Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression #12

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I'd be holy, and it'd be hot, at least

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at the moment, and have you heard about totally Allah to Allah I know Allah.

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Allah rasool Allah, Allah Allah Allah wa sallam manually the law will be a failing useless mineral

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brothers and sister says how you did narrated in the collections of Imams Buhari, and seven authentic chain of narration is how you say, and this is part of the of my own

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chain of ahaadeeth that are short and to the point so so to facilitate its memorization, and they're posted on our website, on our Facebook page. So you can I suggest and highly recommend of our brothers, especially younger ones, to memorize these highs because they're short, straight to the point and understand the meaning of it. They're very beautiful a hadith. So this hadith, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a very short, that's actually one phrase says, no unity, let will be higher on usage minimum, that if Allah subhanaw taala wanted good, when it good intentions to someone, they'll they'll put this person into some sort of

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affliction or some sort of hardships. And that's it. That's that's the hadith is very short. So there's a few things to understand from this hadith number one. I would like to preface by this by saying that

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this life, the way you live it, whether it's good or bad, whether you're going through hardships or ease, whether you're rich or poor, it doesn't really indicate a lot about your status with Allah subhanaw taala it has nothing to do with it, there's a lot of good people who are very poor, or they're in a lot of hardships, and there's a lot of the opposite. And it really is not a good indication. But then the Hadith on this face of it, it says, Well, if you're if Allah subhanaw taala was good for you, then it will put you through hardships. So the way I understand this hadith is not

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what happens to you is how you react to it.

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So there's, these are a couple of things Allah subhanaw taala.

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Another another another introduction. Also, one of the scholars say that said that, if you're looking for a life without any hardships, then you're looking for something that Allah subhanaw taala has not created, it's an animal or a creature that Allah Subhana Allah has not just not created, it's just not there, just by the fact of living looking at halacha and in Santa Fe COVID We have created

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one of the one of the toughest you have the the explanations, we have created mankind in hardship, that's how it goes, that's how it goes. Some of us have it worse than others are better than others. That's understandable, but does that that's the way it goes. So hardships Allah subhanaw taala will want to test you and put you through hardships, it'll happen through your life. And then but that's not the indicator, the indicator indicators, how you react to it. So number one, number one is acceptance, we have to accept the what Allah subhanaw taala decreased for you. But type of what type of acceptance not the negative not the passive acceptance that I do nothing. Allah subhanaw taala

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created poverty. So the rich can help the poor, there's wars so we can create peace, we have the ability to do that. There's there's so much poverty because the rich are not giving that's as simple as that. There's so much that there's enough wealth for people to share and there's enough peace for people to share, but we're not doing the job and that's that's how I understand this hadith. So, so, so number one is not is not the negative type of type of accept another passive acceptance, the positive acceptance that here I am I have this situation the status quo What do I do with it

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and then only then that Allah subhanaw taala then you have passed the test that Allah subhanaw taala now the good that Allah either one is for you, you've succeeded the exam but if you and the test, but if but if you if the calamity comes and then and then you don't know what to do with it you don't know how to accept it, how to work with it, how to make it better, then then we're not that it doesn't really apply to you.

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So I hope this was a benefit this I recommend all my brother especially younger ones, please memorize these a hadith. I'll be narrating for the coming few weeks short a hadith that you can memorize if you have you can if you can memorize 20 3040 Hadith under your belt like these ones very short. Almost like a short ayat then I would recommend that you do so that's how we memorize the Hadith from the member that the Imam will keep repeating them until we just memorize them. That's it. So that's how it goes. I hope this was a benefit every moment but hurry up so he began to say here and maybe Hawaii I thought the Allahu Taala animal of bah bah bah soon lice Allah Allah Azza wa

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sallam annually de la Hui Pharaoh and use Minho, Salah Allah Allah has given us at them 100 Hours of Service Rangers are gonna love it.