Waleed Basyouni – The Coastal Town

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of fulfilling orders in Islam, as well as the difficulty of finding a loophole to get fish and the importance of honoring rules. They emphasize the need to not try to get fish and to not give up on anyone. The speakers also emphasize the importance of standing up for truth and being true to power, as it is crucial for achieving great results in upcoming elections. They encourage people to donate and participate in the upcoming election, reminding them to use the clear lake center to participate.
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hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study who want to stop when I will be relying solely on Pacino and Satya Malina, Maria de la hora de la la

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la la la la la la la, la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in LA Mata Sleeman kathira.

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All Praise to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger Koran is filled with stories. And these stories meant to be

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a stories were related to us to reflect upon them, to learn from them, as they say, history repeats itself, but I always like what

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Martin, Mark Twain said Twain said, history doesn't repeat itself, but to try and very much something I definitely resonate with. And I can see that many of these stories of people before us is something that also we fall into the same trap, or we basically see that what they have done wrong or they have done right, you know, something that we can relate it to today, and one of the most amazing stories we could have been accurate. You know

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it's a very interesting story in the on the story of the costal town, a town that by the cost, Canada salad bar, and the people who lived in this town or from the children of Israel,

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a town that it was said that David lived among them can maintain a home the viola Deadwood and the children of Israel as you know, Allah subhana wa Tada. He gives them a day that they will dedicate this day fully for the worship, they don't do anything else. In the beginning, they were to debate and they're arguing over what day is that Friday, they refuse Friday, and we ended up inheriting Friday, but they choose Saturday. So Saturday became the Sabbath is known as the Sabbath. for them. The basic a lot told them you only thing to do on Saturdays to worship God, nothing else. But they are fishermen and they go fishing. So Koran tells us about the story of those people who are living

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in that town, that Allah Subhana Allah was so angry at them, that this village was destroyed and the people of this village were cursed by God. And to the extent that the loss of Allah mentioned that we will also call on among the earliest stories in the Quran in surah baqarah verse 65. So it's a very early time in the book of Allah you see the story of those people. what occurred to me Latina Dominicans, except for Colin Allah whom Kunal Peridot and haseen for Jana, Hannah Cara lima beans, they have Alpha Omega wherever to limit caffeine, Allah subhanaw taala said, and you have already known about those who transgress among you concerning the Sabbath, and we said to them be eight and

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in humiliation, then after the last one I got a curse them and after that they died and they destroyed and that

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part of that village never made it to just ended. So what why God would do such any severe punishment for people like that, what did they have done wrong? Why the anger got so much that he will do such thing to them? Yeah, you had Latina oltl keytab Aminu, B man a zelner masa de Lima communicably and not Misawa ju hongfeng o de adversity her own an Anna Hong Kong comm Allah knows how to set a lot again warning and sort of four verse 47. Don't be like the people of the Sabbath. Like what the did with the in the Sabbath? what they did in that town again, he warning us from what would they have done? Then in Surah seven, there is an explanation, a little bit of explanation of

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what they have done. He told us that unsend the Sabbath they were not allowed to fish. They're supposed to dedicate their day and their temples worshipping

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or synagogue or mosque whatever you call it. So what the dead ends the whole week no fish would come to the coast.

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The whole week. No fish they go outside.

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They come back with no fish. And if you want to know how that feels, ask Caribbean. So when you you know go and you never come back with, you know, you go and get nothing. But on Saturday, the fish will come in a large size and the big size and they will jump in front of them. Then they said you can even catch them with your bare hand.

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And there is a joint that I caught once a salmon with my bare hand.

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So there is like can you imagine the so many abundant amount of fish. So this is an interesting so now they what they do. So some of them they said, You know what, what we can do? We can go fish on Saturday, but on Friday, what we will do, we'll make a loophole. So the dead on Friday night, they put their nets, and they put their lines, and they basically traps and the fish cannons on a day. And they got the fish and they collected them Saturday night or Sunday in the morning. And they said we have not bow Valley and we did not go against God's well.

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That's what they did. You know what? When you read the story, one line, I would say that so many of us who said, so what's wrong with that?

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That's right. Many of us would say what's wrong with that? Many of us would say, You know what? smart. You know, many of us would say, You know what? isn't one of the ultimate goal of Sharia. And the goal of Islam is people to have food and to be able to get the fish isn't like you know, the point is to be dedicated on Saturday. And they did so did he get his Saturday for the for the worship. So what they have done wrong to deserve all this. The problem was not

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the what we did on Friday night. The problem is the attitude of always trying to find the loophole is to find a way to basically to go around the command of God. That was the lessons. And guess what was the did at that time, open the door for nations and generations comes until today that when they see the law, they find any loophole and he will call himself I'm smart.

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I can find my loophole. That's the system you build.

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And you act smart, that's not smart, that's evil.

