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Al-Baqarah 26-29 Word Breakup

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Let's go over the word breakup

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in indeed, of law of law, in the law, her indeed a law lawyer not yes the he he is shy.

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Yes The ye he feels shine he is ashamed.

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The word yesterday the word begins with, yeah. which gives the meaning of a verb, but what's the pronoun? Which person?

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Second Person third person? Third Person Right. Yeah. So, he translated us he there is no known at the end there is no yeah known or well known at the end therefore, it cannot be a plural. So, it has to be a singular. So, yes there he is. He feels shy, he is shy is the here is to have shyness. So, now yesterday, he does not feel shy and that young believer he strikes now again why is it he

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because of Yeah, if it was Yerba Buena

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they strike very good. So yeah believer he strikes Matalan example,

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man is connected with methylene blue button a mosquito berubah itself is a word

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firmer and whatever firmer is for and forgives meaning of and and Matt gives a meaning of that which whatever phone or her above it. FOCA is folk meaning above and her meaning it focal her above it for then

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as for this is a new word.

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Don't confuse this with

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amines or we read earlier in sort of bacala ends of the home. I'm London the home um means or and America means as for

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So, for amber, then as for Allah Dena, those who this is the plural of

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Allah v very good, what's the feminine of Allah de allottee excellent and levena those who mono they believed Why is it they Why is it for because of the one

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for then so yeah, Ala Moana, they know familiar with this word is this easy? Yeah. And well known give the meaning of day I mean gives the meaning of knowing your Ala Moana, they know

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and know who that indeed remember, we did the word unknown earlier. And I told you it's different from inner inner is just indeed and net is that indeed and who is it? So under who that indeed it

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will have to the truth and help to his URL and help URL means there and help means truth. Main from Robbie him there lol Robbie is Rob and him there. What an AMA CMA is coming again. What does that mean? As for alladhina, those who care for Rue de disprin Why is it they because of the world Explorer, if it was cafaro

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he does believe

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Therefore, he disbelieved. Kapha coup de disbelieved for Sol yaku Luna they say they say why is it they because of the year and well known. So your kulula they say mad there what is that this the that you see it means that okay just as the word then deca with the word value clarity right. So, what does that mean that okay, similarly, Matt there what is that

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similarly, you have the word have that this. So, the word that actually means this or that and depending on what you attach with the word, it changes Meaning, if you attach her with it, it becomes her that it means this thing, if you attach Li with it, then Li it means that is pointing to something that is far which is their legal means that thing which is fine, okay. So, for now, what you understood is that the word that means that,

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so, Mother, what is that?

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He wanted

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Allah that is he wanted if the word was Allah do they want it? Excellent, very good.

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Have you heard of the word Eros?

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What does that mean? intention?

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So arada he intended he wanted Allahu Allah be has been meaning with her meaning this masala example you will look he leaves to stray Why is it he

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because of the yeah very good if it was up Luna dailies district so you will look he leaves district and you know the meaning of Bala Bala to miss Chi. So, you lilu he leaves district, be he with it, Kathy run many we say Hamden get the urine even right Castro abundance Kathy urine many? What and yeah, the key guy, why is it he yet?

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Just one more point I'll tell you about this year,

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you know that it's useful verb, right? So it's used for a verb, it gives me enough third person, right? Which is which is why it is ye right? And it's also masculine which is it and not cheap. So you know these two points about the word that begins with Yeah, another point that you can understand over here is that the yeah at the beginning is a sign of a verb that is off the future tense or it is of the present tense.

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verbs are generally of what tense either past tense or future tense right? When a verb begins with a year, which tense is it all the present or future? Which is why we translate Yeti as he guides not he guided? Okay hada means he guided Yeah, the He guides He will guide okay. So yes, he guides me with it. Catherine many warmer and not you will look he leaves to straight again. You see the word usually lewd begins with the it's not he left to straight What is it? He leaves in the present? Okay. So whenever you see Yeah, how would you translate it as the present tense or the future tense? Not past tense?

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How do you make it passive? We'll look at the examples.

