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Episode 5 : Shamelessness

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Was ibH marine alumna Alabama and federal now and found that Nintendo was eating out a maniac at the 10 commandments. We're looking at commandment number four. Allah subhanho wa Taala says while at Aqaba, Hashanah,

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do not go close to shameless acts, do not go close to those acts which normal people, people whose natures haven't been twisted yet, they are actually ashamed of don't go close to those acts. Not only that he's telling you not to do them.

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You know, he's telling you do not go close to them. So what's implied over here is do not do them. That's understood just by you know, the nature of the language. It's understood right away when you hear don't go close to something, don't do it as well. But Allah subhana wa tada chooses to tell you not to go close to it because he wants you to stay far, far away from it. ladipo budongo close to it. Alpha hush those evil and shameless things. There are a lot of shameless things out there in society. A lot doesn't define one specific shameless act, act, Allah subhana wa tada generalizes and says, anything that you think is shameless, stay far away from it. Now let your mind wander for a

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second and think about all the endless things that happened within society, whether that be Xena fornication, adultery, whether that be people meeting up in manners that are elicited, whether that be people watching things that are not appropriate, whether that be anything else, that shameless that you can think about whether that be when you walk into the market, and there's a lot of pictures out there that you're not really supposed to be looking at, you're driving on a highway and up top, you look at something you almost lose track and get into a car accident, right? Those are all shameless things in society. And that's the direction that a lot of societies are going towards,

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right? But Allah subhana wa tada says, don't even go close to them. So if you know a road that you can drive on, and all those billboards are not there, then drive through that road, especially if you can get there. And in ample time as well drive through that one because at least you will stay far away from all those shameless things not to wash. And the plurality over here shows us that anything that is fashio is being referred to over here. Now. awash, Mahara minha, well, nahban, whatever his appearance of it, and whatever is very, very hidden of it as well. Because Yeah, some people you know, martial law, law, it's got a big beard, a lot.

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But when we go to the bedroom, or when we go to the room and the computer, then there's a lot of funky things happening that we don't want to know about. So those are one mouth, and those are the things that have been hidden. So a lot of tells you, there are people out there in the society that will go close to shameless things, even if they're out in the open, even if it's happening in a mall, in a club, on television, behind the camera, whatever, what have you. But there's people out there that will do it behind closed doors. Yes, the people that do it behind closed doors, they're still not doing it. Apparently, it's not as bad. But he's telling you do not do it neither

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appearantly. nor should you do it behind closed doors, don't even go close to it.

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And notice that

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and so on.

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The command over here is to not go close to it meaning at times there's prefixes to for wash. There's a thigh show, and then there's prefixes to for wash their seamless acts. And then there's things that will lead you to that shameless acts. Sometimes it's a con conversation. And this happens, we all know, in the MSA is a lot right? Well, no, I'm just meeting up to organize for this big shake that's coming in town and it's gonna be like a nice event and and then you know what in those realms are allowed in I already got a fatwa about this, right? I already got a fatwa about this, and I know I'm not gonna talk about that. But then before you know it, the phone calls happen

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and then the text messages are exchanged. And then the emails get exchanged. Actually, emails probably happened a lot before that, then the fakes Facebook page thing happens. And then you have this sister and this brother that have no people of the opposite gender on their Facebook pages, except three people like well, these three people are justifiable. Why? Because Well, these people I work with for the dour, and then after that things go even further. Well, we have to meet up for the meeting. So Panama starfilled law, oh, I was expecting that there will be no Holloway in this meeting. I was expecting we will not be by ourselves, but

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this is all from the decree of Allah as origin for in the Lotus shape and even though I had these come at that time, right, because if I say if ands and buts that will be opening the door to shape on now we have to do this meeting in color but inshallah tada we'll try to sister let's try to keep focused on the topic and then the topic goes from there to a next topic and then that is the core booster wash. That is going close.

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To the flesh, that is opening the doors for flesh. There is no time where a man and a woman, opposite genders opposites attract, right opposite genders they come together. And there is no third person, except the ship on is not there. This is the promise of the messenger that a man doesn't go alone with a woman, except that shavon is a third of them stay far away from flash. And another pointer to note over here is Allah subhana wa Tada. Remember, he talks about his rights, and then he talks about the parents and he talks about the children, right? his rights, parents and then children. Then right after that, Allah subhana wa, tada starts talking about for wash, what's the

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connection there? Why speak about shamelessness right after the parents and the children. Because you see, parents and children are a result of relationships that are held out far away from Asia that are far away from shamelessness. But then comes the concept of fat ratio shamelessness, which takes away the entire you know manner or takes away the entire cycle upon which society is formed. And that is a man coming together in a healthy relationship with a woman and resolving to a child. And that right there is a cycle of life. But when shamelessness comes in, and that's why a lot of societies that have shamelessness there, they have a very, very low birth rate. Why? Because

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shamelessness is there. So Allah subhana wa tada spoke about the right speaks about the right of himself. And then he speaks about the rights of his parent, the appearance, he speaks about the rights of the children. And then he says, Don't become shameless. Why? Because when you do that, there will be no parents and there will be no children, children. And that's why a lot of races today as we speak by 2050, and by 2000 something they're at the verge of extinction. Why because there's a lot of shamelessness, people are not having you know, marital relationships in a marriage contract. It's all extra marital nobody wants to have children shamelessness is prevalent within

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society. The take home message today is stay far away from shamelessness. Do not let the open Do not let yourself open the door. There are

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some other things to say even if you get the thought taken away from your head. That's the door to evil because if you take that thought, and you let it be there, then it will slowly become more of a thought and then more of a thought until it finally becomes an action. So take that thought away. If you're with someone you think you can handle it, you cannot handle it. Let me tell you, I'll fill you in on this. You might not know yourself I know yourself better than you why because I'm getting the guidance from a lion. I'm bringing it to you over here, right? That is that you don't know yourself. You don't know yourself Allah subhanho wa Taala knows you better than messenger knows you

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better stay far away from those types of relationships. I asked Allah subhanho data to give us a tip to practice to convey and against a faraway