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Because you basically defeating the Spirit. And the point was a test to see would you honor the command of God or the principle that you go by, or just a cheap one that you can gain

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or a profit that you can make

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that's that's that's a test, a test for your integrity, a test for your values, a test for how much you believe and your honor.

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It's a scary

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that's why some of the scholars said that last Mandela in those particular village that the reason that it was such the tea basically even turned them to an age shave this and because it looks like human being but in reality they are not. And those people they look like follow the rules but in reality they didn't follow the rules. Then soon they die after that.

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This mentality of to hire Allah Allah, you know, find a way around the rules find a way it shows a great level of disrespect, not honoring and there is many verses in the Quran, telling us about the importance of honoring the rules. Honoring what Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, order us to do. You know, when they think of this story, I think of this young man when I told him, you know, you need to pray, okay.

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I prayed. Technically, I prayed. But this prayer means nothing.

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Technically, I give myself God, technically I did that, but there is really no spirit behind no believe behind attached to it. And that's the dangerous masiva It's a big problem. And he akuna la Haldeman la cuchara generosity. What

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do you think that you fulfill the conditions you fulfill the orders, and you did what you're required to do, but in reality, you're not you're far away from God.

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That's why it is important to remember, when an unknown Fado may want to be the kind of hire alone. If they followed what Allah ordered them to do. It would have been better for them.

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That's why nobody's up by law.

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You're not allowed to defeat or to to go around.

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The rules of a lobby edit here with any cheap tricks, because you don't trick anyone by yourself. You don't trick the last panel. I asked the last panel, Nakamura, Dean will organize me to mostofa law

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de la vida salatu salam ala Vandana Ba, but also the story has a has a more into it. When they did that the village divided into two three into into three groups. One group said to them that's wrong, you just making a loophole and you turn around the rules. You know, we're not supposed to be fishing at all Saturday. So stop. Another group said, No, it's okay. And they did it. And the third group, they said, You know what, I think they're wrong, but you should not say anything to them. Let them do whatever they want.

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So three groups. So the one who kept voicing or saying no, that's not correct and the objected to them. Allah said in the Koran, those The one who lost saved, and he destroyed two groups, the one who invalidated who validated the rules, who did the mistake, the second who committed the wrong and the one who remained silent.

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And the one who did not speak the truth. Who didn't say no. Who didn't give the advice? Actually, I was like I said that the staff group they keep telling to the one who keep advising and opposing them the wrong that was done by those people, the Dublin limited able not only lahoma Rico got them they are astray. Just be concerned with yourself, who cares about what they're doing?

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That's a great lesson is for us to No.

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No, you need just to finish the story. So after a while, I've been Kathy Rahim, Allah, what about how we will aim for city after the while, what happened? They after a while, they did not anymore left, the Tet the net on Friday. And the lines on Friday. After all, they said, You know what, since we're doing it anyway, they start fishing on Saturday. And they broke the rules.

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And this is one of the opinion of them of a serene that's why Allah destroy them. It's not because just the trick, but this trick opened the door for them to break the rules later on.

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You know, so it's like, you know, when he's such cheating and around the system, and you cheat here, and you have these loopholes on these lawyers, you know, pay them to help you to go wrong. After a while if you keep doing that you will fall, you will really break the rules, and you will be a criminal. Because you're so used to it. And that's exactly what happened with them. They ended up breaking the rules of Allah directly. So here, there is a lesson to learn number one, that you know, don't come too close to the Heron Don't try to find the loopholes. Don't try to justify for yourself because you end up doing what is absolutely wrong. Another thing also the importance of standing up

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and saying to those who are doing wrong, you're doing wrong. The importance of making your voice heard our lives begin to end the day, we become silent about things that matter.

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As Martin Luther King once said, yes,

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you know, a socket or onion helped

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shape on on us, the one who see the wrong and remain silent is the devil, but a deaf delville

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It is important for us to understand the value of our voice, the value of standing up for the truth and saying and speaking truth to power.

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It is important for us to say that's wrong, that's immoral. That's not acceptable.

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That's not how we are. And that's not what should we be as a nation as a society.

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And I'm saying this because we are, as you see, even our center hosting the voting Center, which is something I'm glad that we were able to facilitate that as something of our civic duty towards the society and toward our society at large. And if this is the case, I believe everybody should who is eligible to vote to vote. And tomorrow I have actually a lecture about participating or quitting

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on how you can look at that information on online and the importance of voting the importance of making your voice heard. You know, the future of this republic is in the hands of the American voters.

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It is

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Basically we will determine as such at large, what's the future of our country. And as you know, America also play a major role of in basically drawing the picture of how the world looks like

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by politicians are sent to Washington, every election cycles. You know why? Mainly because good people don't vote, not because bad people vote, because mainly good people don't vote.

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I'm not going to make a difference. No, you Oh,

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you can make a difference. If you old enough, are you to remember judge George W. Bush, he win the elections

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against Al Gore, With what? With 0.009% 0.009%, which is equal to 537 votes, I believe. That's that. That's what made him when the when the elections

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are president, when the vote in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is a very, very small merchant. So if you ever think that your vote, I know if Dallas, one of the elections, what's one vote or several votes, like intense also made a difference. So if you think your vote doesn't count, you're wrong.