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Okay, as they come along, because the verb of the past tense has a slightly different form. It doesn't have the pronoun at the beginning over here you have the pronoun at the beginning, right?

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Like for example, or left,

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okay, or do What does follow me. They said past tense. What does yakou Luna mean? They will say, or they say in the present, right? So if you look at the word palu, the pronoun is where, at the end the Wow, there's nothing at the beginning. Okay, there's nothing at the beginning. And as for the verb of the present future tense Yoku Luna you have the year at the beginning. Okay. So this is one way of differentiating between the two. So you lilu here leaves restraint be with it, except alafasy 18. The first one who does fisc in plural, alpha 16. Those who do face those who cross limits and notice the word for sale. So they call it

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Who are the facilities and Medina those people who are young to Luna, they break. They break now? Not they broke? Okay. They break in Kaduna. They break

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the law promise of love. Do you know about the word artic means promise or the law promise of men from bar after bar means after me therapy it's binding mythique is binding and he means it will end Yokota una de Vaca

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mean they're cutting now not they got in the past Yekaterina they got my dad which Amara he command did

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okay amaura he commanded. What does Mr. Amin

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in your juice What does it say? He commanded or he ordered? Right? It's past tense ammara Allahu Allah be with it and that use Allah it is joined not it was joined. It is joined. Why is it is because of the Yeah. What do you see? Do? They do mischief? They make mischief. Not they made mischief or they did mischief. They do mischief.

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Fill in the earth Allah eco those whom they Alhaji rule those who are losers. alfasud Lunas al hasa and one kafer so notice a workhorse if

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one who is a loser, Khalid one who abides forever carry one who lives for the UK one who speaks the truth.

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Okay for how that coruna you all disbelief? You see the word duck furuno Why is it you

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because of that? How is it different from the word yuck?

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Yuck Fu furuta is V de and duck foreigner is you. Okay? So? Exactly. So duck foreigner is second person Yak funa is third person.

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But what about the tense? Which tense? Is it? Is it the past tense or the present future tense? The present future same as the UK furuno. So yeah, at the beginning is a sign of present future tense. And there at the beginning is also a sign of that. I know it's getting a bit complicated. Don't worry. Whatever you understand right now just focus on that. If you don't understand right now, don't worry, but do try to understand

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and if you want to understand yourself at the end of the class, come to me and explain it to you. So that furuno you disbelieve biLlahi with Allah wa and Khan dome. You were dumb. You you all explored. Um Worthen ones that I'm worth is from Mount motors deaths and what those were that for then yeah, he gave life to you. Why is it game? Yeah. Why do you think because a has a verb of past tense, when we translated as he gave this is past tense.

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Some then you need to calm

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I will translate it

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he gave that to you or he will give that to you. He will give

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you meat to come He will give that to somebody in your econ. How would you translate this he will give life to you in the future. Summer then he lay he to him Illa and he do your own you will be returned. See again it is will be okay. Why is it you because of the

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who are he and the V one who Allah He created

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he created so which verb is best very good. If it was your local

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he creates what is that present or future very good so Chanukah he created Luckily for you man whatever fill up the in the earth Jimmy on all together is from Jim Jim means together together.

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So Madden is there were Heroes is there Well, this is he rose in the past this is past tense either to a summer the sky for then so where he leveled past tense. So where because if you look at the root letters, what are they? They begin from the letter C. Okay. Firmin So, somewhere itself the scene is not preceded by a year. Okay. So therefore we translated as fast and so what he leveled not he will level Okay, so so where he leveled hoonah them. This is a new word Honda. So far we have done the word home for them, isn't it? Now we're doing the word Honda. What's the difference between the two?

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Home is for masculine and hoonah is for feminine.

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Okay, home is for masculine and hoonah is for feminine.

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For someone who knows and he traveled them into sub seven. So far is a number it means seven semi wet in skies. Well, what and he be cuddly with every shaking thing, I mean, all resolved.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Yo, boo. Be here.

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como una de la

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pause you.

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You want

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me to come

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Holla Holla

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