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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a gem worth finding in collections, including a woman who witnessed a man entering Mecca during the statement of Islam. They criticize the use of the name Islam in the media and call for people to stop fear of Islam. The segment touches on the history of Islam and its use in various political and cultural settings, including political settings and cultural settings where it is used. The speakers emphasize the importance of reading and sharing information and upcoming events such as a documentary and video.
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But you also have the human whether I'm calling this night of July. So last night is all about and this night, as soon as to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam deeds, within the theme of,

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of outreach, I'm going to narrate to you a hadith that is

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a little bit of a it's a gem that you don't find in a lot of collections. It's very specific where you'll find it and and it's one of my favorites or you read it to you and you'll find it you'll enjoy it as much as I do. The other way around wouldn't have been you for sure I'd be here isn't it didn't happen. And call it evening, believe it or the Allahu Anhu call. So the hadith is in the collection, it basically called Charbel Iman and you know, I'm very happy he has a few collections were they're all similar in terms of use and think how do you follow them but this is the one that most scholars are interested in authenticating and it has a reasonable chain of narration and

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parliamentary there's not a narrator of Hadith. We don't have a lot of a hadith or Hina. And this is really not a hadith. This is him just telling us a piece of his story that is definitely worth sharing

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is what he said Bala lemma Dukkha Rasulullah sallallahu ala you early he was a lemma marketer for your own brothel called the year the year two Well, I'm actually had to hola when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam entered Mecca during the Umbra that he made after Saudi Arabia Now if you remember, he went from rotting a straw to a Saddam and he was and of course this was his plan to force Galatia his hand to a treaty. They didn't let him actually perform Umrah so he the agreement in the Treaty of Davia was that you'll come back next year and you'll do it next year. So he did and that was called the elemental Cabal, and he came back and made up for it. And it was an important moment

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because he hadn't been in Mecca for a long time. And it was very sentimental, very emotional for him out of his sought to ascend to perform this genre and the people who observed it, you know, they talked about it quite often. So when I said I wasn't there, I purposefully was absent that time I didn't witness his entering Mecca. him entering Mecca so Allah as I said, I'm Dr. Amara. Well was a thing too was an obstacle to be witnessed or it was something to be seen. The Sahaba who witnessed it, talk about them witnessing it they said I was there that day. I saw him enter Mecca some Allah Allah was like who said that? Because a beautiful moment for everyone. And he said I purposely

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didn't do it as if he's regretting that he didn't do it. But what can I ask the elderly to be worried about how Bora man maybe you some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam? I'm gonna tell Kalia was that an attorney for them your journey waka waka Illya kita Alba, my brother Al Walid ignorable lead, right this is named they this is common they are these do this back in the day. There are some scholars where the names are Mohammed Abdullah, Mohammed Abdullah, Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed

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keeps on going for a couple of times. And this is actually quite common now he's changed now you'd call your son by the name of your father so you have you know Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mohammed who keeps on going back and I know a couple of Lebanese family here's why I've at least six NFL season one as well. And it's I think it's a beautiful tradition by the way, don't think you should stop it. There's respect and there's a certain degree of wisdom and respecting the names of the people who gave you anyways. So you will need to be worried attended with the profanity slot to a certain amount of liquidity and he was accepted Islam. And he asked him what he did when he came

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to MCC and he couldn't find him so he wrote he let's call it the letter he wrote a letter. And this is what the letter said Karla Katha Buffy Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim in Neelam our job means the Herbie ego and Islami well after Luca o'clock, when Mr. Al Islam usually who had

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said by the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most merciful, I've never there's nothing that's more confusing to me in this world than your opinion of Islam being what it is, and you have the mind that you have. He's saying, I know you're my brother, you're, you're brilliant. I the most confusing thing for me is how is it that you don't seem to see Islam and no one in this time is not something to be lost upon. It's not it's not something for you to miss out on or for you not to notice the beauty was in it. It's very it's very confusing to me that this is the case. Well consider Allah Anka Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet asked about you for God in a heartbeat isn't

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weariness clouded to hold to your Tiller who be hooby? Here rasool Allah said in sha Allah Allah subhanho Bring him to us because he wasn't he wasn't Muslim yet. So far loss of Allah Allah He was seldom a man me through who Johanna Islam what Oh, kinda islandica Yatta who was the hula Mussolini in Allah, masha key in Allah and Muhammad Allah will offer them now whenever you hear the Prophet Allah you saw some said someone like Khalid is impossible that he'll miss Islam or he'll he'll be ignorant of what Islam is. And if he used all of his efforts for the context, you know, the context

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lead, he fought against the Prophet alayhi salam this Muslim a number of times, most famously and offered at the time, the only actual battle that you can call you could technically call a defeat was if you again don't get Don't get upset. Technically you could call it maybe a defeat. It was because cognate he was able to figure out that one piece of he saw the weakness he flanked them, and he almost he caused the death of he basically what he did say the hunted caused the death of Osama bin Laden Hamza bin Abdullah Multilib and Anessa Nagaland