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You know, it makes a big difference. Don't think your single vote doesn't matter how much the rain that you see it refresh and bring life to Earth. It's because of these drops of water. When they collectively come together, they make a difference.

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It's enough that our elections and our voting, it's a big, big, you know, we always say we're proud of our country of voting, we proud. But you know what the voting system that we have in America, there is a lot of things need to be fixed in it.

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I'm saying this because if you think your vote doesn't matter much, I want you to know that there is a lot of votes or missings in our country already.

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Just for example,

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those who committed fallen in the United States, they're not allowed to vote. That's translate to 6.1 million Americans, they can vote. And I believe that's even an older number. And that targeting, specifically a specific portion of our society, which is the African American community, one of every 13 African American community cannot vote because of that law. One in every 13 while one in every 56 American voters cannot vote because of that law.

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felony, it can be in a very, not to undermine, you know, somebody busted with marijuana or I'm not playing down the dangers of drugs. But I mean, this is can be falling to prevent you from even if you pay your duties and you go to jail and you come out, you still have a felony.

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If you think your vote we need your vote. Do you know that citizen of DC Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Americans, semi North Mariana Islands and Guam that's 4.4 million American citizen cannot vote?

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their vote doesn't count.

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Funny Tuesday elections.

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Americans don't have a free day to go. Do you know why it's Tuesday? Why it's Tuesday. Why are we voting Tuesday.

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It was actually choose in Tuesday in 1840s and 1840s, to accommodate most of Americans to accommodate Muslim because in 1840s, when the election was there, most people farmers, and they want to dedicate the three days for worship the way the weekend for worship, and it takes one day by carrot to go as a farmers and your horse or mule, whatever. It takes a long time to travel from one place to another to cast your vote. So they need one go to go one day to go one day to come back. And you know, when is day I believe was the market day it cannot be done and you need to be backed by before Friday for the worship. So Tuesday. That's an 1800 14 was made to accommodate most of

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Americans. Tell me For God's sake in 2020 how Tuesday accommodate most of Americans when they don't have a day off or from their business.

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That's why I appreciate everyone who put the efforts to do and early voting became more popular every day.

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I know that most of our community

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Not Republican, not Democrats.

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I don't mean I don't know how to vote your holiday. I'm not a republican Democrats.

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You know,

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actually a little under 46% of, according to Gallup research, do not identify with political party. Only 25% identify as republican and 27% as Democrats in the country.

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majority, a lot of the majority of people don't belong to one of these two countries.

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To two parties, sorry. But my point is, you know what, there's nothing, there's something more important than being part of a party, which is to have principles that you vote based on

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principles. We as a community, as a Muslim community, I do believe Muslim community, or not Republican, not Democrats, we have on both sides. But we are people who will look and bad evaluate the person based on what the value that he brings to our country, the values that he shared with us, what he's willing to stand for, what he makes this place, a better place for us all as Americans. I think that something should not stop you from going to vote, it should make you vote more because that means you're forcing these parties to hold into the principles that the vast majority American believing in.

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Do your homework.

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Be careful. an election there's a lot of propaganda for and against. Don't believe rumors.

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Use your common sense. Look at the track records of people.

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And you know what, we're not going to get it right every time. But we must learn.

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I asked the last panel data to

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always choose the best or make the best among us, rule us and to make those who rules and handle our affairs. Our people forced him and mercy in and God fearing

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anger and guide them to what is best for us and bless us and bless our family plus our health and our wealth. A lot more than our ham no army knife. I know I couldn't use it in a long before Senator Whitehouse aka Antonio Mola, Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he was alone with the Sleeman kathira. Since we still have a lot of people online, please remember to donate to the methods on site or online. Tonight inshallah, we will continue our class on biddable mme, the book of mannerism, after modal prayer, which is about

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to start around 730 or so. useful knowledge with command McKee at 630. On Saturday, at 2pm. There's a sister or sister running and Luke she will be giving a talk or her weekly lecture walking the journey with the

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early voting start Tuesday, October 13. Here at clear lakes center, we just a host and host means we just give the political space for the people to come to vote. So please avoid using that door close to the four men only from this side, four sisters, they still can use that door to go to their prayer area. But I will highly recommend that you keep that clear for the people who are coming to vote and make sure that you use vote.

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After Salau for a couple of minutes or a few minutes, we will have a candidate as usual. We are always welcoming people to come to speak to the community about you might wonder why I'm wearing a pink mask today. It just because October is the month of the breast cancer awareness month. This is something also to be aware of. So that's something also need to be always remind ourselves that there is a lot of people suffering around the world. And that's one of the challenges still facing. So we asked a lot about how to heal all sick ones a lot Mommy, thank you very much for me to select from coma.

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