that we are filming

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in and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. This has been another episode of a slice of advice this week, just covering some verses from sort of buckler that, that always kind of stand in my, in my mind when I'm reading them. But this has been an invitation to everyone to enter Islam, and Allah has reminded them of who he is in the next verse, Then he challenges the one who reject faith by asking them or challenging them to make a book, just like this book, and telling them that they can't do it. And for those who try there will be a fire for us, fuelers, Helens, men and stones and then promising those who take faith in those who believe in this in the whole of it, the all of it the

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Quran, as well as the son of Mohammed Salim that there will be gardens underneath which rivers flow now that's your reminder, inshallah, Which side do you want to be on? Do you want to be in the agenda? Or do you want to be in the other place and we don't want to be in the other place. May Allah allow us all to enter his agenda by His mercy. That is it for this week. And backing shot law next week with another slice of advice zamolo fight on set on money compartmentalize