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Abdullah had no product and you're talking about Ebola in Germany and you're talking to the Prophet Allah he saw something fell by and broke his teeth to sin and injured his face. Oh because of according to the law, and he did. So there's anyone else besides Him. So Allah Adios, like we said him in the heart that he possessed would have had animosity towards clouded. Let's say when you see him off with his head, he has caused us so much pain, he has caused so much blood I lost my uncle, my beloved monkey loved Hamza Ali. So it was like no, nothing else. You lost him because of him. But no, he left a seed, a small seed, he said, No one likes someone like salad would not be ignorant to

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this time. He's too smart. And he used all of his reasoning, obviously, how do you use all of his efforts and his intelligence with the Muslims against the enemy instead of the opposite, he would have found a lot of hate for himself, and I would have put him I would have elevated the status, I would have put them up front, I would have used I would make sure that he was a leader, that he left that out against

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some of the assignments and if he left it, the hold harmless but I'm Nikita boohoo, when I received the letter, the ship to the Rouge I found myself this, this energy to leave Maccha was done Iraq button fell Islam and increased my my willingness to become Muslim. Understood, and the rest is history. And the rest is history. That's the story. And then you know, the rest. You left your runs and down on last year's dark moment, but only talk about it. The first they're all kind of like where are you going? I don't know, where are you going? I don't know. Where are you going? And you go back and forth a little bit and finally figure out you know, they're all they were all kind of

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nudging towards going to Medina they'll make us all go together and give the Baotou rasool Allah has them all together. So they did an audit not only did he lead armies during the prophet Isaiah saw to some slave Harlan became a myth

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you guys like Marvel and DC you know that that's garbage Allah He Khalid will leave you want you want you want to miss you want to reveal a human, someone who turned into a human legend, someone where people who lived during the time wondered whether he was able to actually take his sword and point to an army and electrocute all them with lightning bolts and kill them all because that's what he did because he literally ended the the strongest empire on Earth with 3000 people within six months. And once he was done he took his into his attention over to the Byzantine Empire and sent them back to the middle of Europe. Now the Allahu Allahu Allah. People couldn't understand what is

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Who is this? This is a documentary story in the Yarmouk they came out a guy came on and said I just want it's hot in here. Yes, call him he claims it is it true that you point your sword and it kills everyone and hunters are sloppy so know that you're lying. You don't want to do it and show him he said no, it's just not the case. To give me your story. He said No, it's my certainty. You're scared. If I take it then I'll have the power of you know whatever your story carries. So he's throws the sword and the Muslims watch this. This guy holding the sudden started going like this.

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And nothing happening because that's what they were that they thought he became a myth or the law one because the Prophet Allah you sought to lift one little nice word. He said Yanni. You're too smart not to know this. If you came we would treat you well. It just did something in his heart for the loved one when he came became Muslim and and we are half of us are here today because it's kind of nearly did his job when the job needed to be done. Never underestimate the importance of of what dollar can do the smallest effort of dollar with a kind word. A nice remark something just something said you have no idea the power of reaching out to someone else and trying to do something for them.

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You have no idea how far it can go. You don't know who the next 100 are solid. Or you don't know the next person you don't know who is going to be we have complete ignorance on that. Just do well. Is reach out and offer someone something and you'll see the info never know. You never know how much money the bill will lead. No one knows. But really do read. Imagine how much I said it. He banked on doing almost nothing.

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Oh, he didn't write a letter. And because he wrote it cited his brother accepted his time because highly accepted Islam. Most of us here are and he really didn't read. All he did was just he just pushed a little bit. Just gave it a nudge that maybe was needed. I hope that was a benefit to you. This is the month of outreach Please continue to do that young read email. We'll be happy you finish your IPTV, sending Hasson and hardy the evening will eat safe under him a slew Robbie Allahu Anhu or ba ba let him Kadima Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending him a mecca if you're familiar with to what I'm actually doing the hula hoop record Gama who actually al Walid ignorant

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worried how the Rama hula Talia need for them. Eugenie Wakata Ilya Kitab fie Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim for a Neelam our algebra means the herb your ego and in Islam you are up Luca o'clock when Mr. Islam he had

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Ana in a hadith for Paul to Tiller hoobie He is a father mommy through hula Halal Islam when O'Connor Jah Anika Yatta de Haan Muslim in Allah Masha de Kena La La who will look at them now who I love her up he Vijaya and Nikita boo financial doodle who was Danny Robertson Philly's soda, cola Sula, said Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad as always, we will see you tomorrow. Ciao.

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to 31st of all to Joma sharp in the night out about a couple of feet will happen next night so I wanted to I thought about it

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