Do Not Follow The Footsteps Of Shaitaan – Recite & Reflect #30

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spatula in this ayah Allah reminds again, not to follow the footsteps of Shavonne we mentioned that shaitan perhaps not directly or abruptly deviate you, he will deviate step by step slowly but surely, so we need to be aware of the strategies of shaitan how he actually deviates us. And Allah says, treat them treat shaitan as an enemy Subhanallah why because shaitan teaches us that which is immoral, and that which is wrong. So whenever we see anything immoral wrongdoing, that is from shaitan. That is for those people who follow the footsteps of Chopin and Allah says something really beautiful, really beautiful that is that we desperately need the Mercy of Allah. We desperately need

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the favours from Allah subhanaw taala without which we will never be purified, and Allah purifies whom He wills and Allah subhanahu wa taala is all hearing He is all knowing